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The End of Man – Why Women Don’t Respect Men Anymore

I received a comment from a man asking why don’t woman respect men anymore unless they meet a perfect standard of requirements yet they don’t have standards themselves. Men don’t understand how much power they have….they don’t require more from the women they choose to share their bodies with. Check out my hour long podcast, THE GOD QUEEN LIVE to hear what I have to say.

I’m No Longer Posting Comments On Social Media

I will no longer be replying to comments in my comment section or community tab on YouTube. I now have a social media manager behind all of my social media accounts. My comment section on YouTube is for my village only. If you want to talk to me directly….If you need advice or you have comments or questions fill out the form and I will do a video or podcast reply. I look forward to 1on1 convos 💙:

My form will ask you for your name, email address, age, gender and comment, question or suggestion.

Some have already began misusing the form. Already on some drama. I was asked these questions and I’m going to answer them. For future reference any other trolls may want to think twice before they fill out this form with foolishness. I won’t tolerate it or entertain idiocracy. I’m not interested. This will be the first and last time I respond to a low energy troll who ain’t about nothing but gossiping.

1. Why didn’t you get your own place when you got kicked out of Dre’s house?

Answer: Dre never kicked me out of the property he invested in. When I did finally leave Dre’s house I left to move in with Priest. If Dre didn’t want me around him he probably wouldn’t have let me stay over the night Priest broke things off with me. Dre is my family he would never throw me out on the street. When Priest came to get his belongings out of our hotel room I was at Dre’s property with him and our daughter. I felt it was highly inappropriate to be pregnant by one man then move in with another. That’s why I never moved back. It wasn’t because I couldn’t. It was because that wasn’t fair to Dre.

If you actually paid better attention you would’ve saw the videos I made 2 weeks before I moved to California. They were filmed at Dre’s house. If he threw me out why would he let me stay at his house for 2 weeks before I moved to California. Use your head for once. Go back and look at the footage, I’m at Dre’s.

SaDonya threw Priest out that’s how he ended up living with his Grandmother. He lied and said Dre threw me out as a form of deflection. So the public would not be so hard on him. He manipulates.

2. What was Big Kathy’s purpose for calling Nylah’s show?

Answer: If you are referring to my mother, she did not call Nylah’s show. She does not know who Nylah is. If Nylah has said that she is being deceptive. My mother has never called into anyone’s show.

3. Do you ever see a man actually marrying you?

Answer: I’ll be marrying someone who loves me very soon.

4. Where’s the Tesla?

Answer: Driving me around. Minding it’s business just like you should be doing. This is on the list of private things I won’t discuss.

Y’all want to talk about some stories I may have shared in the past that’s cool with me. Because my past makes me the phenomenal woman I am regardless to whether you approve or not. I share my story to help people. But what we not going to do is continue to entertain the rumors and gossip. I’ve had enough of interacting with the feeble-minded I have better shit to do. If you have some genuine questions or concerns in regards to improving your own life hit me up.

I’m sure some of you recognize the email address. It belongs to Sean Tucker STL4U. A psychotic half witted stalker who posts videos about me daily on YouTube and follows me everywhere.

It makes sense that he was the first one to use the form. Being as though he is obsessed with me. Apparently he is deprived in the copulation department. The only remedy for desert dick is to actually be able to get the attention of a woman…thats a challenge for him. He has no one or nothing better to do. His criminal record rests my case.

For the record my son isn’t special needs, I changed my legal name, I’ve never stalked or harassed anyone, I’ve never committed fraud nor have I scammed anyone. I don’t beat my kids. I don’t sleep around. I don’t steal do drugs or drink. Whatever else this creep can make up for entertainment purposes isn’t true either.

I will no longer post comments on my FB IG or YT Channel. I rather respond to everyone on my blog, podcast or in a video.

