Exposing Egypt Ann

I think people are more interested in who Egypt Ann is more than I am. I’m completely fine with the little bit of her life she shares on YouTube. I’m not interested in digging deeper than that. I’m not completely certain why everyone is so hell bent on EXPOSING people. The only time I’ll unveil someone’s personal information is if they consistently keep coming for me exposing MY personal information and I actually have access to that information. I share 20% of my life but it’s 80% that people do NOT know but they will overstep that boundary and try to figure it out. Usually people send me information about other people. I never have to go looking for it myself. I don’t usually dox people. It’s not an interest of mine. No matter how many accusations are out there the truth is I expose MYSELF not others. With the exception of me proving a point to Chris Law by posting pictures of his wife kids and house on this blog that someone sent me that they stole from his Facebook page I rarely take it upon myself to expose people’s private information. In that instance he was speaking about my personal life so I attacked his.

During our break up phase, after Priest posted all of our texts messages that held sacred private conversations someone got really pissed, looked him up and begin posting his social security number, old addresses and names of his family members. He thought it was me. Which was stupid. Not like he ever gave me access to his social security number or old addresses. Someone would have had to do something illegal and hack his private accounts. How else would someone get their hands on his social security number? Again he never gave his social security number to me. But even if I was the person who did something like that….he had just posted all of our private sacred text messages that would be pay back. I’m not doing something illegal to get back at him and get myself in trouble. For what? That’s dumb. He already ruined a large piece of my life. I’m not going to jail for his worthless ass.

Revenge….now there’s a concept that a lot of people are indulging in on YouTube. The pettiness is real. After harassing me for almost a month someone begin setting revenge on Bomb Cherry. They decided to dig into her personal business and revealed to me that not only was she hiding her web cam pornography career as well as phone sex operation she also had twerk videos of her half naked in a thong on her Facebook account and was lying about her being married. Everyone was butthurt that I posted this information that was sent to me to this blog. Like she hadn’t harassed me, talked about my vagina, called me names and stuck her nose far too deep in my business daily. All because she was angry I blocked her from my YouTube channel. She posted videos daily dragging me for a month before I responded. And then after I responded ONCE, the video frequency damn near doubled and she begin making more and more videos about me everyday, harassing me. Finally I filed charges against her.

Dealing with the misfits of YouTube and their deranged behavior can be an extreme annoyance. The block feature is now something I will never be able to avoid. One thing I also can’t seem to avoid are the deranged maniacs who purposely try to contact me to cause drama between me and another content creator. They try really hard. They’ve even tried to destroy my friendships in real life. Now their eyes are on Egypt Ann.

I’m cool with Egypt Ann outside of the fact that she continues to bring up how everyone keeps talking about the smell of my vagina over and over again like somehow it gives her some sort of glee to keep mentioning it over and over. Regardless, I have no issue with her and hate that people want me to. I’m sure people have come to her telling her things about me as well to try to create some sort of issues between us. Recently I received an email from someone who claims to be her ex boyfriend. I reached out to her to get her email address so I could forward the email to her. She was reluctant to send it to me or to email me. I’ve looked for her email address before. Usually content creators have their email addresses on their accounts. I didn’t see hers. This also confused me because she’s complained how Minister Jap has sent her harassing emails. To me that seemed odd. How did he get her email address to begin with? With it not being on any of her profiles? Going to her Google+ profile maybe? I’m not about to overthink. I’m just going to post the contents of the email here.

I’ve said plenty of times, people voluntarily send me other people’s information without my having to ask. They also send me LIES. I’ve posted proof of this dozens of times. Some things I choose to share. Some things I don’t even bother posting. I just hold on to it. But something just seems odd about this email. It seems like to me this is someone pretending to be someone in her past. Lying to me about who she is or who she used to be. To me this person is fishing to see if I’d take the bait of exposing Egypt Ann. Being as though everyone tries to pin ME as the person who exposes everyone when in reality all I do is expose MYSELF. I’m tired of the games I really am. I tell people all of the time send positive vibes to my email account, not drama, not mess and definitely not lies. I’m an honest person. I’ll go the extra mile just to prove something just because so many people insist on calling me a liar when I’m one of the most honest people you’ll meet. You may twist my words or misunderstand but I never lie. To me even omission is a lie and it pains me sometimes to even have to hold someone else’s secrets if telling the truth about a person will clear my name.

A lot of the people on YouTube who don’t show their face or use their real names do not take responsibility or accountability for the things that they say and do online. We could possibly classify Egypt Ann as one of those people. Stripper or not. Some people show their face and still use a fake alias so it still gives them the power to bully or harass someone else. I always wonder why these people have time to do anything other than improve their own lives, spend time with their friends and love their family. They choose to instead start drama, gossip and conspire with others to hurt people and ruin lives. Shit won’t get real for them until the authorities knock on their door. To me Egypt Ann is at some instances a reflection. She’ll show you by using you as an example your own negative behavior. .

Inside of this email above this man accused Egypt Ann of tormenting me. I was perplexed. Like, had he actually been listening to what Egypt Ann says the last thing he’d describe what she is doing in regards to me is tormenting me. If anything she’s been making some valid damn points. I don’t care who she is off YouTube. I don’t care who she used to date. I don’t care who she’s dating now. I really don’t care what her former career was or anything else that she considers none of my damn business. One thing is for damn certain is she’ll never have to worry about ME being the person that exposes her no matter how many emails I get of people dangling bullshit in front of me like it’s golden. Some may think me posting screenshots of this email is me exposing her….I don’t give a shit. I want to continue to prove to people that I don’t dox people, expose people, post other people’s business or private information contrary to what people believe or tell others. It’s always others with motives who will attempt to use me as their tool to hurt others. THEY EXPOSE PEOPLE. I EXPOSE MYSELF.

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