This Black Woman Here Disappoints Me | Ms. Kendall St. Charles

I have never portrayed myself to be a perfect woman on YouTube. I am open and extremely honest about my mistakes. I’ve spoken about my poor choices in men and why women should not chose them how I did. I also spoke about why I made those choices I have. I have warned both men and women on YouTube for almost a decade to not make bad decisions in relationships that can permanently scar them. Messing around with a ghetto hoodbooger will have you effed up. I have also taught lessons I’ve learned myself. My life’s a good movie.

As an African American, college educated, single mother who is inside of the Information Technology industry, living in Northern California in a beautiful half a million dollar home, I’ve over-used myself and my life as an example to help others. I’ve done it fearlessly. I don’t like talking about others. Just ideas. I have not been concerned about the misjudgments and criticism of others. Yes, I fell flat on my face. Yes, I have been humiliated. I speak my truth, passionately. There is no I in denial. 😉 I show all emotion or lack thereof, depending upon the topic. I take pride in logic and analysis and I speak the TRUTH with no equivocations. I love my life. You think I’m the under dog. Newsflash broad I’m a champion. A winner never quit on themselves.

Without attempting to impair the thought processes of others by using racism, prejudicial rhetorics, glitz and glam, religion or facade as my crutch, I have empowered whoever is willing to listen. My talking points are basic and filled with laughter. I own a sense of comfortability. I do the best I can with what I know, genuinely. Providing counseling and guidance for those who are in need. I have displayed an immense amount of altruism for most of my life out of pure love for other human beings.

Yet, some people have been very disrespectful and derogatory when speaking of me just for shock & awe, social acceptance, inability to produce original thought provoking content, just plain misdirection of anger or jealousy. I try my hardest not to misjudge another. Especially not another African American woman. I love the Paris Milans and Chrissys. I even showed support temporarily for the Christelyn Karazins and Cynthia Gs of the YouTube world. Until…ya know. Typical Black Woman ISH. I’ve supported The Womanists and Pro Blacks. The Feminists and wannabe politicians , the gamers and geeks, the thotianas and the pickmes. Most of them have turned on me the second they felt a slight breeze. I have been attacked by people I’ve spoken so positive about. People I’ve defended and supported. Only for those who have barely listened to my content on YouTube to viciously assassinate my character. Those who continue to misinform simply because they haven’t thoroughly researched me or my story. Or they lack the ability to think outside of the narrow margin of their own limited beliefs. These people have no respect or appreciation for diversity….over zealous and pressed to give their opinion about any and everything. So anxious to be heard online because in real life their platform is weak.

I’ve given relationship advice that has helped people improve their lives and overcome hardships of epic proportions. My honesty has created unions and friendships. I’ve healed hearts and spread love. I’ve provoked thought and encouraged healthy communication. Yet somehow the best parts of me are over looked.

Tonight, I’m not going to beg for people to understand me. Or complain about someone’s opinion. I’m not going to gossip about what I heard, post my receipts or bash my baby daddy. As an African American woman who has spoken about relationships for such a long time, I have to be honest with my family. My online community. My supporters. My friends, loved ones and associates. I even want my haters to read this.

One of the worse pieces of advice I have ever heard a woman give lies in her convincing another woman that one race of man is superior to another. If you want to date interracially, that is just fine. It’s preference. If you want to convince other women to follow behind you and agree with you solely because you need that validation, Sis, knock yourself out. But to imply that an already injured, betrayed and disrespected woman of color should take solace in a race of men outside of her own, when that same race of men are the very race of men who oppressed her and her own race of men displays your deep rooted personal self hate. I promote self love, self worth, self acceptance & appreciation and self expression so that when one does walk out into the world better choices can be made in general. Especially when choosing a partner. LOVE WHO LOVES YOU. I encourage women to evaluate a man’s character, use her intuition as well as communicating properly. Instead of relying on his skin color, social media presence or economic status as measuring tape.

There are Non-Black Men who are cruel, promiscuous, abusive, broke and immature. To imply that the African American Male’s architecture is flawed and that God’s design doesn’t include the type of DNA women of color should procreate with is absurd on so many levels. I can’t begin to…

I encourage women to evaluate men AFTER they evaluate themselves. Making change from the inside out produces better results regardless to what race of man you are interacting with. That way whether you run into the educated lame, the pookie or rayray, the playa or simp, the good man or bad man, the white one or a black one you will be 100% confident in who you are and prepared to make better choices. I teach women to love themselves and self improve instead of staying the same and resulting into becoming a BEDWENCH.

