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I Can’t Believe She Made Fun of Me for Being Molested as a Child

(See if you can make it through this blog. I haven’t edited it yet. 😂)

There are definitely some twisted people in this world. I wasn’t sure that was a virtual certainty until I was on YouTube and was severely harassed and stalked. What’s extremely unfortunate is that I was severely harassed by some women. Not a lot of women would indulge in such foolishness. Usually it’s men that harass me severely on YouTube but for some reason I have continuously been harassed by the same woman for 3 years. One would think someone her age would act a little more mature but instead LaVonya Edwards shows a level of ignorance and a lack of compassion for not just me but children in general. She posts vile cartoons of me onto YouTube.  Like who has time to sit around making cartoons about someone they claim they don’t like. A miserable person with too much time on their hands. Not being productive. Someone almost 50 years old participates in elementary school behaviors. She has maliciously addressed my children in my comment sections as well as using her platform to spread vicious rumors about me and my children. I have spoken about this woman’s vitriol behavior plenty of times on my blog. She has attempted to depict herself as some kind of victim of mine continuously speaking publicly of me.  However the truth of the matter is she is the catalyst for all issues she claims she has with me. I have tried on numerous occasions to clear up any type of issue this woman and I may have had in the past. I do not personally know this woman. We have never met. We have never spoke directly to each other offline. She has used my name in a defamatory way to gain attention from the public. I have kept track of all of her negative behaviors and posted those behaviors to this blog.


I have spoke a number of times about my experience as a child. I have been extremely transparent about the molestation that I experienced. Sharing my story with others has proven to assist others during their healing process. Molestation happens inside of the black community more frequently than we discuss. These type of indiscretions thrive in privacy. I would have never thought that speaking about it with so much strength and honesty would cause anyone to have a negative response as egregious as the responses that I have received from some people inside of the black community.In addition to speaking about being molested as a child I was also very honest about how it affected my romantic relationships as I got older. Being molested as a child made me look at sexuality in an unhealthy manner. Not in a manner that included me participating in promiscuity but in a manner that made me fear copulation with either sex. The only time I could participate in intercourse would be while I was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. My last relationship was an interesting one. We have a child together. It’s a surprise that we do because our relationship was not based around sex. When he decided that he no longer wanted to be a part of the relationship he viciously posted our text messages onto his own YouTube channel out of frustration. Misleading to the world as if he was this committed married man and I was his mistress he didn’t care about.

He was upset that I had honestly spoke about our breakup. He didn’t want his precious reputation ruined. He wanted everyone to believe that he was the perfect King that I had depicted him to be on my channel for so long. He wanted me to continue to praise this Phantom that he had created and introduced me to. A character that he had created to entertain me. Unbeknownst to me and my family he portrayed himself as the family man, my future husband and loyal friend. When truthfully he was none of the above.As he was playing victim, posting our text messages, exploiting something that was so sacred to me, he shared a text message of him telling me to make sure I bathed. Of course showering is never a problem for me nor was it for him. I was severely ill in a high-risk pregnancy and could barely sit up however I still managed to bathe. My pregnancy was a terrible experience. He never had any sympathy for me. He didn’t care. He didn’t check up on me. I still can’t believe that someone I cared for so deeply would behave in the manner he did. I was extremely catering and kind. I was understanding and patient. I shared my time and my money with this man. I washed his clothes and cooked his food. I drove him to work and brought him lunch. I met his coworkers and his family. This was someone I put all of my trust into. Yet instead of coming on to my channel like I had invited him to so that he could have addressed anything he wanted in regards to what I had said about our break up, he decided to maliciously create his own channel. Only to mislead everyone into believing I was the worst person in the world. I spent most of my time with this man laughing having fun cuddling and holding hands yet he made it seem like I was nothing to him. I told him about how I was molested when I was young. I talked to him about my fears. I talked to him about my desires and my goals and at the end of the day he still betrayed me by interacting with someone he shouldn’t have. Once the public saw the text message we shared about bathing suddenly a rumor started about how I smell. He started to help others perpetuate this rumor that I had vaginal smell. Including LaVonya Edwards. So instead of me taking it to heart negatively I decided to promote a product call Boric Life from a company called Nutri-Blast that helps women with their feminine hygiene. Even though I don’t have the problem myself. I know there are plenty of other women who have experienced the issue. If it wasn’t a problem for most women there wouldn’t be so many feminine health care products.Me promoting this product only happened after two years of being made fun of for vaginal odor that I don’t even have. I spoke in detail during my pregnancy about how different I smelled in general. I also spoke about how one of the symptoms of pregnancy was that anything I smelled made me nauseous. My son’s father’s smell made me nauseous my entire pregnancy. Even when he wasn’t around and I recalled how he smelled it made me nauseous. It wasn’t a usual problem he had unless of course he didn’t eat properly. He had digestive issues. He was on a strict diet and if he wasn’t disciplined enough to stay on this diet he begin to smell. He also had poor oral hygiene. Which was something that he admitted to me after a few months of us being together. He had a nasty excessive habit of spitting. However he did whatever he could to make sure that he did not have a foul odor. These weren’t things I made fun of him about. They were just things that I learned to accept about him, maturely. Unfortunately, he did not return that same maturity.After the release of these text messages I was severely harassed by someone in particular. She used YouTube to create videos about me speaking about my vaginal smell. Speaking of it like she had smelt me herself. For three years now she has made content consistently making defamatory statements about my vagina. She has maliciously lied publicly telling people I have vaginitis and STDs. During a conversation I had about the rumor that was so viciously being spread I said that when I was molested for 6 years during my childhood the men that were molesting me would say that I had vaginal odor. I spoke about how I was aware that when men wanted to make their exs upset or angry  they would call her crazy or say that she has vaginal odor. The equivalent of a woman out of frustration saying that her ex has a small penis.

I was molested as far back as I can remember. I was a child when I was being told that I have vaginal smell. this was being told to me by someone who was cruel and demented. this wasn’t something that was actually true. However, after I made the statement LaVonya Edwards the person who was creating all of the videos about my feminine hygiene twisted that statement and told everyone that I said a whole bunch of men I’ve slept with told me I had vaginal smell. When that was something I never said. Let’s be clear. I said that

when I was a child my stepfather was molesting me and in order to make me feel bad about myself he was telling me ( a six-year-old) that I had vaginal odor.