Much love to #thevillage


An Open Letter To The People of My Past; They Will Use YOU Against ME

Hey You…

Feel rejected? That must’ve hurt. I probably got on your nerves. Embarrassed you. I could’ve cussed you out or blocked you. It could have been anything. Here’s the truth. I never lied to you. I might not even remember you. Young & dumb is definitely a stage we’ve all been through. You are probably mad about whatever I did. Especially if you are trying to resurface in my life or feel comfortable with mentioning me negatively in conversation. Tell your story hun….do you babes. I haven’t seen you in a decade or so I’m sure. I have met over 100,000 people in my lifetime. I traveled a lot. I’ve worked a lot. I’ve been to thousands of events, house parties, kick backs, seminars and conferences.

It is a fact that I’ve learned something from you. That people will try to use your past against you. They will even try to dig up people from your past and try to use those people as well. No worries. I am unbothered. If you are that person and are allowing yourself to be used maliciously… have some self work to do. The person who is the catalyst for drama, trying to reopen old wounds, wasting their energy doing this, has personal issues themselves. Keep in mind….We are all in a process of evolution though we progress at different rates and through different lessons. Someone may choose to keep reminding us of the things we did when we were possibly selfishly unaware or simply not as educated, emotionally and physically. Someone who doesn’t want to see me become a better person continues to remind me of my mistakes in attempts to undermine my progress. It won’t work.

People don’t see everything I do so they go on the information they have accumulated from strangers on the internet, which may be an older version of me or a flat out lie altogether. Always question sources of information on the internet. Not everyone means well. They judge me in the areas they want to fix themselves. When they are bringing up my past mistakes, they are often talking to themselves about the areas of their lives they think they need to improve but haven’t made progress in.

I’m well known, loved, hated accepted, disapproved of, underappreciated, criticized and misjudged. The good comes with bad. It’s balance. Because of that I can’t stop people from using you for their own personal gain or entertainment. I wish I could. I don’t want you to be connected to me any longer. That’s not fair to you. You have your own life to live that does not include me. So don’t invite anything about me in. We didn’t work out. Whether you are an ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend, ex bestfriend, ex-lover, ex co-worker whoever you are. It was meant for us to never interact again. If you can accept your past, even with the mistakes, as apart of who you are and not use them to torture yourself, then nobody can torture you with them. That’s why when they use you it doesn’t bother me.

Sometimes people CHOOSE to see the worse in you and that’s fine. Most likely you are someone that I do NOT need to maintain a relationship or friendship with. I hold no grudge. I don’t even want to talk about you. But if you feel comfortable being used by other people as a tool to harm me… live in the past since they love it so much. If you seek their validation. But let’s be clear…. I have moved on. I would’ve acknowledged your feelings and maybe even apologized. I would’ve talked things through we had the opportunity to. That’s just the kind of person I am. You didn’t get to meet ME. You interacted with who you assumed I was. That’s the biggest problem with relationships and friendship. We tend to misunderstand each other. I could’ve misunderstood you. Lack of communication is never the solution to a problem. You have chose not to see my growth. That proves that any kind of interaction with you is unhealthy mentally and emotionally. However, this creates an opportunity for me to have a deeper acceptance of myself. You were most likely a person I met during a transition period in my life. When I was trying to figure out who I was. So now that you have participated in something so negative recently, I understand that I have to create stronger boundaries around who I give access to my vulnerable self. Your actions explains why you no longer remain in my life and are someone I’ve outgrown.

Learn how to cut out bad people in your life who would even use you in such a malicious way, just how you and I cut off each other.

My past does not define me. Neither does yours. No matter what has happened in your past, you can choose how much power over your current life you want to afford it. You cannot change the past, but you can choose how you react to it. Constantly replaying a negative event in your head greatly increases your suffering. That’s why I’ve forgotten about you. So if whatever happened between us that hurt you so bad you can choose to stop reliving the past in your head over and over again. Your mind constantly replaying a past negative event causes you substantially more suffering than the actual event itself. You actually benefit when you can forgive me without condoning what I did or didn’t do.

You can enjoy a happy relationship even if you made mistakes in a previous one.

