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Some California Clarity

My rant on YouTube was staged…people still think it’s so real. I did a livestream called “I’m seriously pissed” I went crazy in it….Tommy livestreamed it while I was streaming….yeah weird right? I know.

Anyway, before I moved to California I lived in Atlanta. I asked for donations and my supporters helped me move to California to be closer to my family. In my rant I said I’m in Northern CA alone. I think I may have confused everyone. I am closer to my family however I take care of my son ALONE. It’s just he and I in my home. I do not live with my family.

I lived with my family during my high risk pregnancy. After my son was born I begin taking care of him by myself. I live alone with Justice.

Either way please understand. My rant was done purposely, it was clickbait. I realized all people want is drama. So I really want to pull away. I won’t be posting for a while.

Earlier today I posted my last video before my 30-60 day break. I have a lot I’m working on. I’m getting too busy for YouTube. So when I do post it will be seldom.

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Pervert Tommy Sotomayor Pays For Sex & Molests Little Girls

I’m convinced that most of Tommy Sotomayor’s audience can’t read or are simply too lazy to. This blog is for the intellectuals. The people who actually have the patience to elevate their minds. It truly takes skill to be able to pay attention to details and to do research.

Most people won’t have enough sense to read this entire post. That’s how misinformation continues to spread.

Those of us with an IQ above 8 can watch content from Tommy Sotomayor and become completely turned off. We know that he is a spin doctor. He creates fake news that supports his negative perspectives about Black Women. He has done this to me and plenty of other Black Women for 8 long years. He’s made videos about my disabled mother. He made it seem like my daughter (who is a straight A student) is a delinquent. He’s made horrible untrue claims about me for years. He even accused me of stalking him. As if I care about him enough to follow him. So the stunts he is pulling right now is not new. I’ve had to consistently defend myself against this abusive man while he publicly depicts himself as a victim of mine.

I do NOT have the luxury as of lately to watch all of the demented videos that Tommy Sotomayor has posted about me recently. One in which he insists that I’m a liar. I’m still unclear about his claims. He’s been a problem of mine for a long time and just recently I took it upon myself to contact him privately and try to resolve any issues. This was after he broke YouTube’s community guidelines by livestreaming me during my livestream called “I’m Seriously Pissed” which would usually result in me filing a copyright take down request.

According to a dozen of his audience members who contacted me privately, allegedly during this livestream he encouraged his audience to give him donations in my name so that he could pass them on to me. Some of his audience members even came into my livechat during my livestream and told me that he was going to donate to me. Like the diabolical spin doctor he is he went on to YouTube and told people that I contacted him asking for help. So in return I posted our email correspondence here on my blog.

Nowhere in our email correspondence did I ask him for help. Keep in mind that I sent this email to him AFTER he had already taken in donations for me. After he had livestreamed the “I’m Seriously Pissed” livestream I did.

I also spoke inside of our email about how I purposely acted CRAZY in my clickbait livestream “I’m Seriously Pissed”. In it I was asking for $505 trying to be funny. Yelling like a wild banshee. People consistently asked me what I needed it for and I never gave an answer. I’m sure I had to have laughed at the concept of “CrispyCash” over 5 times. People disrespectfully call him Crispy because of his skin color. So they send him donation and call it “CrispyCash” all something I knew nothing about until that day.

On a regular day on YouTube I can barely get 50 people to watch a positive livestream. Here I was on some negative shit, screaming like I had lost all of my mind and there were 380 people in my livestream. I spoke more in detail about my “outburst” on YouTube in this video below.

