Chris Law’s Daughter Taylor McHenry & My Sister Is Kiara LaShawn

If you haven’t checked out my video Black YouTube For Dummies, please be sure to do so. It applies to this blog entry. Messy people are on some foolishness often. The video and the 8 tips included will come in handy.

There’s this messy group of trolls on YouTube that most of the solid content creators hate. We call them “The Viper Pit”. For obvious reasons. It’s because they are malicious snakes. They orchestrate drama, spread lies and create chaos. They have been doing it for years now.A member of this poisonous online community did a livestream yesterday using my audio clips from my channel and pictures of someone he claims is my daughter.

It’s sickening to watch. These people sat around and discussed ME. My career, my family….like it’s nothing. I live an amazing life. I have my own home, a nice car, I make good money, I’m dating, I’m healthy, my kids are well taken care of and I’m simply loving life in California. These miserable people try to destroy that as often as they can.Inside of this video that has a title claiming I harassed Chris Law’s daughter is disturbing. So let’s do some FACT CHECKS. Something these people don’t do.


#1. The person everyone keeps claiming to be my daughter is in fact my sister Kiara. A few weeks ago these dummies were swaring my daughter was pregnant at 18 now they are saying my sister is my daughter.

This image above is of my MOTHER & SISTER. My sister is a grown woman. She pays her own bills and lives alone. She has a good government job working with Homeland Security and also does cosmetology.

This is my DAUGHTER, Dominique. She’s just getting out of high school and is headed to college this year for Audio Engineering. She is currently holding a steady job as well.

As you can see these are 2 separate people.

#2 Also inside of this disturbing livestream were claims that I harass Chris Law’s daughter, Taylor. Which are not true at all.Someone from this same “Viper Pit” named Gabby contacted me some time last year claiming that they were one of Taylor’s classmates and was encouraging me to email Taylor. Since I received the link to Taylor’s channel I subbed. I also LIKE her videos. Only to show support.I have made 2 blog entries about Chris Law’s daughter. One about me emailing her which include screenshots of the emails sent to me by Gabby.

And another about Chris claiming I blackmailed him.

#3 I’ve said this 100 times and I’ll say it again. Stop misusing Chris as a tool to cause unnecessary drama. He is his own human being. It is unfortunate that a group of people still continues to use him as a prop. First Minister Jap. Then Bomb Cherry and now STL4U is using him. It won’t work I am unbothered. Chris wants to move on with his life and I’d like for him to as well. I have moved on. Chris and I were never in a committed relationship. All we had was a casual fling that happened a decade ago. It’s unfortunate that Chris has built an online presence that is solely based around me. It has pulled him into toxic friendships with people who continue to maliciously use him unbeknownst to him. I asked Chris to discontinue dealing with these people yet he refuses to listen. I would never hurt Chris and if I have it was unintentional. I do not want to hurt his marriage, family or anything like that. I never have desired anything like that.

Others have warned him about this group of people. They also used Priest and SaDonya as a tool as well. Stop falling victim to this foolishness. They cause this drama to entertain themselves. It’s annoying. This group of people have caused drama of all kinds by spreading false information, lies and rumors. These low energy people will tell this to anyone who will listen. Please don’t fall victim to this nonsense.Check out Black Womansphere and her frustration with this same group of people.

Once again I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH CHRIS LAW. We have moved on. He is over it. I am over it. Let us move on with our lives. He is married. I am seeing someone. Please stop disrupting our lives.

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