Cut The Bullshit: Truths And Myths About Priest & Rae’s Relationship

A lot of people believe they know exactly what happened between Priest & I. So this specific blog entry will be dedicated to all of the people who ask me questions. I get a lot of them. The more questions I am asked the more I will add them to this blog. Always scroll to the bottom for updates. Let’s begin.

1. Were you Priest’s side chick or Mistress?

No. Priest and his “wife” Sonya aka “Sadonya” were both dating other people and had been separated for two years. They had supposedly filed for divorce Jun 30th 2017, a month or two after Priest and I started dating. He was not cheating on her. She knew about me from the very beginning and was completely fine with the idea of him moving on with someone else. His wife was actually a side chick to another man when I came into the picture.

2. Does Priest have other children?

No. I am pregnant with his first child.

3. Did Priest say that he wanted children before you became pregnant?

Yes. We talked plenty of times about having children in the future.

4. Did you rush Priest into being married or into having children?

No. I never forced or rushed him into anything. I’ve always had the option to leave the relationship if I was no longer happy. I did express that I would not be interested in continuing to date someone who wasn’t divorced.

5. Did you always know about Priest’s marriage to Sadonya?

Yes. He told me they were separated. I asked him randomly about marriage at the end of our first date. He was caught off guard and told the truth. He had no intention of telling me until then. However he did lie about their living arrangement. He did not tell me they lived together until later on in our relationship. He should’ve never asked me out in a date if he was married or separated and especially not if he was living with another woman. Before our first date we talked on the phone for about two weeks. He always portrayed himself to be single.

6. Did Priest really promise you that he’d never get back with Sadonya?

Yes. Plenty of times he reassured me that she would never be an issue and that he was completely over her. It was always a concern of mine and a constant argument in our relationship.

7. Did you ever cheat on Priest?

No, but he used to accuse me of it in the beginning of our relationship because I was still paying my ex, (see IG: @azustudios) to be the photographer for my magazine see IG: @TheBlockEleven I ended up firing my photographer and putting a hold on my magazine until I could find a better photographer.

8. Was your pregnancy planned?

No. & Yes. We knew we wanted to have children in the future. I did not think I would get pregnant this fast. I thought we would need a fertility doctor.

9. Did you want to be married to Priest before you had children?

Yes. That was our goal.

10. Was his wife jealous about your pregnancy?

I think she was always jealous of our relationship and the pregnancy as well. She never said it to me but in hindsight I can say that I’m sure she did feel some type of way.

11. What made you two officially break up?

He contacted me from work one day telling me that he wanted to date Sadonya and that he still had feelings for her. He said he didn’t want our relationship anymore and that he didn’t want our baby. So, I asked him to gather his things and leave.

12. You were polyamorous, why did it bother you that he wanted to be with other women?

It didn’t bother me that he wanted to be with other women. What bothered me is that I offered Polyamory to him and he declined. It was his idea for us to be in a monogamous relationship. Even towards the end of our relationship when he said he was interested in dating other women I still gave him the option of being Polyamorous. His issue was his inability to be honest about what he was doing specifically. He was not interested in being Polyamorous with me. He just wanted to be single while having sex with multiple women. He did not want me to have the same freedom he did inside of the relationship. He wanted to be with other women but didn’t want me being with other men, especially not while I’m pregnant.

13. Did Priest cheat on you while you two were considered “Monogamous”?

Yes, he did. He admitted he did towards the end of our relationship. Towards the end of our relationship he’d constantly be working late and on weekends, sometimes hide in the bathroom and talk on the phone for over an hour. He started to talk about what he found attractive about other women and put me down at the same time.

13. Did he cheat on you with Sadonya?

I’m not sure.

14. Has Priest shown any remorse or taken accountability?

Not online. But he has asked for forgiveness and apologized plenty of times towards the end of our relationship. The day he told me he wanted to date Sadonya, the same day I asked him to leave and told him that I never wanted to see him again, he asked for forgiveness.