I deliberately titled my livestream “I’m Seriously Pissed” as clickbait. After my original livestream “High off Promises Drunk off Dreams” was cut off because of a bad connection I restarted another streamed and titled it “I’m Seriously Pissed” after seeing a spike in views. People wanted to see me down and go on an extreme “tyrantrum”. When I realized that during the livestream. I went hard. You can actually see when I had the epiphany. The change was gradual but obvious. This gave him opportunity to SPIN news so it can fit his negative rhetoric about Black Women. All of the positive livestreams I have done he has never spoken about one. NOT ONE. I do more positive content than I do content based on personal drama. Obviously I was joking around in my “I’m Seriously Pissed” livestream because I was laughing majority of the time. I don’t usually post content with me acting that way. So it’s clear that people can see extreme change in my behavior and can tell that it’s obviously an act. Just how Tommy can act like a bafoon on his channel and be completely different when the camera is off. Others can do that as well. Any person who has talked to Tommy privately will tell you that he’s not the asshole he portrays himself to be online. His ex girlfriend Avi said that as well in a recent interview she did with me.

One of the things that seems to be burning him on the inside is that I interviewed her. Tommy Sotomayor is over 45. This young lady, Avi, wasn’t a day over 23. Let that sit in your mind. She isn’t the first girl he’s taken advantage of. She is a baby. That 22 age difference is disgusting yet the people in his audience cheer him on for having a sexual relationship with a little girl. I don’t care how grown she thinks she is she has no idea what life has to offer in comparison to a woman who has fully lived a solid 30 years. He always has those types of relationships with young women. Simply because they are easy to manipulate. They are innocent. They don’t know any better. Most women remember who we were at 22 and we also remember all of the immature childish things we did. She isn’t the first girl he has done this with. He openly discusses this perversion on his YouTube channel. These young girls may be legal but any man who would want to touch a woman 22 years younger than him is a pervert. That includes R Kelly, P, Diddy or any other man who deserves to be in prison for having sex with children.

Now if the women he was interested in were over 30 that would make sense to me. Women usually know who they are and what they want by that age. Most women under 25 still have minds that are developing. They still do not know who they are. Most of them are still trying to figure out life. I bet every single Alpha Male on the planet with a daughter would not want her having sex with a 45 year old man with her only being 22 or 23.

Avi brought to everyone’s attention by posting receipts that he consistently would CashApp her money. This in turn made Tommy’s audience swarm my comment section with confirmation that Tommy pays for sex and how it’s not out of the ordinary for him. All types of rumors about him spreading STDs and being a bad father were posted to my comment section. It was also brought to my attention from Avi as well as others in my comment section that Tommy’s girlfriend Goddess has openly said that she was and may currently still be a prostitute. I hate gossip because you never know what’s true and what’s not. And honestly I don’t care enough about Tommy to give a fuck who he’s fucking. I only care about not getting women of any color in situations where they are being physically harmed, misused or manipulated.

Now I tried not to be judgmental. I tried minding my business and move on because I honestly find this type of thing boring. The drama is not interesting. But this morning I woke up and saw that he was still making videos about me and in one instance he changed a thumbnail in a video to a picture of me and my son. This was the main picture he used to spin his rhetoric about Black Women. He also used a picture of me and my son’s father. This is the video that sparked another video he did to SPIN it as if I asked him for help. He consistently creates fake news to make money off of the weak minded. People are dumb enough to give this man donations daily. Everyday. Another content creator LaSHID4U spoke about him creating fake news as well. It’s obvious. You just have to be smart enough to pick up on the manipulation.

All of the things he has done to me he’d hate it if I do it to him. He’d go on his youtube channel and bitch and moan. He hated that I interviewed his 22 year old ex but fails to mention that before he even met her he interviewed my ex Chris Law. So here he is posting pictures of my son. But if I was to post pictures of his beloved daughter he’d tell everyone I’m attacking his family and doxxing him. This is the shit I have to deal with ONLY ON YOUTUBE.

What doesn’t make sense is how in Tommy’s mind it’s ok for him to be a dead beat dad, promiscuous, a molestor, a trick paying prostitutes, a spin doctor, a hatemonger, a liar, a manipulator, a comedian, an actor who does clickbait livestream and that’s completely fine. But if I’m black, a female, a single mother, with a seemingly married baby daddy, a comedianne and a good actress and did a clickbait livestream that’s some huge problem.