You can learn to trust again even though others have betrayed you.

You can make wise choices even if you have made unwise ones in the past.

You can forget Soncerae even exists. I have no intention of hoarding your memories.

Sometimes we grow strong when someone sets us free, and sometimes we grow even stronger when we let someone go. It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not. Never change who you are. Be yourself. People will love you for it, and if they don’t, let them go.

Every person in your life has a lesson to teach. Sometimes you simply outgrow people. It just means that their part in your story is over and your show must go on.

If I was bad for you and you allow someone else to use you as a way to harm me, you are still attracting toxic people. Wrong things happen when you trust, and give too much attention to, the wrong people. Don’t allow others to convince you to do detrimental things to yourself or someone else. Become aware of how people may try to use your character strengths to their advantage.

Strange people accuse me of all kinds of things. Ultimately with no proof. They are just random strangers. They toss around rumors and sensationalized stories. They spread gossip and entice hatred towards me. But honestly, can’t nobody change my mind about how good of a person I am. Nor can they change the mind of someone who knows me long term. To KNOW me is to LOVE me. So to those who were in my life for a short period of time and we wasn’t each other’s cup of tea….just realize that was completely fine with me. It’s not a lot of people that I hate in this world. It’s not a lot of people I don’t get along with. Most people are strangers to me. Including you. I left all toxic relationships behind and you should too. I’ve made mistakes I know. We all have. I am holding nothing against you. I wish nothing but peace and happiness for everyone. Regardless to who they are and what they do.



Single Mom Files Restraining Order Against Ex Convict Stepmom

Cyntoia Brown Barred From Being Around Stepson Due To Criminal Conviction

Cyntoia Brown must stay away from her 11-year-old stepson after a judge recently granted a restraining order filed by the boy’s mother. Stacy Kirkland shares a son with Jamie Long, the former Pretty Ricky member and Christian rapper whom Brown married while she was in prison.

According to documents obtained by Bossip, Kirkland is “extremely” concerned about the safety of her son with Long, and does not believe he “will take proper measures to protect” the child from “danger.” Kirkland lives in Texas with their son, while Long moved to Tennessee where he lives with Brown.

The judge approved Kirkland’s request after Long failed to respond. Long is not allowed to take the boy outside of the state or discuss the case in front of him.

Would you allow your children to be around their new stepmom who was once convicted of murder and then granted clemency? #singlemomlife

See video attached for more details!

My Old Modeling Resume :)


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Jay Z & Mary J Blidge Oh So Sexy Promotional Flyer April/2008 BEAUTY & BRAINS Model April/2008
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4 Fantastic Models 2008
Break Ankles Sportswear Spokesmodel 2008 SWEET TREATS MAY/2008 MAY/2008
Prezidential 26th Birthday Bash Promotional Flyer MAY/2008
SEA “Model of The Year” Nominee MAY/2008
SEA Magazine Taste of the South July Print Issue “Cherries” “Model’s Corner”
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I’d like to thank all of my supporters for nominating me for the Southern Entertainment Awards. Check me out in the next issue of SEA Magazine, Sweets Magazine, Straight Stuntin Magazine, and the cover of URBAN DIVA (DECEMBER ISSUE).

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Experiencing Online Harassment; Breaking Down The Haters