15. Did you and Sadonya have a cordial conversation?

For the most part yes. It was her always reaching out to me. Her and I never had any real problems. I blocked her from my phone after we talked a few times then she contacted me on Facebook. That’s why the texted posted earlier says “I was trying to call you.” She had been calling me and couldnt get through because she was blocked from my phone. I started communicating with her from there and then ultimately ended up blocking her from there as well. At first she seemed like she wanted to be helpful but then with time I saw she was playing mind games with both he and I so I cut ties. There came a point where Priest had blocked me and the only time I could get in touch with him about the baby is if I contacted her first and she’d get him to call me. He stopped answering my calls and texts. That’s where I drew the line and stopped communication with both of them.

16. When was the last time you and Priest communicated over the phone? Or you and Sadonya.

The last call Sadonya made to me was November 13th 2017.

Days after I contacted her while I was headed to the emergency room to get her to contact Priest.

The last call Priest made to me that I sent to voicemail was Nov 30th, 2017. Then he called again and left a voicemail Dec 16th fussing about Youtube not concerned about his baby.

17. Do you still love Priest.

Yes. Real love takes time to die down.

18. Do you believe Priest loved you?


19. Did you publicly tell this story to hurt him?

No. I told this story because too many women go through this. Too many women put trust in men who are struggling or in transition in their lives when they should reject them immediately. Men think treating women this way is ok. It’s becomes normal to them and when a woman speaks up about it she’s chastised.

20. You lived in an extended stay hotel room with Priest and you slept in the back of his Ford Explorer with him, why?

We wanted to live together and was having trouble finding a place that was suitable for us both.

21. Did Priest get Sadonya evicted?

Yes. Later on in our relationship I found out from her that the money he was supposed to give to her for rent he was giving to me for trips, gifts, dates and hotel accommodations. My guess is he was supposed to be helping her. Besides he was living there. But instead of him giving her extra money than what he’d usually give to help her with rent, he spent it on me. He believed the eviction was her fault so she should fix it.

22. Did Priest audio or video record your conversations without your consent?

He has definitely given me some sort of indication that he has.

23. Are you serious about not putting Priest on child support?

Yes. I’m not interested in making my life any more complicated than it already is. I rather focus on my Software Engineering career so that Justice & I won’t need his finances.

24. Was Priest’s family disrespectful towards you?

Yes, with the exception of his mother. But then it turns out she was a liar. It was her that encourage me to stay with Priest and that Sadonya would never be someone I’d have to worry about.

25. Do you watch Priest’s videos?

No. Purposely. Mainly because I knew before he begin making videos that he would do this. He told me weeks beforehand. I wasn’t surprised. I also knew he’d lie. He told me he was a liar. He told me he would do whatever he could to make sure people looked at me in a bad light. Usually my close friends come tell me what he says on his channel or they will tell me the title but for the most part I ignore him. I haven’t heard one video. I said I never wanted to see him again so that means I don’t want to hear his voice either. I don’t watch negative cruel videos people make about me. I don’t drink that poison.

26. Priests always accuses you of lying. But from what I’ve seen and read you seem to be telling the truth. Why do you think he continues to claim he’s innocent?

I’m not sure. He’s just not a very mature, nice or honest person. He’s trying to save face for the public. He’d do himself and his family some good if he would man up and tell the truth about the entire situation.

27. Do you feel like a rebound chick?

Not really. I just feel like both of them were playing childish games with each other. They were both dating other people to make one another jealous. I just wish I wasn’t misled. They both spoke about being divorced. So if they weren’t ready for that then they shouldn’t have played with the lives of others.

28. Do you think Priest will ever truly want to see Baby Justice or want to take care of him?


29. Why were you hesitate at first about posting your private text messages with Priest?
It just seemed wrong to me AND I knew that I could file charges against him for publicizing our private texts. So I initially wasn’t interested. I have a lot of texts between he & I and Sadonya & I. I just don’t believe over posting our texts is necessary.
30. Do you think Sadonya still wants to be married to Priest?

Initially I thought she didn’t. I’m not sure now.

Here is a text message of her admitting she was formerly a side chick to another man and how she wasn’t going to ruin her new relationship being concerned with Priest.

