Chris Law LIES Once Again About Soncerae & His Daughter

I’m so tired of people always trying to depict me as some type of villian. Everyday it’s some kind of unnecessary drama. Today I received an email from someone by the name of Gabby who claimed to be Chris Law’s daughter’s classmate. Inside of the email they was revealing personal information about Chris Law’s relationship with his daughter Taylor. She claimed that Chris hadn’t paid child support, was broke and was living off of his wife. She also claimed that Taylor had saw all of the videos Chris and I had made and was upset. She went on to say that Chris was bipolar and lies a lot. Not knowing what to do with the information I informed Gabby that I was not interested in hurting Chris or his daughter. To me exposing this information was unnecessary. Uncertain about whether this Gabby person was a troll from YouTube or someone trying to start some mess I sat and thought about what I wanted to do next with the information. I ended up deciding that I wanted to simply contact Chris about it and let him know that I had no interest in spreading this information.

Chris just started a new YouTube channel. Which was a good idea if Chris intentions were to no longer speak of me. I actually created a video saying I really had no issues with Chris and that I wanted to move on. Gabby claimed that the reason why he was starting the channel was because Taylor had found out about his old one. Shit didn’t make any sense to me. I brushed it off. I explained to Gabby that I don’t want to hurt Chris or his daughter and that I tried to make amends with Chris but he continues to play with my life. Who knew that he’d prove me right in a matter of minutes.

I ended up contacting Chris letting him know that he wasn’t my favorite person however I wasn’t going to be the one to expose this information or his daughter. I was told things I was not interested in repeating. I said that to him in an email. I also suggested that taking a step back from YouTube and all of those messy ass people who may have purposely started this drama. I’ve noticed a pattern with the people he surrounds himself with. I told him it could get uglier and messier and honestly it’s not even worth all of that so let’s just not fan the flames. I begged him to listen and suggested he fall back.

I didn’t hear back from him but I didn’t sweat it I just moved on and decided to do a livestream about Back Child Support. Which is currently an interest of mine. I mentioned inside of this livestream that a teenager had contacted me and was upset basically that her father pretended to have himself together financially for social media but behind the scenes had not paid child support. I begin to ask people in my comment section how does back child support even pile up. I read the email that was sent me however never mentioned that it was Chris that I was speaking of. I wanted to hear people’s perspectives about Back Child Support NOT about Chris. I didn’t have any intention of mentioning Chris AT ALL.

During the livestream one of my moderators blocked someone I believed initially that it was unwarranted. I was certain I had seen that person in one of my chats before. Just out of curiosity I clicked on this person’s profile and noticed that she was following Chris Law’s channel. On her channel I saw that Chris was doing a livestream. So I clicked on the livestream and in it he was accusing me of threatening to harass him and expose his daughter’s information. To my surprised the very people I suggested Chris stay away from were the very messy people that were in his livechat instigating. I never threatened Chris and I never harassed him yet here he was LYING to people telling them that that’s what I was doing. Playing the victim as usual.

Here I was protecting Chris. Not interested in spreading this information that was sent to me about him. And in return he was begging for the adoration of others using this opportunity to make it seem like I threatened him. Talking about Back Child Support was a good topic. However talking about Chris and his daughter was NOT. At least not to me. I was in the middle of my own livestream and somehow found out that he was in the middle of his own livestream accusing me of things I didn’t even do. Things I’d never do. IDK why Chris would LIE like this. IDK if Chris really thinks that I’d do something like this. Or maybe he expects me to do something like this because he feels so guilty about what he did to me. I’m so tired of this man trying to use me as a scapegoat for his poor decisions and impulsive behavior. Had he actually took the time to read the email he would have saw that I specifically said THIS IS NOT INFORMATION I WANT TO REPEAT. I guess he automatically took it as I have this information and if you don’t do what I say I’ll release it. NO….I was never going to release it. I just wanted him to be careful. And to understand that someone out there has his information. If Gabby is NOT Taylor’s classmate, someone from YouTube is playing around and that he needs to FALL BACK. But ofcourse no one is going to see it that way. People always want to depict me as something or someone I’m not so they can have content to speak about on their shitty ass YouTube channels. Just one more thing to livestream about.

As much as Chris hurt me I’m not interested in hurting him in return I just want nothing to do with him at all.

And Da Nini lying messy ass is up to no good. I did not just randomly expose Chris’s daughter’s email address and channel. He lied on his channel livestreaming about me BEFORE I even decided to posted her information. He shouldn’t have lied. So Da Nini needs to sit down and STFU. Stop coming for Bruna telling her LIES. She saw the entire livestream so you pumping her head full of bullshit won’t work.

People always play like their a victim. Making fake profiles. Setting up fake email accounts. TROLLING an then accuse me of some kind of crazy outlandish conspiracy.

Now all of the information is out there. Find out who this Gabby person is and stop trying to accuse me of being malicious when that’s simply not the kind of person I am.

I should’ve showed police all of the evidence I have to prove that Chris has joined in with Minister Jap for harassing me for almost 3 years. It just seemed petty and childish to do so. Let’s be clear I’m not worried if Chris so called contacted the police with false claims and accusations with no solid proof whatsoever. No charges will be filed against me and I definitely will not be going to jail. Innocent people don’t have to worry about things like that. This drama has gone too far and I’m tired of it.

Everyone wants me to protect their families their jobs their lives but consider themselves savages when it comes to me. No one has cared about my children my privacy or my pregnancy. Most of the people involved in this are 30+ and have acted like CHILDREN. I can mirror back the same malecious behavior and in this case I tried to take the higher road but I’m tired of being bullied misunderstood underappreciated and ostracized. I can’t take it anymore and I’m done with all of the games and nonsense. I want to be left alone.

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