Dedicated To My Trolls – The Daily Purge Has Now Commenced

My favorite rumor being spread about me right now is… my son doesn’t have a bed. I know right! LOL Where do people get this s*** from? My son has a bed and a playroom. He is happy and well taken care of. I went from being pregnant and homeless to living like the Queen I am all before my son turned 1 and the best rumor these idiots can come up with has something to do with furniture? I will sleep on a bed of hot coal to make sure my kids are good. They live better than me. So many rumors have been spread about me for so many years. Now to the point that I don’t even care. What others think of me is unimportant nor is it my business. It’s a distraction. I simply just have other things I’m more concerned about. Like my money, my career, survival… you know… s*** that matters.

I know it’s a hard pill to swallow for those who hate me, loved to watch me be homeless and are now watching me improve my life and live it full of luxury and privilege. They assumed I’d be stuck in an extended stay hotel broke, heartbroken, abandoned and pregnant forever. Now that I’ve moved on with my life, I’ve noticed that a lot of people on social media have not. I have got to stop saying social media when really it’s just YouTube. Only YouTube. No other place am I trolled so severely.

I want to express my opinions freely so of course I understand that doing so begets criticism. I’m a tough cookie. IF I wasn’t prepared for backlash I wouldn’t have stayed on YouTube this long. I’m so nonchalant about what others have to say that I can’t stand when people say “keep my name out your mouth.” Like that has ever made someone shut the f*** up. I think that statement has only made some people stop talking loud about you and start whispering instead. Emphasis on some. I only prefer that people are honest but life experience has shown me that most people can’t do that. They have too much ignorane, self hate pride and ego to do so.

Trolling is not some new phenomenon. But I realize that a lot of people are annoyed by it just like I am especially on my YouTube channel. After a while I begin to heavily moderate my channel because the trolling was getting out of hand. Certain topics that people would speak about in my comment section would make a video or live stream become demonetized. Not only was I getting sick of seeing people arguing I noticed that most of the time it was trolls versus intellects. The trolls were only posting defamatory slurs or threats, lies or trigger words for entertainment purposes. Trying to be funny and s***.

I’ve created a lot of different channels on YouTube none of which we’re welcoming to trolls. I realize that a lot of people who are trolls just want to be heard and understood. Me ignoring them damn near hurt their feelings. What they desperately wanted was to get my attention. Then there were people out there who just wanted to criticize me. Claiming that they are exposing me. Telling everyone they know the truth about me as if they met me. I’m sure the same person who lied and said my son doesn’t have a bed is the same person who claims they are exposing me. Guess where they are exposing me at? On my own YouTube channel.

Not my main channel.

SonceraeFan #singlemomlife

But another Channel I created called:

The GodQueenLive Podcast.

Which is simply a place where all of my podcasts are uploaded. And guess what…. I left the comment section wide open. I purposely do not moderate the comment section. I purposely do not read the comment section. Part of the reason is because I don’t have time to. But the main reason is so that anyone who feels like they want to express their opinion whether they are trolling or not can openly elaborate about what they think over there. Posting disrespectful comments on my main Channel will not be tolerated. Simply because it’s a professional channel that is more about family healthy communication and positivity. There is more than enough dysfunction online. I just don’t want it in my home or in my space. I do understand that by being in the public eye or on social media in general I have to deal with the opinions of others. Again, I am not offended by criticism. I am more concerned about avoiding harassment, stalking, trolling, disrespect, racism, sexism, misogyny and controversial trigger topics. Most of the people who have taken the time to comment negatively about me as much as they have lack critical thinking skills. They barely think anything through long enough to be able to make solid judgment about me or anything that I am doing or saying. Those topics I discuss as far as the black community or topics that they bring up inside of my comment section not only destroy any chance of advertising being on a good video they also disturb my community of supporters who are there to participate in healthy dialogue with other true supporters.

The God Queen Live podcast YouTube channel is there for people who lack the discipline required in order to have healthy dialogue. None of us can escape those who want to troll it’s inevitable. Even in the real world we have to deal with assholes. The actual podcast is entertaining, insightful and informative but of course the trolls who listen to it on YouTube will always beg to differ. Because the purposes behind why they come in the comment section speaking negatively of me and thumbs down everything has more to do with them wanting to vent out their own frustrations. They use that channel as a punching bag. Their words hold no power. I don’t take it personal. I think I used to. It’s hard to take any of them serious. What they do only has meaning if I assign meaning to it. What they attempt to do to me is tunneled into the spam folder of my life.

