My Response To Tommy Sotomayor Interviewing My Son’s Father Priest “The DEADBEAT DAD EDITION”

As of recently my son’s father who is ultimately a deadbeat played victim on the channel of Tommy Sotomayor. He lied, depicting himself as a devoted committed husband and someone I  mislead.  Claiming that he was trapped. When the truth of the matter is that he was NOT a devoted husband. He and his then estranged wife were BOTH romantically involved with other people. Now he is officially DIVORCED.  He misled me, my friends, my YouTube subscribers, everyone on social media and my family making us believe that he wanted to be married and have children. He drained me financially and used me for money. When the money dried up he jumped ship. Does that look like a trapped man in the pictures below? NO!  In this video below my son’s GodFather gives his opinion. I also respond.