I Have Another Stalker – Warren Dalferes

Warren Louis Dalferes has been stalking me excessively on the internet for almost 6 months now.

He is a 36 year old man who resides in Louisiana. I believe he was born July 19th, 1981. I found out today that he attended. F. W. Gregory Junior High School, in New Orleans, Louisiana (LA) He also has been arrested and has a criminal record. If you know anymore information about this man please email me so that I can send that additional information to the authorities. I filed a police report today. There is a possibility that this information I have already is inaccurate. However I doubt it. He has been contacting me excessively on more than one of my social media accounts. I do NOT know this man. I have never met him. Again if you have additional information please contact me. All of the information I have on him is from the internet. Finally today I got tired of him harassing me anonymously so I did a search. I keep blocking him over and over evidently he isn’t catching the hint that I want him to leave me alone. Today he took his shenanigans off YouTube and brought it to my Facebook page and I had to block him there as well. IDK why people think this type of stuff is funny but it isn’t. I’m tired of being harassed by these psychotic ass black men. I want to be left alone.

He contacted me recently from this Facebook Profile


He has been harassing me from this YouTube account.





2111 Westbend Pkwy, New Orleans, LA 70114
(504) 366-5960


1927 Shalett, New Orleans, LA 70114
(504) 362-6772

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