I know that males say cruel things like that to females to hurt them. Even if I did have vaginal odor, for a woman (almost 50 year old) to continuously make content online for three years in a row about my vagina said something about this woman’s need for a mental health professional. It’s unfortunate to me that any woman what make fun of another as far as something as sensitive as this topic. As women we take pride in our femininity, our motherhood, are marriages, our careers, and our sisterhoods. For any Black woman to lack compassion for another or to place criticism on another for something as severe as the effects of molestation speaks volume about the ignorance inside of the black community. It shows how we have a lack of compassion and understanding for each other’s trials and tribulations. We no longer care about each other’s heart breaks And misfortunes. My Hope for women today as well as women in the future is to have better friendships and better communication during times of controversy or disagreement. I hope that women begin to carry themselves in a more respectable manner so that when they look into the life of another woman instead of placing judgment or being malicious, cruel, jealous or egregious, we extend our hand graciously. Equipped with love and support, with genuine concern and kindness.Being molested was a terrible experience and publicly speaking about it took strength. even my mother took to social media and spoke about it. these are the real conversations that need to take place amongst black women. in a non-judgmental Zone. No woman No Woman should condone any man speaking maliciously or disrespectfully about another woman. In the presence of a real valuable woman all women shall be respected. No man will be able to verbally or physically abuse any woman in my presence. That treatment will not be allowed or tolerated. I will never be a vehicle of belligerent expression that carries the disrespect of feminity. As you grow older always have respect for other women when you are one. Instead of being as disgraceful powerless and castrated (female genital mutilation) as LaVonya Edwards, respect other woman’s motherhood respect other woman’s femininity and most importantly respect the vaginas of other women. Especially when they respect their own.

I’m not hurt by the statements. They just aren’t true. Anyone who is making such a terrible statement like these are angry that I am no longer associating with them. My son’s father included.

Misogyny & Sexism on YouTube

Recently, I saw that Tommy Sotomayor and Minister Jap met up in Chicago. This happened days after Minister Jap took to YouTube claiming he was going to quit posting content. He was frustrated because his videos were being reported. Instead of quitting YouTube it would simply just make more sense to stop breaking YouTube’s community guidelines giving them reason to remove content. Or start a podcast elsewhere.

Youtube’s community guidelines are clear:

Don’t post videos that encourage others to do things that might cause them to get badly hurt. One of these men or both do that EVERYDAY. The men in their audience are taking this advice and screwing up their own lives. Abusing their women ending up in all kinds of domestic violent situations or worse IN JAIL.

YouTube is not for pornography or sexually explicit content. If this describes your video, even if it’s a video of yourself, don’t post it on YouTube. Jap’s always talking about hoes and fucking. Tommy is now supposedly streaming porn from his site….who knows if that’s true. Not my business. Tommy has talked about his sex life explicitly but so have I. Moving on.

YouTube doesn’t support content that promotes or condones violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity, or whose primary purpose is inciting hatred on the basis of these core characteristics. Promoting and condoning violence on a specific gender and race of person is the basis of Tommy & Jap’s content.

It’s not ok to post abusive videos and comments on YouTube. If harassment crosses the line into a malicious attack it can be reported and may be removed. They both do this all day everyday.

Things like predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, intimidation, invading privacy, revealing other people’s personal information, and inciting others to commit violent acts or to violate the Terms of Use. They have both done this, consistently. Sometimes to defend themselves but most times to be malicious.

Seeing them two meet ultimately made me react in a neutral kind of way. I believe it’s because I tend to mind my business. One thing I can say is that it didn’t surprise me. What they both represent is a disdain for women. Especially Black Women who do not conform to the traditional gender roles expected of them. So let’s say…..Soncerae. They have disdain for Soncerae. They have showed that for many years. Nothing wrong with opinions or objectification but to sprinkle disrespect, harassment and stalking on it gives a rhetoric an entirely different flavor. It’s funny how men on YouTube actually promote it as #UNITY. Like them 2 unifying is some type of remarkable historic event that should be wrote down as the equivalent to the civil rights movement. Listen, get these men to unify with WOMEN. Especially Black ones. Then I’ll be impressed. Men teaming up with other men is what usually happens. Getting injured Black Men to heal and garner healthy relationships with Black Women is the problem. To see both of these men settle down in a healthy marriage with a Black Woman would make me clutch my pearls.

During my first conversation with Minister Jap about collaborating almost 4 years ago he told me about how much of a Tommy Sotomayor fanatic he was. He loved Tommy Sotomayor. His dream was to meet Tommy. I said to him then,

“If you are trying to get Tommy’s attention all you have to do is beef with me. Tommy hates me for some reason.”

THOSE WERE MY EXACT WORDS. From then on Jap has had some imaginary problem with me. Before I interacted with either of them they used social media as a place to disrespect women and to rant about their issues pertaining to us. Instead of just praising the kind of women they enjoy and love. Both of these men had people believing that it was ME that did something to them to make them behave in such a way when really they were attacking women online long before either of them knew who I was.

Male dominance on YouTube produces a lot of hostile commentary targeted towards women. If a woman is honest about her sexually, thinks independently, supports feminism or womanism she is brutally chastised by Black Men. The double standards among women and men on #BlackYouTube are prominent. The mob mentality is supported. Gossip, rumors, debates, disrespect are all used as bonding tools for our audiences. A demented brotherhood designed to dismantle women is celebrated. I believe that most women who support feminism or female empowerment are only interested in positively encouraging women to evolve not to belittle men. However, the message among these men isn’t to empower each other but it is more about the degradation & abuse aimed at women of color. This “brotherhood” is ran by men like Tommy Sotomayor & Minister Jap. Men who have tumultuous relationships with their negligent mothers. Men who also have a history of disrespecting women they are romantically connected to. Whether it be a sister, aunt, cousin or friend at some point these men were treated poorly by a dominant female. Any woman who may share an insufficient similarity to (their poor choices in) women they begin attacking that woman’s entire existence.

Armed with immaturity, poor communication, sadism/sadomasicism, underdeveloped thought processes, lack of critical thinking skill, and PTSD they spread a narrative that women are the catalyst for all problems associated with the dysfunction of the Black Community. Instead of dealing with the trauma associated with the negative experiences brought on by women they may have trusted in their lives, they rather project hatred to any or all women. Instead of considering that how they have responded to women in their past may be cause for the negative outcome, both of these men have spent years on in projecting their hatred for women on women, ME specifically. I became a target for them both for various reasons. Instead of becoming better men themselves they try to bully or “tough love” a woman into changing. What a destructive way to take lead. Instead of building up women they try to break us down. Let Black women form an alliance similar to theirs they’d be ready to protest, stop female unity and create hashtags promoting justice for men. Let a woman behave in any way they do…they wouldn’t stop bitching and moaning.

Instead of being able to form healthy bonds with women they take pride in having solid bonds with other men. Which to me is a tinge of homosexual. However, still an acceptable preference. These men do not understand that just because you love one thing doesn’t mean that you have to hate another. I love ketchup on my french fries. That doesn’t mean I’ve relentlessly put together a smear campaign to destroy mustard and I will execute that plan until mustard is no longer being used on anyone’s sandwich. These men however have reached out to the fatherless, leaderless, lost and injured and recruited them to perpetuate this war on Black Women.