(Keep in mind that if you click any of the images inside of this blog they link to another blog entry or website. Also any underlined words are all linked to another blog entry.)What I don’t think I’ll ever understand is why some men think that it’s completely fine to harass women. Consistently speaking negatively about women. Manipulating women. Cheating on women. Gossiping about women. Abusing women. Disrespecting women. With so much ease they do this but can’t take what they dish out. If you notice my opinions as far as men go stay an isolated rant about my son’s father. He deserves every bit of negative commentary I speak about him. Yes I’ll keep speaking about it until I’m tired of doing so and not a second beforehand. It’s been 2 years since we broke up however we have a 17 month old son together that is a constant reminder of his Father and the betrayal associated with him. It’s some internet weirdos out there who actually think that because I talk about my son’s father and my real life experience with him that means it’s ok for them to harass me online. At first it took me a long time to not talk about it every day or break down crying everyday but with time I pretty much got over it. Now when I speak on my YouTube Channel, this blog or My Podcast “The God Queen Live” about my son’s father, Priest, it’s to warn women to never ever get comfortable with a separated man who is definitely headed for divorce. But most importantly don’t be so quick to trust men no matter how kind, honest, consistent, loving and attentive they are. You could be being love bombed by a narcissist. Give it time for his true colors to shine.I trusted a man. One who at the time had a seemingly estranged wife, SaDonya, who was always up in our business, playing little Facebook games. Hounding my social media profiles. What’s even more weird about her was she was oddly trying to convince me that it’s ok to move forward with her estranged husband. She was all for Priest and I being together. She gave me the go ahead and celebrated us starting a relationship while they were still going through divorce proceedings. She was head over heels for someone else she proclaimed. I spoke in specifics about her while including screenshots of her statements in this blog entry called “Cut The Bullshit” . I don’t know what possessed me to think I was safe just because Priest’s mom, brother and SaDonya told me I’d be ok. Why did I trust those people? Why didn’t it occur to me that these people could be lying to me? Of course Priest & SaDonya are officially divorced now but it happened much later than they told me it was.

I remember when Priest and I were breaking up, he believed a ton of lies people on the internet told him. He then started to accuse me of lying to him. See how comfortable he felt with listening to complete strangers about our relationship? I had never lied to him before they reached out to him so why now suddenly did he believe I’d lie to him? They didn’t even show him any type of proof my statements were lies but he just went along with it. Why was that ok to him? To simply listen to other people who were outside of our relationship? People who had never ever met us. I trusted him even though I had caught him in a few BIG lies and a shit load of small ones. I gave him a chance to prove to me that he could be an honest man and keep his promises. I was always honest with him and here he was accusing me of lying. Even if I did lie why would it be such a big issue to him after he lied so much? I deserved to be chastised because of some rumors he heard but I was supposed to simply forgive him for his indiscretion? Not only was he deceptive but he was loquacious. He told SaDonya all of our business. He’d go behind my back and talk to her about us. This woman was too involved in our relationship. She was involved with too many haters online who were known to spread hateful, false information about me.Let’s talk about my online haters in detail. I have plenty of course. It simply comes with the territory. We’ll just talk about the main ones who have caused problems in the lives of others while trying to hurt me. They kept missing the mark.Tommy Sotomayor, Minister Jap & Chris Law

I have several blog entries up on here about these stooges. I never seen men bitch so bad about women before in my life. These grown ass men behave like 3 gossip girls on a schoolyard. These men are all 3 men I rejected at some point and they still harbor some kind of pain about that. They depict to the world that I have somehow did something terrible to them. When really it isn’t about anything I’ve done to them. It’s the enjoyment they get out of degrading me. It gives them power that they don’t have in real life.Chris Law is the only one I actually had some type of interaction with. I was his side chick 10 years ago. Before he got married he and I would mess around with each other casually. We were friends who showed each other love. Yes, we’d grab dinner and play pool. We frequented bars and went to events together. He introduced me to the swinger’s lifestyle and took me to my first swingers party. It didn’t stop once he got married. It just slowed down. After his divorce from her he remarried and had another child. He showed up at my doorstep trying to restart our friendship even though he was remarried. He spoke about how he had been to counseling. He came to apologize for what he had done to me. I told him to leave the past in the past. However, he spent the next few years walking around Atlanta, Georgia with a bullhorn telling every MAN he could find that I was a hoe. It wasn’t until 2016 I got on my YouTube channel and warned women about the dangers of sleeping with married men. He caught wind and got upset. This is when he ran into Minister Jap. Both of them begin playing on my phone and doing all types of childish antics. Chris & Jap were texting me for 2 months pretending to be a woman who wanted to ask me questions about my experience with Chris. It wasn’t until Chris got frustrated because I wouldn’t speak specifics about my Order of the Eastern Star chapter. During one of those texts he admitted it was him and Jap pretending to be a woman.

