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Chris Law’s Daughter Taylor McHenry & My Sister Is Kiara LaShawn

If you haven’t checked out my video Black YouTube For Dummies, please be sure to do so. It applies to this blog entry. Messy people are on some foolishness often. The video and the 8 tips included will come in handy.

There’s this messy group of trolls on YouTube that most of the solid content creators hate. We call them “The Viper Pit”. For obvious reasons. It’s because they are malicious snakes. They orchestrate drama, spread lies and create chaos. They have been doing it for years now.A member of this poisonous online community did a livestream yesterday using my audio clips from my channel and pictures of someone he claims is my daughter.

It’s sickening to watch. These people sat around and discussed ME. My career, my family….like it’s nothing. I live an amazing life. I have my own home, a nice car, I make good money, I’m dating, I’m healthy, my kids are well taken care of and I’m simply loving life in California. These miserable people try to destroy that as often as they can.Inside of this video that has a title claiming I harassed Chris Law’s daughter is disturbing. So let’s do some FACT CHECKS. Something these people don’t do.


#1. The person everyone keeps claiming to be my daughter is in fact my sister Kiara. A few weeks ago these dummies were swaring my daughter was pregnant at 18 now they are saying my sister is my daughter.

This image above is of my MOTHER & SISTER. My sister is a grown woman. She pays her own bills and lives alone. She has a good government job working with Homeland Security and also does cosmetology.

This is my DAUGHTER, Dominique. She’s just getting out of high school and is headed to college this year for Audio Engineering. She is currently holding a steady job as well.

As you can see these are 2 separate people.

#2 Also inside of this disturbing livestream were claims that I harass Chris Law’s daughter, Taylor. Which are not true at all.Someone from this same “Viper Pit” named Gabby contacted me some time last year claiming that they were one of Taylor’s classmates and was encouraging me to email Taylor. Since I received the link to Taylor’s channel I subbed. I also LIKE her videos. Only to show support.I have made 2 blog entries about Chris Law’s daughter. One about me emailing her which include screenshots of the emails sent to me by Gabby.

And another about Chris claiming I blackmailed him.

#3 I’ve said this 100 times and I’ll say it again. Stop misusing Chris as a tool to cause unnecessary drama. He is his own human being. It is unfortunate that a group of people still continues to use him as a prop. First Minister Jap. Then Bomb Cherry and now STL4U is using him. It won’t work I am unbothered. Chris wants to move on with his life and I’d like for him to as well. I have moved on. Chris and I were never in a committed relationship. All we had was a casual fling that happened a decade ago. It’s unfortunate that Chris has built an online presence that is solely based around me. It has pulled him into toxic friendships with people who continue to maliciously use him unbeknownst to him. I asked Chris to discontinue dealing with these people yet he refuses to listen. I would never hurt Chris and if I have it was unintentional. I do not want to hurt his marriage, family or anything like that. I never have desired anything like that.

Others have warned him about this group of people. They also used Priest and SaDonya as a tool as well. Stop falling victim to this foolishness. They cause this drama to entertain themselves. It’s annoying. This group of people have caused drama of all kinds by spreading false information, lies and rumors. These low energy people will tell this to anyone who will listen. Please don’t fall victim to this nonsense.Check out Black Womansphere and her frustration with this same group of people.

Once again I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH CHRIS LAW. We have moved on. He is over it. I am over it. Let us move on with our lives. He is married. I am seeing someone. Please stop disrupting our lives.

Soncerae Never Lied About Her Tech Job or Being An Engineer

I think one of the weirdest rumors that was started about me on YouTube was that I was lying about being a software engineer or computer engineer. The person who created this rumor was another content creator named Carlyle who ran a YouTube Channel called “FixProtocol”.

A man participating in something like this is already odd. However that’s not the oddest part about this story. The odd part is he started this rumor using a fake parody channel called “Stupidity Exodus”

Using this channel he made up a number of lies about me that he later on admitted he was lying about in a livestream of his that I decided to join via the LiveChat. One of his infamous lies was that I said that I was a computer engineer at NASA. When that was something I never said. I said I was a receptionist at NASA and a company called SpaceHab while I was still living in Washington, DC when I was 18 or 19.

