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Soncerae’s Teenage Daughter Allegedly Pregnant?!?

Just recently I posted a beautiful picture of my daughter on the community tab of my YouTube channel. It was well received and my subscribers left some amazing comments.

Since this post a narcissistic sociopath, with an alcohol and drug abuse problem, who has been stalking me and my family for over 2 years has done 3 livestreams on YouTube with claims that my daughter is pregnant and that I missed her prom. One of those livestreams was removed by YouTube after being reported. It’s unfortunate that a grown man wants to take the spotlight from a child just to get social acceptance on social media. His attempts at ruining my life used to make me angry. They even hurt me sometimes. I even did self evaluation because of it. Then I realized that the problem wasn’t me, it’s him. Even though I have moved on with my life entirely, he still continues to speak of me as if I have somehow caused him harm.

Youtube is a dangerous place for women of color. Men terrorize African American women on this platform. They mob together to harass women. There are countless videos on YouTube aimed to incite harassment against us. Created by frustrated mentally unstable men who have criminal backgrounds.

Let me reassure everyone that my daughter has amazing parents who instilled in her a set of moralistic values. We have had effective communication with our daughter about domestic violence, sexual assault & molestation as well as teenage pregnancy, single motherhood and casual sex. We have taught her not to judge others for the path they chose for their own lives. We have also taught her the dangers of distributing trust to strangers, the warped mentalities of pedophiles and the power she holds as a young lady. It is disturbing that a man over 30 is concerned with my daughter’s sexuality. One who was obsessed with mine for years has now extended his perversion with including my mom and daughter inside of his desperate attempts to gain adoration from other mentally unstable men online.

In need of material to support his rhetoric on his YouTube channel that is permeated with disdain for single mothers and African American women, he has now spread false information about my daughter. The derogatory content that he posts on YouTube is the product of his own distaste for his mother. In 2016 While planning a collaboration on YouTube about the “90 Day Rule” he shared with me that his mother was promiscuous and was tossed around the neighborhood sexually by men. In this collaboration he encouraged me to have sex on the first night meanwhile I was encouraging women to wait before they have sex with men. Now he misrepresents himself as the man who does not want women to disrespect their bodies sexually.

After discovering that he’d use his channel to disrespect women I broke communication and begin trying to cut ties. Disappointed that we could no longer work together or be romantically tied he has stalked and harassed me on and offline. Now he is maliciously using YouTube to slander my daughter by saying she is pregnant at 18 and was abandoned by me. Speaking to an audience of men that I gave him that also no longer support me after listening to him fabricate our experience with each other. No one knew who he was on YouTube before our collaboration. Abandonment is a sensitive topic to me and my family being as though Minister Jap is part of the cause for why my son’s father Luther “Priest” Washington abandoned me in a motel during my high risk pregnancy.

During my pregnancy Minister Jap placed several phone calls to me encouraging me to leave Priest and that I could have made a better choice in man. One of which took place while Priest was sitting in front of me. He tried to convince me that Priest was “Dirty Dick Rodney”, a term Minister Jap uses during his “sermons” aka belligerent rants on YouTube designed to destroy, misinform, and enable the average low IQ under achieving African American man, who is BORED and seeking entertainment on YouTube. In other words men who grew up without positive male role models in their lives.

Minister Jap also encouraged me to put Priest on child support. After his attempts to destroy a “Black Family” didn’t work with me he proceeded to contact Priest and encourage him to abandon me. Ultimately participating in creating a “single mother”. The very kind of woman he claims he despises. By planting seeds of doubt in Priest’s mind about the paternity of our son as well as using character assassination he manipulated my son’s father into believing I was something I am not. His desire to manipulate has become apparent after the years. As well as social anxiety and mental disorders that he has refused to get treated for.

Priest begin siding with Jap as if I didn’t tell him from the beginning that Jap was stalking and harassing me. It was Jap who told me to put Priest on child support. Then once Priest was on child support it was Jap that convinced Priest to complain about being on child support. Even after Priest ASKED TO BE ON CHILD SUPPORT. Now Minister Jap disrespectfully calls my son a bastard all over his livestreams and videos. My son was only a couple of days old when he posted on my instagram “Fuck your baby.”