The solution to this is simple. I’ve deleted and blocked liars so many times on my main channel I’ve lost count. I will continue to delete and block so that my main Channel is a place for those who support me not those who want to spread hate or lies about me. S***’s called soncerae fan not soncerae hate. I had to separate the two crowds. The low-energy crowd fellowships on the God Queen live podcast YouTube channel. There they gossip, lie, manipulate, be messy, rude and disgusting. Meanwhile the high-energy crowd fellowships on my main Channel. There they listen to each other, have healthy dialogue, speak positively, honestly and are respectful to me and each other. EVEN DURING DISAGREEMENT. My channels…my rules. I’m the beginning and end on both platforms.

What channel you spend most of your time on says a lot about who you are. All I know is I refuse to let these idiots f*** up my money. So they can get away with saying whatever it is they are saying on The GodQueen live because I allow it. Most people can look at that channel and see who the trolls are. They can see that the problem are those people who participate in tearing another person down. Smart people can spot ignorance. They can see the difference. Not everybody walking around these YouTube streets being stupid.

I’m unbothered. Not worried one bit. I’m out here capturing that good energy baby. I let the haters hate. I let the gossipers gossip. I’m in control. The more they comment, the more they engage, the most subscribers I get, the more money I make. I am a business woman those haters who comment the most on The God Queen Live channel are my employees and they better stay on they job.

They just dumb enough to believe it’s all entertainment.

Soncerae Plays Internet Games with Priest’s Family 😱

So someone was stupid enough to send this to my cousin Shunna and actually believed she’d buy into it. How did they even get Shunna’s phone number? I never posted her number her last name or images anywhere. The only people who could have given out Shunna’s info was my son’s father or his ex wife.

My cousin knows me better than any troll from the internet. She knows I have never posted her pictures online and she knows I’d never say anything negative about her. I love my family. Period.

I just posted this blog about this foolishness yesterday.

So whoever this was from YouTube who was texting Shunna from a fake number jokes on you. Her I and Julia have better shit to do than entertain madness. You can’t convince people that I’m messy when I’m not. You texting her to begin with was YOU starting a mess. She knows better. Everyone in my family does. You can’t use my family against me. You can’t use my son’s family against me either. Shunna knows I will do anything for her. So nice try but the tricks on you.

LaVonya Edwards Is At It Again

I’ve always talked about how supportive some of my son’s family members are. My son’s father isn’t the best father in the world but he has some family members that are very positive and drama-free. I’ve mentioned these two women Aunt Julia and cousin Shunna a couple of times on my YouTube channel. Shunna asked to be on my channel with me a few times and I told her no. I didn’t want her harmed. Then one day we decided to do a live stream to smooth things out between me SaDonya and Priest. We wanted to do something positive. Talk about sisterhood and love. But hours before we could even do that SaDonya participated in a hateful live stream with geriatric troll LaVonya Edwards AKA Bomb Cherry. This was SaDonya’s 3rd time on Youtube discussing me, months before her 4th. SaDonya, claiming she wants to stay out of internet drama and clear her name, was allowing herself to be interviewed by people who have an obvious disdain for me. If you want peace with someone or to stay dramafree the last thing you’d do is interact with said person’s enemies. She wants the world to believe she is being bullied by me but keeps provoking me. She chose these people to interact with purposely. It is NOT coincidence. It disappointed Shunna and I so we decided to no longer do the live stream. But of course Shunna and I still have a positive relationship and Aunt Julia still supported my son. Even gifted my son for his birthday. I will always have a level of respect for these two women because they care for my son.

One of the reasons why I adore Shunna is because she is such a good mother. Not only has she survived brain surgery she has endured a great deal of pain as of recently. She lost someone she loved so deeply and still managed to stay strong through it. I have so much love for her and it won’t fade with time. She is my cousin who feels like my sister. She welcomed me with open arms and no judgments. Her sense of humor is the best part about her. I laugh out loud every time we talk. I also talk to her children. They are all always so kind to me.

