The Big Bad Black Woman

43 out of 50 black women graduate from high school.

the percentage of black women in college surpasses ALL OTHER GROUPS in the United States.

Between 1997 and 2013, the number of businesses started by African-American women grew more than 250%.

As of 2013, the estimated 1,119,400 companies owned by African-American women employed272,000 people and generated $44.9 billion in revenue.

Black women serve in 82% of state legislatures.

In 2016, 259 black women serve in 41 of the 50 state legislatures. And in Georgia and Maryland,black women hold more than 10% of the seats.

Of the 32 women of color currently serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, 18 (55%) are African-American.

In the past two presidential elections, black women led the nation in voter turnout. And a whopping 70% of African-American women voted in 2012, even with some serious disenfranchisement efforts in place.

New HIV diagnoses among black women are falling.

While HIV and AIDS remain a concern, between 2008 and 2010, new HIV incidence among black women declined 21%.

From 2007-2014, the birthrate for African-American teenagers declined 44%. Interesting semi-related data point: Black women report higher levels of consistent condom use than white women.

Black women are living longer than ever before.

In 1960, the life expectancy for a black woman was 68. By 2010 it was 78.

5 Ways To Please Your Man

A lot of women know what they want from a man however they don’t know how to please their man. In this video I give tips on how a woman can please her man.


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“5 Ways To Please Your Man”
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Monopolizing off My Personal Pain: They Will Help Me Raise Money


You claim I’m lying about you so here is your chance to prove it. You say you need money for your car and I can help you get it. I just had two people pledge $50 each and more coming in. If you legit, the community will come together and help you. I’ve gotten Jap and Angryman to help promote the challenge so if I’m already getting pledges coming in with my small audience you know you good with them promoting.

Challenge: Prove you a software engineer LIVE tonight AND show your donations (you can hide the donors names) records and I’ll help you raise money so you can get your car back I will apologize to you publicly if you win and delete all my videos too.…

If you win, the money goes here:

Here is the live hangout for you to prove you is a software engineer LIVE and show your donations records:…

We gonna have an engineering forum decide if you pass the test or not. The test will be SUPER easy! Mostly beginner stuff, so if you an engineer there is no way you will fail. As an engineer you should know a LOT more than we will ask you.

Again, if you win, I’m offering:

-Public apology on my channel and I will say what ever you want me to
-We help raise ~$1200 for your car
-I delete all my videos about you.
-You CRUSH my reputation and destroy my channel since nobody will believe me again

NOTE: Obviously I know you won’t take this challenge but if I’m actually wrong about you, then not taking this challenge would be very foolish and make you look super suspect. Nobody will understand why you would turn away money when you desperately need it. Also I made my challenge so easy you could do it with eyes closed, IF you legit so only a fraud would pass this up. I’m serving this up to you on a golden platter. You been reporting my channel and trying to shut me down, well here is your chance. In 48 hours you can be rid of me…IF you are honest.

Your move…

-Stupidity Exodus
Stupidity Exodus,

Let’s be clear I have no issue with you, never have, you have some sort of sadistic fetish in relation to trying to destroy people. I don’t know you. I don’t know your name. I’ve never seen you before. Outside of YouTube damage you haven’t done anything to make me hate you or want to harm you. I have no desire to crush your reputation. That is  something that you yourself desire to do to others. I’m not built that way. I do not wish such a thing on anyone. You were telling people I was homeless. I proved you to be wrong about that. I have 3 years of footage of me in the same house I’m sitting in while I type this email response to you. Yet that proof didn’t stop you from telling people I am homeless. I proved you wrong about the stuff you was saying about my fundraiser in relation to  Autism. I showed proof of email correspondence with me and the Marcus Autism center AND showed the website I have in relation to the center and you still twisted that around and continue to tell everyone I am a fraud.  You contacted my children. My daughter’s boyfriend is a troubled teen I mentored and have been parenting for damn two years. You contacted him.  I put posts in my videos PROVING that you did and you still denied it. Then even after you stooped that low you went LOWER and contacted Chris who is someone that I haven’t even seen in 5 years that knows nothing about me and I proved that yet STILL you try to make it seem like I’m the one making up lies. You told people I don’t know how to program. So I did a video about the 10 programming languages I know and thought would be good for people to learn. Yet you STILL need MORE proof. The problem is YOU. I’ve been nice to you. I asked you kindly to chill. I don’t pry into your business or your channel yet you still come for me. You don’t care.

