Watch, Think THEN Comment! #1 STAY THE F–K IN YOUR LANE

I turned my YouTube comment section off for two months. I literally don’t have the time to moderate it. Just the other day I finally found a 3rd moderator after over a year of using 1 person, the same person, the only person I trust wholeheartedly and LOVE, Mark Hall. If you’ve watched enough of my videos you know about Mark. He’s the best moderator in the world. I believe because he’s been watching my channel a little over 4 years he knows me a lot better than a lot of my new viewers and subscribers.

My comment section has been back on for only 3 days. Let me just say the dumb shit picked up right where it left off. Today I want to make an example out of someone. I really am starting to believe that people don’t watch videos anymore. They just read titles and form opinions without researching first. It’s a lot of “side of the neck” talking.

My first example for today is YASMINE G. She decided to leave a comment on a livestream I did earlier. One of my mods deleted her comment.

What’s funny to me is that people post comments like this on videos about Priest. But they never post on videos I make about other things. Meaning they don’t even watch anything else on my channel. They just watch videos I make about me and Priest. Then they complain about me making videos about Priest like there isn’t anything else on my channel to watch. Think about that for a second. At the time of this post I have 169 other videos that this YASMINE G person could have commented on however she overlooked those videos completely and posted on a video about Priest. Let’s dissect her comment.

#1 She said “I’m coming to you with all due respect”

Usually when people start off a comment like that they already know they are out of pocket. They are just choosing to throw that disclaimer in front of the sentence as if that will stop my reaction from being worse than their comment.

#2 She said “Just STOP talking about your private life altogether.”

In this very video I was talking about how I DO NOT share my private life. I share 20% of my life. I’m in a whole relationship right now and haven’t said a word about him. I have 80% of a private life no one on social media knows about at all. I specifically said that in this very video she is commenting on. I spent all of 10 minutes talking about how some things aren’t other people’s business and the things that are sacred to me about Priest I won’t say.

#3 She said “It never ends in these YouTube streets even when you mean well. Someone somewhere will always use it against You. Someone will judge you. Someone will throw it back in your face.”

IDGAF. Haven’t you all learned that about me yet? Like I haven’t said 100 times over that IDGAF about being judged. Why is everyone so afraid of other people judging them. Like that shits the worse thing that has happened to me. I’ve been homeless….that shits worse than people’s opinions. I’m not going to fall apart because some people are speaking negatively about me. Fuck those people. My message isn’t for the people who criticize me. My message is for the people it helps. Everyone else is irrelevant as fuck. If I gave a fuck about what everyone thought of me on a daily basis I’d never get shit accomplished. Like these judgmental people are the only people on the planet who’s opinions matter. She’s putting too much stock into negative people.

#4 She said “Your private life and whatever happened in the past is nobody’s business”

Bittcchhhhhh thank you. That’s wtf I’ve been trying to tell everyone who keeps trying to pry into my PRIVATE business that I’m not even willing to share. You all up in 20% of my business. Leaving this comment in itself is proof. Don’t confuse a few stories I share with people to help others as my private life. If the shit was so private I wouldn’t have shared it on YouTube. Priest MALICIOUSLY posted our private text messages. Somehow people keep forgetting that. I spoke publicly about HIS WRONG DOING for a reason. 75% of the world is on reality tv or talking about their lives on Facebook AND YouTube. Vlogging the fuck out of their lives. But if Soncerae shares a story of something really fucked up that happened to her it’s oh so bad.

#5 She said “You can grow your channel and still entertain your subs without exposing much about you love life.”

How the fuck would she know?! She hasn’t watched shit outside of videos about what she classifies as my personal life. She has NO IDEA that out of the lessons I told about my relationship with Priest I have an entire life that isn’t on social media at all. She didn’t even look at anything else. She’s barely listening to me speak in the livestream itself when I talk about all of the things I refuse to share online.

And ofcourse my channel will grow. It’s been growing it will continue to grow regardless to what I discuss because people are just drawn TO ME.