Aunt Julia encouraged me to be kind and compassionate. She suggested I be mature and patient with Priest and SaDonya. She has never disrespected me and is a really good listener. She was the first person from Priest’s family to acknowledge my son without needing a DNA test. She knew when she saw Justice that he was Priest’s son. She was generous and showed genuine care for my son. She was the first family member of Priest’s to openly gift my son.

It saddens me to say that unfortunately my adoration for them has been used as a tool to cause more drama. People trying to use my own family against me says a lot about the climate of this country. There are people out there who have nothing to lose. They have no family. No respect for boundaries and know nothing about long lasting love.

Today Lavonya Edwards took to her Youtube channel and maliciously posted pictures of Julia with her husband along with pictures of Shunna. Accusing ME of exposing them. How does that makes sense in this demented troll’s mind? She’s posting their pictures, first and last names but its ME exposing them? How? People like this continue to cause harm to me then tell the world I started something with the. The title of the video reflects her obsession with my vagina.

That’s so sad. Priest and SaDonya trusted LaVonya Edwards on numerous occasions. When I advised them both not to. Yet they did it anyway and now Priest’s innocent family members are being exposed. Not because of anything I did. Two people who never said anything negative about anyone are being misused and exploited just so an insecure elderly whore can receive social acceptance online. I’ve mentioned Priest’s family members including his sister who was mean to me. His mom who I loved until I found out she deceived me. As well as Priest’s brother and Grandmother who were both kind to me. However, I would never post pictures of ANY them or reveal their first and last names. It’s unnecessary.

The question is how did LaVonya Edwards get images or info about either of these women without me releasing any of their personal information? She didn’t get it from me. I can barely stand the broad. I’d never give that bimbo information about anyone. The only way she could’ve got this information was from Priest or SaDonya.

LaVonya Edwads is one nasty webcam porn phone sex hoe who has been stalking me for too long. I have way to many blog entries discussing how she harasses me online. I’m sorry but frankly bitches over 45 are supposed be baking cookies, enjoying Grandkids and loving life. Not trolling on the internet. LaVonya continues to try to escape from her loveless open marriage by using me as a person to severely criticize and degrade.

This is the foolishness I have to deal with on a regular from complete strangers who will do anything for attention. Then guess who wass in the livestream spreading lies….Minister Jap….. Why am I not surprised. The butthurt loudmouth is most likely the ring leader behind why my son’s father ended up doing an interview with Tommy Sotomayor. Priest is so dumb. Not even realized he is being used by the very man who encouraged me to break up with him. The very man who wished he could take his place.

Yes….that clown….still trying to push the false narrative that my daughter is pregnant. She is NOT pregnant. She is a virgin.

During the stream while a picture of Aunt Julia and her husband is malisciously posted Minister Jap says when my daughter first came to Cali she visited Planned Parenthood. What a moron. She never visited one. She knows about them because teens are taught they exist from their Health teacher in High School. Also they are in affluent neighborhoods here in California. We see them here all of the time. My daughter has never been pregnant. My daughter has never had sex.

On top of that someone from a blocked number called my daughter’s father yesterday claiming my daughter is in danger and it’s because I’ve doxxed people. Doxxed is a famous term trolls use on YouTube. I’ve heard that bullshit term used nowhere else. My daughter’s father had no idea what it meant. This FEMALE troll told him I post people’s addresses and SSN. The only person who keeps accusing me of that is this woman. All that digging LaVonya Edwards did to find Shunna and Julia. I’m sure she put that same energy into finding my daughter’s father. But if someone was to do any of this to her she’d be crying victim. The second someone shows her this same disgust in return she’ll be somewhere crying her eyes out.

My daughter’s father moved out of Atlanta and retired from IT & Telecom. Leave him alone. He out in the world finding peace. He is doing the kind of field work he really enjoys. He deserves it. He’s been sitting behind a computer for decades. Now he helps me with my clothing line Yahaura.

This is so sad to me. It gets worse. Inside of this livestream she is spreading another ridiculous rumor that was started by another content creator.