I’ve been a lot of things in my 39 years of life. There are things I’ve done that I’m not so proud of. However I have so many accolades that I’ve lost count. So what I made a poor choice in man but….look at my son. I’ll mold him into a fine specimen….no worries. As women we all have at least one man who shattered our world while teaching us a lesson. Yeah Ms. Holier Than Thou, you’ve had a derivative of “Priest”.

I’m a good person with a good character. A good character I had to teach myself how to have. TRIAL AND ERROR…..I’ve swept up the broken glass. I did things in the past….we all have. I’m just the Boss Bitch who GREW UP. I have enough bravery to admit it and you don’t.

My father is black.

My brother is black.

My male cousins are black.

My uncles are black.

My son is black and so is his God Fathers.

I’m not giving up on them.

Stop reminding me and the world of the mistakes I made and start focusing on more of what I’ve done which is good. I’ve chose better.

I’m disappointed in Miss Kendall St. Charles and maybe after she reads this blog she’ll improve. She was so critical of me, posting her little Facebook video speaking about me. Did this chick just try to check my posture?! Ha! I’ve never said a word about her out of respect for THE BLACK WOMAN. I just QUIETLY agreed to disagree. Her choices are for her. Mine for me….We grown. It’s all good though. Continue loving on your white man booboo and let me do what I do. I wish nothing but the best for you. 💕

Chris Law’s Daughter Taylor McHenry & My Sister Is Kiara LaShawn

If you haven’t checked out my video Black YouTube For Dummies, please be sure to do so. It applies to this blog entry. Messy people are on some foolishness often. The video and the 8 tips included will come in handy.

There’s this messy group of trolls on YouTube that most of the solid content creators hate. We call them “The Viper Pit”. For obvious reasons. It’s because they are malicious snakes. They orchestrate drama, spread lies and create chaos. They have been doing it for years now.A member of this poisonous online community did a livestream yesterday using my audio clips from my channel and pictures of someone he claims is my daughter.

It’s sickening to watch. These people sat around and discussed ME. My career, my family….like it’s nothing. I live an amazing life. I have my own home, a nice car, I make good money, I’m dating, I’m healthy, my kids are well taken care of and I’m simply loving life in California. These miserable people try to destroy that as often as they can.Inside of this video that has a title claiming I harassed Chris Law’s daughter is disturbing. So let’s do some FACT CHECKS. Something these people don’t do.


#1. The person everyone keeps claiming to be my daughter is in fact my sister Kiara. A few weeks ago these dummies were swaring my daughter was pregnant at 18 now they are saying my sister is my daughter.

This image above is of my MOTHER & SISTER. My sister is a grown woman. She pays her own bills and lives alone. She has a good government job working with Homeland Security and also does cosmetology.

This is my DAUGHTER, Dominique. She’s just getting out of high school and is headed to college this year for Audio Engineering. She is currently holding a steady job as well.

As you can see these are 2 separate people.

#2 Also inside of this disturbing livestream were claims that I harass Chris Law’s daughter, Taylor. Which are not true at all.Someone from this same “Viper Pit” named Gabby contacted me some time last year claiming that they were one of Taylor’s classmates and was encouraging me to email Taylor. Since I received the link to Taylor’s channel I subbed. I also LIKE her videos. Only to show support.I have made 2 blog entries about Chris Law’s daughter. One about me emailing her which include screenshots of the emails sent to me by Gabby.

And another about Chris claiming I blackmailed him.

#3 I’ve said this 100 times and I’ll say it again. Stop misusing Chris as a tool to cause unnecessary drama. He is his own human being. It is unfortunate that a group of people still continues to use him as a prop. First Minister Jap. Then Bomb Cherry and now STL4U is using him. It won’t work I am unbothered. Chris wants to move on with his life and I’d like for him to as well. I have moved on. Chris and I were never in a committed relationship. All we had was a casual fling that happened a decade ago. It’s unfortunate that Chris has built an online presence that is solely based around me. It has pulled him into toxic friendships with people who continue to maliciously use him unbeknownst to him. I asked Chris to discontinue dealing with these people yet he refuses to listen. I would never hurt Chris and if I have it was unintentional. I do not want to hurt his marriage, family or anything like that. I never have desired anything like that.