Stupidity Exodus went to major extremes. One of which was taking a look at my LinkedIn profile. A profile I never really used to gain employment. It was mainly a profile that I used to connect with Entertainment Industry Professionals not really IT Professionals. There were some coworkers on there that I connected with but my profile was not used to get jobs in IT. I’d simply send my resume to tech recruiters or agencies to get jobs. Over the years I have been gainfully employed by the help of agencies in Atlanta such as TechSystems, Apex Systems, Robert Half International, Snelling Staffing and TRC Staffing.

Stupidity Exodus used my LinkedIn profile to mislead people by trying to convince them that I was lying about being in the tech industry. Because I did not have my software engineering experience on my profile he assumed I must not be in IT. Talk about some real stalking and assuming of epic proportions. What he did see on my profile was that I was a Data Analyst/Data Engineer and had done some Help Desk work. Which are both IT jobs. But it definitely would be the desire of a Black Man to down play any Black Woman’s position in IT ofcourse. The jealousy is real. He also tried to convince the world that I wasn’t philanthropic and that my non profit BlockEleven was me doing charity fraud. *rolls eyes*

One day I decided I wanted to do Tech Tutorials on my YouTube channel that I wasn’t really prepared for. So I made sure by my side I had a website open that would help me to make sure I was giving the right instructions. Just like a teacher would do when teaching her students a lesson from a text book. Ofcourse I know what to say off top of my head but I wanted to make sure I was right on point. He found the website I did my research on and told people I was plagiarizing simply because I used the website as a reference. Misleading everyone as if I didn’t put the link to the website in my description box. He used that video to make claims that I was lying about being in IT. It led some other people start claiming they were in IT and I wasn’t. One troll went by the name of Kara and begin uploading daily videos claiming that I was lying about being in IT. It soon came out late that she wasn’t in IT. It was her husband who was.

I had been in IT for 6 long years by the time I decided to teach tech. My first video was called The Black Female Computer Engineer. Inside of it I showed how I partially rebuilt my laptop. I noticed that in my comment section Black Men started to attack me. Immediately claiming that I was lying about being an Engineer. Even with me building a laptop right in front of them. There were some people in my comment section who thought it was cool and asked me to make more tutorials. I made 4 or 5 more tutorials and I noticed that men weren’t going to let up. I realized that they were not only attacking me in tech videos they were attacking me on videos that displayed me or other women in a positive light. This is when I realized that YouTube was starting to get worse. There was an outright war against Black Women that lasted for well into a decade by this time.

In the end of 2015 I got onto my YouTube channel and asked for donations to get my car out of repossession. During this time so many horrible things were happening to me. One of which was me moving on from my job. I speak about it in this video re- posted. It was originally made in January 2015. Stupidity Exodus in attempts to prove I was lying about my career told everyone he’d give me $2,000 if I proved I was an Engineer.

Ofcourse I thought it was absurd. He also created a GoFundMe in my name making fun of me taking donations to give me for my car. I declined his offer.

Let me explain something and be very clear. If it wasn’t for my daughter’s father bringing to my attention that I was fixing all of the laptops and computers in the house I would have never thought I was smart enough to be in IT. After high school I went straight to a tech school in Atlanta and was made fun of for being the only girl in the classroom. This led me to quit. I ended up going to college majoring in Business. It wasn’t until my daughter’s father encouraged me, years later, to get into IT. I then went to tech colleges and received a few computer certifications.

I went from being a receptionist to doing data entry to doing call center work to doing help desk to doing data analysis to doing software engineering. In the midst of all of that I started a Graphic and Web design business called Revenew Digital.

Stupidity Exodus believed I was a graphic designer but refused to believe I could build software or do coding. I wasn’t anxious to prove it to anyone either. Ultimately, it wasn’t any of their business. I know who I am and I know how smart I am.

My family was shocked people would make up such things about me. They’ve known me all of my life and have seen how interested I have been in computers. When I got into IT it made sense to them. They were wondering what took me so long. It was because people had made me think I wasn’t good enough.

Stupidity Exodus would make fun of me and say oh she’s only done help desk work or she’s only done Data Analyst work trying to downplay my abilities. Let me take some time to explain something to people who may not understand. Here’s how Data Entry, Help Desk, Data Analyst and Software Engineering are relative.