Minister Jap was creating content on YouTube that was barely getting watched when I reached out and asked him to collab with me. We ended up doing one collaboration together. It can still be found on Facebook.

It was the first video we did that went viral. I was going to invest in this man’s career. I soon found out that it would not be wise to continue to interact with this man. He displayed a level of disdain for Black Single Mothers. It was unfortunate to me. Before this, he had expressed some type of romantic interest in me. It was mutual I was interested in him as well. But this disdain he had gave me pause. He made single mothers the butt of his jokes and it simply was not funny. It was insensitive and abusive. His statements were highly inappropriate and cruel. I reached out to him to tell him that I was uncomfortable with some of his material that he was posting on Facebook that was disrespectful towards women. He got belligerent and rude. He called me out my name. Once I ended the conversation I refused to answer any more of his phone calls. That’s when the stalking and harassing begin. He begin calling me 100 times a day. He’d leave disrespectful voicemails. He began threatening my life. He posted pictures of me nude he found from somewhere. He started calling me a tranny. He made fun of my sexuality and my gender. As well as my skin, hair and weight. He started reaching out to my ex partners, family members, co workers, business associates and anyone he could find that would say something negative about me. He even interviewed my ex Lloyd. Jap begin lying to people telling them I doxxed him and stalk him. He begin spreading vicious rumors about me online. Him and Chris linked up in my comment section of the very video I posted telling people to avoid being a mistress.

I found out Jap had admiration for Tommy Sotomayor from day one. Many years ago Tommy was reaching out to me on Facebook and his advances were being ignored. I was in a relationship so I couldn’t talk to other men. Tommy tried for a year to get my attention. It wasn’t until he asked me to do an interview on his YouTube channel that I responded to his messages. Once we set up a time and date I’m assuming he made an announcement on his channel. One of my fans reached out to me and told me that he was speaking negatively about me in his promotional video. So instead of jumping to conclusions I reached out to him about my concerns. He then proceeded to tell me that the negative things he said about me were the truth and that he could say what he wanted about me. I cancelled the interview with him and wished him the best. I tried to move on. He then created several more videos about me. After about the 4th or 5th video I responded. For years we begin to go back and forth on YouTube. He’d accused me of stalking him and he’d make up vicious lies and rumors. In 2013 his fanbase swarmed my comment section. He gave out my phone number on one of his videos. His fans harassed me over the phone for a week. I received thousands of hateful phone calls 24/7 by men who were harassing me about my gender and race. I received death threats and people encouraged me to commit suicide.

Once Tommy caught wind that Jap had some sort of issue with me he interviewed him for his channel. Then Chris followed also doing an interview with Tommy.After my pregnancy became public Jap reached out to me trying to convince me to break up with Priest. He called him “Dirty Dick Rodney”. When I refused, Jap reached out to Priest. Encouraging Priest to break up with me. After 2 or 3 years of bickering online about dumb shit, Priest ended up doing an interview with Tommy with SaDonya‘s dumb ass in tow. I’m sure it was Jap encouraging Priest to do it.What’s interesting about the people who chastise me the most they never take a look at themselves. Tommy Sotomayor is a deadbeat dad. He has several baby mommas. Yet he uses his platform to trash Black Women and single mothers. Like he doesn’t foster the negative relationships he has with the mothers of his children. My daughter’s father is not online complaining about our co-parenting experience at all. We have a very good comfortable loving friendship. He’d never participate in that foolishness. Priest has never met our son Justice so speaking to him about how he and I interact with each other probably wouldn’t be a good call. My son’s Godfather and I also have a very positive caring friendship and he is a really good Father to my son. But Tommy wasn’t trying to get the truth about my life he was trying to start drama. It’s a lot of men who are supportive of me and my son. Issues with men online do NOT effect my personal life. It was more men who gave me donations to help me move from Georgia to California.