I have created countless blogs documenting his constant attempts to destroy my life. Knowing I give my phone number out so that people can text me who need counseling Minister Jap and Chris Law (a former sex partner of mine) teamed together for months texting me pretending they were a female and built a small bond with me over text. This was after the two were photographed together in Atlanta. Minister Jap had flew to Atlanta to meet Chris Law. After Minister Jap found out that Chris Law and I were connected. Minister Jap has reached out to my former partners, old Friends, family members. He has even harassed them. Minister Jap called me dozens of times while in Atlanta and even left demented voicemails telling me to stop refusing to answer his calls. He even called my phone 14 times in 1 day and proceeded to cuss out my partner at the time “Daddio” who answered the phone. I have records of days when he’d call my phone in a drunken rage leaving voicemails. He called me once crying hysterically. He’s sent me unwanted gifts and donations. He has teamed up with several trolls on YouTube and encouraged them to create horrible content, stalking and harassing me as well. Including webcam hoe Bomb Cherry.

Incalculable videos and channels he created to stalk and harass me have been deleted off of YouTube. Including the first livestream he did fabricating the story of my daughter being pregnant. This led Bomb Cherry to also do a livestream about my daughter that YouTube removed. He has continued to encourage people to harass me online as well as cause me bodily harm. He has used Instagram encouraging men to murder me. He has incited hatred and violence against me and my family. I have asked this man over and over to discontinue contacting me however he has still tried to reach out to me via email as well as other social media platforms.

I have constantly contacted the authorities numerous times about this sociopath. He has a warrant for his arrest in 2 counties in San Francisco. All associated with him stalking and harassing me online and off. He and I have never met. We have not met offline. I have not reached out to any of his friends or family. He encourages others to cause me bodily harm online and off.

MY 18 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER IS NOT PREGNANT!!! Thank GOD MY DAUGHTER IS STILL A VIRGIN! HYMEN STILL IN TACT! I made a livestream saying that after the first livestream Jap did lying about her. Since he has made 2 more. He’s trying to provoke me to lash out at him. This is a picture that was taken the same day as her prom photo. She just got her hair and make up done and is about to change into her dress. My daughter clearly does not have a baby bump. Looks like she’s had a few cupcakes and drinks soda….she’s fluffy yes….but pregnant NO.

Just because this man wants to portray me as some sort of hoe out of anger that he didn’t get a chance to have sex with me doesn’t mean the world should join him in his frustration. I am not a hoe, I am not promiscuous. I do not share myself with just any random man walking around. I do not have an STD. I do not have vaginal odor. Never been a swinger, stripper or prostitute. Or any other negative stigma that this man can attach to a woman to harm her. His insults are typical. Even coming after my daughter is typical. I see where this is going.

You can also check my YouTube Story to see video.

If you see any contentt online of Minister Jap talking about me or my family please contact me soncerae@gmail.com We are keeping record of what he is doing to turn it into the authorities. Please be sure to check out the other blogs I have wrote about this man. Please do not spread any more false information about me that comes from this sociopath. He needs to seek out a mental health professional.

All I can do is stand up for myself. That is not the same as being defensive. Anytime I get online and stick up for myself this man plays victim. I know what people are saying about me and I hear the rumors sometimes. They are hard to keep up with. These rumors that people have spread are very mean and painful. I will never be the person to stoop that low to make up lies about people and spread them. None of the rumors that people spread about me are true. People involved in this mess are vicious and cruel. I’ve tried to be civil with him. I said to him in an email once that if you genuinely cared about me as a friend like I know you did you’d simply leave me and my family alone and he refuses.

No matter what he or anyone says of me I know who I am and I am NOT what all of these strangers say about me. I’m not going to waste my time convincing others that either. I’m just going to live my life.

Please understand why people spread rumors.

People spread rumors when their is uncertainty. It’s when we don’t already have a firm grasp on how or why things are happening in the world that rumors start to spread.

Oftentimes uncertainty breeds anxiety—we like to have a clear sense of the world, and we get anxious when we feel uncertainty—and anxiety on its own has been linked to rumor spreading. Some research has shown that more anxious people tend to be the ones who are more likely to spread rumors.

People spread rumors when the person that they are talking about or the information spread about the person they are talking about is important. If I was irrelevant Jap wouldn’t even bother talking about me.

Let’s face it—if you hear a rumor that you think is completely ridiculous, you probably won’t find yourself on a mission to spread that information far and wide. It seems like my daughter being pregnant is believable. Being as though people try to make it seem like women like me (Black Single Mothers) raise horrible daughters. My daughter had two parents. And even if I raised her a lone she’d be a good person because I am a good person. Not the person that Minister Jap walks around saying I am. Remember when narcissistic people can’t control you they try to control how others view you.