I would never harm my children. I was never beat up during my pregnancy nor did I inflict pain on myself during that time. If I truly didn’t want my son so badly that I wanted him no longer alive I would’ve simply got an abortion not punch myself in the stomach. When are y’all gonna stop with this stupidity? Never? Ok I’ll do you one better and detach myself from the bullshit.

I will continue to post any nonsense that includes stalking or harassment of any kind that I am aware of so that authorities can keep up with this stuff.

Check out my latest livestream about this issue.

SaDonya, Ex Wife, Move on and MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!!!

My son deserves better than what he is getting from his father. His father’s performance record is low partially because a jealous ex of his won’t move on with her life. All I asked was for Priest to father our son all of this other drama SaDonya seems to keep starting online is childish and unnecessary. These 2 people are divorced how the fuck does it make sense that these 2 are anywhere together discussing me and my son?

This mugshot having battle ax needs to stay in her lane. Which is the lane furthest from me. She keeps tempting me. I will do anything for my son. She keeps causing harm to him by whispering bullshit into his father’s ear and I’m losing my patience. I want this bitch out of me and my son and his father’s life. That’s what divorce does.

My son’s father is not to bright. He continues to make poor choices under the manipulation of this woman. Our son deserves better.

She keeps trying me. Pressure bursts pipe and if she keeps coming for me and my family this will escalate unnecessarily.

Struggle Love: Black Women Can Be Happily Single & Financially Free

This morning I did a podcast about some of the comments I receive on YouTube when my Spreaker podcast is automatically uploaded to it. I have YouTube channel called The GodQueenLive Podcast that is solely for audios of my show The GodQueenLive. Here is the link to the episode I did this morning:


Inside of this podcast I spoke about how I burned through a million dollars by having an entourage or staff with me everywhere I went. I had a staff to pay. I paid for VIP Sections, Bottles of liquor, food, transportation, hotel stays, photographer & make up artist fees. I bought clothes. I also paid car notes, mortgages and rent for some of these people. During the podcast I said that I’d post images of me to show how big my entourage would be everywhere I went. I’d always have at least 5 other people with me. I’d make sure they ate free and drank as much as they wanted to. THAT COSTS MONEY! LOTS OF IT!

What led me to talk about this was a comment someone left under a photo I posted of me and my 1 year old son. I spoke about how happy I was. How I am finally financially stable and I’m living the life I want. I also spoke about how my child support payments are low because I make so much money.

This is what he posted:

As if a woman can’t be happy and financially stable without a man. My situation is the perfect example of me turning lemons into lemonade. However because I do NOT have a man this idiot assumed I must be struggling. Even though the post he commented under said that I was doing well as a single mom. People want to believe so desperately that single mothers don’t amount to much. There is this stigma placed on us that if we did not MARRY before we had children, we will be doomed. That is not the case for me. I am doing pretty well without the help of my son’s father.

The struggle was real when I was dating my son’s father. We ended up living in extended stays and for some time sleeping in the back of his Ford Explorer.

People blame me for this. When all of this was his idea. 

He was using me for money. Without me implying anything at all, he assumed I was a millionaire. He assumed I was a celebrity YouTuber who would take care of him financially. Of course I am always talking about how financially stable I am when I’m able to work. But when life happens and I can’t take care of myself and work like I’m supposed to of course JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER PERSON my bank account will take a hit. Even though I finally let a man take lead over my life (trusting him to kick into gear when I needed him to and he didn’t) somehow people have still made this be my fault.  I ended up severely ill during my pregnancy and he did NOT take charge like a man should. He didn’t kick into gear because his motives were not pure. He was not in a relationship because he loved me. He was in a relationship with me because he wanted my money.  Not only was that a mistake to begin with, (me trusting a man with my life) but the mistake was choosing the wrong man in general. Inside of my podcast my message to women was instead of relying on men to set them and their kids up for life financially. They should simply do well for themselves so they won’t need a man. A man is a luxury not a necessity. Women need to make sure in the event a man can not provide for them that they can provide for themselves.


