Being Stalked By Chicago’s Drug Addict & Alcoholic Minister Jap

There is an alcoholic drug addict in Chicago, Timothy Johnson Hussein aka Minister Jap or Jap City who has been stalking me online and harassing me for two years after we did a YouTube Collaboration. Finally this year I filed charges against him for contacting my friends family coworkers ex’s father of my children. He has created fake social media profiles impersonating me. Telling people that he is the father of my unborn child…claiming He and I had a one night stand and asking people to give me advice about getting him back. We’ve never met. Idk him. None of this is true. He is known to have some type of disdain for single mothers and uses his platform to degrade and make fun of women who have been left to raise kids alone. It’s unfortunate that his own self hatred and issues with his own mother has made him behave in such a way. Drugs and alcohol play a major part in this man’s self destruction and dysfunction. Please pray for his healing. Wish him much peace and success. If he continues to head down the wrong path the money and fame he chases will not matter even if he obtains it because the alcohol, drug abuse and mental instability will eat him alive.

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