#6 She said “It’s madness that a year after the relationship failed we’re still hearing about Priest and his family.”

Logically, if you are sick of hearing about some shit you’d just turn it off, right? Why would you turn to ESPN, watch that shit for a year, get sick of hearing about sports, then have the nerve to comment on ESPN’s website and say I’m sick of hearing about sports start talking about something else. Are you people serious? Unsubscribe, no one is holding your irrational ass hostage. I still talk about Priest and our family because I’m still dealing with Priest and our family. WE HAVE A BABY TOGETHER. Our situation isn’t going anywhere. Just because you tired of ESPN doesn’t mean their aren’t millions of other people still wanting to watch Sportscenter. It’s simple. WATCH SOMETHING ELSE. Stop expecting and entire channel to change FOR YOU! The fact of the matter is a YEAR is NOT a long time nor is it appropriate to LIE and say I have completely healed from a situation. I have moved on with my life. I had no choice. I have a child to take care of. But contrary to popular belief I DATE. Moving on is NOT the issue. However I still have things I have to deal with. The truth is I NO LONGER HAVE ROMANTIC FEELINGS FOR PRIEST. Just because I let go of the past doesn’t mean the past let go of me. I’m an adult. A year later I still have to deal with residual consequences of choices I made. They don’t just go away in a year. Grow the fuck up. Don’t immaturely believe that that’s more than enough time for something this serious to be over with. WE HAVE A CHILD TOGETHER. It won’t be completely over for another 17 years!

Where are your comments on these other videos and posts about you being sick of them criticizing and judging Soncerae? Nowhere. How the fuck is it ok for everyone to judge me but not ok for me to be me? You stop.

#7 She said “That would make any new love interest RUN for the hills.

Then dumbbell that would mean that that man aka new love interest isn’t for me. I want someone who wants me for me. If he doesn’t like what I post on YouTube. FUCK HIM. I don’t want a weak conditional nigga. That’s what Priest was. I want a strong unconditional grown man who has more sense than that. Not a coward who runs. What part of I’m involved is she overlooking? Ohhhhhh yeaahhhh I forgot, I haven’t shared my PRIVATE ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP! I’ve kept it to myself!!!!!!!! I told people I’m dating and that’s all I’ve said. See what happens when you keep your business to yourself? People don’t even realize you are keeping your business to yourself!!!!! Any man interested in me will know the story of my son’s father and I. I wouldn’t just leave him in the dark.

#8 She said “If you’re gonna let it go, just let it go. Don’t just say you moved on, just MOVE ON.”

Y’all see how Yasmine G ain’t catch the memo. You will never be able to define how a person moves on or heals from a situation. I took the first step in moving on when I moved 2,000 from GA to CA during my pregnancy 4 weeks after we broke up. I GOT THE HELL ON WITH A QUICKNESS! It’s been a year NOT 7. My son is only a year old. I am just now starting to be stable. Priest and I are still dealing with our situation like that shit was yesterday. If he moved on fully our conversations would be different. This entire situation would be different. It’s HIM having the hard time moving on NOT ME. I have been begging this man to let go of the relationship and focus on our son since the day he left and he still has not managed to do it. If it would have been done child support would be paid right now and he would’ve actually met Justice. Your definition of moving on and mine are not identical. Do not ask me to do something that runs parallel with your life when we have two very separate paths. I have a new life. I am happy. I have a new car, house and baby. I am living an amazing life and I have said that over and over and over and even showed that. Just because I share my experience with others doesn’t mean I’m holding on. It means I am sharing how I moved on. You can’t accept that click the fuck off the channel.

My commentary about my life is NOT about me holding on to HIM. It’s not about HIM. It’s about myself AND the others I care for. My experience is a huge part of who I am. I’m talking about what I’m doing to move forward. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM! You’d know that if you watched me enough. Not just tuning into videos about Priest.

