The Obsessive Troll Under The Bridge – Minister Jap AKA Timothy Johnson Hussein

I guess filing charges against this man is not enough for him. It will take his freedom literally being taken away from him for him to understand that his own mouth and actions is what gets him deeper in trouble. Last week I went to a police department here in San Francisco and filed a report that included proof of videos and screenshots that evidently proved without a doubt that Minister Jap AKA Timothy Johnson Hussein of Chicago, IL has been literally cyber stalking and online harassing me for two years.

In the state of California where I currently reside cyber stalking and online harassment can get you up to a year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. Penal Code 646.9 PC, California’s Anti-Stalking Law states that these actions are considered cyberstalking and online harassment.

  • making repeated phone calls or sending numerous letters (if the contact is via the Internet…in the form of e-mails, for example…this is what’s referred to as California cyberstalking
  • gathering an inordinate amount of information about an individual (for example, accessing public records, speaking to friends and co-workers, running on-line searches, etc., in an effort to find out likes/dislikes, what locations the individual frequents, etc.),
  • repeatedly sending unwanted gifts or notes (of any type … for example, sending a “living” flower arrangement may be just as criminal as sending “dead” flowers if the gifts are unwanted)

Penal Code 653.2 is the crime of posting harmful things on the internet, aka indirect cyber-harassment.

This offense consists of posting or distributing personal information or harmful messages about someone on the internet, with the intent to incite other people to harm, injure or harass them in a way that puts them in fear of their safety.

Minister Jap has committed Cyber Stalking & Online Harassment on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram by doing these things to me:

making unwanted repeated phone calls and sending excessive emails

when I answer the phone he plays back my videos so I can hear my voice

leaving harassing voicemails

verbal abuse and name calling

gathering an inordinate amount of information about me

repeatedly sending unwanted gifts and donations

repeatedly posting harmful things on the internet on his social media   accounts

repeatedly posting defamatory and derogatory statements on his social   media accounts

repeatedly posting & distributing personal information

repeatedly posting harmful messages in the comment section of my social media accounts

Posting picture of me semi nude he received from a former photographer of   mine

inciting others on social media to harm, injure or harass me

posted a livestream funeral celebrating my death

participating in hate speech attacking a specific ethnic group “Black Single Mothers”

doing online search finding former friends and romantic partners

Found my ex romantic partners Lloyd Parchment & Chris Law

Contacting former romantic partner Luther “Priest” Washington

Interviewed these partners for his YouTube Show

Convinced Lloyd Parchment that I faked miscarriage 2010

Convinced Luther “Priest” Washington that I’m faking current pregnancy.

Contacted my sister via Facebook then accused her of stalking him.

Flew from Chicago to Atlanta making arrangements to meet up with my friends, former friends, romantic partners and co workers

Met up specifically with an ex romantic partner Chris Law

False victimization

False accusations – stalking

Monitoring my online activities

Disregarded warnings

Found my place of residency in Atlanta called the front desk repeatedly  telling them I’m going to commit murder and suicide

Purposely using embarrassing things about my life to humiliate me.

Harassing family, friends and supporters to isolate me.