I don’t even have an issue with you making your videos. I just want you to be accurate when you speak about me. What I really find amusing about all of this is this statement, “not taking this challenge would be very foolish and make you look super suspect.” and then you continue with “only a fraud” would pass this up.” You’ve already made me look like a fraud no matter how much I prove myself to you. That shit don’t matter. You can’t dangle money in my face and think I’m going to fall for that.  Me not doing this challenge has nothing to do with whether or not I’m a fraud or foolish or suspect. I just have no desire to prove myself to someone who stooped so low to try to make me out to be a bad person no matter how many times I’ve proved them wrong.  You never admit that you are wrong. What’s different this time? I am so positive and kind to so many people. You are the last person I would go out my way to try to prove something to. I tried that it didn’t work. You are no longer in a position to puppet me. I gave you more than enough prove and you didn’t listen. No matter how many times I proved myself you will never be satisfied because you see BAD in everyone except for the people who DO BAD. Jap & Valdez are NO SAINTS but yet you partner with them. You have lost any ounce of respect I may have had for you. When you first started doing your channel after I saw the first video you made about me and how I shouldve known about Obsidian even though I didn’t agree I still respected you but then you crossed the line. You hit below the belt excessively. Now suddenly you buddy buddy with Obsidian. So NO I do NOT trust you with any kind of money.  I’m not jumping at any kind of offer you present especially if it has Valdez and Jap attached to it. Those lies and games these dudes play online everyday…… If all I know this is a trap. If I agreed to the challenge and proved who I am to you I don’t even believe that you’d even give me the money people pledge or donate. You’ll just flip that story around like you did the others and still say I’m a fraud. It won’t matter. THAT IS WHAT YOU HAVE PROVED TO ME. You’ll start another problem and tell everyone I was the catalyst for why I never got the money from you. If I trusted you like that and you and I were cool like that I’d be happy to do this because I’d know for sure in the end I’d get the money. But all 3 of you can’t be trusted. That’s why I’m turning you down. Because I don’t think you will give me ANYTHING regardless to what I do LIVE. You just want to monopolize on my personal pain. A good person would just help me raise the money without asking for anything in return. I’ve given my all to thousands of people for many years without asking for anything. Now I need people to help me so I genuinely asked for it honestly because I am drowning. But what I won’t do is let you dangle money in front of me like a fuckin carrot to a donkey so you and your cronies can have more material to create video roasting sessions for “Tranny Danny, Scamserae, Hoe serae, Hoeprah Winfrey, and whatever other childish names you all can think to call me. I’ll pass. May God Bless Your Heart and your life, your family and your friends. I wish you the best Namaste.


6 Signs Men Recognize in Desperate Women

Desperation is easy to spot. In this video I explain to women what signs men recognize in women who are in Desperation.


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“6 Signs Men Recognize in Desperate Women”
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Online Dating Advice: Why Do I Have Bad Luck With Women?

As a man dating women can be difficult.  Sometimes a man who has a desire to be in a relationship can be rejected and won’t understand why. In this video I explain to a viewer of mine why women aren’t responsive to his messages online.

Why Men Rush Women Into Relationships

People always believe that women only rush men into relationships. That’s not an accurate assumption. In this video I talk about how men also are guilty of that type of behavior.

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“Why Men Rush Women Into Relationships”
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