Dedicated To My Trolls – The Daily Purge Has Now Commenced

My favorite rumor being spread about me right now is… my son doesn’t have a bed. I know right! LOL Where do people get this s*** from? My son has a bed and a playroom. He is happy and well taken care of. I went from being pregnant and homeless to living like the Queen I am all before my son turned 1 and the best rumor these idiots can come up with has something to do with furniture? I will sleep on a bed of hot coal to make sure my kids are good. They live better than me. So many rumors have been spread about me for so many years. Now to the point that I don’t even care. What others think of me is unimportant nor is it my business. It’s a distraction. I simply just have other things I’m more concerned about. Like my money, my career, survival… you know… s*** that matters.

I know it’s a hard pill to swallow for those who hate me, loved to watch me be homeless and are now watching me improve my life and live it full of luxury and privilege. They assumed I’d be stuck in an extended stay hotel broke, heartbroken, abandoned and pregnant forever. Now that I’ve moved on with my life, I’ve noticed that a lot of people on social media have not. I have got to stop saying social media when really it’s just YouTube. Only YouTube. No other place am I trolled so severely.

I want to express my opinions freely so of course I understand that doing so begets criticism. I’m a tough cookie. IF I wasn’t prepared for backlash I wouldn’t have stayed on YouTube this long. I’m so nonchalant about what others have to say that I can’t stand when people say “keep my name out your mouth.” Like that has ever made someone shut the f*** up. I think that statement has only made some people stop talking loud about you and start whispering instead. Emphasis on some. I only prefer that people are honest but life experience has shown me that most people can’t do that. They have too much ignorane, self hate pride and ego to do so.

Trolling is not some new phenomenon. But I realize that a lot of people are annoyed by it just like I am especially on my YouTube channel. After a while I begin to heavily moderate my channel because the trolling was getting out of hand. Certain topics that people would speak about in my comment section would make a video or live stream become demonetized. Not only was I getting sick of seeing people arguing I noticed that most of the time it was trolls versus intellects. The trolls were only posting defamatory slurs or threats, lies or trigger words for entertainment purposes. Trying to be funny and s***.

I’ve created a lot of different channels on YouTube none of which we’re welcoming to trolls. I realize that a lot of people who are trolls just want to be heard and understood. Me ignoring them damn near hurt their feelings. What they desperately wanted was to get my attention. Then there were people out there who just wanted to criticize me. Claiming that they are exposing me. Telling everyone they know the truth about me as if they met me. I’m sure the same person who lied and said my son doesn’t have a bed is the same person who claims they are exposing me. Guess where they are exposing me at? On my own YouTube channel.

Not my main channel.

SonceraeFan #singlemomlife

But another Channel I created called:

The GodQueenLive Podcast.

Which is simply a place where all of my podcasts are uploaded. And guess what…. I left the comment section wide open. I purposely do not moderate the comment section. I purposely do not read the comment section. Part of the reason is because I don’t have time to. But the main reason is so that anyone who feels like they want to express their opinion whether they are trolling or not can openly elaborate about what they think over there. Posting disrespectful comments on my main Channel will not be tolerated. Simply because it’s a professional channel that is more about family healthy communication and positivity. There is more than enough dysfunction online. I just don’t want it in my home or in my space. I do understand that by being in the public eye or on social media in general I have to deal with the opinions of others. Again, I am not offended by criticism. I am more concerned about avoiding harassment, stalking, trolling, disrespect, racism, sexism, misogyny and controversial trigger topics. Most of the people who have taken the time to comment negatively about me as much as they have lack critical thinking skills. They barely think anything through long enough to be able to make solid judgment about me or anything that I am doing or saying. Those topics I discuss as far as the black community or topics that they bring up inside of my comment section not only destroy any chance of advertising being on a good video they also disturb my community of supporters who are there to participate in healthy dialogue with other true supporters.

The God Queen Live podcast YouTube channel is there for people who lack the discipline required in order to have healthy dialogue. None of us can escape those who want to troll it’s inevitable. Even in the real world we have to deal with assholes. The actual podcast is entertaining, insightful and informative but of course the trolls who listen to it on YouTube will always beg to differ. Because the purposes behind why they come in the comment section speaking negatively of me and thumbs down everything has more to do with them wanting to vent out their own frustrations. They use that channel as a punching bag. Their words hold no power. I don’t take it personal. I think I used to. It’s hard to take any of them serious. What they do only has meaning if I assign meaning to it. What they attempt to do to me is tunneled into the spam folder of my life.

The solution to this is simple. I’ve deleted and blocked liars so many times on my main channel I’ve lost count. I will continue to delete and block so that my main Channel is a place for those who support me not those who want to spread hate or lies about me. S***’s called soncerae fan not soncerae hate. I had to separate the two crowds. The low-energy crowd fellowships on the God Queen live podcast YouTube channel. There they gossip, lie, manipulate, be messy, rude and disgusting. Meanwhile the high-energy crowd fellowships on my main Channel. There they listen to each other, have healthy dialogue, speak positively, honestly and are respectful to me and each other. EVEN DURING DISAGREEMENT. My channels…my rules. I’m the beginning and end on both platforms.

What channel you spend most of your time on says a lot about who you are. All I know is I refuse to let these idiots f*** up my money. So they can get away with saying whatever it is they are saying on The GodQueen live because I allow it. Most people can look at that channel and see who the trolls are. They can see that the problem are those people who participate in tearing another person down. Smart people can spot ignorance. They can see the difference. Not everybody walking around these YouTube streets being stupid.

I’m unbothered. Not worried one bit. I’m out here capturing that good energy baby. I let the haters hate. I let the gossipers gossip. I’m in control. The more they comment, the more they engage, the most subscribers I get, the more money I make. I am a business woman those haters who comment the most on The God Queen Live channel are my employees and they better stay on they job.

They just dumb enough to believe it’s all entertainment.