What The F–k Is Wrong With Black Men?

Earlier I did a livestream saying that behind the scenes this street nigga from Chicago Minister Jap keeps poking me so I can spaz on his ass online. Just so he can have a reason to discuss me on his channel. Two days ago He had some weirdo contact me on IG in his behalf. After he himself contacted me on IG and got blocked. This RANDOM MAN posted pictures of me all over his IG attached with insults. Even had pictures of Priest & I up. I’m like…. what in the bitch nigga is going on here??? What grown ass man with money power or respect who is ALL ALPHA and has a family of his own or something to lose would contact a random woman on social media that he doesn’t know simply because a person he watches on Youtube that he also doesn’t know told him to? Then on top of that Minister Jap doesn’t know me. Why would either of them bother hitting me up to say anything? Minister Jap is a problem and he has been harassing me for years now and inciting others to do so. I’m tired of this nigga. Get a job. Get a life. Stop worrying about ME. I MOVED ON. LET ME LIVE MY LIFE.

Black men please stop being so anxious to do ignorant shit. Please stop thinking it’s ok to harass women you don’t know on and offline. That’s not a sign of stability. What woman with some sense would want to be with you after that? Start dealing with your personal frustrations better than this.


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Chris Law is at it again. He will not let me move on with my life. If he’s so happily married why does this man continue to speak publicly about me as if I have some type of relevance in his life?

Forever a stigma will be put on me because of lies that were told about me and my sexuality. Sexual acts that I’ve never participated in will forever be attached me all because one person didn’t have enough integrity to tell the truth. Even if he decides to one day tell the truth the damage has already been done. He hurt me, my son and tried to ruin my career and reputation. He broke up the family I was trying to create for myself simply because his fairytale for his family is broken. The failed marriages and number of women he created children with left behind plague his mind. He couldn’t stand seeing me happy. I am a honest person. I believe in friendship and loyalty. I have made bad decisions like most of us. But I do not deserve most of the things that have happened to me. We all can say we don’t deserve some things that have happened in our lives. I may not ever get married or have the family that I want. I accept that. As sad as it makes me when I think about it sometimes. But I refuse to let other people’s shortcomings, opinions or inability to grow stop me from being happy. I love life and I live well. Sometimes you may feel weak and want to crumble. Find strength and serenity. Live in peace not in pieces.

YouTube’s Outage: I Was Watching It & Didn’t Even Notice

Seriously, I was literally watching the Empressive channel. She was talking about that Asian chick from The Real and how her husband was cheating on her. If I wouldn’t have saw an update on the YouTube Livestream of someone I’m subscribed to I wouldn’t have known. Apparently it was out for over an hour. I’m confused. How could I be searching on YouTube for all of the outage and my Premium account was acting normal? That could be it….I have a Premium account. I’ve been a content creator for 8 long years and I only have 35k+ subs but I must have gotten the royal treatment during that outage because everything was all and well on this end.

YouTube, the second most visited website in the world, had experienced an outage across its various platforms Tuesday night for more than an hour. The Google-owned streaming site took to Twitter to thank users for “your reports about YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music access issues.”

CNET reports users who tried to access videos or upload content were greeted with an error message. The outage apparently began at 9 p.m. ET and services seemed to have restored after 10:30 p.m. ET.

YouTube had said it was “working on resolving this and will let you know once fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will keep you updated.”

The company announced at 11 p.m. “we’re back!” and said “if you continue to experience issues, please let us know.” There was no immediate word as to the cause of the outage.

There were a couple server errors users noticed during the outage, including 503 and 500 error messages.

What does Error 503 mean?

  • While most users are familiar with 404 – page not found – error message 503 means “service unavailable.” Generally, this message is displayed when servers are overloaded and cannot handle the volume of traffic trying to access it. A 503 error is usually associated with a temporary condition.

A “500 Internal Server Error” displayed on some pages Tuesday night, such as visiting individual YouTube accounts like CBS News.


In the past,  I’ve gotten that Error 503 dozens of times at hours at a time. I never panicked. I’ve never even made a fuss about it. I guess being in IT myself I just automatically assumed ofcourse it was a server issue.  It must’ve happened to a lot of people this time. I’ve had all sorts of technical issues with my YouTube channel over the years they even deleted my channel by accident once. I survived. Look at me all breathing air and shit. Getting bent out of shape isn’t my style, but if I had a big channel and was losing advertising dollars I probably would’ve drove up to San Bruno myself and kicked in the door at YouTube Headquarters. I’ve actually kicked in their door before. They reinstated my channel…..I make change. LOL

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Santrez Traylor allegedly beat Amanda Petrowski with a brick, ran her over and kicked and punched her to “make sure she was dead,” according to one neighbor.

A father in Memphis, Tennessee, is accused of beating his girlfriend with a brick before repeatedly running her over with his car on Sunday night, according to reports.