While displaying the following traits

  1. He will zero in on specific woman and choose her as his target.
  2. As time goes on, he begins to reveal a Jekyll & Hyde personality. He may change quickly from irresistible to rude, and from rude back to irresistible.
  3. He will make promises to women and often fail to keep them. With men, on the other hand, he will almost always keep his word.
  4. His behavior toward women in general is grandiose, cocky, controlling, and self-centered.
  5. He is extremely competitive, especially with women. If a woman does better than him socially or professionally, he feels terrible. If a man does better, he may have mixed feelings about it but he is able to look at the situation objectively.
  6. He will unknowingly treat women differently from men in workplace and social settings, allowing men various liberties for which he will criticize female colleagues or friends.
  7. He will be prepared (unconsciously) to use anything within his power to make women feel miserable. He may demand sex or withhold sex in his relationships, make jokes about women or put them down in public, “borrow” their ideas in professional contexts without giving them credit, or borrow money from them without paying them back. Chastise women for their sexuality whether they’ve slept with 1 man or 10 men. It doesn’t matter.
  8. Sexually, he likes to control women and gives little or no attention to their sexual pleasure. Foreplay, if it occurs at all, is only a necessary means to an end. He likes oral sex but only as a recipient. His favorite positions enable him to avoid looking the woman in her eyes.
  9. He will cheat on women he is dating or in a relationship with. Monogamy is the last thing he feels he owes a woman.

These types of men love to put women down only to make them feel good about themselves. To see these two men unify but can’t seem to smooth out any drama that they are the catalyst for with ANY woman says a lot about where they stand mentally. Men who all act tough, with false bravado, are always the ones that get knocked the fuck out with ease.

There are a lot of men who are looking for leaders, father figures, big brothers, uncles, and mentors. Men turn to men like these to teach them how to become alpha. The toxic masculinity displayed by both of these men is perceived as positive and indicative to the evolution of Manhood. Which is ultimately unfortunate.

I have never done anything to either of these men for them to have spoken so disrespectfully about me hundreds of times in public forums while encouraging men to also be as disrespectful towards me. They even lied and told people I was stalking them and wouldn’t leave them alone. After initiating conflict EVERYTIME. They told vicious lies about me & put a magnifying glass on my videos and what I’m saying as if it was about THEM. I made more content geared towards other topics that they conveniently overlooked. Tommy was heated when I interviewed his ex on my channel like he hadn’t interviewed Chris Law. I made her promise not to say anything disrespectful or hurtful. And she agreed and kept her word. But did Tommy do that for me? No. He had Chris Law all over his channel claiming he was my ex and talking about our sex life. Chris was so dumb disrespecting me and his marriage.

I no longer expect abusive men to hold punches, feel compassion or sympathy for women. They have verbally attacked me so much that it doesn’t even bother me anymore. Minister Jap & Tommy Sotomayor have caused thousands of strange men to maliciously speak about me online. This has caused men to stalk and harass me in real life. These men have barked on me like I am a man. Men I have never met. They want to square up on a woman. Ofcourse I have expressed my opinion about these men. But why in response were they so defensive.

When we are defensive it is a sign of weakness; it shows we are not secure enough in ourselves to accept criticism or differences of opinions.

Encouraging men to be vitriol online is causing them to disconnect from women offline as well as abuse us. Egregiously sexist behavior is fostered by the “online disinhibition effect.” This effect includes the phenomenon where Internet users, operating under the protection of anonymity, may perform behaviors they ordinarily would not in either face-to-face scenarios or in virtual spaces where they are identifiable. Studies have shown links between anonymity and higher levels of online aggression and incivility. This creates an unconscious behavior that ultimately effects romantic relationships negatively in real life settings with women. Creating more of a problem that ultimately a man was attempting to solve by going to social media looking for resolutions.

There are plenty of men out there who are easily influenced. I didn’t realize I was dating one until Minister Jap got a mental hold on my son’s father.

When his words during our arguments started to sound like they were coming out of Jap’s mouth verbatim I knew Jap was talking to him. My son’s father was speaking to me in ways he had never spoke to me before. Calling me names he had never called me before. Yelling at me how Jap had online in the past. A month or so before his behavior changed drastically, Jap called me begging me to break up with my son’s father. I refused. What’s funny is Jap had this whole women empowerment speech. Like I had the vagina of wonder woman. He kept calling my son’s father “Dirty Dick Rodney.” He couldn’t persuade me so he went to my son’s father and the rest is history. Now Minister Jap can push the whole “single mom drag”. That’s all he seems to be good at. The rhetoric coming from Tommy & Japs mouth was she’s a side chick pregnant by a married man. My son’s father wasn’t married then and definitely isn’t now.

My son’s father is impressionable. He follows anyone and anybody. He doesn’t have a GED or College Education. I used to have to read to him and he doesn’t know basic math. Ofcourse he was an easy target. Most of the men in Minister Jap & Tommy’s audience are. Most men who are college educated and had a good male role model in their lives disagree with the narratives of these men. It’s ok to be impressionable if your attention is on a good influence. My son’s father was always looking for approval. He’d lie to get it because he wanted people to love him. He is an example of a man who does not know how to decipher the difference between a good influence and a bad one. His only goal was social acceptance.

These type of men on YouTube don’t want to coexist on YouTube or any other place with women. Like YouTube personally belongs to them. They have literally tried to run off every single woman with a voice on the site. They tried their hardest to run me off. It didn’t work. I’m still here. Still vocal. No matter how many names they call me. No matter how many times they attack me or try to put me down. No matter how many lies they tell or rumors they spread I’ll still express my opinions and stand up for whatever it is I believe in on whatever social media site I want to.

I have no personal vendettas against either of these men. I have moved on with my life. I am happy and very much living the life I wanted to live. I could have 1 subscriber on youtube or several hundred, it won’t matter at the end of the day. What these men choose does not make or break me. I do not digest what they eat. It’s not my business. If men are ok with allowing these type of men to lead them… fine. Just like it’s women out there who believe “Hot Girl Summer” is a women’s empowerment anthem. Whether I agree or disagree, I’m not going to spend the rest of the days of my life debating with abusive men. I just accept that they are abusive and stay away from them. Hope fully women will hear my stories and the stories of plenty others and stay away from men like this. And maybe injured men who are in need of guidance will find a better place to receive love and adoration. Instead of relying on the poisonous sources on social media. I wish both of these men the best. Finally, Jap’s dream came true. To meet Tommy Sotomayor.

Soncerae Is Being Severely Stalked By Real Estate Investment Scammer Sean Tucker

For months Sean Tucker aka STL4U created countless 8 hr livestreams using Google Hangouts On Air to post malicous commentary about me. Initially he would contact me in my comment sections. Then a month or so ago his disturbing behavior escalated into something more demented. In these livestreams included pictures he stole from my Instagram and Facebook account. These images include my family. He also has used copywritten footage from my YouTube channel. Using his channel he

  • Encouraged others to send me unsolicited and/or threatening e-mail or to overwhelm me with e-mail messages.
  • Encouraging others who have shown hatred towards me to contact him. He then provides them with social acceptance. Meanwhile chastising or ostrecizing others who defended me or held him accountabile for his malicious behavior.
  • Encouraging people to do dislike mobs on my channel. Misusing the user ratings. As well as encourage people to no longer support me and instead hate me. Meanwhile using my name and this malicious behavior to get views and subscribers.
  • Hosting roast sessions about me where users gather together on group and live chats only to make derogatory deceptive statements about me.
  • Spreading rumors about my personal finances, places of residency, personal hygiene, parenting skills.
  • Making defamatory comments calling me names
  • Sending negative messages directly to me
  • Impersonating me online by sending a inflammatory, controversial or enticing messages and comments which causes others to respond negatively to me.
  • Harassing me during a live chats.
  • Leaving abusive messages online, including social media sites.
  • Manipulating images of me turning them into graphic material that is knowingly offensive.
  • Creating online content that depicts me in negative ways.
  • Attempting to sabotage my online personality.
  • Speaking as if he knows me personally.
  • Taking clips from videos I’ve created and twisting the intented perspective to make it fit his false narrative about me. Stretching!