31. Looks like both of them were telling you they’d be officially getting divorced. Do you believe they will actually follow through?

I’m not sure. Towards the end of our relationship he seemed confused. It was hard to have dialogue with him. He seemed unstable mentally. He seemed paranoid and was accusing me of all types of weird conspiracies that didn’t make sense. I assumed whoever he was speaking to about us maybe another woman or Sadonya or maybe his sister or some bitter man from his job made him think I was some crazy deranged woman who only wanted to use him for money. It was strange all it did was turn me off. He was just doing too much. Both him & Sadonya seem off to me. She asked me was the video of Priest & I at the baby’s ultrasound real. I was like ๐Ÿ˜ so I set up an elaborate scheme to get pregnant?!? Y’all watch too much fuckin TV. Let’s step back into reality for a second please. Them two seemed crazy and weird.

32. Did you pull Priest away from Sadonya?

No. According to him them two no longer wanted to be together. He left her because that was his intention. I didn’t make him do anything. He was having sex with women before me and dating them. He always told them he wasn’t ready for a relationship. He refuses to settle down with them. I always told him whatever we chose whether it was a Polyamorous or monogamous relationship we decided to be in. I at least needed him to be SINGLE and to get his divorced finalized. According to him he used to lie to other women and not tell them he was separated. If he was so committed to his marriage why was he even seeing other women? When he did finally decide to tell me that he was in fact still living with Sadonya he told me he stayed with her to help her out financially. Which really didn’t make sense because if that was the truth why did he allow her to get evicted and spend his money on going on trips with me? The day he fessed up and told me he lived with her was the day she threw him out and he went to live with his Grandmother.

33. Did you live with him at his grandmother’s house?

I spent the night a lot. Weeks at a time. Just so I could be close to Priest. The property I lived in was an hour away and the commute back and forth was taking a toll. Finally when I started taking Priest serious and decided to definitely stick by him I moved all of my things out of that property and put them in a storage unit I shared with Priest. My understanding was that he and I was looking for places to move together.

34. Did you post Priest’s private information on YouTube? Such as his former address his social security number etc.?

No. However I warned him not to post his personal information up anywhere. He was using his real name in my comment section. I suggested he not do that then he changed it. I believe a hacker got to his real name before he could make changes and then found out his personal information and posted it. I predicted on Christmas Day in one of my videos that he’d use a fake profile to post the information that belonged to my mother and my daughters father and he ended up doing that. I’m steps ahead of his. I know his behavior. December 27th 2017, He created a fake profile and posted this information on a video created by a hater named Bomb Cherry trying to blame me for his personal information being posted earlier this month. No matter how many times I say I had nothing to do with it he still accuses me.

35. Do you still want to be with Priest?

No. For what? Why would I want a man who would treat me how he has. I asked him to leave and then I moved across the country. If I still wanted to be with him I could be. I would still be in ATLANTA being with him. He’s not a hard man to get.

36. Is it true that you want him to voluntarily terminate his parental rights?

Yes. When he expressed his desire to be with multiple women and to start dating Sadonya again and I saw that he no longer had interest in our baby, I suggested to him that he sign his parental rights away. He said that it’s not something that he was going to do. I’ve offered it to him dozens of times since he refuses. People have sent me screenshots of him saying that he hopes the baby isn’t his and that he wants a DNA test and if the baby is his he doesn’t want to deal with me. He also asked me to stop calling Justice “our baby” and to call him “my baby”. So I again offered him the opportunity to sign his parental rights away so that he will not have to take financial responsibility for Justice and he refused to comply.

37. We’ve seen Minister Jap stalk and harass you online for two years. Does it bother you that Priest has followed in the footsteps of Chris Law and started a friendship with him?

