YouTube StreetRat Egypt Ann Can’t Wait Until Soncerae Dies” on YouTube

Dealing with the troll infestation on YouTube has gotten old and tired to me. There is nothing less entertaining than complete strangers coming for me like I did something personal to them. I received an email. Ofcourse I did. *rolls eyes*. Ya never know….trolls orchestrate shit all of the time. These beef manufacturers want you at war with others so bad they accuse you of all types of espionage meanwhile are the catalysts for chaos. Flinging accusations, talking too much. Bullying others but sware they the victim. I just don’t have the maliciousness in my heart to go as far as these people do. Anyway Ms Montgomery *rolls eyes again* portrays herself as the whistle blower who is trying to save me from hell’s demons and informs me that Egypt Ann (a low budget bird without ambition that I have consistently said I have no issue with) wished death on me. I spoke more about it in this video. I’ve also attached the screenshots.