Men Play Mind Games To Get Your Body

I’m 37 and originally from Washington DC. Atlanta has taught me a lot of things about men in the 17 years I’ve been trapped here. Specifically that they can’t be trusted. I believe what gives women hope that men can be trusted is these bullshit nauseating romantic comedies. I just saw some shit on Netflix called “BOY BYE”. A successful promiscuous real estate business woman falls in love with a strikingly handsome business man whom conveniently forgets to tell her he’s married. After 3 days of pure bliss with him at a singles retreat, his wife shows up at the vineyard where the retreat is held and bursts through the doors of their hotel room on some Love & Hip Hop shit. Promiscuous real estate business woman goes ham and doesn’t talk to him for months.  Right on que, 3 months later, he shows up at a celebration of hers with divorce papers in hand and asks her to date him again. Shit should’ve been called “BITCH PUHLEASE!” Because that’s exactly what a nigga would’ve said if a side piece would’ve got mad at him for being married and proceeded to give that bastard an ultimatum. Nigga would’ve gave every excuse in the book why he couldn’t get divorced. And don’t even get me started on the fact that she was sleeping with 3 other men not even a week before this damn retreat. Can you spell TOHT backwards? Women please wake up and smell your coochie. If you think you can get away with being a dick hugger and the rumors of you sleeping with these men aren’t going to climb up the spine of the man you’ve decided to be faithful to randomly and reach his insecure brain resulting in him questioning whether or not you are going to be faithful to him you got another thing coming sis. These men are weak minded. They couldn’t think on their own without another man’s 2 cents if 50 came to get the other 48. Speaking of Curtis Jackson, In what magical land with gumdrops and coconut sprinkles is this going to produce a damn happily ever after for you? I’ve seen POWER. The season has never ended with a wedding. I’ve been celibate for most of my damn adult life and 1 threesome I had 10 years ago has some men still calling me a hoe. A man I dated with 4 baby mommas and 6 kids judged ME for that and almost didn’t want to date me. That’s the world we live in. The real world.

Let me just say that I definitely don’t believe in that love shit. Before you say oh it’s just the guys you’ve chosen Soncerae. Let me reassure that I don’t go around choosing a damn thing. These bozos casually approach me with every intention on fooling me to drop my panties or whatever else makes me worthy of their time. Their worse than these bitches who use dates as excuses to scarf down a free meal at a 5 star restaurant. If it isn’t a wanna be radio personality calling me professing his fake love for me so he can guarantee he gets some birthday sex this weekend, it’s an underachieving photographer trying to ‘one up’ my ex who was also a photographer and become a better business man than he did by having me, a business major, on his arm. Either way I’m being used for something. If these niggas could they’d snatch the air I breathe.

I sat at the Shaking Crawfish off Buford Highway on Sunday afternoon with an old friend as he candidly spoke to me about how love and sex aren’t the same thing and frankly don’t match. Shits like water and oil if you let him tell it.  He elaborated on the notion that sex is just a recreational activity that men participate in and for women to not take it personal if men just use us for it. I couldn’t believe my ears. I questioned was his mind in the right damn place or had he flug that shit out the window of his Benz on his way there. In what world is it ok for a man to dress up like he’s Mr Fuckin Wonderful only to get what he wants and creep off into the moonlight snatching a woman’s soul like that? Have you gone completely mad I wanted to say to his straight jacket needing ass? I mean really sex is not that hard to get. If you want some pussy that bad go after the chicks that give it up freely. Say that’s the type of man you are. SAY that’s all you want. Some women will be happy to give you some. Some women are on that tip trust me. They are just as promiscuous as you are. But no NOOOOOO men have to go after the woman who is waiting for the right person. The GOOD WOMAN. The woman who is harder to get. They want to conquer that and move on and that’s the sad part. It makes me as a woman not want to be the woman that they try to conquer. But what other choice do I have? The woman who makes men believe that she devalues herself that much that she shouldn’t require that he commit? There is nothing wrong with a woman making that choice for herself if that’s what she wants. But I refuse to allow a man to simply get the benefits of being with me without him putting in the legitimate work into dating me. Get to know me. I like men who have at least some sort of discipline. I’m not saying he should walk the path of Brother Moses. IJS at least show me that not any woman can just have you as long as she has a functioning vagina.

Don’t judge me, yes I dated a man with 4 baby mommas. Don’t even get me started on lowering that standard. You try to give a nigga the benefit of the doubt and hope he takes the righteous path but he just can’t help his fuckin self. So I can’t blame him for screwing up it was MY DAMN fault! I shouldn’t have even rode that ride. I know the difference between a nigga and a BLACK MAN. The problem is it’s not enough BLACK MEN and it’s TOO MANY NIGGAS.

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