Stupidity Exodus or Carlyle? Who Are You Truly?

I will never understand how an intellectual man who is financially stable, living in a beautiful home, a motorcycle rider, a traveler, a man who can afford to drive a Lamborghini, a Maserati or even lease one would spend almost everyday for almost 3 years hiding behind a fake profile making fun of me. Telling people that I was stupid. Lying to people about me. Making fun of my astigmatism. Dangling his money in my face trying to pay me to do what he wants me to and prove myself to him. I made 1 mistake during an IT Tutorial and from then on he tried to make people believe that I was a bad person. Wait….he was making fun of me before that. It took a lot out of me to try it. All of the basic stuff I learned I wanted to spread to whoever wanted to listen. I was speaking my dreams into existence. All he did was try to kill my self esteem and make me believe I wasn’t smart enough to succeed. I was terrified. I googled an aid to help me through the tutorial. Because I used an article as an aid to assist me so I wouldn’t teach people wrong information he told people I plagiarized and skip over words I can’t pronounce.

When I was in my early 20s boys like him made fun of me because I was the only girl in my class interested in Computer Engineering. I was always the only female there. I quit because they would make fun of me so bad. Not because I literally wasn’t smart enough. But because of the stigma that hangs over all women. That we will never be enough to accomplish too much of anything. All because I was a female and Computer Engineering was classified as something only men could do. I changed colleges and instead went to college for Business. I went to a technical college and took a few computer classes later in life. I have my CompTIA Network+ & A+ Certifications. But that’s nothing compared to what I could’ve done if I wouldn’t have let males like this get to me. When I found out that this was the man behind the degrading videos that were posted about me it hurt my feelings. I couldn’t understand how a man who was smarter than me would make fun of me instead of using his intellect to help me do better. Instead of telling everyone that I was lying about being a Computer Engineer. Why didn’t he understand that it was something I was working towards and why didn’t he just reach out to help me? Immaturity? I don’t understand why men have to be so cruel to women. Especially me. Why not share knowledge or share wealth? Why does it have to be hatred and hurt that you men spread? I reached out to him years ago when I found out is true identity and asked him why didn’t he just help me if he thought I wasn’t smart enough. He didn’t respond. I spent time trying to take up for myself against him and a few others on YouTube. Eventually it just got to be just too much. Just a bunch of foolishness. For what though? Entertainment? Likes? Views? Was it worth all of that? The internet doesn’t effect my life in a personal way usually. Because I use it as a professional place. Once I became pregnant with my son. I showed a level of vulnerability that most women would have been afraid to. The backlash from that made me feel like I was the only girl in my Computer and Information Sciences class ALL OVER AGAIN. So many men swarmed my channel with insults. They took so much delight in the fact that someone I loved left me pregnant and to die inside of a hotel room. Even…This man tried to convinced everyone that I was lying about my pregnancy. And when I moved to California after asking for donations, this man made videos saying that I was only moving there to get financial benefits from the Government. That I was only getting pregnant so I could get money from a man. He was so disrespectful.

I showed my mother this picture of him today. She said he was handsome. I told her I will never be able to understand how a man who seemingly has everything going for himself would waste his time speaking so derogatory about me.

Just off of this picture alone women would be interested in this man. Once they picked up on his financial backing, educational history or work history, they’d be even more interested. Speaking of work history he looked up mine. Found me on LinkedIn. A profile that I barely updated that did not include anything major in regards to what I knew about Software Engineering. He then pieced it a part to try to make it seem like I could never be a Computer Engineer. Why would he do such a thing? Then he put even more energy into trying to hurt me by saying I stole money from charities and that I commit tax fraud. Why would any man sit up and make up all of these stories about a woman he never met, let alone a man as successful and attractive as this man? That’s all I kept saying to myself over and over as I’d see him continue to post videos about me on his channels. It didn’t make sense in my mind. And for him to have done it for so long I was surprised that I could even hold his attention that long. It just seemed beneath him to do such a thing. I just couldn’t believe it. Most of the time responding to him wasn’t even something I wanted to do. I just tried to ignore him. I ended up pressing charges against him and I didn’t give the police his legal name when I could have. I gave them his alias Stupidity Exodus.

No one understood me. He didn’t at all. He assumed. I felt so sad for him. But to feel sorry for him only would display weakness. And my weaknesses his what he fed off of. I started to realize that this has got to be some type of deep rooted thing I’ll never understand.

He posted a video one day recently that was titled “Soncerae Made Me Lose My Job” and just like that the same day it was deleted. I don’t know where he works. But I’m sure if him losing his job had any relation to me it was because he spent more time on YouTube making fun of me than he did actually doing his job. I hope that did not happen to him.

