Females & Their Facades: Treatrice Eady

Everyone wants their privacy. We all value it. I have to consistently share parts of my life that other people may be afraid to share. There’s 20% of my life that I speak about and 80% that I keep to myself. I like to have everything on the table honestly so there is no confusion.

There have been a few people on YouTube who I considered my friends. Rice, Angela, Bruna, CaliBoo, I even considered Bomb Cherry an associate. Usually when true friends get into it they iron things out and move forward. My reasons for no longer having a friendship with these people may stem from us not meeting each other in real life. I guess it was hard for these women to value the bond when we’ve never met in person.

One thing I take pride in is my ability to be honest about where I stand with people and in life. When I’ve been down and out I’ve said it. When I’ve been financially stable I’ve said it. When I’ve needed donations I’ve asked for them. I’ve spoken about hardships, evictions, car repossessions, being molested and sexually assaulted, domestic violence, bad relationships etc….openly and honestly on my YouTube channel. However I’ve also spoken positively about what I’ve learned, charity work, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, education, spirituality and metaphysics. I have cooking tutorials and beauty tips….I’ve done comedy skits and everything. I’ve talked about sex and good relationships I’ve had with men. I’ve invited friends on my channel. My family has been on my channel. My three dogs have been on my channel so has my turtle and even the fish in my fish tank. I’ve just been myself. I’ve now given birth on YouTube. That’s me. My life. My real life. What’s unfortunate is that some of the people who I considered friends on YouTube try to make it seem like I’m not the kind hearted loving fun nice person I am simply because I caught them in lies or I pulled away from them because I found out they were interacting with people who have consistently made fun of me, made up lies about me or harassed or bullied me online. It hurts me to have to get rid of people but it just seems like most people don’t have my back. People I’ve took up for. People I’ve helped improve their channels, businesses, relationships or friendships make me out to be this person I’m not. Sometimes it bothers me that Im expected to always prove myself to everyone when no one is going out of their way to prove anything to me.

I’ve been hurt by so many people that I just pull away so easy now just by staying quiet. How people respond to my silence is upsetting.

I’m a real person and the people who try to make me out to not be that are the people who hide the most. Right now I’m getting dozens of emails about a former friend Rice.

Teatrice Eady aka Rice has lied to people telling them I stole $3k from her PayPal account. She lied to people and told them I lived in a boarding house for single mothers. She’s been interacting with my exs unnecessarily having public livestreams with them discussing me. It’s a horrible thing to do. I stopped being cool with her prior to all of this because she wanted to interact with a few people who used to harass and bully both her and I online. Even after I asked her to stop with the drama dealing with these people she continued to get low. A woman I once admired for her strength and independent thinking had now become a troll herself. I will never understand how a person who called themselves my friend would defend me online for months against Chris Law and Priest suddenly decide she wants to be cool with them. When people run straight for your enemies when you two no longer deal with each other says something awful about their character. They stand for NOTHING.

She always spoke about her degrees, her marriage, her six figure salary and her former “modeling career”. She told me she dated Chris Brown and also spoke to me in regards to some sort of association with Nick Cannon. Towards me pulling away from her I started to notice she’d lie or embellish the truth in order to manipulate me into admiring her. I begin to question everything she said to me. I knew then that it would be hard to keep a friendship going with her.

Since then she’s made videos some obvious and some subliminal. It doesn’t bother me. It just shows me who she truly was from the beginning and it’s good I pulled away.

Other people see her actions as well. I received an email today about Rice. It made me question her more.

One of two things is happening here either Rice is lying about making six figures or Rice has filed for bankruptcy and is committing fraud. I asked the person who sent me this where she got the information from she said Bankruptcy is public record.

I will never understand why people just can’t be themselves. You will be spoken about and chastised regardless. You can’t lie about who you are just so people can like you and I hoped the people around me would see my honesty about my life and realize that. It’s going to be alright. Be yourself. Even if people hate you for it.

There have been times I’ve been broke. There have been times I’ve been financially stable. As long as I’m working and in good health I will always have money. But even when I’m down I say that. The very people who chastise me for my flaws or shortcomings are the very people who harbor the same issues. People please stop pretending you are something you are not just to get social acceptance. The truth is WE AIN’T ALL THAT.

One thought on “Females & Their Facades: Treatrice Eady”

  1. This is why many women don’t have friends. I am a 31 year old woman and haven’t had a close friend since high school. It’s sad that when you try and let your guard down instead of embracing one for whom they are truly. Many just want to feel better than the next. People have changed so much. Call me crazy but I blame the internet/social media.


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