Don’t even get me started on this rhetoric he keeps pushing about me having a baby by a married man. He can’t get over that. Like we don’t know separated people who have never even put forth the energy or money to pay an attorney to get a legal divorce but are 300,000 miles away from their husband or wife that they wouldn’t even email in case of emergency. He tried to make it seem like my “I’m Seriously Pissed” livestream was about how pissed I was about my “married baby daddy” when it wasn’t about him at all. During the entire livestream I spoke about how people consistently click on bullshit and want to see drama. If you watch it yourself you’ll see I briefly mentioned my son’s father but I mainly spoke about how people only click on content they think is entertaining. And usually what entertains them is drama and negativity.

I’m bored with Tommy’s shenanigans. Like I said in the previous blog I wrote about him, I’m over it and I wished him the best. I’m not here trying to convince anyone of anything. All I can do is continue to be the good person I am and let the chips fall where they may. I’m honest and have a lot of good going on in my life. All Tommy has is YouTube. I have way too many other opportunities outside of this foolishness. I haven’t posted a video on YouTube in days and I won’t for a while. Between my TV Series, my clothing line, my son, my graphic design business, and several other business opportunities I have I just can’t keep getting wrapped up in what’s happened with Tommy Sotomayor or anything on these YouTube Streets. Youtube is a business, a source of income. Not a place where I should have to keep entertaining nonsense that isn’t conducive to my growth process. I’m on some positive shit. And if you aren’t on that tip I want nothing to do with you.

PS I’ve always asked for donations and I always will. I do many things for the community. I always tell people donate or not… it’s up to you.

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My Messages To Tommy Sotomayor –

from: Soncerae
date: Oct 31, 2018, 8:51 AM
subject: Last night
I feel like you never take the time to promote anything positive I do but the second you think I’m saying or doing something negative to fit your narrative of the demented Black Woman you promote me and try to tarnish my brand.
Last night I purposely went live and acted like a wild ghetto foul mouthed ignorant hair hatted hooligan just to see what people would do. I had the feeling that my views and subs were decreasing because I begin to refuse doing topics about the Black Community and our issues as well as gossip. Both things I’ve never been genuinely interested in discussing. Any other day I post positive material no one sees it.
My experiment worked. It showed me that people don’t want to focus on positive solutions they just want drama to discuss. Out of the plenty of times I’ve done positive livestreams you’ve never came into one. You never talk about the amazing things I’ve done for my community.
I brought Avi on my channel. Before she came on I specifically told her to speak her truth and not speak unnecessary negativity about you. Instead of watching it you went off of what you heard and assumed I disrespected you. I’m not the type of person you are. You will disrespect me if given the opportunity regardless to if it was me who provoked you.
I work hard on my channel, on my day job, my own business and I love my kids.  My daughter has an amazing father and my son’s father is a deadbeat. My friends and family basically forced me to put him on child support. And even he asked to be put on child support. I’ve been a good friend and an amazing girlfriend to the men in my life. It’s unfortunate that men like you and Minister Jap never took the time to find men who know me. You two interviewed the few rejects of my life and spread their false narrative trying hard to make it true about me. Why not just interview people that actually know me instead of people who are upset they didnt make the cut?
I left Atlanta with a baby bump, my handbag and a suitcase and moved to Northern California so my son could have a better life. I’ve only been here 1 year. I been back to work for 4 months. I’m human trying to rebuild my life without all of the unnecessary bullshit that was orbiting around me for whatever reasons. This is hard for me for plenty of reasons. My son’s father had agreed to be here with me, but life didn’t happen that way. And no he never got back with his “wife”. And no I wasn’t some side chick mistress who tried to steal someone’s husband. Idk why you would spread that around about me. I’ve been on some positive shit for many years it’s nothing new. I wish you would focus more on that.
You found your niche on YouTube and made success out of it. I am happy for you. Please show me that same courtesy and respect my growth process and journey.
People told me you wanted to donate the $505 to me that I needed. That was hard to believe and I definitely asked what the catch was. I believe if you genuinely wanted to help me you would without having to announce that to the world.
Either way whether you CashApp me or not please just have a little bit more understanding and stop assuming I’m a bad person simply because of a petty argument we got into over 5 years ago. I do not know you well enough to make sound judgment about who you are. You don’t know much about me either.
I want to settle this, make peace and move forward. I have no reason to hate you. Your opinion is yours. I feel like you’ve been dishonest and judgmental in regards to me plenty of times but I’m not holding that grudge.
I wish you continued success and maybe in the future when we both are financially stable we can grab lunch talk business and split the check. Be good.
from: Tommy
date: Oct 31, 2018, 5:07 PM
subject: Re: Last night
security:  Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more
Well I welcome u to come on my show and talk.  Those people who said I said I would give u 505 lied. As far as anything else I tried to show u respect last time I brought u on my show and all u did was act out… so it’s on u.  We can have a normal show and u come on or not but u didn’t bring my ex on for nothing but views and I don’t care but don’t try to act like it was anything less or more
from: Soncerae
date: Oct 31, 2018, 6:49 PM
subject: Re: Last night

