Did Soncerae Really Post Your Private Information??

Take a moment everyone to critically think…..and GOOGLE YOURSELF. See how your information is PUBLIC? Your current address, your old address, your age, your relatives….its all there. It’s sites online designed only to show the world YOUR information, court records etc FOR FREE. People can be all up and through your business without having to do a legitimate background check. There are some sites that make you pay but basic info you can find out about someone is easily accessible. It’s not private! If you Googled yourself and nothing came up congrats, you are smart, you dodged a bullet. But if you Googled yourself and everything about you is there remember this, if another person online sees that information and posts it up somewhere else do not accuse that person of posting your private information. All they did was copy and paste. It’s not private. Go to the police station, tell them your information has been posted online… they will ask you. Do you pay for things online? Ever filled out an application online? Do you have Facebook? Then your information is PUBLIC and can be found. You weren’t doxxed or exposed. Someone just used Google….it doesn’t take skill. People use Google to find out information about people all of the time. Wake up! I’m not saying it isn’t creepy to post other people’s information. It is!

In 2016 someone Googled me and maliciously posted my address, my court records and even my daughter’s old school on YouTube. Guess what? This person didn’t dox me or expose me. They simply Googled me. That same year I was being harassed and bullied by a few people on YouTube and as a form of retaliation people in my audience Googled those people and sent their information to me. I posted their information to my blog. Now these same people cry like I hurt them like they didn’t spend months abusing me. Like they didn’t do countless hurtful and vitriol things to me without getting a reaction.

Like toxic people such as, geriatric troll, Lavonya Bomb Cherry Edwards who spent months taunting me on YouTube in 2017. I made 3 or 4 videos asking for unity and expressed my desire to make peace more than once with this senior citizen. I was kind to her. It was unnecessary to have friction with a stranger. She ignored it and continued to harass me. Then with the help of a few others I fought back. Now she’s butt hurt. It’s been 2 years now and she’s still online crying as if she’s my victim.

(Above Chris Law and his wife, marriage # 2 or 3)

Chris Law did the same. He spoke about my personal finances and about my relationship with my son’s father. Like he had some sort of intel. Instead of keeping his cruel comments about the experience he and I shared as main talking points, he crossed a boundary. I would have never spoke about his marriage with his current wife. That’s not my business. Yet he took it upon himself to speak about me and mine. He couldn’t stay in his lane. So I publicly reminded him that his wife filed for bankruptcy in a blog. Now he’s somewhere running rapid claiming I am the big bad wolf. He spent years, almost a decade speaking negatively to people in Atlanta about me without me responding or saying anything negative about him. Then, he disrespected me in conversation calling me a derogatory name so I publicly responded…..now his claim to fame is smear campaigning me more than he initially was. Had he shut the fuck up about things that didnt concern him and spoke only of the experience he and I shared I never would have brought up his wife or her bankruptcy. I have nothing against her. I don’t know her. I was so kind and non judgmental when I was Chris’s friend, 10 long years ago. But he sensationalizes our story and talks like it happened yesterday. We have mutual friends that are surprised he acts how he does. People who went to college with him.

Next is Priest, my son’s father. After manipulating and publicly humiliating me, lying to my family and friends, using me for money and leaving me to die in a hotel while I was severely ill and in a high risk pregnancy he walks around like he’s my biggest victim of all. I announced my pregnancy on YouTube. In the same breath I told people Priest and I mutually broke up and that his family wasn’t very nice to either of us. He left for a little while then came back. A few months went by and he decided to leave again claiming he was still interested in being with his ex wife SaDonya. But this time when he left he blocked my number and refused to be there for me for the remainder of my high risk pregnancy. He left me there with no support, homeless, with barely a cent to my name. So once again I was humiliated I had to get online tell my story and ask for help. He then created a YouTube channel posting our private text messages as well as doing interviews with complete strangers. To add insult to injury he included SaDonya. They went on this fraudulent ass “clearing their name” siege which really was a desperate attempt to get attention. There were no lies told about either of them out of my mouth. I posted receipts. They both lied to the public providing no real proof to back it up. She lied like she didn’t know he left me in the hotel sick. When the truth is I was repeatedly calling her looking for him. She knew. She also said she wouldn’t get online and defend him. Yet she ended up doing that anyway. She befriended me during my pregnancy but stabbed me in the back later. She was sabotaging my relationship with Priest the entire time I’m sure.

(above Soncerae and Priest)

(Above SaDonya & Priest)

She had no problem lying for him online. They told people dozens of lies about me. Making themselves look like the loving couple I tried to destroy. Like he was this perfect husband to her that I tricked into pregnancy. The man is 38 not 13. He knew wtf he was doing the second he started playing games. He was literally indulging in gossip and rumors on YouTube with Chris Law, Bomb Cherry and Minister Jap and that assisted in the demise of our friendship and relationship. NOT what Soncerae did to him. I was kind to him. Now I simply tell the truth about him and SaDonya. Yeah the truth is that bad. They both have joined the oh Soncerae hurt me bandwagon like they werent guilty of starting this mess to begin with by playing with my life.

If you want to keep your personal information private keep it as far away from the internet as possible. Especially if you are on YouTube trolling, gossiping, lying about others and starting mess. People will dig up your information. Even if you are on YouTube minding your business but you are popular people with nothing else better to do will look up your information. Remember that. Don’t accuse people of posting your private information when all of your business is right there for the world to see.

I live in a gorgeous half a million dollar house that I worked for. Trolls and haters are still reminding me that I was homeless living in a hotel over a year ago. When you work smart and improve, you will get more of the good things in life. Rather than elevate themselves to your level, haters would rather drag you down. The quickest way to get haters is to succeed.

Your failures make a hater happier than their own success. Haters need to see you go down to lift themselves up. Lies, gossip, false victimization is their fuel. Send positive vibes, prayer, or whatever kind gesture you can then keep it moving. You have much more purpose than to slow down & focus on them and their foolishness.

These people can act like they are victims of mine all they want to. But it’s not the truth. They tried to fuck up my life. They pretend thet are perfect people or better than me. Like they treated me with kindness or were polite and genuinely compassionate. They literally treated me like trash taking my kindness as weakness. I was so nice to them and non judgmental. What’s done in the dark will come to the light and catch up with them. I was honest and kind to these people and they were very cruel to me. I tried to be the solution. I gave apologies for things I didn’t do or hurt feelings. I tried to be mature and make peace. Nothing worked with them because they don’t want to make peace. They want to hate. They have to because nothing else will make them feel better about themselves but seeing me in a bad place. Unfortunately for them I exceed their expectations and push past their cruel intentions. These people don’t regret them abusing me. They have no remorse whatsoever but expect me to feel bad for defending myself against them. They are pissed about how I responded. How I fought back.

I am genuinely a good person. My life is so good. I am so happy & grateful. I’m joyful and free. Everything always works out for me. I am beautiful. However, I have to protect and defend myself and the bad side of me is not as attractive. It’s a side you don’t want to see and that I hate having to show.

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