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I’ve done so much in the almost 20 years I’ve spent inside of the entertainment industry. I’ve done so much to be proud of and so much to not be so proud of. Drug abuse, alcoholism and sexual abuse almost ruined my life. I’ve been a recording artist, musician, producer, actress, tv personality and model most of the years I spent in the industry but it was no walk in the park. I lived in Atlanta for 17 years and now I currently reside in San Francisco, CA. I’m originally from Fort Washington, MD by way of Washington, DC. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing and A+ & Network + Computer Certifications. Dropping out of the music industry in 2006, I established my reputation as a glamour model. I became CEO/President of BlockDymez Inc Modeling Agency & BlockEleven Inc. Ultimately relieving myself of modeling in 2011. Throughout my music career I’ve worked with Def Jam South, Grand Hustle and Konvict Musik. I’ve made appearances on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, BET’s The Game, and VH1 Single Ladies. I’ve publicly spoken at venues all over Atlanta… Georgia State University, Emory University, Ray of Hope Baptist Church, and World Changers Church International I also volunteer often for Hosea Feed The Hungry, Hands On Atlanta and a plethora of charities and social organizations. I am Director of Simply United Together’s “Taking Back Our Youth” Initiative Program for Teens.

Graphic design, video production, marketing & branding are my core professional qualities. In 2015 BroadBandTV Network offered me assistance in areas including product, programming, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization/sales, and audience development in relation to my popular YouTube Channel entitled “SonceraeFan”.

Since 2011 I’ve learned a lot of lessons. So now the ultimate goal for me is just to bring joy and happiness into the lives of others. I realized I get more happiness out of my life by giving my true self to the world the best way I know how. Talking about hitting rock bottom and sharing my experiences about my life helps others realize how much joy there is to come.

Be sure to check out my inspirational Magazine BlockEleven. Go to http://www.bemagmobile.com


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. R. Kelly did the song “when a woman’s fed up”…what’s the best way to handle yourself as a man “when a fella’s fed up?” We’ve been married for more than 9 years and she admits that she’s neglectful sexually and emotionally due to insecurities and feeling unequal as I’m a college grad and she only finished high school. I adore her and show (and tell) her how much she means to me, but I’m still frustrated and, yes, I’ve been unfaithful due to having to wait months on end sometimes for sex (so has she “as revenge” in her words…whole other story). We worked through that yet things are still jaded. I work (4 jobs), care for our kids, cook, clean…you name it, and I’m a good man who she says she still wants but doesn’t show it. I feel alone and unwanted. She doesn’t like that I’ll pleasure myself and rarely makes a move to let me know she wants me. I could go on, but I’m guessing you get the picture. What do I do?
    Fed up Fella


    • Man i usually dont respond to stuff like this!…i was just browsing sonceraes site and just happened to see this, but what you just said explains my whole life for the same past 10 years with my wife its just that i didnt cheat and i dont know or have proof she has even though i believe she did!…..I cook clean fix the house and fix her car give her money help her with her bills and have stuck with her through her emotional mental and yes PHYSICAL ABUSE of me as her husband and she HATES ME and plays me out daily! Ive never hit her or put my hands on her and have never done anywere even close to the trauma she has put me through and i say all this to say that there is an explanation!!! Look up COVERT NARRCISSIST and BPD or BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER!!!……I made a vow for better or worse or till she comes slean on cheating thats why i stay cause i dont wanna be some whimpy sell out!!! But know with women and people like this IT NEVER GETS BETTER only worse and all you can do is try to make the best of it cause these types of people cannot be helped so you have to either suck it up and do the best YOU CAN in makin it work or move on theres no 2 ways about it PERIOD. If you are already doin your best and givin your a and tbey treat you like crap what more is there to do! You ca t make anyone love you and it should be mutual effort not all for one and that one for no one. Look up the info and really think about what you do and what you have been through and YOU WILL FIGURE IT OUT you seem like a decent person so you will know what to do and like i said im goin throub the same EXACT thing as we speak a sorry women with a good man and not to brag but no one bjt a decent person would put up with the CRAP “WE” : ) GO THROUGH. Keep your head man! just my 2cents!