My Response To Tommy Sotomayor Interviewing My Son’s Father Priest “The DEADBEAT DAD EDITION”

As of recently my son’s father who is ultimately a deadbeat played victim on the channel of Tommy Sotomayor. He lied, depicting himself as a devoted committed husband and someone I  mislead.  Claiming that he was trapped. When the truth of the matter is that he was NOT a devoted husband. He and his then estranged wife were BOTH romantically involved with other people. Now he is officially DIVORCED.  He misled me, my friends, my YouTube subscribers, everyone on social media and my family making us believe that he wanted to be married and have children. He drained me financially and used me for money. When the money dried up he jumped ship. Does that look like a trapped man in the pictures below? NO!  In this video below my son’s GodFather gives his opinion. I also respond.

Black Women Need To Quit Being Weak | The Derivative of a Pick Me

Sometimes I am not surprised at how bad Black Men treat Black Women. Especially when I see how most Black Women aren’t supportive of each other. I’m seeing too many women say too many ridiculous things online. Especially the PICK MEs. A PICKME’s only motivation for shaming other women is getting acceptance from men. If that requires them to throw other women under the bus, they don’t seem to have a problem doing that. And in this time when women need to stick together more than ever, ain’t nobody got time for that. These type of women don’t even bother holding men accountable for anything. This brings me to one goofy broad who ignored me deleting her unnecessary comments the first time and decided to comment two more times after expecting to be seen and ultimately got disappointed. I can always tell when I’m dealing with one of those chicks that posts anything on social media to get social acceptance. It’s nothing worse than a PICKME who didn’t catch the drift the first time.

My deadbeat baby daddy, Priest, wearing a mask of sanity, decided he wanted to join the flood of socially awkward men on YouTube. This non-inclusive group of weirdos who use that platform to bitch and complain about Black Women they were too unsuccessful and mentally challenged to keep up with. When I was dating Priest he depicted himself as PRO-BLACK. It wasn’t until later on that I realized he was a HOTEP promoting psuedo-consciousness. Walking around with a head full of dreads and an ANKH but shallow as a puddle underneath. For him to use the platform of Tommy Sotomayor who has stated plenty of times how much he hates NIGGAS/Black People especially Black Women shouldn’t have been a surprise to me. Priest will camouflage into a tree lizard looking for a branch to sit on if it stops him from having to take responsibility for his actions and depicts someone else as the problem for his misfortune. He blended in quite well with that bullshit sector of underachieving men. I posted a picture of my son and I together who are doing perfectly fine without him.

After victimizing himself on Tommy Sotomayor’s platform pinning me as the villian WITHOUT even mentioning the fact that he’s an absentee father by choice and abandoned a pregnant severely ill woman in a roach motel (AVOIDING THE big ass elephant in the room) I wanted everyone to be sure that I was unbothered by his attempts to gain favor with a bunch of strangers who troll the internet. Those actions weren’t getting him any closer to being the man he needs to be for our son. It only proved he has ill intentions for both me and my son.

In the caption on my community tab I posted:

#SingleMomLife Let me reassure everyone …my son and I are happy, healthy and live a life filled with privilege and camaraderie. When I was pregnant I was on YouTube asking for donations to help me move to California. I spent my first year here struggling. But I wanted a better life for my son that being in Atlanta couldn’t provide. If you sent me a donation rest assured that I did everything I said I was going to do with it. I live the life I said I would. I wanted a new better paying career. I have that. I wanted us both to be surrounded by different cultures and successful men and women. We are. My son is fortunate to have positive male role models. He also has a life that his biological father would have never been able to provide and still can’t. He doesn’t have the mental capacity to do so. One thing that I know brings Priest great sorrow is that our son and I are happiest without him. He thought I’d struggle forever or continue to beg him to be in our lives. Doing this on my own required me to have to make extreme changes and let a lot of things and people go. Both internally and externally I evolved. I’m glad I did. Ladies sometimes you are going to have to let go of the men you love deeply because their chapter in your life is over. Sometimes even if they ended the chapter themselves they will kick and scream dying on the inside because they never believed you’d let them go. If I had to do it over and choose between staying with Priest and watch him juggle me and other women or experiencing the trauma of his abandonment while being Justice’s mom, I’d chose Justice over Priest and go through that heartbreak all over again. 💙 My son is worth every tear I shed. Priest will continue to fall short of what it means to be a good father, good friend, good husband or partner. He has yet to understand what it means to truly be a man. There was no man in his life to teach him and the men that were there weren’t the best role models. I will not subject my son to that. I know that the universe will continue to bring men in my son’s life that will help him be a better man than his father will ever be. Priest is behind on child support. Child support he asked to be on. I was only rewarded $264 a month. His pay is now garnished. No I am not on welfare, Section 8 or public assistance. I work hard for every cent. If you want to donate to us. You can. All of it goes directly to my son. $LittleJustice is his CashApp. I appreciate everyone who has supported us and everyone who still invests their time and energy into us. We live a good life because of your positivity. His father’s negative words and actions do not effect us at all. We are happy and grateful. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. May the universe continue to bless you all. I wish nothing but the best for everyone. 💙