Santrez Traylor, 34, allegedly killed Amanda Petrowski in front of the couple’s neighbors, WREG in Memphis reports.

“We saw a car driving back and forth across the lawn, and we didn’t know what was happening from where we could see. But it turned out we were witnessing the murder occurring,” neighbor Jay Smoot told WREG.

Another neighbor, who chose to remain anonymous, told FOX 13 in Memphis that Petrowski was standing up when they allegedly witnessed Traylor hit her with a brick. Then, they said, she fell down and said he kept on hitting her with the item in addition to kicking and punching her.

“He was trying to make sure she was dead,” the neighbor told FOX 13.

After the brutal attack, police said Traylor initially fled. Petrowski, meanwhile, was declared dead at the scene

“He tried to flee the cops. He drove across the yard and into the street and the cops took off after him. That was the last of what we saw of the incident,” Smoot told WREG. “We feel bad for the kids and for her mother.”

The couple — Petrowski still considered Traylor her boyfriend as recent as last month, according to WREG — reportedly had two children together; they were not harmed in Sunday’s incident.


Unfortunately, Traylor was no stranger to domestic violence prior to the incident.

Traylor was arrested several times for allegedly stalking or abusing Petrowski since 2015, according to WREG.

Last month, police reports viewed by WREG said he allegedly threatened to “beat her brains in” and force one of their kids “through the wall.”

Additionally, affidavits allege that Traylor once called Petrowski over 200 times while threatening to kill her, WREG reports.

Domestic violence survivor Deborah Robinson told WREG she was “shocked” upon learning about Petrowski’s fate, but added that she wasn’t surprised Traylor had a long rap sheet that included previous instances of abuse.

“I just want to reiterate that this can happen to anybody, anywhere, it doesn’t matter where you live,” she told the outlet. “It is a problem and it is a problem in Memphis.”

Robinson added that she would continue telling her own story in honor of people like Petrowski during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is observed the whole of October.

Traylor has been charged with second-degree murder and aggravated assault, police said.

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Article found on Oxygen.com Written By: GINA TRON

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Soncerae Plays The Victim?


😒 It’s always something ignorant being posted in my comment section by a #Raebie aka a foaming at the mouth low energy #superfan who’s hiding behind a troll account.

Let’s be clear so the underdeveloped minds can keep up with the rest of the class.

#1. Priest is a liar. He was always one from the beginning. I didn’t know he was that bad of a person. It took me 6 months to figure it out. I didn’t want to believe someone I loved so much was like that.

He was dating plenty of other women before he met me that he was lying to. He didn’t tell them he was married and living with his wife. These women felt comfortable with having casual sex with him without asking for some type of commitment. I required a commitment from Priest for us to move forward with each other without knowing that he was in a marriage with a woman he was living with and wasn’t separated from.

👰🚫 Sonya, this whole wife everyone keeps sympathizing with is also a liar. She was a side chick to an entirely different man when Priest and I started dating. She also has a criminal record and lied to me too. Her and Priest do not have any children together. She has 3 young adult children. Two from a previous marriage and one that has a deadbeat dad as a father. I have an 18 year old who has an amazing father. He is also an amazing friend to me. Sonya is also significantly older than Priest. He and I are the same age. We were born 5 days apart. So stop trying to compare Sonya and I to each other. Last time we spoke she was trying to convince me that Priest & I should get back together. Both of them need counseling. Devoted wives and husbands in healthy marriages don’t cheat on each other nor do they step outside of their marriage looking for something. I gave them both a chance to do the right things and they both fucked me over. They never even wore wedding rings nor did they have a traditional wedding. Priest was forced into marriage because of their Hebrew Israelite extreme religion. Which is no longer a religion he follows for obvious reasons. ✝️

🍼🍼#2. Justice was planned. He came much sooner than we thought. Priest & I had a plan. There is a video on my channel that people keep overlooking of he and I talking about getting married and having children together. Having my son is not cause for taking a L nor is me no longer being with a man who doesn’t want to be with me cause for one either. I tried having a baby for 10 + yrs and could not go full term. Priest proved to be beneath my standards. Who would want to be with someone that doesn’t want to be with them? NO ONE. I’m glad he’s gone. The world does not revolve around him no matter how much he wants it to.

#3. ⛑️ Fellas if you don’t want children strap up! Don’t sell a woman a dream of marriage and kids using your words AND behaviors then when shit get real you dip out like a coward. Then blame the woman and pretend like you got trapped. You didn’t get trapped you just a moron. Stop blaming women for men leaving them to take care of children alone! MEN CREATE SINGLE MOTHERS (CLICK HERE SO A GROWN MAN CAN TELL YOU THAT) >>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TDR7WvXeRQ&t=11s or SUBSCRIBE TO @BlackMaleAdviceTV so you can get a clue about what a real man is please. Stop trying to make women own the poor choices men make. His maleficent behavior even if it was inadvertent is NOT my responsibility. I was honest loving and happy in my relationship. I believed his promises. I also believed Sonya’s lies. I’ve filed for child support. That’s all I can do. I did my best.