Priest didn’t even graduate from high school. He doesn’t have a GED either. He is a blue collar worker who never attended college. He has low income if any at all. He doesn’t drive. Doesn’t have a car. Doesn’t have a home of his own. After 15 years of marriage to SaDonya he had nothing. No kids. No legacy. NOTHING. I tried to help him be a better man. We started Yahaura together. Which was the beginning of many other businesses we could’ve started together if he knew anything about loyalty and team work. Minister Jap is a drunk as well as a drug addict with a criminal record. He lives in the gutter of Chicago and only front’s like he has a life that other men should admire. However he’s just a loser with a failed rap career who harasses women to make himself feel better about his misfortune. I wanted to invest in his career that’s what made me reach out to him to begin with. I had enough money to spare and I wanted to spend it on elevating him. I wanted to help him be a better man. Out of frustration, jealousy and hatred he purposely ruined my relationship with Priest. Jap tries to make everyone believe he doesn’t continue to harass me because he doesn’t speak out about me publicly like he used to. But Jap continues to harass me behind the scenes.

Chris Law is a drunk as well. He’d drink so much he’d throw up. I don’t think I ever spent time with Chris when he wasn’t drinking. I know I’d have at least 1 drink while I was with him. Chris is on his 2nd or 3rd marriage so he was in no position to chastise me on the internet about my relationship with Priest. Chris was not man enough to openly say he made a mistake cheating on his wife. He just got online and pinned me as poisonous manipulative Jezebel with a porn star’s sex drive who made his life hell. When Chris was happy with me. All we did was laugh and have sex. No complications. I was genuinely Chris’ friend 10 YEARS AGO. I do NOT know him now but then I did not judge him and I never would have hurt him. Not ever. I listened to him tell me stories about how miserable he was in his marriage and how much he didn’t trust her. She was never around and I honestly believe that he was if anything a good friend to me. I respected the fact that he never lied to me about his relationship and he didn’t lie to me about his marriage. I was going through so much hurt and pain in my own life that being with him helped me through. Yes he turned on me. He betrayed me later on. He even he posted intimate pictures of us at a swingers party and lied telling people we made a sex tape. Even to this day I still hold no hatred in my heart for him even though he helped ruin my relationship and my family with Priest.

Tommy is a deadbeat dad with a criminal record who has admitted to being as such as well as admitted to being sexually attracted to underage girl. He has also has participated in molestation. He talks about how much he hates the Black Race especially Black Women but this is what the community calls a reliable source about all things Soncerae?

LaVonya “Bomb Cherry” Edwards & Sean “STL4U” TuckerBomb Cherry is one jealous broad. She is a complete stranger yet she is so invested in my life like we had some type of solid life experience with each other. We have never met and I have never done anything to this woman. However, Jap fueled her. If you haven’t noticed a pattern let me reassure you that Jap is the catalyst for a lot of drama I have experienced on YouTube. Any type of issue I’ve had all fingers point back at Jap. The only reason why Jap even interacts with Bomb Cherry is because she is willing to speak as negatively about me online as he does. If she didn’t he’d be calling her a hoe just like he continues to calls me that.Bomb Cherry used to come inside of my comment section and we’d talk. After a few months she became overbearing and ended up getting into an argument with someone inside of my comment section. This was the second time she had caused a problem. At first she got into it with ME on my own channel. That was the first red flag. After she got into it with someone else I simply blocked her and proceeded to move on with my life. Instead of her moving on she took to her YouTube channel and has been stalking and harassing me online ever since. It’s been 3 years.