The fact of the matter is a YEAR is NOT a long time nor is it appropriate to LIE and say I have completely healed from a situation. I have moved on with my life. I had no choice. I have a child to take care of. But contrary to popular belief I DATE. Moving on is NOT the issue. The truth is I NO LONGER HAVE ROMANTIC FEELINGS FOR PRIEST. Just because I let go of the past doesn’t mean the past let go of me. I’m an adult. A year later I still have to deal with residual consequences of choices I made. They don’t just go away in a year. Grow the fuck up. Don’t immaturely believe that that’s more than enough time for something this serious to be over with. WE HAVE A CHILD TOGETHER. It won’t be completely over for another 17 years!

#9 She said “I have been dumped before (thankfully not with a baby) and I know it’s easier said than done but moving on will FREE you.”

Baby doll, I AM FREE. So is PRIEST. I have spoke about this FREEDOM more than once over and over. I have an amazing life that I speak about all of the time that you have overlooked. You too busy only looking at videos of me reflect and teach about my mistakes and past pain. YOU DO NOT WATCH MY POSITIVE CONTENT. Yes, thank GOD that you didn’t get dumped during pregnancy it’s much harder to overcome. YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND. YOU are not ME. Your assumptions about where I stand are foolish. How you choose to move on and how I chose to are two very different ways. YOU were dumped before so you can relate. There are women who were dumped too….PREGNANT and they can relate. The difference between you and THEM is my message applies to them NOT YOU. Why are you watching material that doesn’t apply to you? Watch content on my channel that applies to you. It’s more than enough content on it.

#10 She said “No matter what you said, we can see you still holding on.”

SPEAK FOR YOUR DAMN SELF. NOT THE WORLD! Who the fuck is WE? You and my haters? You and my critics? You and the people who are sick of hearing about Priest and I? I get emails, DMs and comments from people that share a completely different perspective than you. DO NOT be arrogant enough to believe that because you assume I’m having a hard time letting go that that’s the truth. I spoke my truth and always have. Don’t take pieces of my message and hear it to be true then take other pieces you disagree with and consider it a lie. You can’t handle the truth then quit listening to me. Or absorb the entire message. The bigger picture. I’ve moved on. I am FREE. I spoke about why I wanted to hold on initially. I am NOT in the same position I was in last year. I’m sorry that you are. Had you been paying more attention to my message and other content you would probably be able to see how far I’ve come. But you only click on shit that has to do with Priest.

My advice to everyone is WATCH my videos before you comment. People only reading titles and not watching content all the way through is one of tge reasons why I cut the comment section off. People read the comments first and then decide whether they want to watch the video or not. It’s a shame that you started off this comment talking about people judging me. Like that’s important to me. If you are afraid to move how you want to move because you worried about critics then that’s your choice but that is not me. I wouldn’t have even been able to be a content creator at all if I cared about what people thought of me. People and their opinions annoy me but slightly. It will never be enough to stop me from being me. I have this Soncerae shit under control. Don’t you ever come on my platform and try to tell me how to do me. I do what I want and I say what I want and only I know ALL OF THE FACTS about me.

I will talk about Priest for 300 more years if it will help other women not get in my situation ever again. I will put a bullhorn to my lips and tell my own story whenever I want to because the shit belongs to me. I can do whatever the fuck I want to do with it without your permission. People can twist my words all they want to, that shit doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change the truth and the truth will always be what I tell. I give relationship advice and I use my experience as a way to show people I UNDERSTAND. People who want the truth about me can come to me. The people who want the bullshit can come to you. No one can tell my story, teach my lessons or live my life better than me. You are in no position to try to correct my position. I trust the universe my source of guidance. I feel good everytime I share my story. Fuck you for telling me to sweep under the rug some fuck shit, when speaking about it helps sooo many people. I’m ready for the hard conversations. You wanna be selfish… do it. I want to help others so I do it. That’s my lane. Find yours.

If you don’t like what I say in my videos STOP WATCHING THEM! Don’t tell me to change my content to appease you when I have plenty of people who love my content.

It’s Unfair That Men Have To Pay Child Support?!

