Junk Pile Video Exposed

For years I had been severely stalked by a white man who refused to show his face or tell people his real name. On YouTube he called himself Keith using a YouTube channel called Junk Pile Video. He is also a blogger who uses the name Keith Allen. His real name is Michael McDaniel.

I don’t care whether his name is Keith Allen, Michael McDaniel or boo boo the fool I just wanted him to stay in his lane and stop assuming every Black Woman he doesn’t agree with deserves him stalking and harassing them.

I’ve written two or three blogs about this man. One of which I explain how he stalked me all over the state of California. Livestreaming himself doing a Google search of neighborhoods and surrounding areas trying to pinpoint my coordinates. Two years back he called Child Protective Services and a representative came to my house to check on the welfare of my teenage daughter. I was asked did I have any weapons and had I ever considered suicide. If he felt like I was going to harm my child the bozo should’ve called 911 not CPS. That doesn’t make sense. Even if I was suicidal I don’t see how that would make that any of his business to begin with. He is a complete stranger. If I ever saw someone who seemed sad enough to commit suicide the last thing I’d do is contribute to more unhappiness by causing mischief. If anything they’d get compassion and sympathy not hatred and anger. This man is more demented than a person who is suicidal.

Last year he called the main office at the extended stay hotel I was staying at and lied to them. They were told by him that I was on livestream talking about killing my son’s father then killing myself. So they came knocking on my room door making sure everything was ok.

Earlier this year he called the Fremont Police department here in California assuming that’s where I lived, making false accusations. After I had already pressed charges not knowing his true identity.

A few weeks ago days after my son was born he called the Fremont Police Department again. They contacted the police department near my place of residency and was asked to do a welfare check.

Finally his real identity has been revealed. In an old news media clip done in Portland Oregon his name is reportedly Michael Mcdaniel.

Michael Mcdaniel and his obsession with Black Women was just revealed to me after two other black women proved they had been harassed by this man as well.

If you are being harassed by Junk Pile Video, Keith Allen aka Michael Mcdaniel please contact authorities immediately.

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