Soncerae Harassed on IG Once Again

People on YouTube have once again tried to take their sick obsession with me to other social media platforms. The same person who was posting comments on my IG and tagging Minister Jap is either at it again or it’s a completely different person. If this has anything to do with Minister Jap all it is doing is providing more evidence that he is Stalking and harassing me. Once again today… Egypt Ann’s picture is being used. Yesterday they created a fake profile using my pictures.


Junk Pile Video Exposed

For years I had been severely stalked by a white man who refused to show his face or tell people his real name. On YouTube he called himself Keith using a YouTube channel called Junk Pile Video. He is also a blogger who uses the name Keith Allen. His real name is Michael McDaniel.

I don’t care whether his name is Keith Allen, Michael McDaniel or boo boo the fool I just wanted him to stay in his lane and stop assuming every Black Woman he doesn’t agree with deserves him stalking and harassing them.

I’ve written two or three blogs about this man. One of which I explain how he stalked me all over the state of California. Livestreaming himself doing a Google search of neighborhoods and surrounding areas trying to pinpoint my coordinates. Two years back he called Child Protective Services and a representative came to my house to check on the welfare of my teenage daughter. I was asked did I have any weapons and had I ever considered suicide. If he felt like I was going to harm my child the bozo should’ve called 911 not CPS. That doesn’t make sense. Even if I was suicidal I don’t see how that would make that any of his business to begin with. He is a complete stranger. If I ever saw someone who seemed sad enough to commit suicide the last thing I’d do is contribute to more unhappiness by causing mischief. If anything they’d get compassion and sympathy not hatred and anger. This man is more demented than a person who is suicidal.

Last year he called the main office at the extended stay hotel I was staying at and lied to them. They were told by him that I was on livestream talking about killing my son’s father then killing myself. So they came knocking on my room door making sure everything was ok.

Earlier this year he called the Fremont Police department here in California assuming that’s where I lived, making false accusations. After I had already pressed charges not knowing his true identity.

A few weeks ago days after my son was born he called the Fremont Police Department again. They contacted the police department near my place of residency and was asked to do a welfare check.

Finally his real identity has been revealed. In an old news media clip done in Portland Oregon his name is reportedly Michael Mcdaniel.

Michael Mcdaniel and his obsession with Black Women was just revealed to me after two other black women proved they had been harassed by this man as well.

If you are being harassed by Junk Pile Video, Keith Allen aka Michael Mcdaniel please contact authorities immediately.

Females & Their Facades: Treatrice Eady

Everyone wants their privacy. We all value it. I have to consistently share parts of my life that other people may be afraid to share. There’s 20% of my life that I speak about and 80% that I keep to myself. I like to have everything on the table honestly so there is no confusion.

There have been a few people on YouTube who I considered my friends. Rice, Angela, Bruna, CaliBoo, I even considered Bomb Cherry an associate. Usually when true friends get into it they iron things out and move forward. My reasons for no longer having a friendship with these people may stem from us not meeting each other in real life. I guess it was hard for these women to value the bond when we’ve never met in person.

One thing I take pride in is my ability to be honest about where I stand with people and in life. When I’ve been down and out I’ve said it. When I’ve been financially stable I’ve said it. When I’ve needed donations I’ve asked for them. I’ve spoken about hardships, evictions, car repossessions, being molested and sexually assaulted, domestic violence, bad relationships etc….openly and honestly on my YouTube channel. However I’ve also spoken positively about what I’ve learned, charity work, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, education, spirituality and metaphysics. I have cooking tutorials and beauty tips….I’ve done comedy skits and everything. I’ve talked about sex and good relationships I’ve had with men. I’ve invited friends on my channel. My family has been on my channel. My three dogs have been on my channel so has my turtle and even the fish in my fish tank. I’ve just been myself. I’ve now given birth on YouTube. That’s me. My life. My real life. What’s unfortunate is that some of the people who I considered friends on YouTube try to make it seem like I’m not the kind hearted loving fun nice person I am simply because I caught them in lies or I pulled away from them because I found out they were interacting with people who have consistently made fun of me, made up lies about me or harassed or bullied me online. It hurts me to have to get rid of people but it just seems like most people don’t have my back. People I’ve took up for. People I’ve helped improve their channels, businesses, relationships or friendships make me out to be this person I’m not. Sometimes it bothers me that Im expected to always prove myself to everyone when no one is going out of their way to prove anything to me.

I’ve been hurt by so many people that I just pull away so easy now just by staying quiet. How people respond to my silence is upsetting.

I’m a real person and the people who try to make me out to not be that are the people who hide the most. Right now I’m getting dozens of emails about a former friend Rice.