💑💌 Lastly, I gave relationship advice and was on a positive tip on my channel 5+ years before Priest came and I’ll continue to give it now that that coward is gone. I’m not about to let some man and his poor decisions stop me from helping other people or being the beautiful woman I have always been. I was a good friend, good lover and soon to be wife to him. I’m an amazing person. I prove that with my actions everyday it’s not just some thing I say for entertainment.

You miserable people come here with your nonsense to try to get my attention and for the most part I ignore you. Pray or meditate. 🛐 Find your peace. Do NOT come back to a channel and it’s creator who posts content that you don’t like, don’t agree with or it doesn’t apply to you. Being a glutton for punishment is insane. What most people like you need to do is seek a mental health professional. If your medication was working or your straight jacket was tied on tight enough you wouldn’t be able to post dysfunctional comments like this one in my comment section. It is not healthy for the people who claim they hate me continue to post stuff like this in my comment section. You fuckin coconut, Why do you continue to come back here? You know tooooooo much about my life! That is not healthy.

❤️ To all of the people who post stuff like this and worse….You LOVE ME that’s why you come back here over and over and over. Find healthier way to show your adoration for another human being. You will continue to be irrelevant in my world. If I bring you up, enjoy your 15 mins of my attention because it’s all you are getting. All I care about is positive people, my #trueyoubies #sonceraefans my family my friends my career and creating an environment without negativity gossip and drama. All of the negative things that I allowed other people to bring to this channel for tooo many years are now DEAD and GONE.. I’m done with it. No #Raebies allowed! Get your life and stop being so focused on mine. Then maybe you won’t have time to post stuff like this. Don’t misunderstand I’m not hurt. I’m not mad. I simply feel sorry for you. Because you want to be annoying and you don’t know how to deal with your emotions and mental issues. Spread love instead. ☮️ #positivevibesonly #highenergypeopleonline #getintunewithyourspirit #positivepeople #joy #happines #peace #lovelifelivewell #havevision #stayfocused #namaste

Stupidity Exodus or Carlyle? Who Are You Truly?

I will never understand how an intellectual man who is financially stable, living in a beautiful home, a motorcycle rider, a traveler, a man who can afford to drive a Lamborghini, a Maserati or even lease one would spend almost everyday for almost 3 years hiding behind a fake profile making fun of me. Telling people that I was stupid. Lying to people about me. Making fun of my astigmatism. Dangling his money in my face trying to pay me to do what he wants me to and prove myself to him. I made 1 mistake during an IT Tutorial and from then on he tried to make people believe that I was a bad person. Wait….he was making fun of me before that. It took a lot out of me to try it. All of the basic stuff I learned I wanted to spread to whoever wanted to listen. I was speaking my dreams into existence. All he did was try to kill my self esteem and make me believe I wasn’t smart enough to succeed. I was terrified. I googled an aid to help me through the tutorial. Because I used an article as an aid to assist me so I wouldn’t teach people wrong information he told people I plagiarized and skip over words I can’t pronounce.

When I was in my early 20s boys like him made fun of me because I was the only girl in my class interested in Computer Engineering. I was always the only female there. I quit because they would make fun of me so bad. Not because I literally wasn’t smart enough. But because of the stigma that hangs over all women. That we will never be enough to accomplish too much of anything. All because I was a female and Computer Engineering was classified as something only men could do. I changed colleges and instead went to college for Business. I went to a technical college and took a few computer classes later in life. I have my CompTIA Network+ & A+ Certifications. But that’s nothing compared to what I could’ve done if I wouldn’t have let males like this get to me. When I found out that this was the man behind the degrading videos that were posted about me it hurt my feelings. I couldn’t understand how a man who was smarter than me would make fun of me instead of using his intellect to help me do better. Instead of telling everyone that I was lying about being a Computer Engineer. Why didn’t he understand that it was something I was working towards and why didn’t he just reach out to help me? Immaturity? I don’t understand why men have to be so cruel to women. Especially me. Why not share knowledge or share wealth? Why does it have to be hatred and hurt that you men spread? I reached out to him years ago when I found out is true identity and asked him why didn’t he just help me if he thought I wasn’t smart enough. He didn’t respond. I spent time trying to take up for myself against him and a few others on YouTube. Eventually it just got to be just too much. Just a bunch of foolishness. For what though? Entertainment? Likes? Views? Was it worth all of that? The internet doesn’t effect my life in a personal way usually. Because I use it as a professional place. Once I became pregnant with my son. I showed a level of vulnerability that most women would have been afraid to. The backlash from that made me feel like I was the only girl in my Computer and Information Sciences class ALL OVER AGAIN. So many men swarmed my channel with insults. They took so much delight in the fact that someone I loved left me pregnant and to die inside of a hotel room. Even…This man tried to convinced everyone that I was lying about my pregnancy. And when I moved to California after asking for donations, this man made videos saying that I was only moving there to get financial benefits from the Government. That I was only getting pregnant so I could get money from a man. He was so disrespectful.