This cyber harassment and stalking has lasted for 3 years. Sean Tucker has joined in with my former intimate partner Chris Law, YouTuber Minister Jap aka Timothy Johnson, Webcam/Pornography Model/Actress LaVonya Edwards aka Bomb Cherry, and ex con Warren Dalferes as they all obsessively cyber stalk and harass me daily on several social media platforms.

People have tried to warn him about his obsession. In these livestreams without tangible proof Sean Tucker has made countless accusations attempting to assassinate my character by accusing me of scamming, pedophilia, stalking as well as other utterly ridiculous claims that could only come from the mouth of someone mentally unstable. In one livestream he screenshared him searching a real estate website called Zillow, claiming that a property in Sacramento California was my place of residency after he compared it to a photo collage I posted on my Instagram of the inside of my home. I live in San Francisco California and it’s creepy to know that some strange man I’ve never met is searching California using all kinds of location apps and websites just to find out where I live. This proves that he in fact cyber stalks me.

He also altered an image of me during my labor and delivery into a sick joke about my feminine hygiene. As well as misused product promo materials from the website manipulating images of me. He has made disrespectful comments about my children, my mother and my sister.

He falsely claims he has pornography of me and nudes photos that were provided to him by Chris Law. He has spoken about my personal finances as if I’ve lied about them. Falsely claiming I post people’s private information on this very blog. When everything I post about others is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE or proof of me being cyber stalked and harassed. He has spoken disrespectfully about my sexuality & celibacy. He has mocked my spiritually as well as spoken immaturely about my content directed towards assisting Single Parents.

I do not talk about this man. I do not post content about any of these people. I have not spoken to or about their families with disrespect of ANY kind. I do not stalk or harass these people at all. All I do is post on my blog every time they harass me and I provide proof of their actions. These people terrorize and torment me meanwhile lying to others claiming I do things to them. I do nothing to these people at all. They know this type of behavior is wrong, especially for people over 30 years old. Yet they continue to participate in it.

This vitriol content has been reported to YouTube and some of the content has been removed. Youtube is intending on removing more of the content after review. If you have any information I can report to the local authorities about this man please email me


This past 3 years have been odd to say the least. I have another man fetishing my feet. Following me on all social media platforms begging me to let him pay me to take pictures of my feet. I have another female obsessed with my vaginal smell….just weird stuff.

A lot of people get online trying to use anonymity as a shield, trolling. Intentionally posting rude things just to hurt people, their family and friends. Then when their nefarious intentions are revealed they play victim as if people defending themselves from them posted their private information out of spite. After these people pieced my family apart causing pain and drama… Even contacting them as well as my friends former partners and coworkers have the nerve to depict ME AS THE VILLIAN. As kind as I’ve tried to be soooo many times to these people. If I was to participate in that same behavior they display or even do something like revealing a trolls true identity they get offended and suddenly claim to be my victim. I just want people to leave me alone. If you don’t like my YouTube videos then don’t watch them. But to torment me everyday making and posting wicked defamatory content out of ignorance just to try to hurt me everyday is unnecessary. Move on.

The things this man posted about me hurt my mother deeply. As well as my teenage daughter and my closest friends. Even my business partners were saddened to see so many lies posted about me and others being cruel. From now on even in silence I will defend myself from these people by any means necessary. I’m tired of this. Leave me alone.

How I Ended Up In A Domestic Violence Shelter – 7 Types of Abuse

Men actually got upset after I posted this livestream. People kept asking me about my experience with the Domestic Violence shelter. I never went into detail about it until tonight.

I saw a video posted on YouTube that stated that it’s a myth that Black Women are verbally abused. Then right after I saw another video that resignated with me. It was about how people use disrespect to get their point across.

There are a few toxic behaviors that people downplay and consider normal when they are abusive.

Below is a wheel displaying the different types of abuse. I experienced 9 of these types of abuse in my last relationship. A relationship that I didn’t even realize was abusive to the extreme that it was until it was over.

I only spoke openly about 7 of those 9.

Here is my livestream:

Soncerae’s Teenage Daughter Allegedly Pregnant?!?

Just recently I posted a beautiful picture of my daughter on the community tab of my YouTube channel. It was well received and my subscribers left some amazing comments.

Since this post a narcissistic sociopath, with an alcohol and drug abuse problem, who has been stalking me and my family for over 2 years has done 3 livestreams on YouTube with claims that my daughter is pregnant and that I missed her prom. One of those livestreams was removed by YouTube after being reported. It’s unfortunate that a grown man wants to take the spotlight from a child just to get social acceptance on social media. His attempts at ruining my life used to make me angry. They even hurt me sometimes. I even did self evaluation because of it. Then I realized that the problem wasn’t me, it’s him. Even though I have moved on with my life entirely, he still continues to speak of me as if I have somehow caused him harm.

Youtube is a dangerous place for women of color. Men terrorize African American women on this platform. They mob together to harass women. There are countless videos on YouTube aimed to incite harassment against us. Created by frustrated mentally unstable men who have criminal backgrounds.

Let me reassure everyone that my daughter has amazing parents who instilled in her a set of moralistic values. We have had effective communication with our daughter about domestic violence, sexual assault & molestation as well as teenage pregnancy, single motherhood and casual sex. We have taught her not to judge others for the path they chose for their own lives. We have also taught her the dangers of distributing trust to strangers, the warped mentalities of pedophiles and the power she holds as a young lady. It is disturbing that a man over 30 is concerned with my daughter’s sexuality. One who was obsessed with mine for years has now extended his perversion with including my mom and daughter inside of his desperate attempts to gain adoration from other mentally unstable men online.

In need of material to support his rhetoric on his YouTube channel that is permeated with disdain for single mothers and African American women, he has now spread false information about my daughter. The derogatory content that he posts on YouTube is the product of his own distaste for his mother. In 2016 While planning a collaboration on YouTube about the “90 Day Rule” he shared with me that his mother was promiscuous and was tossed around the neighborhood sexually by men. In this collaboration he encouraged me to have sex on the first night meanwhile I was encouraging women to wait before they have sex with men. Now he misrepresents himself as the man who does not want women to disrespect their bodies sexually.

After discovering that he’d use his channel to disrespect women I broke communication and begin trying to cut ties. Disappointed that we could no longer work together or be romantically tied he has stalked and harassed me on and offline. Now he is maliciously using YouTube to slander my daughter by saying she is pregnant at 18 and was abandoned by me. Speaking to an audience of men that I gave him that also no longer support me after listening to him fabricate our experience with each other. No one knew who he was on YouTube before our collaboration. Abandonment is a sensitive topic to me and my family being as though Minister Jap is part of the cause for why my son’s father Luther “Priest” Washington abandoned me in a motel during my high risk pregnancy.