Others have warned him about this group of people. They also used Priest and SaDonya as a tool as well. Stop falling victim to this foolishness. They cause this drama to entertain themselves. It’s annoying. This group of people have caused drama of all kinds by spreading false information, lies and rumors. These low energy people will tell this to anyone who will listen. Please don’t fall victim to this nonsense.Check out Black Womansphere and her frustration with this same group of people.

Once again I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH CHRIS LAW. We have moved on. He is over it. I am over it. Let us move on with our lives. He is married. I am seeing someone. Please stop disrupting our lives.

Soncerae Never Lied About Her Tech Job or Being An Engineer

I think one of the weirdest rumors that was started about me on YouTube was that I was lying about being a software engineer or computer engineer. The person who created this rumor was another content creator named Carlyle who ran a YouTube Channel called “FixProtocol”.

A man participating in something like this is already odd. However that’s not the oddest part about this story. The odd part is he started this rumor using a fake parody channel called “Stupidity Exodus”

Using this channel he made up a number of lies about me that he later on admitted he was lying about in a livestream of his that I decided to join via the LiveChat. One of his infamous lies was that I said that I was a computer engineer at NASA. When that was something I never said. I said I was a receptionist at NASA and a company called SpaceHab while I was still living in Washington, DC when I was 18 or 19.

Stupidity Exodus went to major extremes. One of which was taking a look at my LinkedIn profile. A profile I never really used to gain employment. It was mainly a profile that I used to connect with Entertainment Industry Professionals not really IT Professionals. There were some coworkers on there that I connected with but my profile was not used to get jobs in IT. I’d simply send my resume to tech recruiters or agencies to get jobs. Over the years I have been gainfully employed by the help of agencies in Atlanta such as TechSystems, Apex Systems, Robert Half International, Snelling Staffing and TRC Staffing.

Stupidity Exodus used my LinkedIn profile to mislead people by trying to convince them that I was lying about being in the tech industry. Because I did not have my software engineering experience on my profile he assumed I must not be in IT. Talk about some real stalking and assuming of epic proportions. What he did see on my profile was that I was a Data Analyst/Data Engineer and had done some Help Desk work. Which are both IT jobs. But it definitely would be the desire of a Black Man to down play any Black Woman’s position in IT ofcourse. The jealousy is real. He also tried to convince the world that I wasn’t philanthropic and that my non profit BlockEleven was me doing charity fraud. *rolls eyes*

One day I decided I wanted to do Tech Tutorials on my YouTube channel that I wasn’t really prepared for. So I made sure by my side I had a website open that would help me to make sure I was giving the right instructions. Just like a teacher would do when teaching her students a lesson from a text book. Ofcourse I know what to say off top of my head but I wanted to make sure I was right on point. He found the website I did my research on and told people I was plagiarizing simply because I used the website as a reference. Misleading everyone as if I didn’t put the link to the website in my description box. He used that video to make claims that I was lying about being in IT. It led some other people start claiming they were in IT and I wasn’t. One troll went by the name of Kara and begin uploading daily videos claiming that I was lying about being in IT. It soon came out late that she wasn’t in IT. It was her husband who was.

I had been in IT for 6 long years by the time I decided to teach tech. My first video was called The Black Female Computer Engineer. Inside of it I showed how I partially rebuilt my laptop. I noticed that in my comment section Black Men started to attack me. Immediately claiming that I was lying about being an Engineer. Even with me building a laptop right in front of them. There were some people in my comment section who thought it was cool and asked me to make more tutorials. I made 4 or 5 more tutorials and I noticed that men weren’t going to let up. I realized that they were not only attacking me in tech videos they were attacking me on videos that displayed me or other women in a positive light. This is when I realized that YouTube was starting to get worse. There was an outright war against Black Women that lasted for well into a decade by this time.

In the end of 2015 I got onto my YouTube channel and asked for donations to get my car out of repossession. During this time so many horrible things were happening to me. One of which was me moving on from my job. I speak about it in this video re- posted. It was originally made in January 2015. Stupidity Exodus in attempts to prove I was lying about my career told everyone he’d give me $2,000 if I proved I was an Engineer.

Ofcourse I thought it was absurd. He also created a GoFundMe in my name making fun of me taking donations to give me for my car. I declined his offer.

