Lavonya Edwards aka PornHoe Bomb Cherry Obsessed with Soncerae

Thank God its some people out here that have critical thinking skills and home training. People email me everyday with some foolishness that some messy people post online everyday.

The people that claim they despise me the most talk about me EVERYDAY. Doing 2-8 hr livestreams about me. Who has time????

I’m still confused as to why this one very unattractive elderly lady continues to discuss me EVERYDAY. And has been doing it for years. In the picture above she’s shown on all fours, another with a dildoe in her mouth another of her playing with her vagina and another of her spread eagle but the bitch is trying to convince everyone that I’m disingenuous and she’s Africa America’s Sweetheart. Bitch bye.

Just today the overweight handsome huzzy thought that it would be a good idea to address my daughter. But the tramp’s IQ is lower than the 9th circle of hell. She didnt even pick up on the fact that she was NOT talking to my daughter at all.

She called herself coming onto my channel commenting underneath a video I made about Child Support replying to this comment made by one of my supporters. A supporter who was disappointed about an interview I did on a channel called InnerBeautyTV with host Nicole Michelle.

Here’s the messy desperate for attention demented porn hoe in my comment section encouraging this girl to not be like her mother, “me”.

The dumb bimbo didnt even realize that that’s not my daughter. #1 my kid is barely able to be online. She is either at school working or studying. She gets on Youtube every blue moon and even when she does she isnt using a real name, or a derivative of her name, she isnt trolling or anything like that. She is watching GAMEGRUMPS. Most people know her YouTube handle. And it aint Dominique White.

So I go to the dumb DUMB’S channel. Low and behold just two hours earlier she posted a video about me thinking she actually has the skill to break “Soncerae” down. As if she could skip remedial classes and head straight to community college. ⬅ a joke only a college grad would laugh at. Bitch don’t pass go or collect $200 take your fraudulent ass back to preschool. STARTOVER!! It’s hard for me to even take this broad serious.

That not so brilliant busted old bity with washed up wack ass wisdom is so senile that the bitch has completely forgotten her hoe fax is 155 pages longer than mine will ever be. She had no problem discussing her group sex and orgies with the others in my comment section when she was a full blown SonceraeFan. Now suddenly she hates me because I blocked her loud mouth ass when I caught her arguing with another viewer. She judges me as if she has a squeaky clean image. Like she Claire Huxable or some shit. Bitch can barely do a cooking tutorial properly but wanna pump fake like she’s Susie Homemaker. Bitch you far from Martha Stewart.

She talks about me as if I’m not taking accountability for any of my actions in regards to my son his father and that weak ass ex wife of his. I tell the story of my life experience and the lessons Ive learned over and over just to teach other women a lesson in not being like Soncerae and this butterballed basic bitch Lavonya “Eat a dick” Edwards is in my comment section claiming I dont take accountability when she can barely admit that she sells pussy? I cant with these bitches.

This isn’t even the first time this goofy skeezer has done something stupid. She called my manager and lied to him telling him she purchased a ticket at one of my events. She was trying convince him that my event was fraudulent. This bitch is slow. He is my manager meaning he knows that my events and company are legitimate idiot. He’s got the intel. He was talking to her like “bitch wtf are you talking about? You trying to convince me that Soncerae doesn’t handle real business when I know that she does?” Bitch he’s known me for years. Stop making a fool of yourself just to cause a scene and make a mess.

I try to be nice. I’ve tried to respect my elders. I’ve discontinued talking about the bitch altogether. I even tried even join in on the trolling for shits and gigggles. But this slut has taken shit so far that she even accussed me of trying to get someone to sexually assault her when all I’ve done is file charges against the bitch for stalking and harassing. She still hasn’t picked up on the fact that she is in the wrong and not me?!?! Wowowow. I mean is it that hard to comprehend? I could give two fucks about who she’s fucking what shes doing. I’m not following her around Youtube. But the bitch watches every video I post every interview I do. I can’t turn the corner without that gawd awful bitch breathing her hot judgmental dragon breath down the back of my neck. But somehow she has made up in her twisted mind that Soncerae is somehow doing something to her?! This bitch has been on the prowl jocking me for 2 years making reference to my vagina and everything. But I’m supposedly the coconut in this situation? Riiighhhtttttt….bitches will tell themselves anything to help themselves sleep better at night.

I posted under her raggedy video about Soncerae and said this:

“So let me get this straight….you was intelligent enough to start a webcam adult channel to post videos of you masturbating and sticking bottles up your ass. You took pictures of yourself with your legs spread wide open selling your nasty pussy to the highest bidder but you weren’t that bright to realize that you were in my comment section addressing a grown woman I don’t know as if she is my daughter. Calling yourself giving her advice about not being like me when your triflin ass was in the porn industry? You are in no position to be advising any female of doing any thing when your geriatric ass uses Youtube every chance you get to bring another woman down that you don’t know or never met? But you think you a Michelle Obama kind of role model with your fraudulent ass fake marriage and XXX themed classless behavior?!? Bitch get a grip. You are in need of a psych ward. That entire click you interact with needs to upgrade the meds. You so quick to claim I lie and I’m not upfront when your nasty ass can’t tell the truth about your own situation. You didnt even take the time to do proper research before addressing someone. ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS READ THE WOMAN’S COMMENT and you would’ve clearly saw that she was just another supporter not my Daughter. Your stupid ass thought because they had the same first name that thats my daughter? You dumb bitch. Get a life Lavonya MOVE ON!!!! You don’t like me cool the world gets it but everyday you do another 2-8 hr livestream about me you prove that that fake hate is slick adoration. You frustrated you can’t be me. MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE. You go out your way to talk about me every chance you get providing no kind of solution. Only causing more problems discussing a situation you haven’t even done proper research about. HOE SIT DOWN. Go find some other senior citizens that your old ass can relate too instead of wasting your last days away trolling a woman you don’t know. You too damn senile that you didnt even notice your own mistake. Bitch bye.

I hope and pray that I don’t wake up her age and I think its ok to use social media to stalk and harass lie to and about a woman I’ve never met. I can only imagine the misery she is in. Her and my mother are close in age. Usually grown women got shit better to do and too much to lose than to entertain the foolishness. I done gave her too much attention already. The bitch was bold coming in my comment section talking to someone else. Bitch boldness got her blocked. When Ive visited her channel I’ve spoken straight to her. Bitch can’t even address ME like a grown woman privately. She uses social media to get social acceptance from a whole bunch of other bitter ass people. I dont need people to like me. Clearly she does. She unites with anyone she thinks dislikes me and even tries to recruit people to not like me. Who the fuck has time for that?

It aint enough profanity in the world I can use to describe how much this old lady disgusts me. I really hope the universe takes this feelings away. I want to forget the bitch even exists. I don’t want that kind of negative poison in my mind heart or anywhere in my system.

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