During my pregnancy Minister Jap placed several phone calls to me encouraging me to leave Priest and that I could have made a better choice in man. One of which took place while Priest was sitting in front of me. He tried to convince me that Priest was “Dirty Dick Rodney”, a term Minister Jap uses during his “sermons” aka belligerent rants on YouTube designed to destroy, misinform, and enable the average low IQ under achieving African American man, who is BORED and seeking entertainment on YouTube. In other words men who grew up without positive male role models in their lives.

Minister Jap also encouraged me to put Priest on child support. After his attempts to destroy a “Black Family” didn’t work with me he proceeded to contact Priest and encourage him to abandon me. Ultimately participating in creating a “single mother”. The very kind of woman he claims he despises. By planting seeds of doubt in Priest’s mind about the paternity of our son as well as using character assassination he manipulated my son’s father into believing I was something I am not. His desire to manipulate has become apparent after the years. As well as social anxiety and mental disorders that he has refused to get treated for.

Priest begin siding with Jap as if I didn’t tell him from the beginning that Jap was stalking and harassing me. It was Jap who told me to put Priest on child support. Then once Priest was on child support it was Jap that convinced Priest to complain about being on child support. Even after Priest ASKED TO BE ON CHILD SUPPORT. Now Minister Jap disrespectfully calls my son a bastard all over his livestreams and videos. My son was only a couple of days old when he posted on my instagram “Fuck your baby.”

I have created countless blogs documenting his constant attempts to destroy my life. Knowing I give my phone number out so that people can text me who need counseling Minister Jap and Chris Law (a former sex partner of mine) teamed together for months texting me pretending they were a female and built a small bond with me over text. This was after the two were photographed together in Atlanta. Minister Jap had flew to Atlanta to meet Chris Law. After Minister Jap found out that Chris Law and I were connected. Minister Jap has reached out to my former partners, old Friends, family members. He has even harassed them. Minister Jap called me dozens of times while in Atlanta and even left demented voicemails telling me to stop refusing to answer his calls. He even called my phone 14 times in 1 day and proceeded to cuss out my partner at the time “Daddio” who answered the phone. I have records of days when he’d call my phone in a drunken rage leaving voicemails. He called me once crying hysterically. He’s sent me unwanted gifts and donations. He has teamed up with several trolls on YouTube and encouraged them to create horrible content, stalking and harassing me as well. Including webcam hoe Bomb Cherry.

Incalculable videos and channels he created to stalk and harass me have been deleted off of YouTube. Including the first livestream he did fabricating the story of my daughter being pregnant. This led Bomb Cherry to also do a livestream about my daughter that YouTube removed. He has continued to encourage people to harass me online as well as cause me bodily harm. He has used Instagram encouraging men to murder me. He has incited hatred and violence against me and my family. I have asked this man over and over to discontinue contacting me however he has still tried to reach out to me via email as well as other social media platforms.

I have constantly contacted the authorities numerous times about this sociopath. He has a warrant for his arrest in 2 counties in San Francisco. All associated with him stalking and harassing me online and off. He and I have never met. We have not met offline. I have not reached out to any of his friends or family. He encourages others to cause me bodily harm online and off.

MY 18 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER IS NOT PREGNANT!!! Thank GOD MY DAUGHTER IS STILL A VIRGIN! HYMEN STILL IN TACT! I made a livestream saying that after the first livestream Jap did lying about her. Since he has made 2 more. He’s trying to provoke me to lash out at him. This is a picture that was taken the same day as her prom photo. She just got her hair and make up done and is about to change into her dress. My daughter clearly does not have a baby bump. Looks like she’s had a few cupcakes and drinks soda….she’s fluffy yes….but pregnant NO.

Just because this man wants to portray me as some sort of hoe out of anger that he didn’t get a chance to have sex with me doesn’t mean the world should join him in his frustration. I am not a hoe, I am not promiscuous. I do not share myself with just any random man walking around. I do not have an STD. I do not have vaginal odor. Never been a swinger, stripper or prostitute. Or any other negative stigma that this man can attach to a woman to harm her. His insults are typical. Even coming after my daughter is typical. I see where this is going.

You can also check my YouTube Story to see video.

If you see any contentt online of Minister Jap talking about me or my family please contact me We are keeping record of what he is doing to turn it into the authorities. Please be sure to check out the other blogs I have wrote about this man. Please do not spread any more false information about me that comes from this sociopath. He needs to seek out a mental health professional.

All I can do is stand up for myself. That is not the same as being defensive. Anytime I get online and stick up for myself this man plays victim. I know what people are saying about me and I hear the rumors sometimes. They are hard to keep up with. These rumors that people have spread are very mean and painful. I will never be the person to stoop that low to make up lies about people and spread them. None of the rumors that people spread about me are true. People involved in this mess are vicious and cruel. I’ve tried to be civil with him. I said to him in an email once that if you genuinely cared about me as a friend like I know you did you’d simply leave me and my family alone and he refuses.

No matter what he or anyone says of me I know who I am and I am NOT what all of these strangers say about me. I’m not going to waste my time convincing others that either. I’m just going to live my life.

Please understand why people spread rumors.

People spread rumors when their is uncertainty. It’s when we don’t already have a firm grasp on how or why things are happening in the world that rumors start to spread.

Oftentimes uncertainty breeds anxiety—we like to have a clear sense of the world, and we get anxious when we feel uncertainty—and anxiety on its own has been linked to rumor spreading. Some research has shown that more anxious people tend to be the ones who are more likely to spread rumors.

People spread rumors when the person that they are talking about or the information spread about the person they are talking about is important. If I was irrelevant Jap wouldn’t even bother talking about me.

Let’s face it—if you hear a rumor that you think is completely ridiculous, you probably won’t find yourself on a mission to spread that information far and wide. It seems like my daughter being pregnant is believable. Being as though people try to make it seem like women like me (Black Single Mothers) raise horrible daughters. My daughter had two parents. And even if I raised her a lone she’d be a good person because I am a good person. Not the person that Minister Jap walks around saying I am. Remember when narcissistic people can’t control you they try to control how others view you.

Plenty of research has shown that people often want to feel good about themselves, but one way people can do that is through rumor spreading. They also will spread rumors if it helps their social status. Men like Minister Jap want adoration from other men. So he does and says what other men praise him for regardless to whether what he is saying is a lie. We’re not talking about the opinions that people share. Instead, rumors are meant to be informative. Opinions are just observations of TRUTH. Minister Jap does not speak opinion when he speaks of me. He does it on purpose. Unverified information can easily be manipulated. So let me reassure you….let me verify this for you. My daughter is not pregnant. I am amazing woman and mother. And if Jap keeps up this behavior he will be in jail. It’s been 2 years now. He keeps giving me more evidence for the police. A warrant is out for his arrest.