  1. Data Entry – A data entry clerk is a member of staff employed to enter or update data into a computer system. Data is often entered into a computer from paper documents using a keyboard.
  2. IT Help Desk – A typical help desk can effectively perform several functions. It provides a single (or multiple) point of contact for users to gain assistance in troubleshooting, get answers to questions, and solve known problems. A help desk generally manages its requests through the use of software such as issue tracking systems. I took on this job to just gain experience with helping people. It was a transitional gig. However this job required that I do a lot of data entry, critical thinking, problem solving and analysis.
  3. Data Analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making. Basically organizing data in a computer system. I did this job to learn more about what I was doing with data systems. Because I was a data entry clerk at some point and while I was doing help desk work I was entering a lot of data, I wondered about the systems I was entering data in.
  4. Data Engineer – A data engineer is someone who is dedicated towards developing, constructing, testing, and maintaining architectures, such as a large scale processing system or a database. Basically someone who maintains the data that the Data Analyst organized in a data system. Not only do they come up with methods and techniques to improve data efficiency, quality, and reliability, but they also have to implement these methods. This is the logical next step for any Data Analyst.
  5. Software Engineer – A software engineer builds systems and applications. We are responsible for creating the products that ultimately lead to the creation of the data. When someone like me has been doing data entry, data analyst work as well as data engineering, computer systems have been well navigated by us. So creating a system is an interest and easy for us.

Me being a software engineer is not so far fetched as Stupidity Exodus made it seem. If he does in fact believe that I am a Data Analyst or Data Engineer then believing I’m a Software Engineer is also easy to believe. But when the audience of people are people who do not know any better they can be fed anything. He wanted people to believe that I was lying. When truthfully, I never did.

The rumors about me on YouTube are comical. If you think about them thoroughly they make no sense at all. People say I’m smart enough to get online, hack and find anyone’s information but in the same breath they say I’m too dumb to be an engineer.

Just because I am a woman does not mean that I am not capable of being logical and process information. Don’t let looks, rumors or YouTube fool you.

FYI – these definitions of jobs I’ve done I got off the internet. I made sure I made reference to other content so that I could explain what I was trying to convey thoroughly and accurately.

It’s Unfair That Men Have To Pay Child Support?!

Men always say that them having to pay child support is not fair. Here’s another perspective for you. Because I make a significant amount of money I, as the custodial parent, am responsible for paying for 63% of the expenses in regards to Justice. Meanwhile Priest, the non custodial parent who is currently unemployed, is only responsible for about 32%. His monthly wages before he became unemployed was a little over $1600 a month. An incompetent judge in Georgia thought it would be more than enough money if Priest only paid $264 a month. I live in California. After being homeless, during my high risk pregnancy because of that cheating lying asshole I just started working again and I make close to $10,000 a month. Earnings from 3 sources of income that will grow significantly within the next year.

The cost of living in San Francisco is sky high. Everything we buy at any store costs at least $5 – $10 more than it does in Georgia. I contacted the court to increase the monthly child support. They told me I’d have to wait 3 years in order to modify it. As of today April 6th, 2019 Priest is 2 months behind on Child Support. He hasn’t given his son anything outside of $20 he sent to me in January via CashApp. A man who left me because he thought I was broke and wouldn’t amount to nothing is now unemployed, living off of someone else and can’t even afford to pay $264 a month in child support. Meanwhile I live in a half a million dollar home, a nice car, a stable life and my mother and son are well taken care of. I’m happier than I ever been, WITHOUT HIM. Justice is almost 1 year’s old. I’ve been taking care of him financially alone. Priest doesn’t call him. He’s never met him.

Just to appease his family Priest told them that if I needed anything for Justice to call him and ask. I called and asked for $100. He told me and my mother that I work enough and make enough so I don’t need his money. Then the clown said that I wasn’t getting shit outside of child support and that it would be handled in court. He is acting this way about a baby he initially planned and claimed he wanted that came earlier than he thought and now he’s telling people I tricked him into pregnancy, I am only putting him on child support because I still want to be with him, I am jealous that he chose another woman over me and I use him for money. This is the shit I’m dealing with fellas. So next time you cry about paying child support or you think women are getting over, Think again.