Hun, you welcomed me on your show so we could talk before. I was dead broke and as much as I needed money I didn’t ask you for a cent like I usually ask people. Then I got on your show 4 months pregnant and instead of you having a little sympathy for my situation you treated me like some half witted irresponsible slut that got pregnant by the first dope boy she could find who bought her a pair of shoes at South Dekalb Mall. Not a grown ass woman who was engaged and living with a regular joe who worked a government job. You also treated me like me being on your show was doing me a favor when really anything that has connected me to you has brought severe online harassment and trolling. You are a big time YouTuber I get it. I respect you. Honestly. It’s hard work and you are so smart. But it was very arrogant of you to make it seem like me trying to make peace between the two of us was YOU doing ME a favor. I thought we were equally in it. I was wrong.

And here we are today. You are welcoming me again yet this time because I have a 6 month old I don’t have the luxury to do shows FREE. Especially not when I’m dealing with a man who livestreamed my stream last night and made $1,500 in a hour off me. When he knows I need money. You aren’t a bad a person so I know being generous is not hard for you to do. But in this case paying me is not you being generous this would be you handling business.
Pay me and I’ll come on your show. Better yet give me a grand and I’ll come on your show more than once. Honestly I think you and I could make more money working together. If we can keep it completely professional you and I can go much further than just a simple normal show that will make you chump change. I’m trying to earn a King’s Ransom. I don’t have time for anything else. We’ll be on the same level soon financially and I’ll be able to keep up with you. But right now I need bread for me and my son. I’m in Norcal ALONE.
from: Tommy
date: Oct 31, 2018, 7:47 PM
subject: Re: Last night
dear you have slandered my name for years.. i begged you to lets kill this so called beef that you kept going to the point where you let your teenaged daughter call me a bitch and your mom call me curious george.. i also have our 1on1 and i didnt disrespect u at all…  u called me a scam artist on your show yesterday and i bet you wont get on video to tell ur audience all of the nice things you just said about me.. thats what is truly sad
from: Tommy
date: Oct 31, 2018, 11:30 PM
subject: Re: Last night
i welcome u to come on but I am not paying you.. people actually pay me to come on the show and if nothing else the exposure they get from my show is more than they get on their own! which could in turn bring them donations and views
from: Soncerae
date: Nov 1, 2018, 7:43 AM
subject: Re: Last nig

You slandered mine FIRST dont get amnesia. You also interviewed my ex Chris Law first. Don’t play victim. Man up.

