When I was asked why I didn’t want to put Justice’s father on child support my answer was simple. I didn’t want to pressure a man to be a father when he suddenly decided to change his mind at the last minute. It didn’t seem fair. People started suggesting that I put my feelings to the side and put his Father on child support. Besides I wasn’t treated fairly by his father and neither was Justice. Life isn’t fair. Ofcourse, I don’t want his money. I don’t need it. It’s hard to accept anything from him. One of my subscribers suggested that I file for child support and that all of the money I receive I simply add to a trust fund for Justice. What a great idea! Then I thought about all of the donations I received from people when I was in need. Even when I wasn’t in need people simply wanted to donate out of the kindness of their hearts, just cause they simply wanted to. Most social media personalities participate in fan or crowd funding regardless to how much money they make. It takes a lot of money to help others in general.

When I was going through a tough time in order to push forward I’d always find something positive in the situation no matter how small it was. I call it a “Happyness Seed”. A name I thought of while responding to an email from someone in despair. I was telling her to sow a seed of happiness and watch it grow.

As I watch Justice grow everyday I think about what type of man will he became. So many people help me raise him by sending donations, gifts, even advice. I’ve paid it forward and helped others in that same way. When I think about the trust fund I thought about other children and what if I could set up funds for children in foster care or children who don’t have parents. They too could receive money for education.

The goal is to set up an estate and other irrevocable trusts for other children, not just Justice. It’s just a thought. Just a start. If you think it’s a good idea donate! We appreciate any donation big or small.

Regardless to how much money I earn a year for profit I will always asks for donations. Simply because I don’t just take care of Justice, Dominique, myself and my mom. I take care of thousands of other people.

Your generosity is impressive.

Have Vision & Stay Focused



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