Let’s Try To Fool The Investigators and Not Post Videos About Soncerae Until February

Rolls eyes….that’s the plan. I filed charges against a few YouTube creators for cyber stalking and online harassment. Some of them have come together and decided to agree to not make videos about me until Feb as if it erases all of the other videos they created before they deleted, unlisted or privatized the videos that they have posted already. There is a huge difference between expressing an opinion about someone versus making excessive videos harassing someone. My biggest concern with all of this is that people simply move on with their lives in general not just until February. If it starts happening in February again I’ll simply file ANOTHER police report for a whole different set of charges that are still considered stalking and harassment. There were times these same people stopped for weeks and started again. It’s the STARTING AGAIN that’s the problem. Here is the link to the video that Junk Pile Video….someone who is also apart of the investigation….posted telling everyone to stop making videos about me until February. Here is the link https://youtu.be/leVEAR-P354

They’ve also participated in this false victimization as if I started some type of problem with them that resulted in them excessively attacking me. These false accusations are bogus and none of the attacks I’ve experienced from these people are warranted. None of these people can produce any real evidence that I just randomly begin attacking them on a social media platform for no reason. None of them have proof that I wasn’t defending myself anytime I’d mention them. Everything I post I tell investigators about. I’m not hurting my chances of being protected by law enforcement by simply defending myself. Their claims that I am STALKING them is irrational and false. There is no proof of that either just accusations. The difference between them and I is I’ve sent in PROOF to the authorities that these people have stalked me. I do not know these people. And when I do find out information about these people that others send to me I send it to the police. The people who post my name in the title of their videos and try to claim I stalk them are accusing me of things I’ve never done. I dont have any interest in the lives of these people. 

I’ve tried to move on with my life. Even posting content that has nothing to do with the cyber stalking or online harassment I’ve experienced. But they aren’t catching on to that. They are just sitting around planning how they are going to stalk me more.  


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