Then in came the goofy broad with this fuckery:

Broads like these be the first ones on DATE #1 ready to hop on the dick of a man who puts it together nice and picks up the check. You a special melanin star but quick to put down the most disrespected unprotected human being on the planet, YOURSELF. Another African American woman who has the same tone and gender as you. These problacks online are so befuddled. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but what I picked up on was that this dragon lady was on to something.

So instead of trying to explain to someone with a weak constitution where I was coming from I just deleted the content and moved on. I’m not interested in confrontation of any kind. It wasn’t until she made several more comments that didn’t make any sense that brought to my attention that this woman was either a man hiding behind a fake profile or this bitch really thought she had a penis. Have you noticed how men team together no matter how much dirt they do? Women don’t do that. Women defend men and make excuses for them. Black Women are primary enablers of Black Men. Women like this will disguise themselves and pretend like they are type that’s not tripping off of a man when really everything she says and does is to get the adoration of a man. Especially if she doesn’t have sense publicly show a level of loyalty to Black Sisterhood.

Now I’m not foreign to the concept of Black Sisterhood. I have plenty of healthy friendships with women of color. When I was pregnant with my son plenty of women came out of the woodwork supporting me as a single mother. I received plenty of emails and comments from women understanding exactly what I was experiencing. It is so many of us experiencing the same things with men that it is easy to find women alike.

How this woman’s take away from this comment turned into something about PENIS is beyond me. Nothing in my post said anything about me being addicted to PENIS of any kind. I’ve been known to be a cock tease. Even though a shitload of men I’ve never had sex with talk about me like I’m the whore of Babylon. Men who have dealt with me first hand know how much of a prune I am. Especially when I haven’t consumed an ounce of alcohol. I need to be pissy drunk to engage in sex. I’m sure this woman has been following my story for a long time because this wasn’t the first time I saw her goofy ass comment in my comment section. So she is pretty much aware that Priest and I did not have a relationship based on sex. Sex was a big issue in our relationship. It wasn’t good. It was a problem and that’s the main reason why he no longer wanted to be in a relationship. I wasn’t open to sex enough. Nor was I turned on. He had erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It was difficult for us to have sex. We were better at all other things in a relationship that are important. NOT SEX, sweetheart. He has admitted himself that our sex was NOT the best. We barely had it. I’m surprised we have a child together.

Then she spoke about the mental maturity of a man and how women just have babies with these type of men. Newsflash bimbo, no woman is walking around looking for the nearest village idiot to have a baby by. I can’t stand when women try to act like narcissists are walking around with huge neon signs on their forehead that say “I want to fuck you over, be dumb, lie, make all of these promises, be the man you want me to be for however long and then turn into a complete asshole once I impregnate you. I’m no good for you.”

After I was left sick in a hotel broke by a man who just drained me financially, emotionally and spiritually, a man who later explained that he never genuinely had feelings for me and was just using me, she leaves this comment. And We’ve already established that he wasn’t using me for sex so it’s obvious it for money. Somehow, this twat waffle suggested that women need to stop looking for handouts. Most people don’t think shit through before they comment online so IDK why I allowed this comment and the several others that followed to annoy me so much.

Now let me explain why I think this scally wag was on to something.

