Getting Facts Straight: Did Minister Jap Lie About His Deceased Sister?

After the embarrassment Minister Jap experienced from stalking and harassing Tommy Sotomayor during a livestream he conducted in the middle of a Chicago Street, Jap called me crying asking me not to post a video about the incident. Inside of this conversation he was crying hysterically about the incident as well as his sister’s death. He also apologized for the things he posted about me. For months I kept the nature of our conversation a secret and the fact that we even had the conversation to myself until he returned to YouTube posting unwarranted horrible videos about me.

This led me to post a video talking about how karma comes back around and if he wouldn’t have had a funeral about me celebrating my death on his channel then his sister wouldn’t have died in real life.

Soon after Jap gathered people together to get my YouTube channel removed by false flagging. He started a Patreon Campaign and accepted donations. Once my channel was removed, a channel that is now reinstated, Jap created another livestream celebrating it’s termination and inside of it spoke about how wrong it was for me to bring up his deceased sister.


Fast forward to now, 3-4 months later a beef between he and Egypt Ann starts and after hearing me say that his sister was deceased and was the one who encouraged him to make videos bashing black women she starts making fun of him because of his sister’s death.

Today he goes into Egypt Ann’s comment section and posts this:

Basically saying that his sister isn’t dead and that she is looking at this entire situation laughing. It isn’t that Egypt Ann needs to get her facts straight. It’s that Minister Jap needs to stop lying about his sister’s death.


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