Why Women Constantly Reject Men

One of my viewers sent me a video topic suggestion and asked me why he is always rejected by Black Women. In this video I give him the best advice to why that type of thing keeps happening.


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“Why Women Constantly Reject Men ”
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Soncerae IS A Muthafuccin Astronaut

People have vivid imaginations. The rumors I here about myself are classic. People go to great lengths to try to prove I’m a bad person and I never understood it. People have dug really deep into my work history. Since I was 15 I’ve been working. I’ve always been a hustler and I’ve always believed in having multiple sources of income at once.

I’m originally from Washington DC. My first corporate job was at a law firm called Deso & Greenberg as file clerk. I almost didn’t graduate high school. But not because I wasn’t smart enough but because I was NOT motivated to do anything but sing at church. I didn’t care if I graduated or not.  I graduated from high school a year late because I dropped out of high school my sophmore year. I hated high school.   After I graduated from high school I started working at 7-Eleven.  I hated it so much I vowed to never work as a cashier or to do retail. My daughter’s father and I had just met. He was already working in Corporate America. Immediately I started working for a staffing agency called OfficeTeam. This was in the late 90s and during that time I could make a decent amount of money a week hopping from company to company as a receptionist and administrative assistant.  It doesn’t take a lot of skill to answer the phone and greet people. All I needed was to have a pleasant demeanor. I did that for 5 years on and off. I worked at some awesome companies. One of which was called SpaceHab. SpaceHab is a company that develops, owns, and operates habitat and laboratory modules and cargo carriers aboard NASA’s Space Shuttles for space station resupply and research purposes. They provide Space Station and Space Shuttle support services. I was there as a receptionist for 6-10 months and I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot from my former co workers.

Earlier this year while discussing how much money I make on a GOOD YEAR. I’ve also spoke about how I worked at NASA. This year is NOT a good year for me where I will usually have multiple sources of income. Let me tell you…..some morons took that and RAN in the wrong direction. They made this HUGGEE deal about me saying I worked at NASA like I said I was an Aerospace engineer or something. Let’s be clear I’m not that fuccin bright. Look at the first sentence of this blog I didn’t spell hear right. I don’t know shit about space. I can barely name all of the planets. I’m sure it’s 9 or 10 but name them….um NO! People heard me say the word NASA and lost their minds. Like oh my God Soncerae could NOT have possibly worked there!!!! Like it takes massive skills to be a receptionist. I was 18 or 19 during that time and was making more money than the average person my age. You all have GOT to stop listening to hateful people who have nothing going for themselves who wish to bring down others. I have done sooooo much with my life because I have been working soooo long.  I’ve been a minister, a waitress, a producer, a singer, a rapper, a writer, a performer, a model, a host, a file clerk, a data entry clerk, Madame, a Customer Service Rep, Marketing Director, Graphic Designer,  IT Help Desk Support, Data analyst…. I can go on and on. I’ve worked at colleges and universities, manufacturing companies and advertising agencies.  Me and my business partner ran an Internet Cafe in ATL for a little while.  My thing has always been to educate myself as well as work as much as I can especially if I’m learning something along the way. I have worked at so many different corporations I have lost count. We are talking about 20 years here! I am 36.

I uploaded this video July. I believe they decided to run with this because I started asking for donations to help me to get my car from being repossessed. It’s September. So many horrible things happened to me since July.  You’d be surprised how many problems can arise in 60 days. Because I wasn’t in Corporate America this year and have been job hunting I wasn’t making what I usually would on a good year. My finances were literally sliced in HALF.  But guess what MY BILLS AREN’T.

This year is a BAD YEAR. I spent most of it NOT in Corporate America. I was working my non profit. Most of the time I make decent money. I have more than enough experience to enter the job market at any given time. I can work a 6-12 month IT contract and be happy with that because that’s what I usually do. I am an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR. I will NEVER be someone’s employee. NEVER HAVE. NEVER WILL. I’m an entrepreneur by heart.

So that we are clear:

  1. Yes I’ve worked in Corporate America

  2. Yes I’ve worked at Nasa AS A RECEPTIONIST!

  3. Yes I am into software engineering

  4. Yes I have a Bachelor’s Degree in BUSINESS MARKETING.

  5. Yes I am unemployed right now.

  6. Yes I will forever be unemployed. 

  7. Yes I am an Independent contractor.

  8. No I do not have a contract right now.

  9. No I would not lie about my work history, present or future.

  10. No I do NOT have a degree in Computer Science however I have Computer Certifications

I have applied myself for reasons that have to do with who I envision I am and I’m sorry but you have nothing to do with that. I am my worst critic so there is NOTHING you think about me that I haven’t thought about myself. Even the negative shit. I’ve been so honest about my entire life on social media, especially YouTube. If you want to know something about ME ask.  Don’t rely on people who’s goal is to make fun of me for their own personal gain

Last point, I only go off what others are telling me people are saying about me. And someone told me that people are going around saying I’m lying about working at NASA. Why would I lie about being a receptionist? Dafucc for?!? Some people need to get a life. I’ve never claimed to be living some type of celebrity wealthy lifestyle. I live well below my means and I’ve said that over and over again in videos. Outside of the house I live in that I consider luxury, I am frugal.  Don’t let people with half truths about my life poison your mind with their LIES. We are all human and we all make mistakes that may set us back a bit. However those things don’t estimate who we are overall. They estimate how much we grow. They show us what we need to learn and they help us build a better future.

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“Being A Good Girl Got Me Overlooked”
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“7 Reasons Why She Is Not Wife Material”
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