That’s like asking me do I like being stabbed in the back. It hurt. Really bad. I’ve always been honest with Priest about Jap & Chris for him to turn his back on me and his child online and off just to rub elbows with Jap and Chris is disgusting. But he evidently doesn’t know better because no real man would bother participating in that nonsense. If you’ve noticed my daughter’s father has stayed clear of any of that nonsense. He knows me better than anyone. He’s been my friend 20 years he knows most of what’s being said about me on the internet is lies. He’s too busy trying to improve his own life he doesn’t have time to focus YouTube. He’s a real man with real responsibilities. A business owner, home owner, hard working kind individual. Even if I said something negative about him online he still would’ve came to me privately and tried to work it out first. He’s just not for the drama. That’s why we’ve had such an awesome drama free friendship and co parenting situation for the most part. Priest, Chris and Jap tried to drag him in this mess he politely declined.

38. Did Priest ever ask you to get an abortion?

No he did not. He was always against abortion and was more interested in me putting up our child for adoption if we in fact we’re not financially stable come May.

39. Did he always deny that he was the Father?

No, initially he took responsibility. He was very sure and was initially happy that a baby was on the way. At least that’s what he led me to believe. It wasn’t until I started getting sick that he begin to change and act as if our baby wasn’t his.

40. Do you think him seeing you sick turned him off?

Yes. I believe that he begin feeling rejected because I would be sick or sleeping most of the time and not able to show him the attention he wanted.

41. Is SaDonya the only woman that has dated Priest that you have come in contact with or possibly reached out to?

Yes. I do not know any other woman he has been with nor have I reached out to any other woman questioning her about him.

42. Has your family or his reached out to either of you to try to help resolve the issues between you two for the sake of the baby?

My family and friends have all tried to contact Priest he refuses to communicate with them. I’m assuming out of fear. Most of the men in my family including the ones he’s met just wanted to make sure he was ok with the idea of becoming of Father. They simply wanted to try to help him with the process. Most of my family and friends were more disappointed in him than anything. Not really angry. Just severely disappointed. He and my mom talked a few times and I believe she tried to communicate with him but I believe at some point they begin to insult each other. My mother also contacted Priest’s mom to see if she wanted to help. His family has never shown interest in the baby. My family was more open and welcoming. I reached out to his mother after I moved to California and she hung up in my face. She was also rude to my mother when my mom reached out to her while I was still in Atlanta.

43. Is it true that SaDonya recently crashed your livestream trying to convince you that they finalized their divorce?

To the naked eye it would look that way. Someone came into my livestream chat speaking about specifics that her and I discussed but it was a couple of discrepancies in a few things that she was saying that led me to believe that it was Priest in my chat pretending he was her. I found it odd that she voluntarily went onto his channel and did a livestream just weeks ago claiming they have a bond that will never be broken and that they were not planning on getting divorced meanwhile supporting the false narrative that Priest was this devoted committed husband and I was a random side chick who was trying to pin a baby that isn’t his on him (if I’m even telling the truth that I’m pregnant). Only to now weeks later come into my livestream and tell me their divorce is finalized and that they didn’t file their papers June 30th like they promised but they are now in fact divorced. Just seemed like another lie. So I asked for a divorce decree to be emailed to me and I have yet to receive it. However I did receive a email from Priest an hour after the livestream was over confirming that he in fact is no longer with SaDonya and has moved on with another woman. Seems sketchy to me.


44. Did you try to have sex with other men while you were pregnant?

Priest suggested I do so because he was interested in having sex with other women. We were attempting to shift from Monogamous to Polyamorous or so I thought. I ended up telling him that it really wasn’t something I was interested in doing. My main focus was getting us stable for the birth of the baby. Come to find out he really just wanted to do whatever he wanted and for me to just chill at home with our baby while he ran the streets with other women.

45. Did SaDonya tell you that she lost custody of her children from her first marriage?

No. Priest told me she lost custody of the children from her first marriage. He was married to her for 14 years and never had built a relationship with her other children with the exception of her oldest daughter because according to him those children were living with their father in another state. Whether those children are of age now doesn’t matter to me. However I did factor it in that she didn’t have custody of them, that she has her tubes tied, has had abortions, gave a child up for adoption, and does not know who the father of her oldest child is. I do not want her around my baby. It was her that told me she put her child up for adoption and had abortions.