Contrary to what people say about me, I don’t wish bad on anyone. With the exception of Sonya & Priest. That’s going to take me a while to stop feeling. For real. Seriously, I definitely don’t wish bad on anyone I haven’t met even if they tried to ruin my life by using YouTube or any other social media platform. I’m just not built that way.

Sometimes I wish that people could see me. The real me. Not who they assume I am. Or who they wish I was. But ME. But not everyone has the privilege. Because I’m not for everyone. Not everyone is going to be equipped with what is necessary to be able to see me for me.

One thing that this man has taught me is that no matter how much money you have, no matter how far away you travel, no matter how much fun you have none of that can bring happiness. Happiness is an inside job. Happy people do not harass anyone. Happy people do not make fun of anyone. His life isn’t as fulfilling as he makes it seems. How can a man who seemingly has it all also have cruel intentions pointed directly at me?

I saw a comment he made recently on another content creator’s video that included a statement that said “You are a predator like Soncerae” I was like how could this man who harassed and stalked me for almost three years say that I’m a predator? As if I came after him. Or harmed him. He’s even mad at people who have defended me against people who have also caused me harm. Why does this man hate me so much when I have done nothing to him? Others have asked him that and even the response he gives has nothing to do with what I’ve done to him directly or to anyone else directly. It’s like he’s trying to find a reason to justify it. Any excuse he can give.

Wealth and happiness are not positively correlated. Could it be isolation that makes him so cruel? I will never understand this. I will never understand why people simply hate because they can. Especially not people who “have a life.”

Because of this man and plenty of others I will never trust anyone with my life. Men like this one make it easy for me not to date…. Make it easy for me not to work with men or encourage men. My son is 4 months old at the time I wrote this blog. I wish my son will grow up to be nothing like the men that have effected my life negatively.

Instead of this man being Carlyle, a positive role model for young men and women he chooses to use his time on YouTube as Stupidity Exodus, a troll who makes fun of me. I can’t imagine what people are going through that would make them want to make choices like this. My life is so hard and even through all of the pain and sadness I’ve felt majority of my life I’d never do the cruel things this man has done to me.

Please don’t use the internet to bring people down. You never know who you hurt. You never know who sees you. You never know how powerful your presence is in regards to someone else’s life.

He finally admitted on another person’s comment section that he is Stupidity Exodus however he’s tried to convince me several times that Carlyle is not his real identity. Most of the videos he created about have been removed by YouTube or he’s set them as private. But the damage is already done.

I’ve known his true identity for over two years now and I wish him nothing but the best in real life. To me he is a failure and I hope he soon improves.


Killing The Black Family: Abortion Is Ruining The Lives of Black Women

I was appalled when I saw a picture a Georgia resident posted on Facebook earlier today. He was driving in East Point near Atlanta Georgia and saw this billboard. I was livid. To say the least.

#1. Black Women do in fact take care of their families by taking care of ourselves. But taking care of ourselves does not require that we kill our offspring.

The mind fuck in that is so obvious to an intellect I want the genius who thought of it to be castrated if they are male or a hysterectomy needs to be performed on this woman. The Afiya Center’s Marketing & Public Relations team just played on the ignorance of the Black Community. Anyone with some sense would look at this and be disgusted.

#2 Abortion is not ALWAYS self-care. If anything it makes you feel worse. If you are having an abortion because of irresponsibility or promiscuity all this billboard did was tell you to continue to be impulsive meanwhile spreading disease and they’ll be the cloud that catches you when you fall.

Are they not aware that the youth or uneducated young adults will classify this a means to an end of something they aren’t prepared for? Self-care does not consist of continuing to be irresponsible sexually and consider abortion as a way to rectify a situation. I can bet you that most people who pay eyes on this billboard can reproduce and go through full term pregnancy with ease. So if this clinic’s services are only for women who may have fetuses with birth defects or can not go full term because of health issues they did a piss poor job of displaying that.

#3 The Hashtag #TrustBlackWomen really pisses me off. Who would trust any woman who wants to kill their own offspring? Let alone celebrate it. This entire billboard screams DON’T TRUST A BLACK WOMAN. She’s selfish enough to kill her own children just so she can live a comfortable life.

Not only does it perpetuate the notion that Black women should be trusted even when doing something so callous and cruel, it also says that we should feel comfortable with killing our children. When in turn, signals our community that killing each other is alright.

Black Mothers are often looked up to as the leaders of Black Communities. If we are comfortable with killing our children and we teach that we are also teaching our children that our lives are not valuable and it’s ok to kill each other. More black on black crime in the making.