Plenty of research has shown that people often want to feel good about themselves, but one way people can do that is through rumor spreading. They also will spread rumors if it helps their social status. Men like Minister Jap want adoration from other men. So he does and says what other men praise him for regardless to whether what he is saying is a lie. We’re not talking about the opinions that people share. Instead, rumors are meant to be informative. Opinions are just observations of TRUTH. Minister Jap does not speak opinion when he speaks of me. He does it on purpose. Unverified information can easily be manipulated. So let me reassure you….let me verify this for you. My daughter is not pregnant. I am amazing woman and mother. And if Jap keeps up this behavior he will be in jail. It’s been 2 years now. He keeps giving me more evidence for the police. A warrant is out for his arrest.

Pervert Tommy Sotomayor Pays For Sex & Molests Little Girls

I’m convinced that most of Tommy Sotomayor’s audience can’t read or are simply too lazy to. This blog is for the intellectuals. The people who actually have the patience to elevate their minds. It truly takes skill to be able to pay attention to details and to do research.

Most people won’t have enough sense to read this entire post. That’s how misinformation continues to spread.

Those of us with an IQ above 8 can watch content from Tommy Sotomayor and become completely turned off. We know that he is a spin doctor. He creates fake news that supports his negative perspectives about Black Women. He has done this to me and plenty of other Black Women for 8 long years. He’s made videos about my disabled mother. He made it seem like my daughter (who is a straight A student) is a delinquent. He’s made horrible untrue claims about me for years. He even accused me of stalking him. As if I care about him enough to follow him. So the stunts he is pulling right now is not new. I’ve had to consistently defend myself against this abusive man while he publicly depicts himself as a victim of mine.

I do NOT have the luxury as of lately to watch all of the demented videos that Tommy Sotomayor has posted about me recently. One in which he insists that I’m a liar. I’m still unclear about his claims. He’s been a problem of mine for a long time and just recently I took it upon myself to contact him privately and try to resolve any issues. This was after he broke YouTube’s community guidelines by livestreaming me during my livestream called “I’m Seriously Pissed” which would usually result in me filing a copyright take down request.

According to a dozen of his audience members who contacted me privately, allegedly during this livestream he encouraged his audience to give him donations in my name so that he could pass them on to me. Some of his audience members even came into my livechat during my livestream and told me that he was going to donate to me. Like the diabolical spin doctor he is he went on to YouTube and told people that I contacted him asking for help. So in return I posted our email correspondence here on my blog.


Nowhere in our email correspondence did I ask him for help. Keep in mind that I sent this email to him AFTER he had already taken in donations for me. After he had livestreamed the “I’m Seriously Pissed” livestream I did.

I also spoke inside of our email about how I purposely acted CRAZY in my clickbait livestream “I’m Seriously Pissed”. In it I was asking for $505 trying to be funny. Yelling like a wild banshee. People consistently asked me what I needed it for and I never gave an answer. I’m sure I had to have laughed at the concept of “CrispyCash” over 5 times. People disrespectfully call him Crispy because of his skin color. So they send him donation and call it “CrispyCash” all something I knew nothing about until that day.

On a regular day on YouTube I can barely get 50 people to watch a positive livestream. Here I was on some negative shit, screaming like I had lost all of my mind and there were 380 people in my livestream. I spoke more in detail about my “outburst” on YouTube in this video below.

I deliberately titled my livestream “I’m Seriously Pissed” as clickbait. After my original livestream “High off Promises Drunk off Dreams” was cut off because of a bad connection I restarted another streamed and titled it “I’m Seriously Pissed” after seeing a spike in views. People wanted to see me down and go on an extreme “tyrantrum”. When I realized that during the livestream. I went hard. You can actually see when I had the epiphany. The change was gradual but obvious. This gave him opportunity to SPIN news so it can fit his negative rhetoric about Black Women. All of the positive livestreams I have done he has never spoken about one. NOT ONE. I do more positive content than I do content based on personal drama. Obviously I was joking around in my “I’m Seriously Pissed” livestream because I was laughing majority of the time. I don’t usually post content with me acting that way. So it’s clear that people can see extreme change in my behavior and can tell that it’s obviously an act. Just how Tommy can act like a bafoon on his channel and be completely different when the camera is off. Others can do that as well. Any person who has talked to Tommy privately will tell you that he’s not the asshole he portrays himself to be online. His ex girlfriend Avi said that as well in a recent interview she did with me.


