How To Deal With Your Manipulative Mother

How does an adult daughter handle an emotionally manipulative mother, that was also physically and verbally abusive to her as a child? The adult daughter prefers not sharing any personal details about her life to her mother because she simply does not trust her.. She communicates to her mother on social media and on major holidays but that’s about it.. The mother expects a much closer relationship but the daughter does not want that because every time they interact the mother says or does something that brings up bad memories and makes the daughter realize the mother hasn’t changed one bit..Family members guilt the daughter with the “that’s your mom” line, but the daughter doesn’t feel connected to her and honestly never did.. How would you handle a situation like this? -Ashley Murray

Ashleg Murray,

This is a big lesson in regards to forgiveness. Moms will never have the relationship with her daughter that she wants. She ruined that opportunity a long time ago. She should be happy she’s being spoken to at all after that. If she is still participating in shenanigans make time spent with her even more limited. People always try to cling on to “blood is thicker than water” or “family over everything” colloquially. However, there have been times I’ve had friends who’ve treated me better than family. Holding grudges against Moms is not good for the spirit. The daughter has to let it go because of her own sanity. Forgiving Moms doesn’t mean she has to spend massive amounts of time with her. It’s about accepting that she is who she is. Find ways to maneuver around the drama and keep time together limited. She should keep doing what she has been doing. 🙂 -Soncerae

Are You Stupid For Being In A One Sided Open Relationship?

Here’s a topic i really want to hear from an outsiders perspective.
Let’s say you’re dating someone and you’re open to an open relationship. You are both on the same terms. If you find someone you want to be with, you are allowed to pursue it but you have to tell the other person. But only one of you are actually exercising your right to be with other people.
I have been called dumb for believing it is alright to let the person i love sleep with other people, although i am not. I am satisfied with this single human being but he likes to have fun sometimes. I believe as long as we’re on the same page and he’s clean, it’s fine because he’s coming back to me at the end of the day and he is mine. I’m not really a possessive or jealous person and he’s the person who makes me happy in this world. Is this love, is it dumb, am i naive? Just want to hear some of your thoughts?!! -Diamond Davenport


You aren’t stupid for living how you want to live or choosing what you want to choose. I believe that the real question is why are you comfortable with your partner keeping his freedom meanwhile you aren’t exercising your own. See men love variety but they hate for their women to have that same option usually. So the second you do find a man or more than one your arrangement will become a problem to most men. I believe that people are aware of that and that’s why they question your judgment. Just be prepared for the possibility of the tables turning. This sounds like a temporary arrangement. So don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning and change your mind or one morning he does. A lot of the times dishonesty becomes an option because of the arrangement. The arrangement will somehow make someone believe that you do not care about how they behave so they get lazy and begin to disregard your feelings. I know you heard the term “give them an inch they will walk all over you.” It just seems like a door to another issue. All that matters at the end of the day is that you are happy. It doesn’t matter what we think and you don’t need us to justify your choices. Just be sure that you understand that each choice has a consequence and you have to be able to deal with that. 🙂 – Soncerae

How I Made $1,400 in 1 Week Without Working Myself To Death | Law of Attraction Success Story

I’ve been so broke. I mean damn! The past 3 years have been the brokest I have ever been. I was like OMG what in the hell is going on. I’ve had to ask for donations online. I’ve had to borrow money from friends. I’ve had to work 2 jobs at once. I was like what is going on exactly?!? It took me remembering some things that I hadn’t applied to my life in many years. I’m a big believer of the Law of Attraction. I’ve studied metaphysics for years but applying it can sometimes been hard when you focus on the wrong things.

In this video below I discuss a book I read called DOLLARS WANT ME check it out!

The Psychos Are At It Again

Let’s be clear….most of the people are using YouTube or social media as a shield to protect them. It’s no way in hell the stuff people post online will be acceptable in real life. I’ve realized a long time ago that when I’m dealing with the violent and ignorant an opinion will be classified as shots fired. They are too stupid to comprehend constructive criticism.

I expressed my opinion about a debate I saw online between Brother Polight and Minister Jap about Black Women being God in a very respectful honest way. See “Is The Black Woman God”

How is it everyone can express their opinion but when I do it’s a big deal?

Apparently what I said struck a nerve and must’ve been accurate cause I received this email from Minister Jap. He was all hard up over me upon initially interacting with me online a few years ago… all star struck and shit. Called me crying pouring his heart out to me. He still has feelings for me or he’d simply stop making videos about me and contacting me. Jap wanted to fuck so bad and is frustrated that he didn’t get a chance to. You notice that men always say “fuck you then hoe” when they get rejected? That’s him. He went so far as to finesse my son’s father and get his illiterate GED needing ass to believe every single lie he could tell about me. My son’s father is so dumb he’ll believe in magic if you sprinkled glitter on his pancakes.