Let me explain something and be very clear. If it wasn’t for my daughter’s father bringing to my attention that I was fixing all of the laptops and computers in the house I would have never thought I was smart enough to be in IT. After high school I went straight to a tech school in Atlanta and was made fun of for being the only girl in the classroom. This led me to quit. I ended up going to college majoring in Business. It wasn’t until my daughter’s father encouraged me, years later, to get into IT. I then went to tech colleges and received a few computer certifications.

I went from being a receptionist to doing data entry to doing call center work to doing help desk to doing data analysis to doing software engineering. In the midst of all of that I started a Graphic and Web design business called Revenew Digital.

Stupidity Exodus believed I was a graphic designer but refused to believe I could build software or do coding. I wasn’t anxious to prove it to anyone either. Ultimately, it wasn’t any of their business. I know who I am and I know how smart I am.

My family was shocked people would make up such things about me. They’ve known me all of my life and have seen how interested I have been in computers. When I got into IT it made sense to them. They were wondering what took me so long. It was because people had made me think I wasn’t good enough.

Stupidity Exodus would make fun of me and say oh she’s only done help desk work or she’s only done Data Analyst work trying to downplay my abilities. Let me take some time to explain something to people who may not understand. Here’s how Data Entry, Help Desk, Data Analyst and Software Engineering are relative.

  1. Data Entry – A data entry clerk is a member of staff employed to enter or update data into a computer system. Data is often entered into a computer from paper documents using a keyboard.
  2. IT Help Desk – A typical help desk can effectively perform several functions. It provides a single (or multiple) point of contact for users to gain assistance in troubleshooting, get answers to questions, and solve known problems. A help desk generally manages its requests through the use of software such as issue tracking systems. I took on this job to just gain experience with helping people. It was a transitional gig. However this job required that I do a lot of data entry, critical thinking, problem solving and analysis.
  3. Data Analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making. Basically organizing data in a computer system. I did this job to learn more about what I was doing with data systems. Because I was a data entry clerk at some point and while I was doing help desk work I was entering a lot of data, I wondered about the systems I was entering data in.
  4. Data Engineer – A data engineer is someone who is dedicated towards developing, constructing, testing, and maintaining architectures, such as a large scale processing system or a database. Basically someone who maintains the data that the Data Analyst organized in a data system. Not only do they come up with methods and techniques to improve data efficiency, quality, and reliability, but they also have to implement these methods. This is the logical next step for any Data Analyst.
  5. Software Engineer – A software engineer builds systems and applications. We are responsible for creating the products that ultimately lead to the creation of the data. When someone like me has been doing data entry, data analyst work as well as data engineering, computer systems have been well navigated by us. So creating a system is an interest and easy for us.

Me being a software engineer is not so far fetched as Stupidity Exodus made it seem. If he does in fact believe that I am a Data Analyst or Data Engineer then believing I’m a Software Engineer is also easy to believe. But when the audience of people are people who do not know any better they can be fed anything. He wanted people to believe that I was lying. When truthfully, I never did.

The rumors about me on YouTube are comical. If you think about them thoroughly they make no sense at all. People say I’m smart enough to get online, hack and find anyone’s information but in the same breath they say I’m too dumb to be an engineer.

Just because I am a woman does not mean that I am not capable of being logical and process information. Don’t let looks, rumors or YouTube fool you. I may no

FYI – these definitions of jobs I’ve done I got off the internet. I made sure I made reference to other content so that I could explain what I was trying to convey thoroughly and accurately.

I Adore Nylah Says

Today I spoke about my hatred for YouTube and how I’d be taking a two week long hiatus. It may be longer.

Inside of it I spoke about how when I unsub from channels I could still see the content from the creator I subbed to. In it I mentioned Nylah says. Experimenting, I unsubbed from her, LovelyTi, AlphaMaleStrategies, Hassan Campbell and Nicki Swift and I still see their content on my homepage.

I was proving a point that YouTube doesn’t show you the content you are subscribed to. It shows you updates on the videos you click on most. So because I still click on Nylah Says content whenever I see it, it still shows up on my homepage. I put it in the search. So because she is now part of my search history the algorithm is simply going to continue to show her content to me. It doesn’t matter if I’m subbed.