What Sleeping With Married Men Taught Me About Infidelity

As I watched Jordyn Woods speak openly with Jada Pinkett about accusations in regards to her sleeping around with Tristan Thompson I was overwhelmed with compassion, empathy and understanding. She’s a lot more innocent than social media has perceived her as of lately. For a little over a week now the storyline behind Jordyn Woods was that she broke up a happy home that belonged to Khloe Kardashian who is the sister of Jordyn’s bestfriend Kylie Jenner.

Initially Khloe Kardashian’s response to her daughter’s father Tristan Thompson cheating on her with Jordyn (which is ultimately false) was the reason behind her finally deciding to break off her relationship with him. The media (that includes social media) sure does know how to spin shit in their favor. Whatever narrative they want to push they will no matter how false and inaccurate it is. I’ve saw so many false versions of this story it is ridiculous. Even after Tristan cheated on Khloe on a few other occasions one of which was during her pregnancy, Khloe helped the media try to destroy Jordyn’s reputation over a handful of mistakes. They crucified this woman. She did not deserve this. Khloe should have broke up with Tristan long before this story. She shouldn’t have been with him to begin with. Being as though when she met Tristan he was dating JordyC who was then pregnant with his first child. His child with Khloe is his second.

What impressed me during Jordyn’s interview with Jada Pinkett on her show Red Table Talk, that aired on FacebookTV, was how Jordyn took accountability for making poor choices. One by attending Tristan’s after party to begin with. It led me to look at my own situation that I’ve spoken about a few times on my YouTube Channel. Taking accountability for a poor choice is the secondary reason for why I share 20% of my life on YouTube. The main reason I do so is because I want to help others make better choices. Jordyn speaking the absolute truth during this interview is the beginning process to her own personal healing as well as Khloe’s. Khloé Kardashian has had a change of heart after previously slamming Jordyn Woods and claiming the model was responsible for breaking up her family with Tristan Thompson.

Society has the proclivity to blame women when men behave in ways that are cruel and insensitive. As if men somehow become half witted when sexuality comes in to play. The truth is that men know exactly what they are doing. They are not confused at all. But as women we need to take accountability in regards to our own choices. If we behave as men or even close to how they do we are demonized. I was sure to send that to Khloe Kardashian myself on Instagram. I needed her to understand that Tristan Thompson had been cheating the entire time and that she was taking her frustrations out on Jordyn instead of him. When the truth is the entire situation is the fault of Khloe’s herself for continuing to make poor choices in men. Tristan showed Khloe Kardashian who he was the moment he chose to date her while he was in a relationship with another woman while she was pregnant. Then he confirmed it when he was caught cheating two other times with video footage to prove it.

It was easy to say this to Khloe Kardashian because I myself had made poor choices in men. We have all made mistakes. Even Khloe herself has been the woman who stole someone else’s man. Even I have been a mistress in my youth. Let me just say that I do NOT believe that mistresses are homewreckers. I believe that insecure husbands wreck their own homes. Not to praise the side chick, but side chicks are usually SINGLE. They have NO ONE to answer to. Being honest about participating in affairs was easy. The initial response I received from others was of non judgment. Most people realize that mistakes can be made. We are human. Taking the holier than thou route is unusual for some. We remain in a place of acceptance and love. Then there are folk who refuse to look in the mirror at their own flaws and shortcomings and project an elevated level of judgement upon someone else. By expressing their disapproval of someone else’s behavior in a way that is so insensitive vile and disturbing. As if that prognosis is fitting to someone as hypocritical as they are.

I look at the stories of others who have talked about their own lives publicly and a lot of women refuse to be honest about their situations with men. My email inbox lit up with stories from women who were in extramarital affairs, when people found out my son’s father, Priest, was separated. Which was something he revealed to the public after telling me to not discuss it publicly. Most of the women who emailed me were genuinely confused. Some were so nice and understanding and really had hopes that their lover would leave his wife. I’ve never been that type of women, full of hope. Nowadays husband’s are leaving their wives for other women without hesitation. So it’s no longer outlandish to believe a man will never leave his wife. Especially if his behavior is as inappropriate as participating in an affair. Even when I was playing side chick to a man named Chris, he knew where I stood and I was happy in my position. I was heartbroken over my ex, Lloyd. I wanted nothing from Chris outside of what we were doing and I never pressured him for more. I was in no position to be in a committed relationship and all I needed was a transitional man to help me move past my broken engagement to Lloyd.

In 2010, I realized while seeing Chris during his engagement, that he was with me during that time because he wanted to. He wanted to lie to his wife. It had nothing to do with me. She was always out of town and according to him he had every reason not to trust her. It wasn’t even my business. I tried to stay out of it. Their issues were plaguing their relationship long before he met me and were even worse after they were married. In some ways I think Chris was using me as an escape from a marriage he never wanted to be in. Our temporary arrangement served it’s purpose and he and I both were in stages in our lives where we both needed what we were giving each other. We were both heartbroken.

In 2017, when I met my son’s father Priest I wasn’t even expecting him to be who he is to me now. I knew he’d be in my life forever. I usually continue to stay friends with men I’ve dated previously. Now in 2019 my son’s father and I do NOT talk and I will never be his friend. It wasn’t because of his broken promise of promoting me from mistress to wife. I was never his mistress. I was always his wife. I’m still his wife. Marriage to me is a promise I make to myself, my husband and God. It’s hard to break that promise and it took a long time for that soultie to break. I still struggle with it everyday. Even though we’ve been broken up since I was 5 months pregnant. My son is 9 months as I write this entry. Priest has never met our son and he most likely never will. I’m dating but I am still loyal to him. It will take time for me to fully feel comfortable with another man. What’s painful to me is that Priest perpetuated a stereotype for self gratification. Just so people wouldn’t hold him accountable for abandoning me during my pregnancy. He made it seem to the public that I was his bitter mistress. A woman who was trying to break up the home of a happy devoted husband. A husband with an amazing wife that he treated like a Queen. When the truth is he was a broken man who had been separated from his wife for years. Their marriage was terrible and riddled with dishonesty, betrayal, physical altercations and infidelity. Her and I interacted with each other and she confirmed their separation and approved of our spiritual bond. Priest & I were building a family, business and a happy life together. In no way at any time did I have to try to convince him to do so. Their marriage was over. She was in love with another man and he was with me. He and I went to his family functions together. We prayed, we meditated, we planned, we shared, we started a business, we lived together, we laughed together, we worked out together, we cried together. Our relationship was REAL. But only REAL to ME….it was a game to him. Without him realizing the consequences.

When I think back at all of the things I put up with it angers me that he treated someone as bad as he treated me. He was judgemental as if he had room to do so. I was someone who accepted him for him. When he told me he didn’t have his GED, I didn’t judge him. When he told me that he lied about Sadonya and their failed marriage I tried to understand him wanting to keep their friendship. When he told me he went to the Dominican Republic the year before and had experienced problems with his penis after he had indulged in prostitution, I had patience. When I found out he barely made a decent living, didn’t own his car or home, had weird phobias and grooming rituals I didn’t pass judgment. Most women would have left him behind his erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation alone. I foolishly stayed. Through his personal issues in regards to oral hygiene and Gurd I held on all the way in love. Accepting all of him. He loved Tarot Readings and conspiracy theories, I smiled at his awkwardness. He also had a weird sexual fascination with midgets. I admit that knowing he had been with prostitutes it scared me. I was worried about my own health. I encouraged us to use condoms and get testing. Later on I had to tell him that the cold sores he’d get on his mouth was because of Herpes, he had no idea. I got REALLY scared. Instead I still held on and tried to clean up his act.

