SaDonya, Ex Wife, Move on and MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!!!

My son deserves better than what he is getting from his father. His father’s performance record is low partially because a jealous ex of his won’t move on with her life. All I asked was for Priest to father our son all of this other drama SaDonya seems to keep starting online is childish and unnecessary. These 2 people are divorced how the fuck does it make sense that these 2 are anywhere together discussing me and my son?

This mugshot having battle ax needs to stay in her lane. Which is the lane furthest from me. She keeps tempting me. I will do anything for my son. She keeps causing harm to him by whispering bullshit into his father’s ear and I’m losing my patience. I want this bitch out of me and my son and his father’s life. That’s what divorce does.

My son’s father is not to bright. He continues to make poor choices under the manipulation of this woman. Our son deserves better.

She keeps trying me. Pressure bursts pipe and if she keeps coming for me and my family this will escalate unnecessarily.