I had to speak up about this so no one will think there is some hate or shade. I think she is delightful and I never miss anything she posts even though I’m not subbed. I have much respect for her. It’s odd how YouTube works sometimes.

For months in my YouTube analytics, 75% of my audience were people who were NOT subscribed to my channel. It has since dropped to 64.9%.

I just want to make sure I made it clear that I very much support Nylah Says and there is no beef. If it seemed that way in my video I apologize however those were not my intentions. 🙂 Some people are messy and will make this bigger than what it is. So for the record….no disrespect to Nylah. Her livestreams are entertaining and I love them!

I predict that within the next two weeks I will lose at least a thousand subscribers. June and July I will gain 10,000 – 30,000.

Soncerae’s Teenage Daughter Allegedly Pregnant?!?

Just recently I posted a beautiful picture of my daughter on the community tab of my YouTube channel. It was well received and my subscribers left some amazing comments.

Since this post a narcissistic sociopath, with an alcohol and drug abuse problem, who has been stalking me and my family for over 2 years has done 3 livestreams on YouTube with claims that my daughter is pregnant and that I missed her prom. One of those livestreams was removed by YouTube after being reported. It’s unfortunate that a grown man wants to take the spotlight from a child just to get social acceptance on social media. His attempts at ruining my life used to make me angry. They even hurt me sometimes. I even did self evaluation because of it. Then I realized that the problem wasn’t me, it’s him. Even though I have moved on with my life entirely, he still continues to speak of me as if I have somehow caused him harm.

Youtube is a dangerous place for women of color. Men terrorize African American women on this platform. They mob together to harass women. There are countless videos on YouTube aimed to incite harassment against us. Created by frustrated mentally unstable men who have criminal backgrounds.

Let me reassure everyone that my daughter has amazing parents who instilled in her a set of moralistic values. We have had effective communication with our daughter about domestic violence, sexual assault & molestation as well as teenage pregnancy, single motherhood and casual sex. We have taught her not to judge others for the path they chose for their own lives. We have also taught her the dangers of distributing trust to strangers, the warped mentalities of pedophiles and the power she holds as a young lady. It is disturbing that a man over 30 is concerned with my daughter’s sexuality. One who was obsessed with mine for years has now extended his perversion with including my mom and daughter inside of his desperate attempts to gain adoration from other mentally unstable men online.

In need of material to support his rhetoric on his YouTube channel that is permeated with disdain for single mothers and African American women, he has now spread false information about my daughter. The derogatory content that he posts on YouTube is the product of his own distaste for his mother. In 2016 While planning a collaboration on YouTube about the “90 Day Rule” he shared with me that his mother was promiscuous and was tossed around the neighborhood sexually by men. In this collaboration he encouraged me to have sex on the first night meanwhile I was encouraging women to wait before they have sex with men. Now he misrepresents himself as the man who does not want women to disrespect their bodies sexually.

After discovering that he’d use his channel to disrespect women I broke communication and begin trying to cut ties. Disappointed that we could no longer work together or be romantically tied he has stalked and harassed me on and offline. Now he is maliciously using YouTube to slander my daughter by saying she is pregnant at 18 and was abandoned by me. Speaking to an audience of men that I gave him that also no longer support me after listening to him fabricate our experience with each other. No one knew who he was on YouTube before our collaboration. Abandonment is a sensitive topic to me and my family being as though Minister Jap is part of the cause for why my son’s father Luther “Priest” Washington abandoned me in a motel during my high risk pregnancy.

During my pregnancy Minister Jap placed several phone calls to me encouraging me to leave Priest and that I could have made a better choice in man. One of which took place while Priest was sitting in front of me. He tried to convince me that Priest was “Dirty Dick Rodney”, a term Minister Jap uses during his “sermons” aka belligerent rants on YouTube designed to destroy, misinform, and enable the average low IQ under achieving African American man, who is BORED and seeking entertainment on YouTube. In other words men who grew up without positive male role models in their lives.

Minister Jap also encouraged me to put Priest on child support. After his attempts to destroy a “Black Family” didn’t work with me he proceeded to contact Priest and encourage him to abandon me. Ultimately participating in creating a “single mother”. The very kind of woman he claims he despises. By planting seeds of doubt in Priest’s mind about the paternity of our son as well as using character assassination he manipulated my son’s father into believing I was something I am not. His desire to manipulate has become apparent after the years. As well as social anxiety and mental disorders that he has refused to get treated for.