Teatrice Eady aka Rice has lied to people telling them I stole $3k from her PayPal account. She lied to people and told them I lived in a boarding house for single mothers. She’s been interacting with my exs unnecessarily having public livestreams with them discussing me. It’s a horrible thing to do. I stopped being cool with her prior to all of this because she wanted to interact with a few people who used to harass and bully both her and I online. Even after I asked her to stop with the drama dealing with these people she continued to get low. A woman I once admired for her strength and independent thinking had now become a troll herself. I will never understand how a person who called themselves my friend would defend me online for months against Chris Law and Priest suddenly decide she wants to be cool with them. When people run straight for your enemies when you two no longer deal with each other says something awful about their character. They stand for NOTHING.

She always spoke about her degrees, her marriage, her six figure salary and her former “modeling career”. She told me she dated Chris Brown and also spoke to me in regards to some sort of association with Nick Cannon. Towards me pulling away from her I started to notice she’d lie or embellish the truth in order to manipulate me into admiring her. I begin to question everything she said to me. I knew then that it would be hard to keep a friendship going with her.

Since then she’s made videos some obvious and some subliminal. It doesn’t bother me. It just shows me who she truly was from the beginning and it’s good I pulled away.

Other people see her actions as well. I received an email today about Rice. It made me question her more.

One of two things is happening here either Rice is lying about making six figures or Rice has filed for bankruptcy and is committing fraud. I asked the person who sent me this where she got the information from she said Bankruptcy is public record.

I will never understand why people just can’t be themselves. You will be spoken about and chastised regardless. You can’t lie about who you are just so people can like you and I hoped the people around me would see my honesty about my life and realize that. It’s going to be alright. Be yourself. Even if people hate you for it.

There have been times I’ve been broke. There have been times I’ve been financially stable. As long as I’m working and in good health I will always have money. But even when I’m down I say that. The very people who chastise me for my flaws or shortcomings are the very people who harbor the same issues. People please stop pretending you are something you are not just to get social acceptance. The truth is WE AIN’T ALL THAT.

A Ruse: The Father of My Child Is Who?

Priest has led others to believe that I’m the kind of woman who cheated, lied and disrespected our union. The man I loved and believed in. The man I spoke life into. The one person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. The man I poured every last bit of understanding love compassion and compromise into…the tiny bit that I had left.

I had lost all faith in Marriage. I didn’t believe I’d have more kids. I didn’t trust men. I didn’t want love or a relationship. Then I met him. I thought he was a King, my King. My equal. My protector. My healer. He was so special to me. He was different…my match. The part of me that I didn’t realize was missing. I saw my reflection when I looked in his eyes. We were perfect together. To me….we could overcome anything. Then one day….he broke my heart. My dream come true was a nightmare. He wasn’t real. It was all a lie. I was in pain. That fast our fairytale was over. But I stayed. I put a bandaid around my heart and I stayed. I kissed him like he hadn’t made a mistake. I loved him like he hadn’t told me a lie. I held him close, invited him in, planned our future for real. God had other plans for us. The universe gave us something that can only be described as a miracle of some kind. We wasn’t expecting it. We wasn’t rushing it. It just happened. Our gift was a baby boy. A baby boy I thought Priest wanted. Turns out…he didn’t. He didn’t even love me. He didn’t want me. He thought I was worthless so he trashed our family so easily and callously like it was nothing. It hurt so bad. I cried so hard over and over and over. I couldn’t breathe, I drowned in tears. I tried to come up for air. But the despair was so overwhelming I couldn’t imagine making it out of such bereavement. I was dying on the inside. I felt a piece of myself leave. It was like I lost a limb. My heart bled. I should’ve left him earlier. Right when my heartbroke. Right when I first felt pain.

So much drama. So many rumors. One of which Priest started. He told everyone our son wasn’t his. That our son was my ex boyfriend’s. That disrespect fed my anger with time. Im so angry now. To add insult to the injury of his own cheating and lying he accused me of every indiscretion he was guilty of. Things I wouldn’t dream of doing to him. I was devastated. I was burned. Permanently branded…surviving a betrayal of epic proportions.

He has literally tried to pull everyone into a problem that he and I could have fixed together had he had an ounce of loyalty in his blood. Instead of realizing that my son and I are real people not characters in a storybook or movie he treated us as if disregarding our existence would make us disappear. He began pointing fingers at people or pulling others in for reinforcement to help justify why he behaved in such an immature manipulative way. He is cruel. I get hate mail about him EVERYDAY. All kinds from males and females.

