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I’ve done so much in the almost 20 years I’ve spent inside of the entertainment industry. I’ve done so much to be proud of and so much to not be so proud of. Drug abuse, alcoholism and sexual abuse almost ruined my life. I’ve been a recording artist, musician, producer, actress, tv personality and model most of the years I spent in the industry but it was no walk in the park I currently reside north of Atlanta. I’m originally from Fort Washington, MD by way of Washington, DC. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing and A+ & Network + Computer Certifications. Dropping out of the music industry in 2006, I established my reputation as a glamour model. I became CEO/President of BlockDymez Inc Modeling Agency & BlockEleven Entertainment.   Ultimately relieving myself of modeling in 2011. Throughout my music career I’ve worked with Def Jam South, Grand Hustle and Konvict Musik. I’ve made appearances on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, BET’s The Game, and VH1 Single Ladies.  I’ve publicly spoken at venues all over Atlanta… Georgia State University, Emory University, Ray of Hope Baptist Church, and World Changers Church International I also volunteer often for Hosea Feed The Hungry, Hands On Atlanta and a plethora of charities and social organizations. I am Director of Simply United Together’s “Taking Back Our Youth” Initiative Program for Teens.

Graphic design, video production, marketing & branding are my core professional qualities. In 2015 BroadBandTV Network offered me assistance in areas including product, programming, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization/sales, and audience development in relation to my popular YouTube Channel entitled “SonceraeFan”.

Since 2011 I’ve learned a lot of lessons. So now the ultimate goal for me is just to bring joy and happiness into the lives of others. I realized I get more happiness out of my life by giving my true self to the world the best way I know how.  Talking about hitting rock bottom and sharing my experiences about my life helps others realize how much joy there is to come.


Be sure to check out my inspirational Magazine BlockEleven. Go to www.bemagmobile.com


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. R. Kelly did the song “when a woman’s fed up”…what’s the best way to handle yourself as a man “when a fella’s fed up?” We’ve been married for more than 9 years and she admits that she’s neglectful sexually and emotionally due to insecurities and feeling unequal as I’m a college grad and she only finished high school. I adore her and show (and tell) her how much she means to me, but I’m still frustrated and, yes, I’ve been unfaithful due to having to wait months on end sometimes for sex (so has she “as revenge” in her words…whole other story). We worked through that yet things are still jaded. I work (4 jobs), care for our kids, cook, clean…you name it, and I’m a good man who she says she still wants but doesn’t show it. I feel alone and unwanted. She doesn’t like that I’ll pleasure myself and rarely makes a move to let me know she wants me. I could go on, but I’m guessing you get the picture. What do I do?
    Fed up Fella


    • Man i usually dont respond to stuff like this!…i was just browsing sonceraes site and just happened to see this, but what you just said explains my whole life for the same past 10 years with my wife its just that i didnt cheat and i dont know or have proof she has even though i believe she did!…..I cook clean fix the house and fix her car give her money help her with her bills and have stuck with her through her emotional mental and yes PHYSICAL ABUSE of me as her husband and she HATES ME and plays me out daily! Ive never hit her or put my hands on her and have never done anywere even close to the trauma she has put me through and i say all this to say that there is an explanation!!! Look up COVERT NARRCISSIST and BPD or BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER!!!……I made a vow for better or worse or till she comes slean on cheating thats why i stay cause i dont wanna be some whimpy sell out!!! But know with women and people like this IT NEVER GETS BETTER only worse and all you can do is try to make the best of it cause these types of people cannot be helped so you have to either suck it up and do the best YOU CAN in makin it work or move on theres no 2 ways about it PERIOD. If you are already doin your best and givin your a and tbey treat you like crap what more is there to do! You ca t make anyone love you and it should be mutual effort not all for one and that one for no one. Look up the info and really think about what you do and what you have been through and YOU WILL FIGURE IT OUT you seem like a decent person so you will know what to do and like i said im goin throub the same EXACT thing as we speak a sorry women with a good man and not to brag but no one bjt a decent person would put up with the CRAP “WE” : ) GO THROUGH. Keep your head man! just my 2cents!


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