Co-Parenting With Sonya, Satan’s Concubine

The father of my unborn child Priest, has a wife Sonya who thinks I’d want to co-parent with her. She has another thing coming. Priest & his wife Sonya have proved they are both unfit for parenthood of any form. During the beginning of my high risk pregnancy in my first trimester Priest abandoned me bleeding and throwing up in an extended stay hotel with no money. He discontinued answering my phone calls and texts for help. Something she was very much aware of and approved of. The level of immaturity is disgusting. They are unstable and do not stick to any conviction or plan. They are both selfish, childish and do not deserve to be anywhere near me or my baby. However, I reached out to Priest and his family Feb 5th 2018 and asked them to put any issues we may have to the side so we can co-parent. Priest ignored me and his family told me they wanted nothing to do with me. So I suggested like Ive done plenty of times that Priest should sign his parental rights away. Below is the Facebook correspondence between Priest’s Mother’s Husband Arthur.

Priest did not respond to my email either. I sent him one giving him a doctor’s update and information about DNA Testing and he did not respond.

This email is only 1 of many that I sent him trying to reach out about our baby he was not interested. As a response to me reaching out to his family and this email February 8th, 2018 Priest & Sonya did an online video lying about me. Making it seem like I had been making it hard for Priest to co-parent among several other lies and slandering statements. Sonya also lied saying that Priest did NOT abandon me during pregnancy. Because of that I posted proof of a correspondence between her and I that proves she did know that he abandoned me. ( SEE THE VIDEO AT THE VERY BOTTOM)

Sonya did an interview last night February 16, 2018 to ask people for donations for Lawyer’s fees. Also saying that she quit her job because of her health and moved in with Priest. That’s a lie. Priest can not afford a place on his own. He’d have to make 3 times the amount of rent to get a place in Atlanta. He does not make enough money a month. He and I lived together. I know how much money he makes. He has never gotten a place on his own. He has always lived with her or his family. He has moved in with her. He had nowhere to go. She has only changed her narrative and said that she has moved in with him because I brought to everyone’s attention that he isn’t financially stable enough to take care of himself. She is asking for donations because she quit her job and the $400 Priest makes a week will not cover expenses for them both.

In the video below that was livestreamed Jan 8th back Sonya came into my livechat and told me that her and Priest had filed for divorce and that it was finalized. I asked for a copy of the divorce decree which was never emailed to me. That’s how I knew it was just another lie being told to me. Priest also sent me an email confirming the divorce as well. I have been told over and over and over and over that their divorced is finalized. Now It’s February 16, 2018 and now their narrative is changing. They are now saying they are back together and live together. They have been saying they are back together for the past three weeks now. These two are playing games and have been since the beginning of my interaction with Priest in April 2017. Sonya NEVER tried to help me. She pretended to help me. Her intentions were never pure.

These emails below Priest also confirmed that they are not together and that their divorce papers have been filed.


Here he also confirms it.

Sonya brought herself into this situation I did not mention her name first. In the video below it’s proof that I did NOT mention her name first. She pulled herself into something that is not her business. Inside of this video I show proof of her saying she wanted nothing to do with our situation and that she was getting a divorce. One minute they want to be divorced next minute they don’t. I want nothing to do with them. I’m no longer interested in coparenting and I do NOT want my child around either of them.

They consistently try to make me out to be the bad guy in public when I’m not their problem. They are each other’s problem. They lie. I have been very cool about this entire situation. They have made my life very complicated from the very beginning and I just want nothing to do with their drama and mess that they create and never take responsibility for. I’m done.

Justice will be born in May and all I want to do is focus on my son and my life in San Francisco and leave Priest and his issues in Atlanta where they belong.


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