People chastise me for him dumping me, leaving me to die in a hotel, claiming our son isn’t his. It’s just sad as hell. He accuses any man he can think of as being our son’s father. My ex Q, my 17 year old daughter’s father, my coworkers and male platonic friends. I’m surprised he hasn’t accused me of having sex with his Brother.

The other day I received this:

People have nothing better to do. This man is NOT Q.

This man did a lot for me for the almost 10 years Ive known him. He was one of the best business partners I’ve had. We’ve never dated or shared intimacy. He was always a good friend. We fed the homeless together. We did charities together. We hosted events and worked hard on our dreams together. It has saddened me that some people think it’s funny to try to pull him into internet gossip and drama. This man invested a lot of his time positive energy and belief into me. When people didn’t believe in me…even when it was hard for him to do so, he stuck by me and believed in me, professionally. Our kids have played together. We’ve spent holidays together. This man I consider family and it’s unfortunate that I haven’t seen him in over a year. Now that I’m in CA I fear I’ll never see him again. A picture of him Priest & Justice has been tossed around and the things being said about this man, my friend are unfair. For the record Priest is Justice’s father and the man in this picture is not of my ex boyfriend Q like the rumors that are being spread allege. Please get your facts straight before you pass on information. You never know who you hurt in the process. This man is amazing and he shouldn’t have been pulled into such an disgusting display of hatred and boredom. I don’t mind criticism. I don’t mind opinions but please keep innocent people out of any drama. These people’s lives are at stake. Does it occur to any of you haters that while you trying to hurt me you may accidentally hurt someone else who doesn’t deserve to be chastised?

This is Q:

I have videos on my youtube channel of Q and I together. It surprises me that they would even mix these two men up.

My son has a father. He may not be perfect but he is still his father. I’m not going to own the personal issues Priest has. He didn’t do right by us for his own reasons that have nothing to do with me. I am a good woman. My son is a good baby. I am an awesome mother and we deserve better. Until Priest can give us better, I’m strong enough to hold things together. I’m not the kind of woman who would be confused about who I’d procreate with. Priest is Justice’s father and nothing will change that no matter how many people including him wish upon a star that our baby belongs to someone else. I would never do that to my children. I love them too much. I’m no saint but I would never be that irresponsible.

When A Liar Doesn’t Trust You

I am a very very honest person. It’s a choice. I could lie to people but I really see no point in doing so. Most people think that lying is a requirement. In order to survive people manipulate situations to get outcomes they desire by simply misleading someone. When has being a trickster actually worked out in the long run? Shits like putting a small bandaid on a severely broken leg. People lie so much they expect you to lie. Even when you tell the truth all they perceive it as is a lie. They twist words and manipulate. That’s what they know how to do.

I have lost count as to how many times I’ve asked people who enter into my life to never lie to me. The fact that I even have to say it is a shame because we should all know better. In order to gain trust in someone it’s logical that you simply tell them the truth no matter how much it may hurt. Not to say that in order for the truth to be true you have to hurt someone in the process. You just have to understand that the truth is easier to deal with than the residual outcome of a harboring lie.

I was lied to by someone I loved. I’m not the only one. This happens to people all of the time. But what’s interesting about the person who lied to control my behavior is that this person now doesn’t trust me because of how truthful I am PUBLICLY.

I’m a secret keeper. People tell me things that they’d never tell a soul. I’m that friend. At a person’s darkest hour they call me and VENT. Perhaps it’s because I’m a good listener and I give great advice. Keeping secrets comes with a unrealistic responsibility. It means that no matter how cruel a person is to you. No matter how many lies they tell about you. No matter if they embarrass you, hurt you, steal from you, betray you, etc. you should never tell their secrets.

Here’s how I operate. I am truly your friend. When I say I love you. I mean it. When I show you compassion kindness and understanding…. generosity, love and support that is the least I can do. But if you disrespect me, treat me like trash, take my kindness for weakness, abuse me, put me down or betray my trust I will no longer be that good friend you remember. A good friend will not be what you remember me as. Before I walk away from you for good. I will show you a side of myself that you are surprised is there laying dormant until it’s the right time to erupt.

So there’s a liar in my life who tells everyone that he doesn’t trust me. Guess what? I don’t care. I don’t want trust from a person who lies. Keep that worthlessness in your pocket. The fact that a person refuses to communicate with me because he doesn’t trust me after he lied to me is ridiculous. I never lied. I simply told the truth about who he was and now he doesn’t trust me because I didn’t lie.