46. Do you regret sticking by him through him never graduating from high school and barely making enough money?

Sometimes. People say women are money hungry and never give a blue collar man a chance. To me as long as he loved me and showed he was truly a friend we could make it through the hard times of life together. He should’ve been there for me when I was sick and needed him most. Even after he left I gave him opportunity to help me out financially if he wanted to help with the welfare of the baby and make sure I stayed healthy during the pregnancy and he refused. He didn’t care about me as a human being. He didn’t care about the life of his own flesh and blood.

47. Would you be willing to take a DNA TEST?

For what? He doesn’t want our baby. He should just sign his parental rights away. He knows how hurtful it is for him to be denying his child. We talked about having kids together so many times. He knows this is breaking my heart. If he wants to leave….and not be a father…. that’s fine….he can go. He’s free. I’ve never taken his freedom from him and I never will.

48. Why didn’t you use protection?

I carried condoms our entire relationship. I encouraged him to put them on he did not want to wear them. Ask him if he’s a “married man who didn’t want children” why didn’t he wear condoms? He didn’t want to wear them. That’s what most people are refusing to accept. He wanted children. He wanted children with me. We spoke about it plenty of times. He purposely ejaculated in me plenty of times comfortable with the idea of the possibility that I’d get pregnant. He is bothered by the fact that the Pregnancy happened sooner than he hoped. He’s not some innocent married man. He is a man who lied about filing for divorce. Sadonya also led me to believe that their marriage was over. And I was just recently contacted again and told by them both that their marriage is still over. The false narrative that I’m some side chick who forced a man into a pregnancy is played out. No critical thinkers would believe that nonsense. Priest watched me log all of the times we had sex into a fertility app on my phone. He sat right there and smiled. He gets online and denies it because he’s a coward. We were supposed to be building something together financially as well as building a family. Things didnt happen how we planned doesn’t mean panic lose control and leave one another. If he didn’t want a baby he should’ve made sure he used protection. I wanted a baby with him and he led be to believe he wanted the same. I didn’t create a baby alone. He was irresponsible. I was never worried. I knew even if I did get pregnant everything would be alright because he was there with me and we were going to live a happy life together. He didn’t start changing and being hard to deal with until after he found out I was pregnant. Before that he seemed very much ready for a new marriage. Ready to start a new family and ready to do whatever it took to be successful. We we’re working on our lives together. Or so I thought. He lied.

49. What made you fall in love with Priest so easily?

Not that I fell in love easy. I just fell in love. I didn’t put a time frame on it, I just loved him by choice and when it felt right to do so. I was under the impression that he loved me as well. He didn’t. He lied. It’s nothing I can do about that but move on.

50. After one month of dating, he told you he was living with his wife. Why did you continue the relationship at that time?

I think it was actually our second month. He asked for me to have patience and understanding. So I did what I could to try to be there for him

51. You say heโ€™s very spiritual. Do you think spirituality includes lying? Most spiritual people are pretty true to themselves. Priest said he was a liar?

Key word is WAS and I THOUGHT. Turns out it was all a front.

52. What advice would you give a woman in a similar position?

Get out of it because in the end he didn’t love you. He loves himself.

53. You always say that your relationship with Priest has nothing to do with your self-esteem. Do you think other women with high self-esteem would make the choices you did?

Yes I think all women have made a poor choice in regards to relationships. You can be the most confident person in the world and still make a poor choice out of you simply caring about the welfare of another human being.

54. Sounds like Priest apologized for playing with your heart. Have you forgiven him?

No. I can’t forgive him for this at least not yet. Then he added insult to injury doing plenty of other things to make the situation worse.