Men always say that them having to pay child support is not fair. Here’s another perspective for you. Because I make a significant amount of money I, as the custodial parent, am responsible for paying for 63% of the expenses in regards to Justice. Meanwhile Priest, the non custodial parent who is currently unemployed, is only responsible for about 32%. His monthly wages before he became unemployed was a little over $1600 a month. An incompetent judge in Georgia thought it would be more than enough money if Priest only paid $264 a month. I live in California. After being homeless, during my high risk pregnancy because of that cheating lying asshole I just started working again and I make close to $10,000 a month. Earnings from 3 sources of income that will grow significantly within the next year.

The cost of living in San Francisco is sky high. Everything we buy at any store costs at least $5 – $10 more than it does in Georgia. I contacted the court to increase the monthly child support. They told me I’d have to wait 3 years in order to modify it. As of today April 6th, 2019 Priest is 2 months behind on Child Support. He hasn’t given his son anything outside of $20 he sent to me in January via CashApp. A man who left me because he thought I was broke and wouldn’t amount to nothing is now unemployed, living off of someone else and can’t even afford to pay $264 a month in child support. Meanwhile I live in a half a million dollar home, a nice car, a stable life and my mother and son are well taken care of. I’m happier than I ever been, WITHOUT HIM. Justice is almost 1 year’s old. I’ve been taking care of him financially alone. Priest doesn’t call him. He’s never met him.

Just to appease his family Priest told them that if I needed anything for Justice to call him and ask. I called and asked for $100. He told me and my mother that I work enough and make enough so I don’t need his money. Then the clown said that I wasn’t getting shit outside of child support and that it would be handled in court. He is acting this way about a baby he initially planned and claimed he wanted that came earlier than he thought and now he’s telling people I tricked him into pregnancy, I am only putting him on child support because I still want to be with him, I am jealous that he chose another woman over me and I use him for money. This is the shit I’m dealing with fellas. So next time you cry about paying child support or you think women are getting over, Think again.

My Open Letter To Mona Symone | Suicide Is Not A Joke

Hey Mona,

I wanted to commit suicide. Yes, I did. Tommy Sotomayor was encouraging his audience to harass me 6 years ago. He knew they’d try to threaten my life. They did. In the worse way humanly possible. They did it for years too. It wasn’t until then that I realized how cruel people on the internet were. I have never been harassed for being a Black Woman EVER before then. Nor have I been harassed anywhere else online for being that. They use anonymity as a shield. They take pride in keeping privacy until it comes to “exposing” someone else.

It wasn’t until 3 years ago it got worse. All because of Minister Jap and his frustration with me no longer wanting anything romantic. We only had 1 collaboration on YouTube and I wish I never gave him the time of day or opportunity to build a platform off of mine. He seemed like a nice person and I reached out to him because I thought he was funny, outspoken and strong minded. Then I realized he had a desire to drag single mothers on his channel. He had this hatred for women that stemmed from his hatred towards his mother. He told me personal stories about his mother’s promiscuity. Later, When I saw him on Facebook posting cruel memes and making fun of me at the same time I pulled away. I discontinued answering his calls.

Shutting him out in that manner hurt him. So he publicly attacked me. Since, he has stalked me. Sent me unwanted money. Donations I’ve had to refund him. He interviewed men I used to date. He spread rumors and lies. He even went as low as to reach out to my family. He disguised his trip to Atlanta from Chicago as one that had nothing to do with me when it was really about him meeting up with an ex of mine. And stalking me. He called me repeatedly while in Atlanta. Later on he started encouraging people to physically harm me. Enciting conversations about my murder.