He called himself exposing me. Sharing our intimate interactions with others maliciously to make me look bad because I told the truth about him. He lied even more. Exaggerating and sensationalizing our experiences to others out of anger. Do you get that? A liar who never deserved my trust is mad at me for telling the TRUTH about him and now he doesn’t trust me. I laugh. Yeah I think it’s funny. Because he hid himself from me. He was never vulnerable or sincere. Meanwhile I was raw. I took down my guard. I opened myself up… a liar. Imagine that. When I found out he was a liar I was disappointed but I didn’t judge initially like I should have. The most dangerous liars are the ones who thinks they are telling the truth.

Whats even more interesting about this psychological conundrum is that he actually believes I want to regain his trust when really his lies made me devalue it. I couldn’t care any less whether I obtain it or not. We don’t ever have to talk again. We can be cordial. I’ll speak if he’s standing there. But real conversation? I’ll pass. He had a communication problem from day one. Evidently, Because he lied the entire time. So I can’t take responsibility for that and try to rearrange my own behavior so he can feel comfortable with communicating with me again after I told the truth about his lies.

Of course he’ll try to convince anyone he talks to that I’m a liar…. he’s a liar what else should we expect him to do but lie, honestly? It’s like he has no idea that his lying is a betrayal of trust. His arrogance has made him believe that his trust is more valuable than my own. FOH! I’m honest so that I can be trusted. That’s why so many people trust me. However, I would not suggest fucking me over. Never mistreat a person like me. That won’t work out well for you. Because for me it isn’t about REVENGE. Your deceit doesn’t make me want to deceive you back. It makes me want to make you face the truth. The truth is what you fear. The truth is what you are afraid of. The truth is what you avoid. So I push it right in your face. So everytime you see me, hear me, or think of me you think of THE TRUTH. Remember me, I set you free.

Stalker Warren Delfares Attacks Again

These psychotic Black Men harass women online. After I’ve asked this man to discontinue contacting me and I’ve blocked him on several social media platforms he continues to create new profiles to harass me and has even attempted to harass my daughter. He contacted my daughter before and has decided that he wants to try it again. Yesterday he decided he also wants to come to this website and comment. This man has been harassing me for 6+ months and I’ve had to file a police report. Mental illness in this country is a problem especially overlooked in the Black Community. When someone doesn’t want to communicate with you that doesn’t mean try harder to contact them or to begin harassing them. It simply means leave them alone. Unfortunately deranged men like this one don’t know when to quit and that’s where the authorities have to come in and take over.

I do realize that perverted psychotic criminals like this one do this to get my attention. The only time they don’t feel worthless is when they can become a distraction of mine. I don’t pretend like I can logically comprehend the demented mind of a troll, let alone a lost Black Man. His obsession with me is becoming a problem. Just like another stalker I have they try to take their internet fantasies and drama and pull them into my real life.

People like this sick person don’t even realize they are doing something wrong. Or maybe they do they just don’t care. He contacted my daughter, a minor, harassing her. Sending her sexually explicit messages as well as messages speaking horribly about ME Pulling a teenager into is sick twisted mind and then has the audacity to call ME the crazy one. If I want me and my family to be left alone all I should have to do is ask. I don’t deserve to be stalked by this creep. This stranger who has some sort of weird fascination with me. We’ve never met. Isn’t like I ran into him at a Hawks game in ATL. Our interaction has barely taken place on the internet and this man has literally spammed my comment section with rude obscenities and insults for 6+ months. Then played the victim and claims I “doxxed” him after I found out his true identity.

People do things like this because they think they won’t receive punishment. But the more he does. The more he stalks and harasses me. The more proof and evidence I accumulate. It starts piling up and give authorities more reason to arrest this pervert.

People don’t take their freedom serious until it’s stripped away from them.

Another Stalker & Perverted Pedophile Warren Dalferes Attacks My Teenage Daughter

These stalkers don’t know when to quit. So I make sure I document everything. I posted a blog about this stalker before. I spoke about how he follows me all over social media. I’ve had to block him. Now he’s commenting on my daughter’s social media platforms like my daughter isn’t prepared to block his ass too. My daughter knows the games these trolls play. She’s 18 this year. She’s not going to panic because some stupid lowlife who attacks her mother has tried to attack her.

You trolls need to realize that your pathetic mental state and behavior online is a reflection of your own need of mental health care. ALL of my family members know how to use the block button. They also know how to screenshot. So while you thinking that your Harassment will go unpunished trust me law enforcement will be creeping up your driveway because of the trail of debris you leave behind while in the mist of you trying to destory a person that you can’t break.

Nice try Warren Delfares contact my daughter again and I will expose you to the police as the pervert pedophile you are. Don’t mess with my kids. You’ll regret it. I’ll ruin your life offline and take your freedom. You think you are powerful on the internet. Don’t let the internet strip you of the freedom of real life. You’ll end up some inmate’s bitch.