Now I’ve come to you maturely saying we can put the foolishness to the side. I only mirrored your behavior back at you. It didnt feel good did it? So realize when you do that to people it’s not nice. And you do it all of the time.

I didn’t even know who you were yet and you had started trashing me and my modeling career. I didn’t burst out of nowhere talking about you. I didn’t know you. You asked me to be on your show. I said ok.  When I announced that we’d be doing an interview together someone sent me clips of videos of you making fun of me because I was a model. I came to you privately and asked you why you did it and you got mad at me and said “I’m telling the truth aint I?” So I cancelled the interview and tried to move on. Then you made another video about our interaction so I made a reply video and we went back and forth from there.

It takes a lot to admit when you are wrong. I’ve said on your show in front of everyone that I was wrong about you. Please admit that this mess would have never started to begin with if you didn’t have disdain for Black Women in general and used me to support your rhetoric. And if you can’t admit that to me that’s fine too but don’t lie to yourself.
We can move on and forget it ever happened and like I said in my first email if you don’t want to pay me that’s your choice. However I will not do anyone’s show FREE.
Again I’m grown and I gave you props when they were due but you are flawed Tommy. You aren’t perfect. Stop putting higher expectations on me that you don’t put on yourself. I’ll never be this woman you want me to be. I can only be Soncerae.
I apologized to you before. And I have no problem doing it now and maybe one day you’ll apologize to me. If not that’s fair too. I wish you the best.
If you want me on your show you have to pay me. If you want to make an arrangement in writing we can. If you want to speak to my manager you can. But I am not for the YouTube foolishness of free interviews, drama and responses videos. I want money and business. And one can’t happen without the other.
I’m not holding a grudge. You are an amazing man. Just wonderful and I wish you peace and happiness.

Someone please inform Tommy that his arrogance is making him delusional. It’s all in his head. I never used his name to get views. I spoke of him in response as a way to defend myself against him. He plays victim. Everyone knows him to be the person that never admits to his wrong doing. He caused a problem from jump and refuses to listen learn or improve. I’m done with it. I’ve moved on.  Now he’s on a rant. Mad because I refuse to be on his show. I am not interested. I’m too old for this foolishness. I just have better things to do. I’m a mom. I rather put energy into my son, my career, my finances and helping others!

Hatemongers Planning My Murder – Minister Jap aka Jap City aka Thomas Ward aka Timothy Johnson-Hussein

You know why misogynists disrespect women they themselves wanted but couldn’t get by calling them sluts? It makes them feel masculine for 2 minutes. The other 58 minutes in an hour they are effeminate males who are challenged in the penis department. These niggas mind as well sit down & pee.

Males with underdeveloped minds beat on their chests like apes. They think it’s entertaining. When really that disgusting display of peacocking makes them look a lot like a foaming at the mouth mental patient in need of a straight jacket.

Minister Jap fell in love with me the moment I paid his pathetic ass some attention on Youtube. He was hard up over a bitch he hadn’t even met in person. Bout ready to get on bended knee after 1 phone conversation and a viral video. That comes to show that in the city of Chicago his pickings are slim. But then again that low energy bafoon could leap his ignorant ass to another dimension and still only attract young hood bitches with the aspirations of an eraser. A bone collecting rat who can twist a splif like a fuckin dutch master champ thinks a man’s former dreams of being a gangsta rapper deems him suitable for holy matrimony. Bitch knows all the words to that wack ass Jap City snatchin chains song that was posted to YouTube and got 2 views. Any grown woman with a brain can see that Minister Jap’s corny drunk ass is only good enough for street scum corner store biscuit head ass hookers.

You can tell a weak nigga butthurt he didn’t get the shot he thought he deserved. Crying when he got rejected by a chick he barely knew but put on a pedestal. Now calling this same woman a slut and other sexual slurs trying to make her adhere more strictly to his personal boundaries that he sticks on bitches he thinks he should be able to control mentally. He can’t control me so he wants me to face social consequences by other men. The more I don’t give a fuck what he thinks or any other low energy half wit he can convince to harass me online the more he hates he still doesn’t have control over my behavior.

