Addressing Rumors Once Again This Time Made By A Butthurt Ghetto Stripper

People talk about things they know nothing about. They sound so stupid to me. Someone asked me yesterday was it true that someone offered me $2k to show them proof that I am in the Information Technology field. The person who begged me to prove myself wasn’t going to stop stalking me regardless so I told him to go fuck himself. I didn’t want the money he pretended to have. He just offered it so he could tell people I’d do anything for money. I’ve learned that when people are angry because they can’t control you or get you to communicate with them they try to control how others perceive you. That’s what Reba Woods aka Egypt Ann is doing on YouTube right now. Desperate for views and attention she is trying to convince people that I give a fuck about her. Here’s the truth. I wished her the best like I do everyone and kept it moving.

Let’s be clear:

1. I don’t create fake profiles on any social media platform to troll people. I don’t have time for that.

2. I don’t create fake channels posting videos about people I don’t like. If I don’t like you I will tell you on my main channel. So you’ll know it’s me. I’ll point at you directly. No one puts fear in my heart to where I’ll hide.

3. I have too many amazing female friends IN REAL LIFE who are Doctors, Nurses, TV Hosts, other Information Technology professionals to even consider begging a stripper, pornstar or etc to be friends.

4. I’ve said dozens of times that Egypt Ann and I are NOT friends. I never begged her to be.

5. BlockEleven, BlockDymez and Blockworkz are all owned by Soncerae Smith and have been since 2010. Here’s proof. I did not steal it. If anything someone could’ve possibly stole the name from me.

6. I do not have fake email accounts where I contact people pretending to be someone else. I don’t have time.

7. My son’s father is Priest.

8. Whatever happened between Minister Jap and I is over. That includes professional personal or whatever. I never said he was my boyfriend my man or husband. He and I have never had sex or dated. Dating was only something we spoke about doing briefly. We don’t communicate.

9. No one has proof ANYWHERE that I am NOT who I say I am. People assume that because I’m not losing myself jumping through hoops to prove something to them I must be lying when really I simply don’t owe you muthafuckas nothing. I share what I want people to know. I don’t lie about who I am. It’s ironic that the people who claim I lie about myself never show people who they are. They don’t even want people to know their real name nor do they show their face.

10. You can’t expose me. You can try but reality is you can’t tell anyone anything about me that I haven’t told everyone about myself. You can make up lies and that’s what most people been doing. The people who claim they expose me or have proof I am who they wish I was or wasn’t are full of shit and need to try harder to come up with real content or talking points.

11. I don’t dox people. I don’t have time. Researching is time consuming. I only have what people send me. No one has sent me anything about anyone lately because I’ve asked people to discontinue spreading drama.

12. I will never cause any harm to any child. Not my own and not anyone else’s whether it’s of a physically abusive or sexual nature and the person who would suggest such a thing is mentally disturbed and scum of the earth low.

13. I’ve never been a porn star, prostitute or stripper.

14. I’ve never let men “gang bang” me and I’ve never gave a group of men head at a swingers party.

15. I don’t come after people’s families. I have retaliated against people who have come for mine.

16. This drama is boring as hell. I’m done with it. Move on.


17. I do not know Lil Scrappy. My mom paid Lil Scrappy to do a shout out for me as a gift.

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