Soncerae Plays Internet Games with Priest’s Family 😱

So someone was stupid enough to send this to my cousin Shunna and actually believed she’d buy into it. How did they even get Shunna’s phone number? I never posted her number her last name or images anywhere. The only people who could have given out Shunna’s info was my son’s father or his ex wife.

My cousin knows me better than any troll from the internet. She knows I have never posted her pictures online and she knows I’d never say anything negative about her. I love my family. Period.

I just posted this blog about this foolishness yesterday.

So whoever this was from YouTube who was texting Shunna from a fake number jokes on you. Her I and Julia have better shit to do than entertain madness. You can’t convince people that I’m messy when I’m not. You texting her to begin with was YOU starting a mess. She knows better. Everyone in my family does. You can’t use my family against me. You can’t use my son’s family against me either. Shunna knows I will do anything for her. So nice try but the tricks on you.