I Am No Longer Posting Anyone I Love On Social Media

This will be the last picture I post of my son and I for a very long time. I prayed for so long for another child and after over a decade of failed attempts God gave me an amazing gift. I wanted to share my gift with the world like most people who are grateful for their blessings. Social media can be a good place to create healthier bonds with family and friends. However social media has a dark side. Some people have maliciously crossed boundaries and disrespectfully posted my kids to their social media platforms. As demented and disgusting as that is when mentall illness goes unchecked or a person is filled with misery and disappointment in their own life they are unable to see fault in their ways. As parents ourselves we usually do not cross boundaries by exploiting other people’s children. However some people are ignorant and have no respect for family structure.

My 18 year old daughter and her father barely post on social media. I have shared my loving relationship with her and spoke positively about him on my YouTube channel over the years. Some people have even tried to turn that into something ugly. It is a shame to me that I am unable to share these positive parts of my life in a world that is filled with so much cruelty, prejudice, misjudgment and hatred. We need to see love, happiness and kindness.

One of the other reasons that I am no longer posting my son is because I do not want his biological father and his ex wife to have access to him in any form. Them two have had a lot of negativity in their lives and throughout their marriage that they refuse to seek counseling for. That negativity and dysfunction is not suitable for a child. Especially not mine. I surround myself with love and positivity. I am drama free. I protect my children. I will unconditionally fight for them. I would have never interacted with my son’s father’s enemies or sociopaths who wished death upon him like he has done me. Usually Fathers see their child as a chance to turn things around and live a disciplined life. A child is a chance to have a respected role, to find true love and purpose which was initially something that my son’s father understood and respected. But with time my son’s father’s response to my son’s existence became distorted by his ex wife, rumors and lies from strangers, things that brought out his own insecurities and shortcomings.

I am a public figure who shares a small part of her life and now I am forced to make that small part even smaller. I will no longer post pictures or footage of anyone I love. That includes my husband, friends or relatives. Out of jealousy and pure hatred STRANGERS have tried to harm us. Dozens of people have reached out to me concerned about our safety. Because of the relentless harassment and stalking I have experienced over the years my attorney and authorities have suggested that I no longer share these parts of my life that I love. I appreciate everyone who has walked with me on my journey and I am so sorry I can not share this part of my life with you. Some of you have sent my son gifts and money. You were there for me at the worse time in my life and nothing I can do will ever be enough to repay you. I thank you with all of my heart and I love you so much.

How To Deal With Your Manipulative Mother

How does an adult daughter handle an emotionally manipulative mother, that was also physically and verbally abusive to her as a child? The adult daughter prefers not sharing any personal details about her life to her mother because she simply does not trust her.. She communicates to her mother on social media and on major holidays but that’s about it.. The mother expects a much closer relationship but the daughter does not want that because every time they interact the mother says or does something that brings up bad memories and makes the daughter realize the mother hasn’t changed one bit..Family members guilt the daughter with the “that’s your mom” line, but the daughter doesn’t feel connected to her and honestly never did.. How would you handle a situation like this? -Ashley Murray

Ashleg Murray,

This is a big lesson in regards to forgiveness. Moms will never have the relationship with her daughter that she wants. She ruined that opportunity a long time ago. She should be happy she’s being spoken to at all after that. If she is still participating in shenanigans make time spent with her even more limited. People always try to cling on to “blood is thicker than water” or “family over everything” colloquially. However, there have been times I’ve had friends who’ve treated me better than family. Holding grudges against Moms is not good for the spirit. The daughter has to let it go because of her own sanity. Forgiving Moms doesn’t mean she has to spend massive amounts of time with her. It’s about accepting that she is who she is. Find ways to maneuver around the drama and keep time together limited. She should keep doing what she has been doing. 🙂 -Soncerae

Soncerae Plays The Victim?


😒 It’s always something ignorant being posted in my comment section by a #Raebie aka a foaming at the mouth low energy #superfan who’s hiding behind a troll account.

Let’s be clear so the underdeveloped minds can keep up with the rest of the class.

#1. Priest is a liar. He was always one from the beginning. I didn’t know he was that bad of a person. It took me 6 months to figure it out. I didn’t want to believe someone I loved so much was like that.

He was dating plenty of other women before he met me that he was lying to. He didn’t tell them he was married and living with his wife. These women felt comfortable with having casual sex with him without asking for some type of commitment. I required a commitment from Priest for us to move forward with each other without knowing that he was in a marriage with a woman he was living with and wasn’t separated from.

