Exposing Chris Law

On Dec 20th, 2017 I posted a video on my YouTube channel that included images of Chris Law with his family as a response to a few hateful videos that he had posted of me on his otherwise vacant YouTube channel. This was him adding insult to injury. For almost 10 years he had spoken negatively about me around the city of Atlanta to other men and I ignored it. But it wasn’t until early 2016 that I reached out to him to say hello and he disrespectfully called me a hoe. After I used my channel to speak about him spreading rumors and ultimately telling the truth about how he introduced me to the swingers lifestyle he spent almost two years making fun of me online using the platforms of Minister Jap & Tommy Sotomayor. As well as pretending to be a woman contacting me via text and creating fake youtube profiles to harass me in the comment section of my videos. Without him making YouTube videos on his own channel. Until recently after my move to San Francisco, CA from Atlanta, GA,  he uploaded videos and spoke about some things that he shouldn’t have, addressing my personal life. He spoke about things in regards to my finances and work history. Ultimately things he knew nothing about. So I spoke specifically about his family. Posting these pictures. As well as revealing that his wife had filed for bankruptcy and he was in no position to talk about my personal finances.


Soon after the video was uploaded Chris filed a privacy complaint on YouTube to try to get my video removed from my channel. I was expecting that. That made sense. The purpose of the video was to get him to understand that when someone speaks about something they know nothing about it can be hurtful not just to the person they are speaking about but also the people in close proximity of that person including family. This partially led him to apologizing for what he did. He claimed that it was his fraternity brothers who spoke negatively about my past situation with Chris and that he had nothing to do with the rumors. Which ultimately is a lie. How else would his fraternity brothers have known? Why would his fraternity brothers call me out my name when they don’t know me? Chris himself had to tell them negative things. Soon after I saw that Minister Jap had created a Patreon Campaign saying that I would NOT leave him and Chris alone and that they were planning on shutting my channel down. Which struck me as odd because days earlier Minister Jap had sent me a donation a long with a series of emails that I did not answer. This led me to believe that Chris’s apology was not genuine. I posted a video thanking him for apologizing however also making it clear inside of the video that I did not believe his apology was genuine.


This morning I woke up, Christmas Eve and figured the best thing I could do for Chris Law is to delete the video I posted that included images of him and his wife and for him to consider that my apology. I promised to never speak about Chris on my channel again so I asked a friend and fellow YouTuber, RICE, to make a video telling Chris that I was removing the video and wanted to make this be the end to our issues on YouTube. Not even an hour after I contacted Rice minutes before she was going to upload her video to YouTube and I put the video I made about Chris Law on private preparing it for deletion, Chris Law uploaded a negative video about me and the vicious cycle of hateful videos start all over again.

See, the second I think I can forgive someone, or trust someone or move forward, the people who I get on to my YouTube channel and tell honest stories about continue to lie manipulate cause drama and continue to harass me no matter what I do. It has to be a constant online beef because of the egos, feelings and people unable to move forward. No matter how many times I’ve spread positivity or told the truth about the horrible experiences or no matter how many times I’ve tried to ignore it or leave it alone these immature, insecure, cruel, cold hearted men refuse to admit how wrong they are but then perform the very ugly behaviors that got us into this mess to begin with. Trying to convince the world that Soncerae is to blame for all of these issues when in reality they are the catalyst for the drama.

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