Saving Heauxs: Minister Jap, JPV & Stupidity Exodus

It’s funny that these men judge me for my modeling career, me working at a swingers club and sharing intimacy and fulfilling his sexual fantasy of a threesome with a man I cared for, all 10 years ago. They think it is such a huge crime. These men have seemed to take a liking to talking about me negatively on YouTube. Minister Jap, JPV and Stupidity Exodus have all three made it seem like my behaviors from 10 years ago have been the worse displays of womanhood imaginable. Meanwhile they worship the ground of this geriatric troll who has also taken a liking to harassing me online by the name of Bomb Cherry who is currently an overweight 40+ webcam whore and phone sex operator. Who claims to have involvement with the military and who also claims to be married. Google Bomb Cherry, you’ll see plenty of webcam porn and trashy images of her sucking on dildoes and playing with herself. I’ve been chastised by this group of men and called every name but a child of God going on 3 years. However they have seemed to overlook Vonya Edwards aka Bomb Cherry’s perversion and hypersexualized behavior as if it’s some type of normalcy to it.

Late last year, Bomb Cherry started to excessively harass me after my break up with the father of my son and has taken it upon herself to show every level of disdain she can towards me after I blocked her on social media for her belligerence towards another viewer in my comment section. Since then Minister Jap, Stupidity Exodus and Junk Pile video have completely turned a blind eye to her whoredom but spread hatespeech about Black Women and their promiscuity, sexuality, gender and race. With Bomb Cherry in tow they attack any woman who challenges the remedial mindset of men who believe that it’s completely ok with chatising the lifestyles of Single Mothers and other women they disagree with.

I had to file charges against all of these people in January for cyberstalking and harassment. Now it looks as if the harassment is beginning all over again. So I’ll have to file another police report. Once my son is born I’ll contact the FBI field office nearby and handle it that way.


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