I think what was big of me was me accepting Sadonya. They had been together for 14 long years. She is 10 years his senior and he was her second husband. She had children from her previous marriage. I initially didn’t want her around at all. With time I simply respected that they had built a friendship and that she’d be around. I didn’t think she would cause problems, she seemed kind. But her true colors showed themselves with time just like his. They begin to vilify me as if I was the problem behind why their marriage was such a disgrace. He was so upset that I told the public the truth about our break up, claiming I told too much of my business. Yet, he had been telling Sadonya our personal business our entire relationship. He led me to believe they stopped communicating briefly during our relationship when the truth is they never did. It was her who ended up revealing that to me after my son was born.

As if I came to them and convinced them to both step outside of their marriage and fall in love with other people. They both played with my life like I didn’t matter at all. Had Sadonya kept her distance from our situation then it would have been easy for me not to blame her for the demise of my relationship and friendship with Priest. Had she not lied for him and acted as if he didn’t abandon me in a hotel pregnant. When in reality I was calling her looking for him after he blocked my number and everytime she’d find him. Had she stayed away from what we were trying to build he wouldn’t have been so confused when it came time for him to be a father to our son. He was initially leading me to believe that he was happy he was becoming a father. Them two never had any children together. I believe as a man it was Priest’s job to protect both her and I. As our friend. If he still had feelings for her he should have stayed away from me. If he had feelings for me he should’ve stayed away from her. Instead he hurt us both. I was livid with her. Even to this day I can’t stand her. Not because he claimed to still love her and it was our reason for breaking up. But because she encouraged him and then lied publicly about our experience. She defended him publicly but secretly came to me singing another tune. Now they are still NOT together but led the public to believe they were. They didn’t just lie to me they had been lying to their own families for years about the nature of their relationship. Their entire marriage was a sham. They led people to believe it was perfect. Instead of simply leaving the marriage and bettering themselves for a better partner. They simply put up with each other just so they could both live the facade of a perfect marriage for their family and friends.

These two tried to tarnish my image. I am honest with everyone even when I speak of my flaws. I do not hide who I am and I don’t care what people think. They are in no position to judge me. I can understand a couple wanting to work out their relationship or marriage. That makes sense but don’t lead people on as if you love and care for them when you don’t. Everyone is doing the best that they can with what they know so I am trying to understand that and forgive. But for 2 people to hurt me the way they did without any remorse but point the finger at me like I’m the homewrecker is hard to forgive. Now people go around spreading the lies they told. My reputation is now dripping with disdain with talks of stealing someone’s husband and getting pregnant. I never lied about my situation with this couple. I never wanted to. Being ridiculed over this hurt initially. Especially during my pregnancy. Then I realized that most of the broken people going out of their way to try to hurt me have done worse things with their lives. I’m not the first woman to plan a future with someone headed for divorce and I won’t be the last.

Married men aren’t using women for sex when they cheat. Married men are using women to help them get through emotional pain connected to their broken marriage. Some marriages can be healed some can’t. Chris and Priest’s marriages didn’t make it. The problems of their marriages were so severe it couldn’t be fixed. Either way they both misused me and will not admit it. Even Chris participated in trying to ruin my reputation. Some married men even want their wives to find out about their affairs so they can have a reason to leave a broken marriage. Some married men are confused about what they want. Some don’t know themselves well enough to make a conscious decision.

Here’s what I’ve learned from Chris and Priest. If you are a mistress wondering where your situation with a married man is going to go don’t wonder any further. When you fulfill the extreme sexual fantasies of any man during a time in his life where he is at his lowest and using sex to fix it he will call you a hoe for doing so. Whether he leaves his wife or not do you really want a man who would consider hurting a woman in any way? He’ll find a way to hurt you. He’ll lie and cheat on you too. That’s why I never fully gave my heart to Chris. When a man is genuinely separated from a woman and you know he’ll be getting a divorce don’t be with him until he is completely out of his marriage. Even then it could. Be a risk. It takes time to completely heal from a marriage. Priest admitted that he was with me while he still had feelings for Sadonya he just wasn’t man enough to tell me he still wanted to be with her until after it was too late. Priest and Sadonya never got back together. He didn’t leave me for her or her for me. He just used their marriage as a tool to run from the responsibilities associated with being a good man and father. I required more from him than Sadonya. My standards and expectations are higher. I wouldn’t even bother with divorced men. Even if he doesn’t want that marriage he’ll still try to use it as a crutch when or if he wants to no longer be in a relationship with you or as an excuse to why he behaves in a way that is inappropriate.

Men are not held responsible for their mistakes and poor choices. The world can be weak and blame me for Chris and Priest’s mistreatment of me and the other women who loved them but I will now and forever hold them accountable. The women they loved hurt them so they in turn hurt me. I am the one person who did not judge or hurt either of them. The vicious cycle of hurt people hurting people will continue as long as people are not held accountable. We all need to find healthy ways to heal from heartbreak.

Hatemongers Planning My Murder – Minister Jap aka Jap City aka Thomas Ward aka Timothy Johnson-Hussein

You know why misogynists disrespect women they themselves wanted but couldn’t get by calling them sluts? It makes them feel masculine for 2 minutes. The other 58 minutes in an hour they are effeminate males who are challenged in the penis department. These niggas mind as well sit down & pee.

Males with underdeveloped minds beat on their chests like apes. They think it’s entertaining. When really that disgusting display of peacocking makes them look a lot like a foaming at the mouth mental patient in need of a straight jacket.

Minister Jap fell in love with me the moment I paid his pathetic ass some attention on Youtube. He was hard up over a bitch he hadn’t even met in person. Bout ready to get on bended knee after 1 phone conversation and a viral video. That comes to show that in the city of Chicago his pickings are slim. But then again that low energy bafoon could leap his ignorant ass to another dimension and still only attract young hood bitches with the aspirations of an eraser. A bone collecting rat who can twist a splif like a fuckin dutch master champ thinks a man’s former dreams of being a gangsta rapper deems him suitable for holy matrimony. Bitch knows all the words to that wack ass Jap City snatchin chains song that was posted to YouTube and got 2 views. Any grown woman with a brain can see that Minister Jap’s corny drunk ass is only good enough for street scum corner store biscuit head ass hookers.

You can tell a weak nigga butthurt he didn’t get the shot he thought he deserved. Crying when he got rejected by a chick he barely knew but put on a pedestal. Now calling this same woman a slut and other sexual slurs trying to make her adhere more strictly to his personal boundaries that he sticks on bitches he thinks he should be able to control mentally. He can’t control me so he wants me to face social consequences by other men. The more I don’t give a fuck what he thinks or any other low energy half wit he can convince to harass me online the more he hates he still doesn’t have control over my behavior.