My nigga Jap stop trying to guess where I live because it is not in a hotel. It’s none of your fuckin business. I don’t care where you live Jap so stop worrying about me. Just because my son’s father left me in a hotel while I was 5 months pregnant and sick per your suggestion doesnt mean now a year later you can keep running that hotel shit into the ground. I don’t live in a hotel. I repeat I DO NOT LIVE IN A HOTEL. I take care of my son alone.

#1 No one is taking shots at Minister Jap. He’s a fool. I can express an opinion about a fool just like he has no problem expressing his hatred towards his whore of a mother oh I’m sorry I mean single mothers. I speak my mind on my own platform not on a platform you assign to me. He has no control over that. I speak when I want to and where I want to. He can’t control me that’s why he hates me so much.

#2 What part of don’t contact me again does this stalker not get. Leave that dumb shit on YouTube. It’s an opinion over a YouTube debate not an invitation to argue over dumb shit. Or to reach out to me off YouTube. All of Jap’s email addresses are blocked. Stop creating new ones to harass me. Jap, You wanna come see me? Oh I remember if you do that you’ll be arrested in the county I live in because you have been stalking and harassing me online for over 2 years.

#3 Why the fuck is he inviting me to livestreams with a bitch I want nothing to do with? If I wanted to join the hangout that was designed to be hateful towards me I would’ve. The shit was called “Soncerae’s Mother Teaches Her How To Be A Cumbucket” I gave the bitch Lavonya Edwards enough views by simply being in her chat. Again the fact that this chick is a pornhoe keeps slipping a niggas mind. Minister Jap is only cool with LaVonya because she has some fake unnecessary beef with me that she created out of nowhere. He’d be calling her a hoe just like he does every other bitch who has behaved as triflin as she has.

I said what I said….the end. It’s not up for debate. LaVonya Edwards aka Bomb Cherry continuing to disrespect me my mother and my family after 2 years of causing drama shits getting old and tired. If she wanna come see me she can and we can handle it in real life. I’m done with this dumb YouTube shit. You bold enough to disrespect me online be bold enough to come see me and say it when I’m standing directly in front of you so I can shove my foot down your throat. LaVonya Edwards is an old bitter ass lady who doesnt have anywhere else to find happiness. Yes I have no problem beating her ass she asked for it. Out of all of the lies she tells about me now she can honestly tell people I promised to kick her ass.

#4 I scheduled a positive livestream with a relative of Priest’s that would have been based around forgiveness and moving forward in regards to my issues with SaDonya. It was supposed to happen around the same time SaDonya hopped on Bomb Cherrys livestream to be messy. So I cancelled it. What grown woman calls herself Bomb Cherry? A porn hoe…..yeah that’s it a porn hoe.

My latest video I said I should forgive SaDonya. Somehow this bitch thought it was smart to join this same raggedy livestream that Minister Jap is inviting me to. The fact that SaDonya keeps associating herself with this trash is exactly why Priest will never meet our son and definitely won’t with him still having anything to do with her. I have to protect my son from that dumbbell. She’s not so bright I see. The bitch is messy or she’d be avoiding that crowd altogether. I can’t take a bitch who has a mugshot serious. That bitch got more aliases and fraudulent activity in her background check than I care to share.

#5 Minister Jap and anyone believing that its ok to disrespect me will be handled accordingly IN REAL LIFE. What ignorant people do online daily because they have too much time on their hands is not something I can continue to entertain. I’m doing something better with my channel.

#6 I’m over the fake beefs that are being created for likes and views. People keep using my name to get attention.

#7 In real life all three of these people will get the shit beat out of them if they come near me. I’m tired of being kind and the bigger person. I’m tired of praying for people and wishing them well. They’ve spread all kinds of rumors and lies. So the best way to defend myself from this point on is to start knocking teeth out. No need in suing broke people. These people are so ignorant all they know is low energy behavior. So talk shit online crossing the line. Between Karma and I let’s see who gets in that ass first.

#8 These people have no power in real life. Misusing the internet is going to get you in a place you don’t want to be with me. I’ve contacted authorities in regards to Minister Jap and Bomb Cherry so I have every right to defend myself after their years of harassment.

#9 These people are going nowhere in life. They will continue to run circles around YouTube. I’m moving on.

#10 None of these people are makin money off YouTube. They are only there to get views and relieve boredom. My channel is a business and source of income. I have better shit to be concerned about than lame livestreams filled with losers who’s IQs are below sea level.

My Mother Taught Me How To Be A Mistress? | What Did You Learn About Relationships?”

After hearing my story some people came in my comment section and blamed my mother for why I ended up dating a man who was separated. In this video my mother talks about how she grew up and what her relationships were like.

After posting this video a hateful troll by the name of LaVonya Edwards posted a very hurtful video being disrespectful to me and my mom. To add insult to injury my son’s father’s bitter wife SaDonya decided to join the panel.