I was getting 50-100 phone calls a day from Jap during that time. I have hateful voicemails from him to prove it. Even hateful emails. It got so bad he incited others to harass me. He tried to get my channel deleted. A big mess that was created all because his ego was bruised and his feelings were hurt. He was mad I refused to work with him and I had no problem telling people that I made a mistake doing a collaboration with him. He even conspired to break me and my son’s father, Priest, up when I was pregnant. He was calling me telling me to break up with Priest, whom Minister Jap was calling “Dirty Dick Rodney” at the time. When that didn’t work he went to Priest and encouraged him to leave me. Priest fell for it and ruined a relationship that was perfectly fine. Minister Jap ruined my family. With the help of a few other people who felt jealous or were hurt I cut them off. The people I rejected because of their negative behavior joined in with him. They weren’t good people to begin with so I wasn’t surprised when they teamed up with him to try to make me out to be the bad person. I had no problem cutting them off for fucking me over and they were NOT happy about that. They hated it even more that I publicly told the truth about them. They had no remorse for their fuck shit but was super pissed I told the story about them. I don’t lie about my experiences with people and I don’t encourage others to hate anyone. I will tell you my experience, teach my lesson and it’s up to you afterwards how you want to deal with them.

When you are dealing with people who have nothing to lose and everything to gain from tearing you down that’s what happens, They think it adds validity to their negative behavior because someone agrees with their negative behavior and will be happy to broadcast their lies. Minister Jap took the time to align with anyone he could find that disagreed with me disliked me or would lie about me for him. Then he belittled anyone who disagreed with him and saw the good in me.

I’ve been very honest on social media about who I am. I just don’t lie. I share 20% of my life. I teach lessons. When you do share personal stories online people believe either two things. #1 That that’s your entire life that you are sharing! And/or #2 That now your entire life is fair game. Even the private parts you don’t share. They will try to dig into the rest of it just to be nosey. People like to see others vulnerable because they themselves are but hide it. People are jealous of another’s bravery. To be transparent for the world to see takes courage. But you know as well as I do that people misinterpret you. People twist your words for malicious reasons. Bloggers, Content Creators and Wanna Be Journalists will sensationalize your story for entertainment purposes. All because the truth isn’t entertaining enough. Then they will justify their spreading of lies and rumors by saying well you shouldn’t have told your business.

Perversion thrives in secrecy. People who keep the most secrets are the most manipulative. They want to control how people view you AND them so that they can gain favor publicly. Most people online do not have moralistic values. Most of them are miserable and are using the internet as a way to escape a miserable life. In their mind a person can be whoever they want to be online even if their life off of it does not run parallel. They can also turn your life into whatever they want to believe it is. “Fan Fiction” is a real phenomenon. Especially on YouTube. As content creators we deal with the powerless, the ignorant and the unfortunate OFTEN. People who are looking for fulfillment in life that they can’t get elsewhere. I’ve had people admit to me flat out that they use the internet to vent about frustrations after a hard day at work.

I am not the type to just let people say whatever they fuck they want to say. I clap back like a muthafucka. Which is ultimately a waste of damn time. That never works because either way they’ll make you out to be a bad person. Outsiders looking in are utterly confused and don’t know which one of you is the bafoon. You defend yourself and chump someone else like they do you they self victimize and call you the bully. If you don’t say anything and ignore it they make it seem like you are afraid of them because you move on from the foolishness. Former President Richard Nixon said:

“Always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.”

I believe that ultimately the goal of most of the people who talk about you negatively is to confuse people. They want people to believe that YOU are the problem so that THEY can gain. They are trying to get you to create your own demise. They want you to act a certain way publicly to get those that admire you to look at you differently.

I saw your message on my channel and I was hesitant at first. I do NOT trust anyone on YouTube. With the the exception of LovelyTi. I will talk to her all day long. I refuse to talk to anyone else off of YouTube. So when you asked me to email you I was not for the foolery. People email me all of the time. However when a content creator does they are only contacting me for 1 of two reasons. #1 They are looking for someone to team with. They are looking for an ally. They are being drug to filth and they are looking for anyone who will help them and agree with whatever narrative they want to post about themselves or about someone else on YouTube. Getting another creator to vouch for you can help your situation. #2 They are contacting me to gossip about someone else or they want to confront me about something they heard. No content creator is reaching out to me because they mean well. They all want something and because of that I refuse to reach out to you privately. I think it would be more effective to reach out to you publicly.

