Copy of California Police Reports Filed Against Minister Jap aka JapCity aka Timothy Johnson Hussein By Soncerae Smith


After two years of being stalked and harassed online by Minister Jap I finally filed a police report. January 3rd, 2018. I’ve had to file 4 since then. I’ve asked him to stop. I tried to speak to him privately. I’ve sent dozens of emails asking him to leave me alone. He has crashed my livestreams at least a hundred times. Even after being blocked he will create another profile just to harass me. I tried to be friendly and cordial however nothing has stopped him from overstepping boundaries. In his videos he calls me a “snitch” like I’ll be offended and go run off and not want to let the authorities know of what he’s doing.

He has ignored warnings and poked fun at the idea that I even filed these police reports, calling my bluff.

Here is a copy of the police report I filed February 11th, 2018

Here is the first page of the original report filed in January 2018

This month he commented on a picture of me and my mother I posted on IG in December and called us “stupid bitches” that I had to report. As well as 60+ phone calls he made to me from a private number on February 18th, 2018. When I’d answer he’d scream obscenities begging me to talk to him. He has made hundreds of disgusting disrespectful videos about Black Women. He has dug into my personal life. He has reached out to my family friends coworkers romantic partners and ex lovers. He has blurred the line between fantasy and reality. He has said derogatory and defamatory things about me. He has even lied. But he’d wine and cry if someone was to clown him because of his sister’s death or his mother’s promiscuity. He’s upset if any Black Woman stands up to him.

He claims that finding me on IG is soooo easy because someone can put my name in the search and find me. The question is why are you looking for me to begin with. He has even contacted me on private profiles that I do not promote on YouTube.

The original report also includes charges filed against Bomb Cherry AKA Vonya Edwards, Tommy Sotomayor, Stupidity Exodus and Junk Pile Video.

As of lately I’ve been trying to be very nice and not be responsible for another Black Man being incarcerated. However, if his behavior continues to worsen it will leave me no choice.

I am not the only woman he harasses. Any woman who may be experiencing what I am please speak up and defend yourself. His behavior is unacceptable. File police reports if you have to. This is not a game. This is reality. He has taken things too far and taken his issues off social media and has tried to destroy my real life. His lies obsession and propaganda in regards to me that he religiously spreads on his Youtube platform has caused other men to begin harassing me on other social media platforms. Please do not take this situation lightly. His obsession has effected my real life negatively.

I do not know this man personally. I have never met him in person. I have not reached out to anyone in his personal life. I discontinued reaching out to him once I realized it was not stopping him from trying to ruin my life.

Also filing a false police report in the state of California is against the law. If any of the things I spoke about in these reports were false I would have been arrested. I was asked to provide proof. I gave the authorities screenshots, videos and witness testimonies to prove that everything on these reports are accurate and true.

2 thoughts on “Copy of California Police Reports Filed Against Minister Jap aka JapCity aka Timothy Johnson Hussein By Soncerae Smith”

  1. When you go to the police station out here to get an officer you have to contact a dispatcher. There is a phone in the lobby that goes directly to dispatch. Once you explain to the dispatcher what’s wrong they call an officer down to the lobby. They consider that a welfare check.


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