Priest begin siding with Jap as if I didn’t tell him from the beginning that Jap was stalking and harassing me. It was Jap who told me to put Priest on child support. Then once Priest was on child support it was Jap that convinced Priest to complain about being on child support. Even after Priest ASKED TO BE ON CHILD SUPPORT. Now Minister Jap disrespectfully calls my son a bastard all over his livestreams and videos. My son was only a couple of days old when he posted on my instagram “Fuck your baby.”

I have created countless blogs documenting his constant attempts to destroy my life. Knowing I give my phone number out so that people can text me who need counseling Minister Jap and Chris Law (a former sex partner of mine) teamed together for months texting me pretending they were a female and built a small bond with me over text. This was after the two were photographed together in Atlanta. Minister Jap had flew to Atlanta to meet Chris Law. After Minister Jap found out that Chris Law and I were connected. Minister Jap has reached out to my former partners, old Friends, family members. He has even harassed them. Minister Jap called me dozens of times while in Atlanta and even left demented voicemails telling me to stop refusing to answer his calls. He even called my phone 14 times in 1 day and proceeded to cuss out my partner at the time “Daddio” who answered the phone. I have records of days when he’d call my phone in a drunken rage leaving voicemails. He called me once crying hysterically. He’s sent me unwanted gifts and donations. He has teamed up with several trolls on YouTube and encouraged them to create horrible content, stalking and harassing me as well. Including webcam hoe Bomb Cherry.

Incalculable videos and channels he created to stalk and harass me have been deleted off of YouTube. Including the first livestream he did fabricating the story of my daughter being pregnant. This led Bomb Cherry to also do a livestream about my daughter that YouTube removed. He has continued to encourage people to harass me online as well as cause me bodily harm. He has used Instagram encouraging men to murder me. He has incited hatred and violence against me and my family. I have asked this man over and over to discontinue contacting me however he has still tried to reach out to me via email as well as other social media platforms.

I have constantly contacted the authorities numerous times about this sociopath. He has a warrant for his arrest in 2 counties in San Francisco. All associated with him stalking and harassing me online and off. He and I have never met. We have not met offline. I have not reached out to any of his friends or family. He encourages others to cause me bodily harm online and off.

MY 18 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER IS NOT PREGNANT!!! Thank GOD MY DAUGHTER IS STILL A VIRGIN! HYMEN STILL IN TACT! I made a livestream saying that after the first livestream Jap did lying about her. Since he has made 2 more. He’s trying to provoke me to lash out at him. This is a picture that was taken the same day as her prom photo. She just got her hair and make up done and is about to change into her dress. My daughter clearly does not have a baby bump. Looks like she’s had a few cupcakes and drinks soda….she’s fluffy yes….but pregnant NO.

Just because this man wants to portray me as some sort of hoe out of anger that he didn’t get a chance to have sex with me doesn’t mean the world should join him in his frustration. I am not a hoe, I am not promiscuous. I do not share myself with just any random man walking around. I do not have an STD. I do not have vaginal odor. Never been a swinger, stripper or prostitute. Or any other negative stigma that this man can attach to a woman to harm her. His insults are typical. Even coming after my daughter is typical. I see where this is going.

You can also check my YouTube Story to see video.

If you see any contentt online of Minister Jap talking about me or my family please contact me We are keeping record of what he is doing to turn it into the authorities. Please be sure to check out the other blogs I have wrote about this man. Please do not spread any more false information about me that comes from this sociopath. He needs to seek out a mental health professional.

All I can do is stand up for myself. That is not the same as being defensive. Anytime I get online and stick up for myself this man plays victim. I know what people are saying about me and I hear the rumors sometimes. They are hard to keep up with. These rumors that people have spread are very mean and painful. I will never be the person to stoop that low to make up lies about people and spread them. None of the rumors that people spread about me are true. People involved in this mess are vicious and cruel. I’ve tried to be civil with him. I said to him in an email once that if you genuinely cared about me as a friend like I know you did you’d simply leave me and my family alone and he refuses.

No matter what he or anyone says of me I know who I am and I am NOT what all of these strangers say about me. I’m not going to waste my time convincing others that either. I’m just going to live my life.

Please understand why people spread rumors.

People spread rumors when their is uncertainty. It’s when we don’t already have a firm grasp on how or why things are happening in the world that rumors start to spread.