Everyone can tell how much Bomb Cherry wishes she was me. I get emails from people telling me not to worry about her because she’s jealous. I’ve never seen a person talk so much and so bad about someone they hate like she does me. She is obsessed. She has lied and said I sent someone to her house to sexually assault her. She has made almost 100 videos about my vagina. She has interviewed SaDonya on her channel more than once. I don’t even know how SaDonya could even allow herself to be around this slut. Bomb Cherry is a webcam porn hoe who also makes money doing phone sex. She claims she is a married woman. The truth is her marriage is open and loveless. This crazy geriatric troll has not only reached out to Priest and SaDonya she has called my mom, swatted my mom’s house, tried to reach out to my oldest daughter. From fake email addresses and phone numbers she reached out to my cousin Shunna and my Aunt Julia who are only related to me through Priest. (Read this blog) I’m sure Priest or SaDonya handed over their information because I had never spoke in detail about either of them for anyone to know their last names or what they look like.

In Bomb Cherry’s many years of harassing me online she birthed another troll named STL4U who also harasses me as well. Only because Bomb Cherry told him to. Not because I did anything to him personally. He’s going around claiming I posted his private information. Like I initiated some type of issue with him. He forgot to mention how he continue to harass me and this compelled me to post his information on my blog so the authorities can keep up with him. He repeats anything Bomb Cherry says. She has him out in these “YouTube Streets” looking super stupid doing her bidding.I received an email the other day it said:Hello Soncerae my name is mike from canada. Not sure if you are aware that one of your youtube trolls stlfu has a criminal record
one of the felonies he has is for child abuse. check out the
attachments. I find it odd that he is discussing children, when he has a felony for child abuse.

So let’s reflect….Bomb Cherry is a webcam porn hoe who does phone sex operations and has also committed welfare fraud. She has a criminal record. SaDonya also has one. Now here is Sean Tucker who has both felonies and misdemeanors but somehow these people are trying to convince the world that SONCERAE is a huge problem?Now everyone for the most part knows my moderators names are Mr Live & Mark. Sometimes people harass them just because we get along. Mr Live contacted me the other day and to my surprise he asked me who LaVonya Edwards was. At first it caught me off guard. I was surprised he didn’t know who she was. But he was so used to me calling her Bomb Cherry he had no idea that LaVonya Edwards was her real name.

He goes into this long story about how Bomb Cherry some how found him on Facebook and begin trying to get them to connect romantically. This is supposedly a married woman. Yet she was out here sending nudes to my moderator. She was trying to encourage him to hang out with her. She even knew that he worked at Bank of America previously and claimed that she saw him there. This is stalking. She not only stalked me so hard that she found out the personal information of my moderators. She then begin to stalk my moderator. This chick is demented on so many levels.So Sean STL4U Tucker makes these crazy 3-8 hour livestreams about me that proves he is unemployed. No one with a work schedule has time to do all of that. Maybe listen to a livestream, yes! But do one NO! He did one recently called “WHO SWATTED SONCERAE” If you don’t know what swatting means. It means that some internet weirdo with no life or morals sends police to raid an innocent person’s house simply because they don’t like that person. I did a podcast recently talking about someone sent police, pest control, plumming, chinese food delivery guys and pizza delivery guys to my mom’s house thinking I lived there. I’m not as open as I used to be about my living situation but I have clearly said on more than one occasion that my mom and I DO NOT LIVE TOGETHER and that I changed my LEGAL NAME. So finding me is difficult. Sean tried to act like he didn’t know who was swatting my house. Bomb Cherry already called my mom’s phone and left a belligerent voicemail saying it was her who did it. I know Sean knows that. He’s her lap dog. Of course he knows it was her. It is also her who contacted Aunt Julia and Shunna as well as my daughter’s father trying to cause drama. It didn’t work. We still cool over here. My family loves me and they have my back. Just because you got Priest & SaDonya, the gruesome twosome, dumb and dumber to turn on me doesn’t mean you’ll be able to pull that bullshit on anyone else. Who else would participate in such adolescent behaviors?