Jap, you fuckin frustrated. You studied me so hard and desperately wanted my acceptance. I didn’t give it to you so you stalked me harder. Threatening my life, throwing a 2 year temper tantrum because I stopped answering your phone calls. You out here reaching out to any insecure nigga you can find with a weak constitution to convince them to join in on this pathetic ass siege of ruining Soncerae’s reputation. You so confused about what manhood is your simple ass spending every waking moment squaring up on an innocent woman. That character flaw is NOT man made. Men with healthy perspectives of the world who have actually hit puberty don’t prey on women. Regardless to whether he hit, didn’t hit or he know another nigga who hit. What grown ass man with stable income, a family of his own or a muthafuckin pussy to fuck or just his right mind would scavage the earth trying to find any ex of a woman (that he wanted and got rejected by) so he can interview them for his YouTube Channel??? A bitch nigga like you. Your simple simon ass wouldn’t be able to spot a good woman if her ass stood directly in front of you speaking simple plain English. You completely disregard any woman who can spell, do basic math and passed 10th grade. You lookin ridiculous in those fake ass glasses you put on trying to pretend like you woke. Nigga you about as vapid as a deep dish pizza pie.

You’ve tried so hard to try to prove I’m a hoe so you can feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror. It would feel so much better if you could say that the woman that rejected you was a hoe anyway. You doing the typical shit a nigga does when he gets rejected. Snarling like a K9 with rabies calling the very woman you was just celebrating every name but a child of God. Your drunk ass couldn’t get my pussy even if my prerequisite to eagle spread my shit wide was for you to be light skin, a cooker of single mothers, have a microphone, Protools, two knickles to rub together, a whore for a mother (stop lying nigga you told me she was nieghborhood ass), a zombie as a sister (you lied telling people on Youtube that she died when she didn’t) and the ability to dry hump the arm of a couch.

That pisses you off. You are livid about that shit. The most excitement you get on a Saturday night is a random rat with a cheap lacefront that you picked up from the club who was willing to suck you off if you let her wipe off your dick cheese with a WetOne.

You complain about single mothers then your bitch ass creates them. While I was pregnant you told me my son’s father was DIRTY DICK RODNEY and I was this phenomenonal bitch that had the pussy power of Wonder Woman. That bullshit didn’t work I didnt dump him like you wanted me to so you ran to him like the elementary school Gossip Girl you are and convinced that Forest Gump retard hotep bumbaclot JaFAKin, homosexual tendency having feline, pretending to be a lion, to drop his IQ 10 more points and follow behind you. That illiterate coward thinks that bitcoin is a snack you’ve literally bit into and you want to do some victory dance because he let you mind fuck him? You convinced that nigga to leave me pregnant, vomiting and bleeding in an extended stay hotel meanwhile pumping his fist screaming I LOVE MINISTER JAP & CHRIS LAW?! You ruined that dumbass’s life. He begin calling me a hoe and denying is own son ever since. His ass got Daddy issues out here looking for a man to be like. So congrats… you hurt the Black Community some more.

You still trying to find other men to team up with you???? #teamhoecerae??? A whole bunch of socially awkward unattractive niggas with warrants, illegal weapons, no college degree or even a GED, ole INCEL/MGTOW niggas who are easily influenced by conspiracy theories, porn and extreme religion. These niggas who can’t get a piece of ass even if the pussy was paid for? Your team of misfits are goofy ass bustas with 5 o clock shadows, living in their momma’s basement, who can be easily manipulated. Beta males with aspirations to be a top street nigga or a popular YouTube personality with content that isnt advertiser friendly. I know because you got them bammas hittin me up on Instagram. Their feeds look absolutely ridiculous. Fuckboys who can’t even tie a tie or tuck in their shirt.

You are a fuck boy and when I peeped that shit I ran. Now you mad. You wanna use any platform imaginable trying to pretend I reach out to you and I’m stalking you when you don’t have any kind of proof you are on my radar. Writing this blog is the most I’ve paid your simple ass attention in months. Thats all you want. For me to see you. You want me to love you. The more I reject you the worse you feel about yourself.

You get worse with time. I will never love you. I will never want you. You’ve tried to ruin my life because you are bitter. You won’t admit it. You won’t leave it alone or let go because you still hurt. You poor ego was bruised.

You can spend the rest of your life trying to convince men I’m a hoe. Guess what nigga… Men will still want to date me, wife me, love me and protect me. And they will still step up and try to be a father to my son. You encouraged his father to be a bitch and he walked away from his own flesh and blood because of you instigating drama. Thank you!!! Because if a nigga is that dumb to listen to a stranger about the woman who loves him his ass didn’t deserve being in my life anyway and that child support check he could’ve avoided paying had he simply checked up on his son is about to kick his hotep ass.

You have to live with that for the rest of your life. You have to deal with that fact privately. No matter how many times you publicly try to justify that bullshit trying to convince people I’m a hoe. If I was one you wouldn’t have to try so hard to convince people. The more I move forward I continue to prove your stupid ass wrong. You gonna hate yourself even more with time because of what you have done to me.

I’m the good woman you wish you could’ve had. All because I refused to put up with your immaturity mind games and anecdotes. You a little boy hurt on the inside. Talking about some “keep my name out your mouth” like I care enough about you to just randomly bring you up in conversation. Bitch nigga get over yourself. I bring you up when you harass me. I tell people everytime you stalk me. Everyone around me sees you stalking me. WE will rip your ass apart if you come anywhere near me my children or my friends again. Try me Jap. You like to talk shit instigating but be the main nigga scared hiding behind the bar when a fight break out in the club. The police are waiting for you to step anywhere near me and have already given me permission to defend myself.

Leave me alone. Stop telling people I harass you when its YOU harassing me. Your sick twisted ass needs help and I’m tired of being nice. Come fuck with me. Play with me if you want to. Keep putting me and my family in danger and I promise you ….that knock on your door won’t be a pleasant one. You two minutes from getting handcuffed and becoming some inmate’s bitch. This isn’t a threat it’s a fuckin promise. You taking this internet shit too far. Your jealousy is sick. Leave me and my family alone. Stop lying to the public like I’ve harmed you. You have men contacting me talking about murdering me in your name. Your track record clearly shows that you like to harass women. It’s all over social media. Stop while you ahead. I’m tired of trying to be nice. I’ve filed plenty of police reports and you are pressing your luck.


Your fascination with my death is not funny it’s sick. You are encouraging men to murder me. These men are literally threatening to kill me FOR YOU. You are about to get some other person arrested encouraging them to kill me. Then your ass is going to be locked up as well because it’s been YOUR NAME all over the police reports for the past two years. These men you are inciting to harass me aren’t deciphering the difference between YouTube and real life. Stop planning my murder with these men. Stop using social media to harass me. Stop inciting men online to harass me in real life. You talking about killing me and my murder to your subscribers. Stop. You are telling people to murder me over YOUTUBE. Get a grip on reality.