I first heard of you when you made your “Open Letter To TashaK” video. You were so cruel and vile. I made a livestream about it. You were speaking about her as if you knew her privately and like she did something vile and cruel to you. It was horrible. You spoke about her pregnancy and family. You hit below the belt. I’m no fan of Tasha but you cut too deep. I could tell by the way you were communicating with your audience that you yourself were not a stranger to bullying and harassing people. That was not the first time people praised you for dragging someone. I’ve tried not to be as cruel as you are. I am not surprised people are bullying you. You and I are not being bullied for identical reasons. We all have haters and we all have people who simply don’t like us. However, you did something awful and as awful as it was it still doesn’t mean people should waste energy harassing you.

Here’s the problem Mona,

You faked your suicide. Or your partner led us to believe that you did. People were hurt. People were crying for you. You had to know that you weren’t going to be able to resurrect from that and people were just going to praise God that you are alive. No matter how much you try to pussy pop your ass into back tracking and giving us this lame ass excuse about what happened doesn’t mean people will believe that. And it for damn sure doesn’t mean that you will be able to mind fuck an intellect who knows better. No one with a functioning brain is that stupid to believe that this post on your community tab was not intentional and wasn’t meant for us to believe you had passed away. This is definitely a strong narrative of you committing suicide whether it was meant to mean that or not.

The people attacking you aren’t just simple HATERS…..these people are angry. People are emotionally invested in content creators. Between troll pages, doxxers, victims, The Brains…..whoever these people are UPSET. Yes they have a right to be. However they do NOT have to harass and bully you because of it. I saw a video today of yours that had 61 likes and 292 dislikes. People make dollars off of my name EVERYDAY or they get likes and views trying to knock off my crown. You would not be in self protect mode on the degree you are had you not allowed this to happen. And don’t get me started on your Livestream about killing people. That didn’t help. Whether you were talking about self defense or not. You show your level of crazy more than you know. I’ve been there myself so I get how angry you are about people taking shit too far.

Here’s my suggestion. Admit you lied. Take that L and move on. Or don’t admit it keep acting like it was all a misunderstanding or joke and move on. Either way move on and don’t even bring it up again. Not out of fear but out of salvaging what supporters you have left and simply clean up your channel. These haters and gossiper will find another person to pick on in no time. Some are relentless but ignore it. Alert the authorities, even get an attorney. I did both. I had to move 7 times in 1 year because of these crazy ass people. Just so they can’t find me and girl they are still looking. Just so they can say they posted my address online. Like that’s some type of accomplishment that deserves some type of reward. Ask them and they’ll sware up and down that you are just like them and would behave the same.

You and I are not being bullied and harassed for the same reasons. It seems like you will do anything at this point to get views and or attention. Was this suicide foolishness a cry out or what? That’s what you need to privately figure out. Why did you or your partner think that that post was ok? I’ve received hundreds of emails and comments from people who see that I am wrongfully being punished severely for Jay Walking. You did something major Mona and even though you were the catalyst for why the bullying is so severe it doesn’t mean those people are right for doing it. And it doesn’t mean that what you did is something that will easily be swept under the rug. These people put a magnifying glass on your life faster than they will do their own. Suicide is not something to play with. Some things you just don’t toy with and you proved you have no boundaries. You didn’t set a boundary. So now everything that is being thrown at you is because you crossed the line. People are only mad at me off of disapproval of my political views, perspectives about relationships and marriage, my race and gender, my sexuality, rumors, trolls fake accusations and false victimizations, sensationalized stories, fan fiction and fake news. I didn’t create some fake story to get admiration. I never lied or misled people to believe one thing when another was happening. I’ve posted proof of every experience. All of these people wouldn’t even have stories to spin about me had I not been honest and shared the truth to begin with.

I’m not comparing the two of us. Seems as though you were. IDK how you came across my channel but I refuse to believe that the message you sent me was the first time you had heard of my story being as though this was the second comment you left. I saw you comment the day before in my community tab about me opening up my comment section after it purposely being closed for 2 months. By this time I had already made 3 videos about you. One was a livestream I deleted and 2 others when I talk about TashaK and LovelyTi.