I showed my mother this picture of him today. She said he was handsome. I told her I will never be able to understand how a man who seemingly has everything going for himself would waste his time speaking so derogatory about me.

Just off of this picture alone women would be interested in this man. Once they picked up on his financial backing, educational history or work history, they’d be even more interested. Speaking of work history he looked up mine. Found me on LinkedIn. A profile that I barely updated that did not include anything major in regards to what I knew about Software Engineering. He then pieced it a part to try to make it seem like I could never be a Computer Engineer. Why would he do such a thing? Then he put even more energy into trying to hurt me by saying I stole money from charities and that I commit tax fraud. Why would any man sit up and make up all of these stories about a woman he never met, let alone a man as successful and attractive as this man? That’s all I kept saying to myself over and over as I’d see him continue to post videos about me on his channels. It didn’t make sense in my mind. And for him to have done it for so long I was surprised that I could even hold his attention that long. It just seemed beneath him to do such a thing. I just couldn’t believe it. Most of the time responding to him wasn’t even something I wanted to do. I just tried to ignore him. I ended up pressing charges against him and I didn’t give the police his legal name when I could have. I gave them his alias Stupidity Exodus.

No one understood me. He didn’t at all. He assumed. I felt so sad for him. But to feel sorry for him only would display weakness. And my weaknesses his what he fed off of. I started to realize that this has got to be some type of deep rooted thing I’ll never understand.

He posted a video one day recently that was titled “Soncerae Made Me Lose My Job” and just like that the same day it was deleted. I don’t know where he works. But I’m sure if him losing his job had any relation to me it was because he spent more time on YouTube making fun of me than he did actually doing his job. I hope that did not happen to him.

Contrary to what people say about me, I don’t wish bad on anyone. With the exception of Sonya & Priest. That’s going to take me a while to stop feeling. For real. Seriously, I definitely don’t wish bad on anyone I haven’t met even if they tried to ruin my life by using YouTube or any other social media platform. I’m just not built that way.

Sometimes I wish that people could see me. The real me. Not who they assume I am. Or who they wish I was. But ME. But not everyone has the privilege. Because I’m not for everyone. Not everyone is going to be equipped with what is necessary to be able to see me for me.

One thing that this man has taught me is that no matter how much money you have, no matter how far away you travel, no matter how much fun you have none of that can bring happiness. Happiness is an inside job. Happy people do not harass anyone. Happy people do not make fun of anyone. His life isn’t as fulfilling as he makes it seems. How can a man who seemingly has it all also have cruel intentions pointed directly at me?

I saw a comment he made recently on another content creator’s video that included a statement that said “You are a predator like Soncerae” I was like how could this man who harassed and stalked me for almost three years say that I’m a predator? As if I came after him. Or harmed him. He’s even mad at people who have defended me against people who have also caused me harm. Why does this man hate me so much when I have done nothing to him? Others have asked him that and even the response he gives has nothing to do with what I’ve done to him directly or to anyone else directly. It’s like he’s trying to find a reason to justify it. Any excuse he can give.

Wealth and happiness are not positively correlated. Could it be isolation that makes him so cruel? I will never understand this. I will never understand why people simply hate because they can. Especially not people who “have a life.”

Because of this man and plenty of others I will never trust anyone with my life. Men like this one make it easy for me not to date…. Make it easy for me not to work with men or encourage men. My son is 4 months old at the time I wrote this blog. I wish my son will grow up to be nothing like the men that have effected my life negatively.

Instead of this man being Carlyle, a positive role model for young men and women he chooses to use his time on YouTube as Stupidity Exodus, a troll who makes fun of me. I can’t imagine what people are going through that would make them want to make choices like this. My life is so hard and even through all of the pain and sadness I’ve felt majority of my life I’d never do the cruel things this man has done to me.

Please don’t use the internet to bring people down. You never know who you hurt. You never know who sees you. You never know how powerful your presence is in regards to someone else’s life.

He finally admitted on another person’s comment section that he is Stupidity Exodus however he’s tried to convince me several times that Carlyle is not his real identity. Most of the videos he created about have been removed by YouTube or he’s set them as private. But the damage is already done.

I’ve known his true identity for over two years now and I wish him nothing but the best in real life. To me he is a failure and I hope he soon improves.