I Adore Nylah Says

Today I spoke about my hatred for YouTube and how I’d be taking a two week long hiatus. It may be longer.

Inside of it I spoke about how when I unsub from channels I could still see the content from the creator I subbed to. In it I mentioned Nylah says. Experimenting, I unsubbed from her, LovelyTi, AlphaMaleStrategies, Hassan Campbell and Nicki Swift and I still see their content on my homepage.

I was proving a point that YouTube doesn’t show you the content you are subscribed to. It shows you updates on the videos you click on most. So because I still click on Nylah Says content whenever I see it, it still shows up on my homepage. I put it in the search. So because she is now part of my search history the algorithm is simply going to continue to show her content to me. It doesn’t matter if I’m subbed.

I had to speak up about this so no one will think there is some hate or shade. I think she is delightful and I never miss anything she posts even though I’m not subbed. I have much respect for her. It’s odd how YouTube works sometimes.

For months in my YouTube analytics, 75% of my audience were people who were NOT subscribed to my channel. It has since dropped to 64.9%.

I just want to make sure I made it clear that I very much support Nylah Says and there is no beef. If it seemed that way in my video I apologize however those were not my intentions. πŸ™‚ Some people are messy and will make this bigger than what it is. So for the record….no disrespect to Nylah. Her livestreams are entertaining and I love them!

I predict that within the next two weeks I will lose at least a thousand subscribers. June and July I will gain 10,000 – 30,000.

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