55. Do you have proof that Priest said he didn’t want the baby?

Yes. He verbally told me himself and hasn’t shown any behavior outside of the videos he posted on his YouTube Channel to “save face” for the public that he wants to be a father. He know how family oriented I am. And in October 2017 tried to convince me that me and the baby wasn’t a package deal and that he should be able to have one without the other. I wasn’t even entertaining the concept. He had been going in and out of my life like it was nothing and I had been encouraging him to leave if he wasn’t happy and he was refusing to stay away. He was sending mixed messages. He was still cuddling and kissing me behaving like he loved me but then would say he wanted to leave. Finally when he admitted he didn’t want the baby at all and I asked him to leave permanently it wasn’t the first time I suggested to him that if he wanted to move on he could and for him to simply leave us alone. He treated our relationship like a revolving door towards the end. One mistake he made on YouTube was putting in the comment section of a Minister Jap video THE TRUTH about him NOT wanting his baby. Instead of keeping up his lie that he wanted the baby. In this comment below from his OZONE LAYER YouTube Channel Priest is telling someone that he hopes our baby isn’t his and that I have to prove it to him if it is (WITH DNA TESTING) like it was ME who stepped out the relationship. He cheated. He lied. He left plenty of times AFTER he found out I was pregnant. He never behaved this way beforehand.

56. Did Priest really leave you throwing up and bleeding in an extended stay hotel alone?ย 

Yes. He tried leaving 3 times before I stopped begging him to stay. He then left 2 more times a week at a time staying with a friend saying he needed space. Finally when he told me didn’t want our baby I told him it’s ok to leave.

57. Did you have financial trouble before you met Priest? He claims he was helping you financially.

No. When I met him April 2017 I had 4 sources of income and was doing just fine. I was trying to move closer to Atlanta away from a property owned by my daughter’s father. It was convenient to live there so my daughter could stay at the school she was attending near the house. Priest didn’t help me financially often when I was still working. I believe he paid my phone bill once. I believe I returned the money for the phone bill to him if I am recalling correctly. From our first date on forward until I got sick we usually split everything half and half. Most women would not have felt comfortable paying for everything or even going half. So honestly, it’s more like I was helping him out financially by going half on dates, trips, hotel accomodations, etc.

58. You say women with high self-esteems make poor choices in partners all of the time. What is the reason an otherwise intelligent woman with a high self-esteem and business savvy would choose so poorly? Whatโ€™s the underlying reason?

Plenty of women who are intelligent, hard working, business savvy have made poor choices in regards to relationships. Business and personal are not synonymous. I would not treat a romantic relationship how I treat a business. I don’t have emotions in regards to business. Being a wife or mother is not synonymous to being a Executive or CEO of a company. It’s two very different roles that require to very different perspectives and skill sets. People assume because I am college educated, a business owner and successful in my own right that I’d expect a man to mirror my exact behaviors when in reality I choose a man based on how he treats me and how he makes me feel as well as his ability to want to improve himself. If Priest would have shown me before I became pregnant that he wasn’t spiritual, wasn’t trying to improve, wasn’t making moves and had intentions of becoming a better man for not just himself but for me and our “future family” I would have stopped dating him almost immediately.

59. Were you honest with Priest about your past? (Modeling, Swinging, Bisexuality?) And did he have a problem with any of it?

Ofcourse I was honest with him. I always have been. I still haven’t lied to or about him. He never seemed to have any issues with anything I did in my past when I spoke to him about it initially. I don’t understand why it became a problem later on. I even told him that Minister Jap & Chris Law had been making horrible videos about me on YouTube spreading lies calling me a hoe. I was honest about all of it early on. I didn’t want to steal his choice. I wanted him to know what he was getting into from the beginning. He chose to stay. So when people say to me that he couldn’t handle my past. It’s odd to me. I accepted him for who his was flaws and all. He couldn’t do the same. His past is not perfect. Not even close. He’s done worse. I think the only thing he complained about is YouTube. Like YouTube was his world. I never asked him to quit anything he loved or anything that made him money IDK why he’d expect me to quit YouTube when it’s what I enjoy and what was making me money.

60. Do you think that Priest still wants children he just doesn’t want them with you?

I’m not sure. But if he didn’t want them with me why purposely aim to have one with me? Why promise me that we’d have them one day? And if he doesn’t want them now with me why not just sign his parental rights away like I asked him to? That way he doesn’t have to deal with me and he can go and have kids with whoever he wants to. It’s not like I’m begging him to be a father or to be with me. He wanted to leave. I said ok. He said he didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore and that he didn’t want our baby. I said ok.