👰🚫 Sonya, this whole wife everyone keeps sympathizing with is also a liar. She was a side chick to an entirely different man when Priest and I started dating. She also has a criminal record and lied to me too. Her and Priest do not have any children together. She has 3 young adult children. Two from a previous marriage and one that has a deadbeat dad as a father. I have an 18 year old who has an amazing father. He is also an amazing friend to me. Sonya is also significantly older than Priest. He and I are the same age. We were born 5 days apart. So stop trying to compare Sonya and I to each other. Last time we spoke she was trying to convince me that Priest & I should get back together. Both of them need counseling. Devoted wives and husbands in healthy marriages don’t cheat on each other nor do they step outside of their marriage looking for something. I gave them both a chance to do the right things and they both fucked me over. They never even wore wedding rings nor did they have a traditional wedding. Priest was forced into marriage because of their Hebrew Israelite extreme religion. Which is no longer a religion he follows for obvious reasons. ✝️

🍼🍼#2. Justice was planned. He came much sooner than we thought. Priest & I had a plan. There is a video on my channel that people keep overlooking of he and I talking about getting married and having children together. Having my son is not cause for taking a L nor is me no longer being with a man who doesn’t want to be with me cause for one either. I tried having a baby for 10 + yrs and could not go full term. Priest proved to be beneath my standards. Who would want to be with someone that doesn’t want to be with them? NO ONE. I’m glad he’s gone. The world does not revolve around him no matter how much he wants it to.

#3. ⛑️ Fellas if you don’t want children strap up! Don’t sell a woman a dream of marriage and kids using your words AND behaviors then when shit get real you dip out like a coward. Then blame the woman and pretend like you got trapped. You didn’t get trapped you just a moron. Stop blaming women for men leaving them to take care of children alone! MEN CREATE SINGLE MOTHERS (CLICK HERE SO A GROWN MAN CAN TELL YOU THAT) >>>> or SUBSCRIBE TO @BlackMaleAdviceTV so you can get a clue about what a real man is please. Stop trying to make women own the poor choices men make. His maleficent behavior even if it was inadvertent is NOT my responsibility. I was honest loving and happy in my relationship. I believed his promises. I also believed Sonya’s lies. I’ve filed for child support. That’s all I can do. I did my best.

💑💌 Lastly, I gave relationship advice and was on a positive tip on my channel 5+ years before Priest came and I’ll continue to give it now that that coward is gone. I’m not about to let some man and his poor decisions stop me from helping other people or being the beautiful woman I have always been. I was a good friend, good lover and soon to be wife to him. I’m an amazing person. I prove that with my actions everyday it’s not just some thing I say for entertainment.

You miserable people come here with your nonsense to try to get my attention and for the most part I ignore you. Pray or meditate. 🛐 Find your peace. Do NOT come back to a channel and it’s creator who posts content that you don’t like, don’t agree with or it doesn’t apply to you. Being a glutton for punishment is insane. What most people like you need to do is seek a mental health professional. If your medication was working or your straight jacket was tied on tight enough you wouldn’t be able to post dysfunctional comments like this one in my comment section. It is not healthy for the people who claim they hate me continue to post stuff like this in my comment section. You fuckin coconut, Why do you continue to come back here? You know tooooooo much about my life! That is not healthy.

❤️ To all of the people who post stuff like this and worse….You LOVE ME that’s why you come back here over and over and over. Find healthier way to show your adoration for another human being. You will continue to be irrelevant in my world. If I bring you up, enjoy your 15 mins of my attention because it’s all you are getting. All I care about is positive people, my #trueyoubies #sonceraefans my family my friends my career and creating an environment without negativity gossip and drama. All of the negative things that I allowed other people to bring to this channel for tooo many years are now DEAD and GONE.. I’m done with it. No #Raebies allowed! Get your life and stop being so focused on mine. Then maybe you won’t have time to post stuff like this. Don’t misunderstand I’m not hurt. I’m not mad. I simply feel sorry for you. Because you want to be annoying and you don’t know how to deal with your emotions and mental issues. Spread love instead. ☮️ #positivevibesonly #highenergypeopleonline #getintunewithyourspirit #positivepeople #joy #happines #peace #lovelifelivewell #havevision #stayfocused #namaste