In the video I spoke about how I should forgive her. Me and one of Priest’s relatives scheduled a positive livestream for tonight to make peace between Priest, SaDonya and I. One where I’d apologize and start forgiving them both. I decided to cancel it after seeing Sadonya participate in something so hateful. Everytime I think I can forgive them they both do something utterly ridiculous making me rethink my stance. Why would she even participate in such a hateful video….now people will be able to understand why I do not like her. It’s because she is part of the problem and her behavior is not solution based.

Is The Black Woman God?

I watched a debate tonight with Brother Polight and Minister Jap about whether or not The Black Woman is God. When I speak of God or even the term Queen I’ve said plenty of times that I believe not all women who are Black should be classified as Queen. This also applies to the term God. I’ve said before that I believe that in some form or fashion everyone is an extension of God or a higher power.

I am Buddhist. My religion teaches me to not believe in a deity. So when I use the term “universe” to describe God that is why. It’s just showing that I have respect for a power higher than my own. I use the term God so that others can relate. Do I believe Black Women are God, no. However I do believe that females should be respected simply because we have the power to give life. Men should also be respected for assisting with that life no matter how minuscule their effort.

of our perspectives are different. I am QUEEN. There are plenty of people who also agree that I AM QUEEN. There are also people who believe I am not. Their perspective of me is NOT a reflection of me. It is a reflection of their overall understanding in regards to life in general. My observation is that males who have unhealthy relationships with females especially their mothers who are not Queens will always find a way to negate any positive expression in regards to women. These men are not of royalty. Males who have had healthy relationships with females including their mother who are Queens will always think highly of women. These men are royalty. No man should subscribe to any religion or belief system that encourages him to minimize the power of women or to demean us. Both men and women hold power to create and manifest especially in regards to opulence. There is divine design for each person. You are only as God-like as you believe yourself to be or that you believe others to be. Certain things belong to you and some things belong to others by divine right.

God or the universe is not petty. It does not know gender, color or religion. It does not acknowledge the difference. It allows man to determine it’s purpose in man’s own life. Ergo, FREE WILL. So who is right? Brother Polight the believer of Black Woman Are God or Minister Jap who is uncertain of who God is to him? They both are. As powerful human beings they both get to decide which belief they want to have to guide their lives. Once they make a choice exactly what belief they deem suitable for them the universe will manifest experiences that prove their belief to be suitable and it will also produce other people who believe in those same principles.

Women in the Qur’an are portrayed in a positive light, while others are condemned for their actions. Just like the Bible. The Bible however speaks specifically of women by name. The disregard for women in Suras is no different than misogynistic doctrines in Buddhism. We are always classified as inferior all across the board. Why is that? When women seem to be more spiritually in tune and intuitive? Women are the stronger sex, spiritually speaking. It reminds me of the man with mental strength being disregarded because he lack physical strength.

My belief is…a man rejecting the idea of a woman being God comes from his own insecurities and shortcomings. Just the same as if a woman was rejecting the idea of a man being God. All who believe in a God or Gods believe their God is the right God. A man needing to minimalize a woman’s qualities to shine light on his own should be psychologically evaluated because a deeper issue is present. If women are NOT God and we are in fact inferior we should be protected by men not disrespected and devalued. Then no man should say “She’s just a woman” in a derogatory way, where she deserved to be treated as a second class citizen. Even if she makes a mistake, an inferior woman who does not know better should not be condemned for actions.

If a woman is NOT inferior and is God she is aware of her choices. You don’t have to teach a woman she is God. She knows who she is. Would you verbally or physically abuse a defenseless animal or a baby less able? Hopefully not. So as a man when you say “She’s just a woman” it should be in the tone of compassion and love for something fragile and delicate. Men who do not know self love are usually the same men who lack self respect as well as empathy for women who are surviving atrocity, false narratives and discrimination. The only way these men uplift themselves is by putting down whom they believe is unfairly more powerful than them. The problem is a lot of males can’t decipher the difference between a woman who is QUEEN and a woman who is not. My belief is that Minister Jap does not recognize the difference. Royalty recognizes royalty. The inferior do not know better.

Fake Facebook Messages From Soncerae Sent By Mario Cochran

I just want to warn everyone that this Facebook message seemingly written by me is a FAKE. The man claiming I sent this to the mother of his children is unstable MENTALITY. From what I was told he has several baby mommas. I have NOT reached out to any of the women in his life. IDK their names or how to contact them. I only know of 1 ex of his who is an actress, stylist and inspirational speaker. I featured her in a video recently where she expressed her concern in regards to his mental stability. Outside of her I don’t know the names or contact information of anyone associated with Mario Cochran. I HAVE NOT REACHED OUT TO ANY OF THE WOMEN IN HIS LIFE TAKING INTEREST IN SPEAKING WITH THEM. This message is FAKE.

In this video Mario Cochran’s daughter’s mother expresses her concerns in regards to he mental stability.

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