Jap, you fuckin frustrated. You studied me so hard and desperately wanted my acceptance. I didn’t give it to you so you stalked me harder. Threatening my life, throwing a 2 year temper tantrum because I stopped answering your phone calls. You out here reaching out to any insecure nigga you can find with a weak constitution to convince them to join in on this pathetic ass siege of ruining Soncerae’s reputation. You so confused about what manhood is your simple ass spending every waking moment squaring up on an innocent woman. That character flaw is NOT man made. Men with healthy perspectives of the world who have actually hit puberty don’t prey on women. Regardless to whether he hit, didn’t hit or he know another nigga who hit. What grown ass man with stable income, a family of his own or a muthafuckin pussy to fuck or just his right mind would scavage the earth trying to find any ex of a woman (that he wanted and got rejected by) so he can interview them for his YouTube Channel??? A bitch nigga like you. Your simple simon ass wouldn’t be able to spot a good woman if her ass stood directly in front of you speaking simple plain English. You completely disregard any woman who can spell, do basic math and passed 10th grade. You lookin ridiculous in those fake ass glasses you put on trying to pretend like you woke. Nigga you about as vapid as a deep dish pizza pie.

You’ve tried so hard to try to prove I’m a hoe so you can feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror. It would feel so much better if you could say that the woman that rejected you was a hoe anyway. You doing the typical shit a nigga does when he gets rejected. Snarling like a K9 with rabies calling the very woman you was just celebrating every name but a child of God. Your drunk ass couldn’t get my pussy even if my prerequisite to eagle spread my shit wide was for you to be light skin, a cooker of single mothers, have a microphone, Protools, two knickles to rub together, a whore for a mother (stop lying nigga you told me she was nieghborhood ass), a zombie as a sister (you lied telling people on Youtube that she died when she didn’t) and the ability to dry hump the arm of a couch.

That pisses you off. You are livid about that shit. The most excitement you get on a Saturday night is a random rat with a cheap lacefront that you picked up from the club who was willing to suck you off if you let her wipe off your dick cheese with a WetOne.

You complain about single mothers then your bitch ass creates them. While I was pregnant you told me my son’s father was DIRTY DICK RODNEY and I was this phenomenonal bitch that had the pussy power of Wonder Woman. That bullshit didn’t work I didnt dump him like you wanted me to so you ran to him like the elementary school Gossip Girl you are and convinced that Forest Gump retard hotep bumbaclot JaFAKin, homosexual tendency having feline, pretending to be a lion, to drop his IQ 10 more points and follow behind you. That illiterate coward thinks that bitcoin is a snack you’ve literally bit into and you want to do some victory dance because he let you mind fuck him? You convinced that nigga to leave me pregnant, vomiting and bleeding in an extended stay hotel meanwhile pumping his fist screaming I LOVE MINISTER JAP & CHRIS LAW?! You ruined that dumbass’s life. He begin calling me a hoe and denying is own son ever since. His ass got Daddy issues out here looking for a man to be like. So congrats… you hurt the Black Community some more.

You still trying to find other men to team up with you???? #teamhoecerae??? A whole bunch of socially awkward unattractive niggas with warrants, illegal weapons, no college degree or even a GED, ole INCEL/MGTOW niggas who are easily influenced by conspiracy theories, porn and extreme religion. These niggas who can’t get a piece of ass even if the pussy was paid for? Your team of misfits are goofy ass bustas with 5 o clock shadows, living in their momma’s basement, who can be easily manipulated. Beta males with aspirations to be a top street nigga or a popular YouTube personality with content that isnt advertiser friendly. I know because you got them bammas hittin me up on Instagram. Their feeds look absolutely ridiculous. Fuckboys who can’t even tie a tie or tuck in their shirt.