  1. I would never interview anyone’s family members for my YouTube channel. (I interviewed Tommy’s Ex Avi AFTER he interviewed Chris Law and Jap for his channel.)
  2. I will never post anyone’s private information simply because I do not like them. If I’ve ever posted anyone’s private information it is on this blog and because they have been harassing me.
  3. I do not reach out to anyone’s family members offline.
  4. I would not try to pin people’s family members and friends against them by telling them lies and gossip.
  5. I have never sent anyone any threatening or blackmail emails. If anything I’ll openly say what my intentions for you are on my blog, youtube channel or podcast. Or I will simply contact you directly.
  6. I have never swatted or sent anyone to someone’s house simply because I don’t like them.
  7. I have never played on anyone’s phone pretending to be someone else.
  8. I have never trolled anyone’s social media profiles from a fake profile.


Rudemp has literally stomped Sean. He has verbally stripped Sean’s manhood away. The truth is Sean is powerless in real life that’s why he allows a porn hoe to run him. She tells him what to do. Just like Jap tells Chris and Priest what to do. Bomb Cherry tells Sean & SaDonya what to do. These people are puppets. Rude is another YouTube Streets content creator who can hand someone their ass if need me. Rude treated Sean like the roadkill he is but Sean has not obsessively harassed him how he has done me. It proves that when a man addresses him he can’t handle it but he can definitely abuse and belittle a woman. Men who aren’t accepted on the playing field with other men end up being mentally manipulated by older women and abuse other women. I don’t even bother responding to Sean. He just makes videos and I ignore them. He is trivial. It’s not worth the little bit of attention I’m giving it right now.I’m bringing this to everyone’s attention so people can understand something. In no way have I harmed ANY of these people in real life. I never depict myself as a perfect person. I’ve simply fought back against them for humiliating me or harassing me. One thing these people don’t do is self evaluate. They don’t see what they did. Or they do see but they can’t handle that it’s genuinely their fault why things have gone the way they have with me. They truly do not see their part in contributing to or primarily causing their own problems in life. This is an unconscious barrier, so you shouldn’t try to “make them see” their part in the problem. That just increases their defensiveness and makes things worse. Keep in mind that emotions are contagious, and high-conflict emotions are highly contagious. So when you see people online acting overly emotional and sensitive when they are talking about me, I’m only being used as a tool. It’s not really me that’s the problem. They don’t know me personally. Everyone has flaws and things they need to get over. Nobody goes through life without making mistakes or doing something they’re ashamed of. That’s why people who criticize others have no basis for their arguments. When the criticism becomes constant and vicious, that person is probably not making a healthy assessment of your mistakes. It’s probably more like the defense mechanism known as “projection.” They see you as a mirror; they criticize the things in you that they don’t like about themselves. As far as men who harass women online like how Tommy, Jap, Chris and Sean have done to me I just view it as they have no power in real life when dealing with women. Women dominate them or women reject them. They can’t have their way with women. Cybersexism and Cybermisogny is a real thing. As men often rely on aggression to maintain their dominant social status the increase in hostility towards a woman by lower-status males is an attempt to disregard a female’s performance and suppress her disturbance on the hierarchy. These men are sad that I am doing better than they are. I am a woman of power. I control my life and my situations. I create my success. I own my flaws and I accept my past. I am true to who I am. Some people find that hard to do. I am just not that person. None of these people are perfect. They all have a checkered past. However, they make it seem like my past is worse than theirs. We all have things we did that we aren’t proud of.

Usually when someone doesn’t like a person they just leave them alone. Not harass them. I’m surprised I had to defend myself against strangers and at one point I was extremely kind to them. My heart goes out to these people and I have a level of patience with them that I never used to have. Even without me responding these people will continue to harass me. They actually believe they have a right to when they do not. I try to have compassion. As annoying as they have been and no matter how much I want them to leave me and my family alone, they think harassing me is funny and entertaining. I simply send them positive vibes and move on. They try to hide their grief, their pain and misfortune. If getting online brings them some type of relief I try to understand that. I’ve even tried to apply some of the advice they have tried to give me to my life. That may not be smart considering the sources. But remember we can learn lessons from all types of people who are in all walks of life. Respect each others journey. Take care of one another.