One of the things that seems to be burning him on the inside is that I interviewed her. Tommy Sotomayor is over 45. This young lady, Avi, wasn’t a day over 23. Let that sit in your mind. She isn’t the first girl he’s taken advantage of. She is a baby. That 22 age difference is disgusting yet the people in his audience cheer him on for having a sexual relationship with a little girl. I don’t care how grown she thinks she is she has no idea what life has to offer in comparison to a woman who has fully lived a solid 30 years. He always has those types of relationships with young women. Simply because they are easy to manipulate. They are innocent. They don’t know any better. Most women remember who we were at 22 and we also remember all of the immature childish things we did. She isn’t the first girl he has done this with. He openly discusses this perversion on his YouTube channel. These young girls may be legal but any man who would want to touch a woman 22 years younger than him is a pervert. That includes R Kelly, P, Diddy or any other man who deserves to be in prison for having sex with children.

Now if the women he was interested in were over 30 that would make sense to me. Women usually know who they are and what they want by that age. Most women under 25 still have minds that are developing. They still do not know who they are. Most of them are still trying to figure out life. I bet every single Alpha Male on the planet with a daughter would not want her having sex with a 45 year old man with her only being 22 or 23.

Avi brought to everyone’s attention by posting receipts that he consistently would CashApp her money. This in turn made Tommy’s audience swarm my comment section with confirmation that Tommy pays for sex and how it’s not out of the ordinary for him. All types of rumors about him spreading STDs and being a bad father were posted to my comment section. It was also brought to my attention from Avi as well as others in my comment section that Tommy’s girlfriend Goddess has openly said that she was and may currently still be a prostitute. I hate gossip because you never know what’s true and what’s not. And honestly I don’t care enough about Tommy to give a fuck who he’s fucking. I only care about not getting women of any color in situations where they are being physically harmed, misused or manipulated.

Now I tried not to be judgmental. I tried minding my business and move on because I honestly find this type of thing boring. The drama is not interesting. But this morning I woke up and saw that he was still making videos about me and in one instance he changed a thumbnail in a video to a picture of me and my son. This was the main picture he used to spin his rhetoric about Black Women. He also used a picture of me and my son’s father. This is the video that sparked another video he did to SPIN it as if I asked him for help. He consistently creates fake news to make money off of the weak minded. People are dumb enough to give this man donations daily. Everyday. Another content creator LaSHID4U spoke about him creating fake news as well. It’s obvious. You just have to be smart enough to pick up on the manipulation.

All of the things he has done to me he’d hate it if I do it to him. He’d go on his youtube channel and bitch and moan. He hated that I interviewed his 22 year old ex but fails to mention that before he even met her he interviewed my ex Chris Law. So here he is posting pictures of my son. But if I was to post pictures of his beloved daughter he’d tell everyone I’m attacking his family and doxxing him. This is the shit I have to deal with ONLY ON YOUTUBE.


What doesn’t make sense is how in Tommy’s mind it’s ok for him to be a dead beat dad, promiscuous, a molestor, a trick paying prostitutes, a spin doctor, a hatemonger, a liar, a manipulator, a comedian, an actor who does clickbait livestream and that’s completely fine. But if I’m black, a female, a single mother, with a seemingly married baby daddy, a comedianne and a good actress and did a clickbait livestream that’s some huge problem.

Don’t even get me started on this rhetoric he keeps pushing about me having a baby by a married man. He can’t get over that. Like we don’t know separated people who have never even put forth the energy or money to pay an attorney to get a legal divorce but are 300,000 miles away from their husband or wife that they wouldn’t even email in case of emergency. He tried to make it seem like my “I’m Seriously Pissed” livestream was about how pissed I was about my “married baby daddy” when it wasn’t about him at all. During the entire livestream I spoke about how people consistently click on bullshit and want to see drama. If you watch it yourself you’ll see I briefly mentioned my son’s father but I mainly spoke about how people only click on content they think is entertaining. And usually what entertains them is drama and negativity.

I’m bored with Tommy’s shenanigans. Like I said in the previous blog I wrote about him, I’m over it and I wished him the best. I’m not here trying to convince anyone of anything. All I can do is continue to be the good person I am and let the chips fall where they may. I’m honest and have a lot of good going on in my life. All Tommy has is YouTube. I have way too many other opportunities outside of this foolishness. I haven’t posted a video on YouTube in days and I won’t for a while. Between my TV Series, my clothing line, my son, my graphic design business, and several other business opportunities I have I just can’t keep getting wrapped up in what’s happened with Tommy Sotomayor or anything on these YouTube Streets. Youtube is a business, a source of income. Not a place where I should have to keep entertaining nonsense that isn’t conducive to my growth process. I’m on some positive shit. And if you aren’t on that tip I want nothing to do with you.

PS I’ve always asked for donations and I always will. I do many things for the community. I always tell people donate or not… it’s up to you.



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