To All of The Beta Males Pretending To Be Alphas

To all you Beta Males disguising yourselves as Alphas: I took the time to post some positive truthful stuff about myself and the single mothers I’ve met. Suddenly 24 hrs later the immaturity of the infamous “manchild” started. 😒😒😒😒 These boys prove me right everytime.

It’s not logical to waste time bitchin about women you choose not to date or purposely start arguments with us. Screaming about how you don’t date single mothers. STFU!! GOOD Single Mothers get asked out all of the time by Alpha Males. I know I do. If you were an Alpha Male you’d know that and be cool with it just like they are. 😍😍😍😍😍 Alpha Males have wives and girlfriends who were GOOD single mothers. Here’s the secret other Beta Males aren’t telling you: BETA MALES ARE THE ONLY ONES BITCHIN ABOUT NOT DATING SINGLE MOTHERS. ALPHA MALES DATE GOOD SINGLE MOTHERS. IF YOU ARE BITCHIN ABOUT DATING A GOOD SINGLE MOTHER YOU ARE A BETA MALE. A male saying all single mothers are bad is like a female saying all men are dogs.

Just because a man steps up and is a Step Father doesnt make him Beta. What’s Beta is you boys making fun of Alpha Males who know how to provide for not only his own family but a family another one of you Beta Males abandoned. That’s a heavy load most of you Betas can’t bench press. What’s Beta is how disrespectful you boys are calling women hoes and bitches considering us less deserving of acceptance. Boys think that hyper masculinity, a false sense of manhood, where you drink and smoke too much, act like a belligerent street nigga, beating on your chest like an ape, making fun of women makes them ALPHA. No it makes you a jackass.

You can’t handle a woman with kids that’s your preference that’s fine. It’s a major responsibility. You too weak to do the work I get it. But not every single mother on this planet is just some bad person who doesn’t deserve love respect and marriage simply because a previous relationship didnt work out. No Alpha Male is going to waste energy negatively speaking about women he doesn’t want to date. Nor is he creating some fake ass brotherhood of fuck niggas who live to disrespect single mothers. The men who claim they hate single mothers so much are the first ones to fuck and wife us.

I’m not supposed to believe the positive traits about myself, simply because you mad? Just because you have a negative perspective of Single Mothers doesnt mean I’m supposed to look at myself in a negative way or that every man is supposed to.

You don’t want to be there for a single mother then simply stay away from us. But bitchin everyday about us meanwhile trying to convince other men to not date us is very Beta Male of you. And any immature manchild who falls for it is Beta as well. It’s sooo many Alpha Males out here who are in relationships or marriages with women who were single mothers when they met them and these Alphas are very happy in their situation. Choose a single mother wisely.

If you meet a single mother who is all of the negatives you hear about us…she isn’t that way because she’s a single mom. She’s that way because she’s a bad person with a bad character all across the board. Her kids didn’t make her that way. Nor is having kids an indication that a woman is a bad person.

Alpha Males don’t care about getting acceptance and praise from other men. Alphas care about building family and wealth. They know they need women. Alphas promote unity with females. Alphas support women. Being pressed to have or only nurturing friendships with men and or mobbing together to chastise or harass women they don’t want to date is a Beta Male trait. Alpha Males have effected my life positively. I myself, as a female, don’t have to define true manhood when more than enough Alphas have schooled me on what it is.

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