This entire campaign is sickening. This advertisement screams ignorance. Any woman who is reading this please contact this center and explain to them how this looks because clearly they don’t get it. They missed the mark on this one

If their clinic is about saving the lives of women who have health issues and can’t continue with full term pregnancy this billboard needs to say that. Nothing about that advertisement is what they are trying to depict it to be. It is a poor representation of Black Women, the Black Community and the center itself. Whoever oked this billboard needs to be fired.

I’ve had unwanted abortions that scarred me physically and mentally. There is nothing glamourous about abortion. This advertisement implies that it empowers a woman to discontinue populating the earth with our race of people. Someone show me a billboard with a group of white women on it that suggests the same? Where is #trustwhitewomen …..???? Right….it doesn’t exist. No one is pushing abortion in the faces of non black women dressing it up as empowerment. This billboard is the beginning of the end for Black Women.

Promote abstinence, safe sex, something other than gassing up Black Women making us believe that killing our offspring makes us more powerful and is justifiable simply because a billboard with an assinine hashtag says so.


So….Here I Go Again Proving Myself – My Roku Channel

Just recently I started promoting that I will be posting new content on my Roku Channel and that people should invest in buying a box so they can view the exclusive content I will be posting. A bunch of haters I call my “Superfans” always conjugate together daily to try to prove to the world that their lies are true about who I am. Everytime I always prove everyone who participates in this plight to stop me from succeeding that they are in fact wrong. One of the latest attempts to destroy my character and reputation with smear campaigning is the assumption that the reason I don’t like the site Patreon is because I couldn’t generate income off of it when really it was because the YouTube Creators that promote the site the most, such as Minister Jap and Angry Man have put a bad taste in my mouth about the site. Simply because they have misused the website to maliciously cause me harm. Also I believe that YouTube should have this feature so that Content Creators do not have to step outside the website to have paid subscription content. They also lied and accused me of being a fraud saying I charge $50,000 for a video. I can tell you for sure that the Soncerae steals money, commits tax fraud and has donation and charity scams is getting old. Because it’s a whole bunch of bullshit instead of actual proof. It’s just a bunch of lies that some assholes decided to create to hurt my reputation and they aren’t man enough to admit that they are wrong after I’ve posted proof that the “news” they post is consistently inaccurate. I am now understanding that these people purposely post fraudulent information. I’ve had a Patreon account for years and rarely promoted it or used it. In order to create a fan base or to get paid subscriptions you’d have to use your YouTube channel to promote it. I wasn’t interested so the account had just been sitting there for years unbothered.

While I spoke about my dislike for the site I promoted the fact that I have a Roku Channel.

Inside of the video I encouraged people to get a Roku. I also promoted YouTube TV, Netflix and Hulu. Not even a day later an incompetent asshole tried to convince people that I was lying about having a Roku Channel. Simply because he looked for my channel BEFORE I even did a premiere and didn’t see any content. I only told people that I would be doing something brand new and that they needed to get a Roku box. I hadn’t published any content yet. When I do a premiere I’ll let everyone know publicly like usual.

But so I can prove a point to one of the many assholes who continues to talk too much about something they don’t know anything about here is a screenshot that shows proof I in fact DO have a Roku Channel that is currently under development.

Bottom line. I do NOT lie. I’ve had my Roku Channel since 2014 when a comedian and close friend of mine made the suggestion. The same people who developed the Cryptomania Web Series that I currently host are the same people who are developing my Roku Channel.

People do your research before you speak about someone else. When you hear things about people online because remember that not everyone means well. I’ve proved soooo many people wrong when they make false accusations about me and these people never go back and recant their statements. They never fess up and say they made a mistake.

A troll, Stupidity Exodus, continues to make false statements about me over and over and even when I post proof that he is a liar he never admits he made a mistake in judgment and in research. People always claim they have receipts and proof about who I am and what I’m doing when it’s really them playing off of people’s ignorance.

It came to my knowledge years ago that the true identity of Stupidity Exodus is some failure named Carlyle

He also has another YouTube Channel called Fix Protocol

He is a trouble maker. I don’t care who he is in person and privately. I don’t care what he does with his life. I don’t care about his opinions what is a concern of mine is he continues to stalk me and speak as if he’s some kind of victim or expert on who I am. He has posted so much inaccurate information about me claiming to expose me yet hides behind the Stupidity Exodus, YouTube Clowns SE, and other FAKE profiles claiming he is exposing me. When he spends ZERO time working on the things he should be working on that are beneficial to his own personal growth.

He has also contacts me from other profiles pretending he is someone else trying to get me to believe that the person behind the Stupidity Exodus account is really DJ Akademics. Which is a bunch of bullshit to me. Why would anyone as successful as he is even have the time to focus on ME. It’s bullshit. I don’t care if Stupidity Exodus’s real name is boo boo the fool or if he is Carlyle or DJ Akademiks. What I want the bastard to do is leave me alone.