You are a fuck boy and when I peeped that shit I ran. Now you mad. You wanna use any platform imaginable trying to pretend I reach out to you and I’m stalking you when you don’t have any kind of proof you are on my radar. Writing this blog is the most I’ve paid your simple ass attention in months. Thats all you want. For me to see you. You want me to love you. The more I reject you the worse you feel about yourself.

You get worse with time. I will never love you. I will never want you. You’ve tried to ruin my life because you are bitter. You won’t admit it. You won’t leave it alone or let go because you still hurt. You poor ego was bruised.

You can spend the rest of your life trying to convince men I’m a hoe. Guess what nigga… Men will still want to date me, wife me, love me and protect me. And they will still step up and try to be a father to my son. You encouraged his father to be a bitch and he walked away from his own flesh and blood because of you instigating drama. Thank you!!! Because if a nigga is that dumb to listen to a stranger about the woman who loves him his ass didn’t deserve being in my life anyway and that child support check he could’ve avoided paying had he simply checked up on his son is about to kick his hotep ass.

You have to live with that for the rest of your life. You have to deal with that fact privately. No matter how many times you publicly try to justify that bullshit trying to convince people I’m a hoe. If I was one you wouldn’t have to try so hard to convince people. The more I move forward I continue to prove your stupid ass wrong. You gonna hate yourself even more with time because of what you have done to me.

I’m the good woman you wish you could’ve had. All because I refused to put up with your immaturity mind games and anecdotes. You a little boy hurt on the inside. Talking about some “keep my name out your mouth” like I care enough about you to just randomly bring you up in conversation. Bitch nigga get over yourself. I bring you up when you harass me. I tell people everytime you stalk me. Everyone around me sees you stalking me. WE will rip your ass apart if you come anywhere near me my children or my friends again. Try me Jap. You like to talk shit instigating but be the main nigga scared hiding behind the bar when a fight break out in the club. The police are waiting for you to step anywhere near me and have already given me permission to defend myself.

Leave me alone. Stop telling people I harass you when its YOU harassing me. Your sick twisted ass needs help and I’m tired of being nice. Come fuck with me. Play with me if you want to. Keep putting me and my family in danger and I promise you ….that knock on your door won’t be a pleasant one. You two minutes from getting handcuffed and becoming some inmate’s bitch. This isn’t a threat it’s a fuckin promise. You taking this internet shit too far. Your jealousy is sick. Leave me and my family alone. Stop lying to the public like I’ve harmed you. You have men contacting me talking about murdering me in your name. Your track record clearly shows that you like to harass women. It’s all over social media. Stop while you ahead. I’m tired of trying to be nice. I’ve filed plenty of police reports and you are pressing your luck.

Your fascination with my death is not funny it’s sick. You are encouraging men to murder me. These men are literally threatening to kill me FOR YOU. You are about to get some other person arrested encouraging them to kill me. Then your ass is going to be locked up as well because it’s been YOUR NAME all over the police reports for the past two years. These men you are inciting to harass me aren’t deciphering the difference between YouTube and real life. Stop planning my murder with these men. Stop using social media to harass me. Stop inciting men online to harass me in real life. You talking about killing me and my murder to your subscribers. Stop. You are telling people to murder me over YOUTUBE. Get a grip on reality.

Wasting Time: Not having a man means you are a failure!? – Part Two #LadiesListen

You shouldn’t reward people simply because they stuck together through misery for reasons that had to do with the children or because they don’t want to start life over financially and live apart. No one celebrates the people who have the courage  to stop being uncomfortable and instead move on in life comfortably, they only see the relationship as failure to keep someone happy and it’s usually the woman’s fault why the relationship or marriage is over.  Love isn’t simply you staying with someone through them treating you like shit just to say you made it work. Love is more than that. Its also about loving yourself enough to put yourself in a stable healthy environment that doesn’t make you question your mental stability. Once a situation no longer works you have to be strong enough to know when to exit.