I definitely agree that women should stop being so starry eyed when they experience good penis. Posting that comment would have made sense on an entirely different post or video. It’s funny how people put IJS behind dumb shit like it made the comment before it look more logical. No bitch the comment was still stupid and hateful. It wasn’t until I read the subsequent comments after that I realized she was a PICK ME. I was like ohhhhhh she’s posting this so she can look good for the men online who dog me out for being a single mom. Ohhhhh this comment is for THEM not ME! I get it! She was insulting the absolute fuck out of me. And all of her comments were demeaning and aimed to poke fun at my strength and independence as a woman. Why are their so many people trolling like that online? What is wrong with you weirdos? I’ve known women who have criticized other black women to the point of completely humiliating them. How sad that a race of people that have progressed so far still have so far to go in terms of relationships with one another.

For years on my YouTube channel I spoke about how derogatory and disrespectful African American people are to each other. I’ve spoke about how entertainment and media set the tone for how a lot of people deal with each other in real life. I’ve specifically said for my audience to not drink the poison of negativity. Everything that you consume daily will manifest into your life, whether it’s music, books or a show on Netflix. You have to be careful. Media is powerful. Imagine how many vicious rumors that were spread about me that were obviously lies, all because people found it entertaining. You don’t even realize how these rumors have brought people into my real life who have looked at me believing I’ve done things I’ve never done. Most people can’t even decipher the difference between YouTube and reality.

Think of all of the shows that promote and in essence, condone bad attitudes and bad behavior among African American women. Imagine what kind of thoughts young black boys and young black girls have. The danger is the boys thinking African American women are something to be feared or either completely avoided at all costs.

Think about all of the negative videos about African American women online that are all propaganda? That material has destroyed real relationships. I’ve seen it happen. My own son’s father has allowed these men on YouTube to encourage him to make poor choices in life. It has created more damage. If you are a man and are surrounded by men who disrespect women, you will begin to disrespect women, Perception is reality. One person’s perception of an individual can rub off on those who are looking for social acceptance.

I just want to tell this goofy broad listen honey:

Love yourself so that you will never compare your life to another’s life. Once you fully accept yourself you will be able to accept others and not be so judgmental when interacting with them.

Love your sisters so that when someone reads your comments they will learn from you and want to emulate that positivity. A younger generation is watching you whether you believe it or not. You don’t want some young girl picking on some other young girl for callous reasons. These are the reasons situations start to escalate at Middle Schools and High Schools. Places where our children are supposed to be safe little girls are getting jumped by other girls over boys. It’s because they get these behaviors from adults. These young girls are killing each other just to get adoration from boys. It just happened to Janise Harris. Girls posted video on social media of them jumping her over a boy. This is causing a bigger problem then most Black Women are acknowledging. They can see us on social media destroying each other with these virtual attacks.

Stop judging each other. Respect each other’s journey. The way we as women treat each other is vitally important to all those who are watching us including our children, other women who look up to us, those we lead in our workplaces, those in organizations we belong to and strangers we meet on the street. If we smile it will promote a spirit of love and acceptance. If we frown and look each other up and down, we are sending the message that says, “I already don’t like you,” which definitely causes the receiver of these looks to instantly jump on the defensive end.

Be better friends! Display loyalty! Stop talking behind each other’s backs and being ugly towards each other. Take better care of each other. Listen, love, be compassionate. Don’t ignore each other’s feelings. Don’t tell each other’s secrets. Be yourself. Be giving. Be understanding, flexible and available. Be fun positive and accepting. Be dependable, respectful and appreciative of the friendship. Be considerate and supportive. HAVE PATIENCE WITH EACH OTHER! We already have enough of society coming down on us. No need to be that way towards each other.

Encourage men to take better care of us. Stop putting up with bullshit. Stop sharing men and understand that a lot of times these men are trying to pin you against other women. When you see another woman who may have went through something bad with a Black Man stop automatically assuming it was her that was the problem. When you don’t hold these men accountable they think it’s ok to treat us poorly. Instead of telling women what they should’ve could’ve would’ve did what they should be doing. Instead spead with men. Tell them not to behave in manners that are disrespectful towards women. Tell men…. always treat your women with respect. Encourage your wife, sisters, female friends, and other African American women to treat each other with respect. Don’t allow them to treat each other bad with you as an audience or a supporter of such behavior.

Thank you SPECIAL MELANIN STAR for giving me inspiration to write a blog that encourages women to start treating each other better. I apologize for all of the names I called you girl! I dedicate this blog to you! 🙂 Girl you may not be a traditional pick me however you are a derivative of one. Do better mama!

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