I think you can do better. I think that you need to readjust your energy, your mindset and your channel. I believe that you are an amazing teacher and you can help a lot of women with their lives, confidently. I say let this entire situation go. Refuse to talk about it anymore, in any form. These people will find someone else to harass in no time. You’ll be old news. Discontinue speaking about other content creators whom you may disagree with. Just pick topics that are helpful and that do not pin you against another person. You’ll be fine. Deal with the haters behind closed doors. Do not address them publicly. THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT. TO GET VIEWS! TO THROW YOU OFF COURSE!!! They want you to be a bad person so they can feel better about themselves. Moderate them out of your comment sections and livestreams. It will be over soon. Keep your mind positive and focus on ANYTHING outside of this foolishness. And when you take a “mental health break” really take that break. Don’t let YouTube drive you crazy. From what I’ve seen that’s exactly what it’s doing.

Focus only on your supporters! Praise them speak of them in videos. Love those who love you and ignore the rest.

My moderators have created a list of my YouTube Haters & Stalkers…. (People who post misleading, defamatory content just to get my attention or to get VIEWS. All of the people on this list with the exception of Priest, my son’s father, don’t know me personally. Same group of people creating more than one channel to make it look like it’s more of them. Most of these people interact with each other.

Tommy Sotomayor

Minister Jap

Angel Ramirez Jordan

Angry Man


Bomb Cherry


Ali The Bastard

MrKTU101 / Mario Cochran

Mr Law 217 /Chris Law

Ozone Layer/Priest


Jack Gully

Stupidity Exodus

Junk Pile Video

Warren Dalferes


Stop Smoking Stop Drinking

Lord Gaelick

Ebony Circle News

I Am No Longer Posting Anyone I Love On Social Media

This will be the last picture I post of my son and I for a very long time. I prayed for so long for another child and after over a decade of failed attempts God gave me an amazing gift. I wanted to share my gift with the world like most people who are grateful for their blessings. Social media can be a good place to create healthier bonds with family and friends. However social media has a dark side. Some people have maliciously crossed boundaries and disrespectfully posted my kids to their social media platforms. As demented and disgusting as that is when mentall illness goes unchecked or a person is filled with misery and disappointment in their own life they are unable to see fault in their ways. As parents ourselves we usually do not cross boundaries by exploiting other people’s children. However some people are ignorant and have no respect for family structure.

My 18 year old daughter and her father barely post on social media. I have shared my loving relationship with her and spoke positively about him on my YouTube channel over the years. Some people have even tried to turn that into something ugly. It is a shame to me that I am unable to share these positive parts of my life in a world that is filled with so much cruelty, prejudice, misjudgment and hatred. We need to see love, happiness and kindness.

One of the other reasons that I am no longer posting my son is because I do not want his biological father and his ex wife to have access to him in any form. Them two have had a lot of negativity in their lives and throughout their marriage that they refuse to seek counseling for. That negativity and dysfunction is not suitable for a child. Especially not mine. I surround myself with love and positivity. I am drama free. I protect my children. I will unconditionally fight for them. I would have never interacted with my son’s father’s enemies or sociopaths who wished death upon him like he has done me. Usually Fathers see their child as a chance to turn things around and live a disciplined life. A child is a chance to have a respected role, to find true love and purpose which was initially something that my son’s father understood and respected. But with time my son’s father’s response to my son’s existence became distorted by his ex wife, rumors and lies from strangers, things that brought out his own insecurities and shortcomings.

I am a public figure who shares a small part of her life and now I am forced to make that small part even smaller. I will no longer post pictures or footage of anyone I love. That includes my husband, friends or relatives. Out of jealousy and pure hatred STRANGERS have tried to harm us. Dozens of people have reached out to me concerned about our safety. Because of the relentless harassment and stalking I have experienced over the years my attorney and authorities have suggested that I no longer share these parts of my life that I love. I appreciate everyone who has walked with me on my journey and I am so sorry I can not share this part of my life with you. Some of you have sent my son gifts and money. You were there for me at the worse time in my life and nothing I can do will ever be enough to repay you. I thank you with all of my heart and I love you so much.