Oftentimes uncertainty breeds anxiety—we like to have a clear sense of the world, and we get anxious when we feel uncertainty—and anxiety on its own has been linked to rumor spreading. Some research has shown that more anxious people tend to be the ones who are more likely to spread rumors.

People spread rumors when the person that they are talking about or the information spread about the person they are talking about is important. If I was irrelevant Jap wouldn’t even bother talking about me.

Let’s face it—if you hear a rumor that you think is completely ridiculous, you probably won’t find yourself on a mission to spread that information far and wide. It seems like my daughter being pregnant is believable. Being as though people try to make it seem like women like me (Black Single Mothers) raise horrible daughters. My daughter had two parents. And even if I raised her a lone she’d be a good person because I am a good person. Not the person that Minister Jap walks around saying I am. Remember when narcissistic people can’t control you they try to control how others view you.

Plenty of research has shown that people often want to feel good about themselves, but one way people can do that is through rumor spreading. They also will spread rumors if it helps their social status. Men like Minister Jap want adoration from other men. So he does and says what other men praise him for regardless to whether what he is saying is a lie. We’re not talking about the opinions that people share. Instead, rumors are meant to be informative. Opinions are just observations of TRUTH. Minister Jap does not speak opinion when he speaks of me. He does it on purpose. Unverified information can easily be manipulated. So let me reassure you….let me verify this for you. My daughter is not pregnant. I am amazing woman and mother. And if Jap keeps up this behavior he will be in jail. It’s been 2 years now. He keeps giving me more evidence for the police. A warrant is out for his arrest.

Did Soncerae Really Post Your Private Information??

Take a moment everyone to critically think…..and GOOGLE YOURSELF. See how your information is PUBLIC? Your current address, your old address, your age, your relatives….its all there. It’s sites online designed only to show the world YOUR information, court records etc FOR FREE. People can be all up and through your business without having to do a legitimate background check. There are some sites that make you pay but basic info you can find out about someone is easily accessible. It’s not private! If you Googled yourself and nothing came up congrats, you are smart, you dodged a bullet. But if you Googled yourself and everything about you is there remember this, if another person online sees that information and posts it up somewhere else do not accuse that person of posting your private information. All they did was copy and paste. It’s not private. Go to the police station, tell them your information has been posted online… they will ask you. Do you pay for things online? Ever filled out an application online? Do you have Facebook? Then your information is PUBLIC and can be found. You weren’t doxxed or exposed. Someone just used Google….it doesn’t take skill. People use Google to find out information about people all of the time. Wake up! I’m not saying it isn’t creepy to post other people’s information. It is!

In 2016 someone Googled me and maliciously posted my address, my court records and even my daughter’s old school on YouTube. Guess what? This person didn’t dox me or expose me. They simply Googled me. That same year I was being harassed and bullied by a few people on YouTube and as a form of retaliation people in my audience Googled those people and sent their information to me. I posted their information to my blog. Now these same people cry like I hurt them like they didn’t spend months abusing me. Like they didn’t do countless hurtful and vitriol things to me without getting a reaction.

Like toxic people such as, geriatric troll, Lavonya Bomb Cherry Edwards who spent months taunting me on YouTube in 2017. I made 3 or 4 videos asking for unity and expressed my desire to make peace more than once with this senior citizen. I was kind to her. It was unnecessary to have friction with a stranger. She ignored it and continued to harass me. Then with the help of a few others I fought back. Now she’s butt hurt. It’s been 2 years now and she’s still online crying as if she’s my victim.

(Above Chris Law and his wife, marriage # 2 or 3)

Chris Law did the same. He spoke about my personal finances and about my relationship with my son’s father. Like he had some sort of intel. Instead of keeping his cruel comments about the experience he and I shared as main talking points, he crossed a boundary. I would have never spoke about his marriage with his current wife. That’s not my business. Yet he took it upon himself to speak about me and mine. He couldn’t stay in his lane. So I publicly reminded him that his wife filed for bankruptcy in a blog. Now he’s somewhere running rapid claiming I am the big bad wolf. He spent years, almost a decade speaking negatively to people in Atlanta about me without me responding or saying anything negative about him. Then, he disrespected me in conversation calling me a derogatory name so I publicly responded… his claim to fame is smear campaigning me more than he initially was. Had he shut the fuck up about things that didnt concern him and spoke only of the experience he and I shared I never would have brought up his wife or her bankruptcy. I have nothing against her. I don’t know her. I was so kind and non judgmental when I was Chris’s friend, 10 long years ago. But he sensationalizes our story and talks like it happened yesterday. We have mutual friends that are surprised he acts how he does. People who went to college with him.

