What Goes Around Comes Back Around – Bomb Cherry

For weeks people have been emailing me links to videos Bomb Cherry has been posting on YouTube about me. It amazed me that a 50+ or approaching 50 grown woman would take the time to make fun of me when just months before she started making these defamatory videos she was actually a supporter of mine. For 2-3 months she swarmed my comment section with civilized intelligent comments about being Poly with her “husband’. Until randomly one day I saw her posting on a number of videos excessively beginning to argue with other users. I deleted her comments and blocked her from my channel. Within days she begin using a dormat channel she hadn’t used in months to begin attacking my character, lying about my relationships, repeatedly posting harmful things on the internet on her social media accounts including her Facebook, repeatedly posting defamatory and derogatory statements, repeatedly posting harmful messages in the comment section of her social media accounts, inciting others on social media to harm, injure or harass me, posting videos commenting on my vagina, threatening my life, false victimization, making false accusations and monitoring my online activities.

The daily video posts made me question her mental state. I tried ignoring it but they became very excessive, childish and immature. Soon people started sending me links to her adult xxx web cam shows and revealed to me that she was a former exotic model and currently a phone sex operator. These things were something she tried to hide while she chastised me for being polyamorous, for being an urban model, working at the swingers club, and getting pregnant by a man I loved who ended up leaving me to be with multiple women sexually. I also later found out that she is NOT married she is inside of an OPEN RELATIONSHIP. She lives in a home packed with 5 other adults and barely makes $20,000 yearly. They also sent me images proving that she is a MAN. 

She accused me of being afraid of her because I refused to participate in the immaturity. She claimed that I felt like she was some type of competition. So VEXED, I made a video expressing the fact that I do NOT desire competing with a woman and that it’s  just YOUTUBE, not a platform where I want to consistently be going back and forth with strangers. These contretemps bore me mentally. Seems ignorant.  In her videos she speaks of me as if we met or had some type of personal encounter when we never had. She speaks as if she knows about my life. She lies, misunderstands and makes up her own version of what my life is about. It’s sad to me that someone her age could behave this way.

Eventually, I simply filed a police report and decided to press charges for Cyber Stalking & Online Harassment. It’s been a few days since the investigation started and now I’m receiving more and more information about her and people are beginning to do to her exactly what she was doing to me. Today I was emailed this:



Someone also emailed me and said that she wasn’t going to stop making fun of me until someone starts making fun of her. It’s not so funny when someone who doesn’t know you speaks of you in cruel and vile ways. IDK who’s doing this but I do know that she decided to do this to an innocent person and to me you deserve this when you do this to other people. I would never do this to her but I know plenty of people who feel comfortable doing this because she had no problem doing it to me. I don’t know if what this person is saying is true but I do know that they looked up her information and it’s plain as day in the video.

😒 We are adults. We are strangers. We don’t know each other. This is very immature. Personally I’m getting tired of it. From everyone. I just want everyone to move on, leave me alone, to focus on my baby my clean bill of health and to do away with all that other unnecessary bullshit. 


DOXED….. I’ve been reassured that this person is going to continue to make fun of her until she leaves me alone. We’ll see. 😐
People need to cut the ” she was trying to help you and give you advice crap” I know when someone is genuine and coming from a good place of compassion and positivity. I also know what hatred, cruelty and abuse looks like. Either way when someone doesn’t want your help and has never asked you for help leave them alone. You can’t force your opinions on people. When people want to handle things on their own let them. If this woman really wanted to help me she would’ve donated to help me me move like all of the other people who were genuine and wanted to see me do well. They didn’t post negative videos about me making fun of me. No one is going to convince me that this woman meant well. It’s bullshit that she’s feeding people. 

3 thoughts on “What Goes Around Comes Back Around – Bomb Cherry”

  1. I see the video is gone. What happened, Soncerae? I though it didn’t matter if you’re spreading this information as along as you didn’t make the original video?

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  2. NO! Bomb Cherry flagged the video down but the troll who posted it will post it again if Bomb Cherry says anything about me on YouTube. She didn’t care about the information she was spreading to please understand that I don’t have any issue spreading this information at all. I didn’t take the video down. Bomb Cherry reported it. But best believe that troll will come for her again if she starts harassing me again.

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