How To Deal With Your Manipulative Mother

How does an adult daughter handle an emotionally manipulative mother, that was also physically and verbally abusive to her as a child? The adult daughter prefers not sharing any personal details about her life to her mother because she simply does not trust her.. She communicates to her mother on social media and on major holidays but that’s about it.. The mother expects a much closer relationship but the daughter does not want that because every time they interact the mother says or does something that brings up bad memories and makes the daughter realize the mother hasn’t changed one bit..Family members guilt the daughter with the “that’s your mom” line, but the daughter doesn’t feel connected to her and honestly never did.. How would you handle a situation like this? -Ashley Murray

Ashleg Murray,

This is a big lesson in regards to forgiveness. Moms will never have the relationship with her daughter that she wants. She ruined that opportunity a long time ago. She should be happy she’s being spoken to at all after that. If she is still participating in shenanigans make time spent with her even more limited. People always try to cling on to “blood is thicker than water” or “family over everything” colloquially. However, there have been times I’ve had friends who’ve treated me better than family. Holding grudges against Moms is not good for the spirit. The daughter has to let it go because of her own sanity. Forgiving Moms doesn’t mean she has to spend massive amounts of time with her. It’s about accepting that she is who she is. Find ways to maneuver around the drama and keep time together limited. She should keep doing what she has been doing. 🙂 -Soncerae

Are You Stupid For Being In A One Sided Open Relationship?

Here’s a topic i really want to hear from an outsiders perspective.
Let’s say you’re dating someone and you’re open to an open relationship. You are both on the same terms. If you find someone you want to be with, you are allowed to pursue it but you have to tell the other person. But only one of you are actually exercising your right to be with other people.
I have been called dumb for believing it is alright to let the person i love sleep with other people, although i am not. I am satisfied with this single human being but he likes to have fun sometimes. I believe as long as we’re on the same page and he’s clean, it’s fine because he’s coming back to me at the end of the day and he is mine. I’m not really a possessive or jealous person and he’s the person who makes me happy in this world. Is this love, is it dumb, am i naive? Just want to hear some of your thoughts?!! -Diamond Davenport


You aren’t stupid for living how you want to live or choosing what you want to choose. I believe that the real question is why are you comfortable with your partner keeping his freedom meanwhile you aren’t exercising your own. See men love variety but they hate for their women to have that same option usually. So the second you do find a man or more than one your arrangement will become a problem to most men. I believe that people are aware of that and that’s why they question your judgment. Just be prepared for the possibility of the tables turning. This sounds like a temporary arrangement. So don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning and change your mind or one morning he does. A lot of the times dishonesty becomes an option because of the arrangement. The arrangement will somehow make someone believe that you do not care about how they behave so they get lazy and begin to disregard your feelings. I know you heard the term “give them an inch they will walk all over you.” It just seems like a door to another issue. All that matters at the end of the day is that you are happy. It doesn’t matter what we think and you don’t need us to justify your choices. Just be sure that you understand that each choice has a consequence and you have to be able to deal with that. 🙂 – Soncerae

How I Made $1,400 in 1 Week Without Working Myself To Death | Law of Attraction Success Story

I’ve been so broke. I mean damn! The past 3 years have been the brokest I have ever been. I was like OMG what in the hell is going on. I’ve had to ask for donations online. I’ve had to borrow money from friends. I’ve had to work 2 jobs at once. I was like what is going on exactly?!? It took me remembering some things that I hadn’t applied to my life in many years. I’m a big believer of the Law of Attraction. I’ve studied metaphysics for years but applying it can sometimes been hard when you focus on the wrong things.

In this video below I discuss a book I read called DOLLARS WANT ME check it out!

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