Performing scare tactics to instill fear

Threatening my life

Dominance & Predatory Harassment

That’s too much for a man who has never met me to be doing. Out of all of the women in the world he’s never met, never got a chance to sleep with, barely talked to on the phone he chooses me to do these things to for TWO YEARS. TODAY, Timothy Johnson knowing he is under investigation moronically uses INSTAGRAM to post screenshots of an email exchange between my bestie Rice and I (that he received from my ex Priest, a low IQ disloyal, egotistical, selfish pest who has proven once again that being the village idiot is his career of choice).  The clown tagged me. I’m confused as to how he keeps finding me on every social media network created, monitoring my every move but I have no idea what he’s doing online 99% of the time. He tagged me on an IG account I don’t even promote. A private one.  Inside of the email she was showing me pictures of the outside of his house. He posted it claiming that I stalk him.  I bet you that gave him a hard on for two minutes. He actually felt special. What a delusional headcase. Rice saw Timothy’s phone number on Facebook and Google searched it to see if she could find his physical address. She admitted this replying to him on IG saying that it was her idea to search him and that someone told her he lived under a bridge and that they slapped him ERGO she searched the internet to see if she could find any information on that. She accidentally cced Priest our actual email when she sent me what she had found on Timothy. Which I replied VERY INTERESTING! Timothy insisted that he had more emails from my account. Which was uptimately a lie. But because Priests email was inside of the screenshot all  it did was prove that Priest had sent it to him. Because I thought Timothy had more of my private emails I thought Priest had broken into my email account. Turns out after I filed a second police report now having to consider filing charges against Priest, that she had just accidentally CCed him in our email correspondence and Timothy lied about having other emails. She had contacted Priest earlier that day after I forwarded her an email of his… telling him to discontinue contacting me. Everyone keeps telling him to stop contacting me, sign his parental rights away and leave me alone. Funny how Priest can find a way to communicate with complete strangers such as Timothy Johnson that have never met me but refuses to talk to all of the people who actually know me including my friends, my family members, my mom, my sis and my father figure that have all reached out to him. He has ignored all of their calls, texts and emails but entertains complete strangers who make up lies and rumors about me. His alliance is with a psycho stalker that used to want to kick it with me and didn’t get the opportunity to do so. And has been butt hurt about it ever since.  I rejected Timothy Johnson and he has made it a point to stalk my every move since. Digging into my personal life trying to figure out who I date so he can talk them into not dating me out of jealous rage. He claims he’s trying to “save” people from an “evil woman” but doesn’t know what kind of woman I am because he never has been in close proximity to me for he and I to even share the same air. It’s a shame that Priest (the father of my unborn child) would immaturely and ignorantly entertain another man’s personal vendetta against a woman he has never met.

Both of these men are trying soooooo hard to be relevant in my life when I’m not interested in either of them. I have countless emails that tell them both to discontinue contacting me. I have moved on and am very happy. Just yesterday Priest was in a Youtube livestream of mine pretending to be his wife. Trying to convince me that after months of them both promising me  they’d finalize their divorce,  they finally did so. When just week ago he brought her on to his channel “OZONE LAYER” to tell people that had a strong bond and that they were not getting a divorce. He portrayed himself to be this devoted committed husband and that I was just  a meaningless side chick.


I’m over it and doing the best I can to move forward.  My pregnancy is going well and I’m making good money and focused on my career. I’m no longer in a mentally, emotionally and physically draining relationship with Priest. Timothy Johnson knowingly and unknowingly will continue to give authorities more PROOF that has literally taken his ONLINE fantasy in relation to me OFFLINE and interacted with people he should have NEVER contacted to begin with in REAL LIFE. In MY real life. Anyone who has been contacted by Minister Jap in reference to me please understand that he is a stalker. He is not mentally well. He is obsessed with me and is under investigation. Anyone who entertains his shenanigans will be pulled into a much bigger problem that includes law enforcement. Please do not interact with him because he does not realize that digging into my personal life interacting with people from my personal life whether they are former friends or not and setting up meetings with them is against the law.  He doesn’t consider it stalking because he’s delusional and need psychiatric care. He purposely tries to ruin my life because he is not happy with his own. I have not contacted any of his friends, family members, coworkers nothing. I do NOT know this man. I have never met this man. I do NOT stalk this man. This man has some strange love/hate relationship with Black Single Mothers and will do anything he can to destroy us. He has told me stories about his personal issues with his mother. He has also called me crying hysterically apologizing. He abuses drugs and alcohol. This is not a stable person. Please be advised. 

Interestingly enough Rice isn’t the only one who sends me information about him. And she definitely isn’t the only one interested in sending people to kick his ass, IF those were her intentions. I’m going to let law enforcement deal with him. He’ll get what’s coming to him. I’ve asked him to leave me and my baby alone dozens of times. All he did was prove once again to the feds that he is interacting with a former romantic partner of mine. Keep it up Timothy you’ll be in jail in no time.

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