61. Is it a possibility that your baby belongs to your ex Q?

No. I’m due May 15th 2018. I got pregnant August 2017. I hadn’t had sex with Q since March 2017.ย  We both could barely remember that’s how long ago it was. I met Priest in April. He and I started dating “seriously” in June. Last time I saw Q, Priest was with me at the photography studio. Here is a text message between Q & I earlier this year as we spoke about Priest. Q has known me for 10 years, we are still platonic friends. Q & I only dated two months before we decided to end our relationship. Priest accuses me of cheating because he cheated on me and apparently had been doing it the entire time we were together. I always told Q that I would never have children by him because he has 8 already.


62. Did you call SaDonya/Sonya’s daughter a hoe?

No. My exact words were… “she uses her pussy like a revolving door”… Priest told me she was promiscuous. He’s a liar so he could have just been telling me she was fast when she wasn’t.

63. In a recent livestream Sonya said that when he met you them two were trying to get back together. Is that true.

No that’s a lie. Priest told me they had been separated for two years and that he was no longer interested in her nor did he have feelings for her. When I first came around in April she was playing “side chick” to another man. In this text message we sent each other in the later months of December I asked her was she still dating this man and she explained to me that she used to be a sidechick however when the man decided to get back with his girlfriend she left him alone.

64. Priest & Sadonya said that you got into it with his family because you caught them talking about you and how you smell is that true?

No. I caught Priest’s brother, mother and her husband talking about how controlling and insecure Priest was in regards to me and how he was like that when he was with SaDonya as well. I took up for him and was disappointed in his brother. His brother was saying Priest was jealous of him. That’s what made me fall out with his family.

65. Is it true Priest asked you to pay for his divorce?

Yes. In June 2017ย  He told me he and Sonya couldn’t afford the $300 to finalize it. I refused and told him that it was their responsibility not mine.

66. Sonya claims you reached out to her first is that true?

No. She always reached out to me first. Even when I showed lack of interest in speaking with her.

67. Is it true that the first photoshoot you and Priest did together was two weeks after you met?

No. We started talking over the phone in April. Two weeks later we went on a date. Our first photoshoot together we had been dating for at least a month and a half BEFORE that. If he didn’t want to do the shoot he could’ve easily said NO. I don’t understand how any of that is relative to him being a father to our child.

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  1. This is why Brooklyn Blue advocates a โ€œNo n***a dietโ€. Youโ€™re going through a lot and it looks very challenging. Iโ€™m sorry. You trusted Priest and you believed in a happy future. Now with Justice, youโ€™re linked to him forever. I wish you all the best.


  2. What was it about Priest that made you fall in love so quickly?

    After one month of dating, he told you he was living with his wife. Why did you continue the relationship at that time?

    You say heโ€™s very spiritual. Do you think spirituality includes lying? Most spiritual people are pretty true to themselves. Priest said he was a liar?

    What advice would you give a woman in a similar position?

    You always say that your relationship with Priest has nothing to do with your self-esteem. Do you think other women with high self-esteem would make the choices you did?

    Sounds like Priest apologized for playing with your heart. Have you forgiven him?


  3. You failed to answer the most obvious question: why did you choose Priest in the first place? You keep telling us all of these bad things about him (married, no GED, low earning potential, living with his wife, bald on top, small penis, liar). Why did you choose him?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I speak about many other things that I liked about him that you’ve obviously overlooked. You can go back to my original channel and you will see all of the good things I said about him.


  5. You say women with high self-esteems make poor choices in partners all of the time. What is the reason an otherwise intelligent woman with a high self-esteem and business savvy would choose so poorly? What’s the underlying reason?

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  6. Cause women always think a man will be different for them. Black women need to stop letting our emotions rule us. Otherwise we gone keep falling for the okey doke lol.


  7. All you want is honesty and he is not trynna give you that. Move on and get yourself ready to love this new joy that you are about have. You can never make anyone tell the truth exspecially, if all they have been doing was lying to you. This whole time. Sometimes you just have to get yourself better and say fuck the other people and work on yourself. Remember we canโ€™t control what others do we can ONLY CONTROL US ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ


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