  2. Hetep Soncerae and Family at large,

    I’m responding because I see a lot of hurt and pain being experienced by many of you. We all have our story. It’s interesting how I was introduced to Soncerae’s Channel. I thought she was my home-girl from high school until I saw her photo. They share the same name.
    Well, here we go.
    My background is “Straight Out Da Hood”, however, when you take into consideration what we were learning as teenagers back then versus what we were exposed to mentally and spiritually you get different results compared to generations from different time periods. When I first began to see this difference, it disturbed me because it was happening in a military fraternity I belong to while in college. I know your saying what does that have to do with Soncerae – a lot! You see, i grew up with the old soul music and transitioned into Two Live Crew then Gangster Rap. It was the music of its time for the youngsters. But it would not be until I was afflicted to a point mentally by seeing the mass incarcerations and death that led me to research what the hell is happening to our people. I grew up with both parents in a predominantly all Black environment, all Black schools from 6th grade through my B.S. degree with the exception of the 1st-5th grade due to integration experiments busing us nearly 10 or more miles away from home – a whole ‘nother’ story unto itself for real – KKK and all during the late 70’s early 80’s.
    Moving on, I found myself in a situation of being shot by someone who looked like me -BLACK. It was close range with a 12gauge shot gun. I am fortunate to tell the story. I do still have my leg. It has what would have been brand new experimental technology of its time of 1990 for a whole in my leg as large as a small women’s fist. Tragically, I did not get to accomplish what I set out to do, become a military officer. After that incident, I found myself in a bad place mentally, there was nothing any one could say to comfort me because I could not walk or run or do the normal things I was use to doing. It was in that moment that i spiritually reached into myself and decided that I was a MAN: Master of myself Able to accomplish my will and Noble to have gratitude. After experiencing that, I went back to college a year later and met a woman who within two years became my wife. She was already an Army Officer. She had her degrees and two jobs including her work as an officer in the military. She was all about being on top. I had nothing tangible, I was on State assistance for crime compensation and what ever my parents could afford which ended up placing me homeless. The difference here is, I did not let my lady know what was gong on and I had A PLAN. Obedience is better than sacrifice – i surrounded myself with men of my age and elders who were going places or accomplished something in their life. A PLAN is crucial to anyone who wants something from this life. This country we live in was planned by a group of people – regardless of what we may think, the plan may seemed wicked, but it worked for them because they worked THE PLAN.

    Soncerae is correct, it takes a real man – not an educated man, but someone with common sense and a spiritual whereabouts of their place in society. That’s where I was. So, I returned back to military training and gave it another shot with everything I had. My lady would try to get me job and I refused, but I did not communicate THE PLAN to her at the time. She was like Soncerae, sticking with me once we really started dating. As an antonym to your ex, I fostered relationships with men to give me guidance outside of myself that were positive. That meant removing negative music from my mind, stop being in places that were not conducive to my goals, stop drinking alcohol amongst other notions or habits that would stop THE PLAN. So, here I am two and half years out from being shot, no money, woman with child – she gets sick too. So what do I do? I CHANGED, I MORPHED INTO AN IDEA. I began to see myself as I wanted to see myself 20 years from where I was. You know what, most of it worked. We lived in a one bedroom block apartment in the hood. I started a business working out of that apartment with student loan money. We moved out of that s@!t hole and into a nice neighborhood home we could be proud of. Our cars were gone, either through theft or just conked out. The next phase of my game evolved around my passion I grew up with. By this time, there were two children, still little money even from the business to handle everything. My lady left the military for her own personal reasons – I thought it was a cop out to just have a man support her, because I viewed it as if she abandoned me when I needed her most because she had the degrees and connects. But I remembered my mother told me to never depend on a woman or anyone for that matter for anything. So I manned up for the next level. This time I stretched myself as far as I could reached. The business kept going, I took another job, added more classes to my schedule and joined more fraternal organizations to increase my circle of influence.

    So what is all this? Society has placed mental and spiritual blockades in our paths. Many of us do not see them because we have not studied history or have someone to break this s@!t down to us properly. Many of our brothers are lost to certain ideologies because of pied-piper music, videos, TV shows and pop
    culture in general. The hierarchy of eldership is not recognized in many instances unless its HARDCORE or on some gangster stupidity. Many of us could not say if challenged by a Chinese, Russian or the like what our nationality is or what is our race. We have been duped. This plan enacted upon us has led us to harming one another in so many wretched ways until it is horrifying if you allow it to be to you. This has carried over from fiction into reality as I have witnessed it go from music videos to the actual norm of the day since my growing up from a teen-ager to manhood. IT IS A CHOICE, you do not have to even fight it. Just STAY TRUE TO YOUR PEOPLE, set real goals based on your conditions and make them come to life. Vibrate and bring light when others chose to fail and encourage them to do better. There is still hope for them all(BLACK MEN). Whether that means they have to die off and make way for a generation to enact change that will be better for us as a whole or someone starts a Winnie Mandala movement. Just joking – No I’m not…LOL. Yes I am. It’s up to us.

    So my Sister Soncerae, tell your story, be conscious of your words. Be conscious of your appearance. Give us all something we can look back on to say: SHE did it and your child can be inspired to say good things about you and have silence for the man that’s suppose to be the father that’s not there. Ohh, by the way, to finish up, the wife and I have six children. She’s been doing her thing for sometime and I’ve accomplished many of my goals and beyond THE PLAN since that time. We’ll celebrate 25 years of marriage this year. We practice and live African Spirituality for the last two years together (I’ve practiced much longer).

    At last keep your Positive Plan(s) with the Creator first, keep your emotions in check – that is the true enemy of Ausar called Set (some say devil), never stop; keep moving forward; harbor no ill will to anyone, STAY WOKE and Ankh Ujad Seneb (Life, Propseperity & Helath).

    Until we cross paths again, I AM the Ordained Priest of Decadence…


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