Turn Coat Much Ms. Cookie???

People have repeatedly contacted me talking about this one female on YouTube who used to speak negatively about me over and over again. I never believed she did until recently somebody sent me proof. So I forwarded the proof to her.

Today she was doing a livestream where she was telling people she wasn’t my defender. Even though she spent months talking about the Viper Pit harassing me online we both needed people to understand that I didn’t pay her to defend me. I didn’t ask her to defend me and she isn’t my attack dog. In response I agreed to her saying she wasn’t my proctector and in return she blocked me from responding in her chat. She only used me as a tool to attack The Viper Pit. It was about the principle. I told the truth. Not like it’s anything she denies. We agree.

She then accuses me of sneak dissing. Like I have some kind of fear in my heart to sneak diss. Like I didn’t send her the contents of the email sent to me that contained the proof of her speaking negatively about me. No one is about to accuse me of saying some shit I didn’t say so I wanted her to know exactly what I said in response to the email. That was the purpose of me sending the email.

Inside of her livestream she decides to block me then go in on me without giving me any opportunity to respond. I asked for the link to join her livestream. She had already blocked me. So instead I posted my response on my YouTube Drama Channel.

Bitches be wishy washy. One minute they cool next minute they not….

Here are the contents of said email:

Hello Sister,
I am a subscriber to your channel and have been watching you for a few years. You need to leave the drama alone and make your humorous fun loving videos again. I see you are involved with so much drama with these different crowds online. You need to ride solo on your journey. Get back to making your livestreams and dont trust any of these youtubers. I wanted you to see this video that cluster be did about you and wanted to warn you to not get involved with her. She is really evil and treacherous. She previously made a video dragging you . Here is the receipts verbatim. I would advise you to not make a video about her but just stay far away. Btw when are you going to be back on your main channel again?
https://youtu.be/G8R3YqCNK88 time stamp 3:20 
She doesn’t have your back like she is claiming and cant be trusted 

Also Egypt Ann is exposing Angela bad mouthing you in emails on her channel now she is telling all your personal business be careful sis

Here was my response:

Thank you for sending me this but keep in mind I am a business woman. I am doing what I believe is best for me and my channel. Livestreaming is not what’s up FOR ME. I never liked doing it.  So I don’t do it. Staying out of the drama is what I been doing and what I keep doing. Speaking my truth about it doesn’t mean suddenly I’m being tricked into something. I’m not dumb.  I do realize that people are only on my side when it’s convenient for them. I understand that Cluster B is only after the viper pit. She is just using how they treated me as a tool to attack them.  Angela too. Cluster B & Angela are not #teamsoncerae. These bitches barely like me. I understand that. I’m not being fooled by anyone. Even if Cluster B used to say disrespectful stuff about me what she is saying now is that she is tired of seeing the viper pit hurt others. I know it has nothing to do with me. None of these people are really on my side like that and I get it. I’m not an idiot. Contrary to what you believe I DO NOT TRUST ANYONE. 
#1 Now this clip of Cluster B saying IDK how to hold and gun like she’s seen me hold one, if in fact she is speaking of me is absurd to me. She doesn’t KNOW anything about me or what I’m holding on this end. Best believe I handle myself. I got this Soncerae shit under control. I’m not a gutter rat but I will kill a bitch if need me. I survive. Period. I don’t pretend to be some big bad bitch who spent time in Central California Women’s Facility. I don’t know shit about prison and I don’t want to. But in self defense I’ll do what I have to do. I know how to dot a bitch eye. Step on a toe, chop her in the throat. I got this lolol.
#2 I had no problem exposing people on the internet who harassed me for months or years at a time. So who gives a fuck if Cluster B feels some type of way about me posting their legal name. Fuck them. They shouldn’t have been bullying me from a private account. 
#3 No one is going to defend or protect Soncerae like ME. NO ONE. Not Cluster B. No Angela….NO ONE. 
#4 In the clip attached I believe that Cluster B did not understand this situation months ago. And with time she has a better understanding of what has happened to me. Does the bitch like me? No. Is she my friend? No. I believe she is just expressing her opinion even if at one point in time she was guilty of the very thing she claims other people are doing to me. I DON’T CARE. I do not know Cluster B at all. I have no problem with her and I most likely never will. As long as she doesn’t come for my kids, money or physically come around me we are fine. She is on her side of the internet I’m on mine. 
People make assumptions all of the time and pretend like they are looking out for me when really I know what’s up. 
Take you for instance…..you are part of the problem too. Because you watch this type of shit. You have to be a supporter of EVERYBODY LOVES SONCERAE which is a sock puppet profile from a person who has lied about me on so many occasions. I got his last channel deleted. The person behind this channel isn’t an innocent vigilante trying to save Soncerae. He’s an asshole trying to keep mess going. Especially by him reminding everyone about what Cluster B said about me months ago. 
Cluster B is not innocent. Neither is Angela, Nylah, Taz, Bomb Cherry, DaNini, Warren, Lord Gaelick, STL4U, Chris Law, Minister Jap, E Alyce, L Boogie…..I can go on and on. All of us has said something in a reactionary manner being misinformed about another human being. I’m over it. Even I’ve done. Keep in mind please that these bitches and niggas can’t fool me. I know they game. I may play the part online that I need to but I”m not stupid. I learned the lessons already. I’m a real woman I keep it 100% and if anyone has a problem with me I’m sure they’ll reach out to me privately and say that. Anyone speaking about me negatively or positively online is doing that shit for entertainment purposes including Cluster B. 

Have a nice fuckin day.

The messiness is real in these streets. Now Cluster B mad because I agree with her?