Next is Priest, my son’s father. After manipulating and publicly humiliating me, lying to my family and friends, using me for money and leaving me to die in a hotel while I was severely ill and in a high risk pregnancy he walks around like he’s my biggest victim of all. I announced my pregnancy on YouTube. In the same breath I told people Priest and I mutually broke up and that his family wasn’t very nice to either of us. He left for a little while then came back. A few months went by and he decided to leave again claiming he was still interested in being with his ex wife SaDonya. But this time when he left he blocked my number and refused to be there for me for the remainder of my high risk pregnancy. He left me there with no support, homeless, with barely a cent to my name. So once again I was humiliated I had to get online tell my story and ask for help. He then created a YouTube channel posting our private text messages as well as doing interviews with complete strangers. To add insult to injury he included SaDonya. They went on this fraudulent ass “clearing their name” siege which really was a desperate attempt to get attention. There were no lies told about either of them out of my mouth. I posted receipts. They both lied to the public providing no real proof to back it up. She lied like she didn’t know he left me in the hotel sick. When the truth is I was repeatedly calling her looking for him. She knew. She also said she wouldn’t get online and defend him. Yet she ended up doing that anyway. She befriended me during my pregnancy but stabbed me in the back later. She was sabotaging my relationship with Priest the entire time I’m sure.

(above Soncerae and Priest)

(Above SaDonya & Priest)

She had no problem lying for him online. They told people dozens of lies about me. Making themselves look like the loving couple I tried to destroy. Like he was this perfect husband to her that I tricked into pregnancy. The man is 38 not 13. He knew wtf he was doing the second he started playing games. He was literally indulging in gossip and rumors on YouTube with Chris Law, Bomb Cherry and Minister Jap and that assisted in the demise of our friendship and relationship. NOT what Soncerae did to him. I was kind to him. Now I simply tell the truth about him and SaDonya. Yeah the truth is that bad. They both have joined the oh Soncerae hurt me bandwagon like they werent guilty of starting this mess to begin with by playing with my life.

If you want to keep your personal information private keep it as far away from the internet as possible. Especially if you are on YouTube trolling, gossiping, lying about others and starting mess. People will dig up your information. Even if you are on YouTube minding your business but you are popular people with nothing else better to do will look up your information. Remember that. Don’t accuse people of posting your private information when all of your business is right there for the world to see.

I live in a gorgeous half a million dollar house that I worked for. Trolls and haters are still reminding me that I was homeless living in a hotel over a year ago. When you work smart and improve, you will get more of the good things in life. Rather than elevate themselves to your level, haters would rather drag you down. The quickest way to get haters is to succeed.

Your failures make a hater happier than their own success. Haters need to see you go down to lift themselves up. Lies, gossip, false victimization is their fuel. Send positive vibes, prayer, or whatever kind gesture you can then keep it moving. You have much more purpose than to slow down & focus on them and their foolishness.

These people can act like they are victims of mine all they want to. But it’s not the truth. They tried to fuck up my life. They pretend thet are perfect people or better than me. Like they treated me with kindness or were polite and genuinely compassionate. They literally treated me like trash taking my kindness as weakness. I was so nice to them and non judgmental. What’s done in the dark will come to the light and catch up with them. I was honest and kind to these people and they were very cruel to me. I tried to be the solution. I gave apologies for things I didn’t do or hurt feelings. I tried to be mature and make peace. Nothing worked with them because they don’t want to make peace. They want to hate. They have to because nothing else will make them feel better about themselves but seeing me in a bad place. Unfortunately for them I exceed their expectations and push past their cruel intentions. These people don’t regret them abusing me. They have no remorse whatsoever but expect me to feel bad for defending myself against them. They are pissed about how I responded. How I fought back.

I am genuinely a good person. My life is so good. I am so happy & grateful. I’m joyful and free. Everything always works out for me. I am beautiful. However, I have to protect and defend myself and the bad side of me is not as attractive. It’s a side you don’t want to see and that I hate having to show.

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