I do not know the people who claim they have such a huge problem with me. Their issues are really their own demented perspectives of reality spilling out for the rest of us to see. I do not have beef with anyone. I do not care about these people’s lives. I’m working on my own.

Please do not entertain this bullshit. Move on. And when you see people claiming to have exposed me, people who make fun of me everyday whether it’s excessively posting about me or doing livestreams please understand that people who have no life or too much time on their hands usually don’t have people in their lives that love and care for them. If they did they wouldn’t have the time or energy to speak negatively or excessively about someone else.

My Personal Message To Chris Law’s Wife

Mrs Law COME GET YOUR HUSBAND! I’m starting to lose my patience. I’ve tried to handle this with class. There is no reason in the world why a man I entertained over 10 years ago is using social media to cling on to me. For 2 years he has used YouTube as a way to gossip about me, lie about me, comment about me, slander and make false accusations. I’ve tried to make peace with this man. I’ve tried to ignore this man. I used to make response videos and discuss this man but I decided to discontinue doing that. I’ve moved from ATL allll the way to CA and he’s still on my jock. Someone tell Chris Law’s wife to come get her husband. If he sees someone has made a video talking about me he in the comment section gossiping about me. If he sees someone doing a livestream talking about me he in the live chat talking about me. He is supposed to be a happily married man. No happily married man is going to be spending his time on social media gossipping almost every day for two years about an ex he dealt with 10 years ago. He literally spent almost everyday talking about how good our sex was. Lying telling people he saw me give oral sex to a whole bunch of men when really it was me seeing him participate in a oral sex contest on 4 random girls he never met on the garage floor of a swingers party he drug me to at someone’s house in Morrow. Girl please put a leash and muzzle on your insecure lying mentally unstable man whore please. He has done everything he can to try to destroy my life ever since he met me. He has walked around the 4 corners of Atlanta with a bullhorn for all of 10 years pressed to tell people we used to be involved. He talks too much. Like some gossip girl. I’ve asked him to leave me alone and he refuses. I’ve had it with this man. I told everyone involved with the drama that I am done with it. I’ve said it over and over and over. If he doesn’t like me he sure isn’t acting like it. I don’t like him that’s for damn sure. I do NOT comment about this man. I don’t care who is talking about him. I keep my mouth closed. You need to talk to your husband and take his ass back to counseling. Because he needs it. I don’t care what he posts about me on social media. He’s been posting slanderous stuff LYING for two years.Shits getting old. When I met him he was a promiscuous drunk. I want nothing to do with him. I’ve let it go. Its time for him to.

And another thing months after your son was born Chris was at my apartment in Norcross sitting in my living room trying to get me to be his side chick. He showed me pictures of your son. He was crying and apologizing for what he did to me before he supposedly got married to you. I refused to entertain that foolishness. I had already been his emotional crutch in his previous marriage I wasn’t about to do that shit again.

He has been sitting around gossiping with my son’s father pinning us against each other. Chris Law and his lies are part of the reason he and I broke up. He doesn’t want to see me happy. He doesn’t want me to have my happily ever after. If he has one with you I would hope he’d appreciate that instead of trying to fuck up my life more than he already has.

He is a problem. I wish I never was his friend. He has mental issues and always has and I accepted that about him. I cared for him. But just as a good friend. Nothing more or less. Our friendship was based around sex and that’s it. We loved each other temporarily. He has been extremely disrespectful and has not only embarrassed himself he is a representation of YOU and how he honors his marriage and family. He helped break up the family I was trying to build for myself with his lies and jealousy.

He thinks him talking about me hurts me….no it doesn’t. He is hurting my son and his father. I would never hurt Chris and I’ve tried to handle this in Soo many different ways. I’ve washed my hands of the situation.

I have nothing against you or your family. I want this drama OVER. I’ve said that so many times. Your husband does not know how to LET GO. I want nothing to do with him and he claims he wants nothing to do with yet he continues to watch my every move on social media. I’m tired of it. He has found little sneaky ways to harass me. Talk to your husband. He is not happy with his life or his marriage or he’d spend more time enjoying it instead of focused on me.

I am trying to move on with my life. This bullshit has gone on long enough. I wish you both the best. Nothing but love and happiness to you both. Please get your husband offline and in your arms so he can leave me the fuck alone.

Had Chris kept his mouth closed all of these years prior to me mentioning him online none of this would be happening. Chris needs to take responsibility for his actions and stop being so damn impulsive. Let it go.