Tommy Sotomayor Is A Nice Guy But Pretends He’s An Asshole ONLINE

People had been waiting for Tommy Sotomayor and I to sit down and have a heart to heart for many years now. Finally we decided to put our issues to the side and schedule something. Not on a PROFESSIONAL LEVEL but on a CASUAL ONE. From the beginning of the set up I knew the livestream was going to be difficult. It’s rare that I have a livestream with someone and it goes the way it did today.

I warned everyone that it wasn’t going to go well from the beginning. Most people believed me. I’m pregnant so I lack all patience in general but I noticed early on the significant difference in his behavior OFFLINE than the persona he portrayed to be online. This nigga is a softie. He was a gentlemen, very kind, calm and focused…he was very alert, easy going and patient. The second that camera started rolling he turned into a monster. I had to reiterate myself several times. I apologized twice for calling him the N WORD and cutting him off and then when it came time for him to ask questions when he got my silence he wanted he proceeded to get impatient because I cracked a smile and laughed at a personal joke I had in mind. He became frustrated and begin screaming about how much of a fraud and liar I was. Playing victim as if I was extremely unprofessional while he tried to make money for his YouTube channel. Exactly what I expected. I came on his show so he could interview me it wasn’t the other way around but he complained about me monopolizing the conversation and not participating in fair dialogue as if my short answers to his questions appeased him. No matter what I said it didn’t matter he wasn’t satisfied and I refused to continue to kiss his ass.

The wifi connection he used in his hotel room along side his flawed system created issues with buffering, freezing and audio issues which ultimately led me to being ejected from the conversation more than once. It was a disaster not close to professional. Our initial emails were not professional either. It was more of a casual conversation not a professional one.


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